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Thursday, 17 September 2020

So which relative made this sign necessary?

Last recorded use of the stocks was in 1860 for a case of drunkenness.

As a proper holiday wasn't an option this year, we spent a week exploring some of the areas of this country where my ancestors have resided. One of those places was rural Essex and, while there, made the point of finding the location of the stocks and whipping post at Hellman's Cross

This [coincidentally] lies on the road between the churches of St Mary's, Great Canfield and All Saints, Little Canfield where, at both, for several generations various members of my family have been christened, married or buried. 

Whilst I, probably, have no connection to the unfortunate Elizabeth Abbot - it isn't a surname I've [yet] come across - however, I've searched online to see if there's a name for that last record of the use for the stocks for drunkenness and haven't found anything identifying, so I certainly can't discount that one yet!

In other news, I've discovered no less than four umpteen publicans among my ancestors [so far]. It could explain a lot! More to come on those later.

Stocks and whipping post at Hellmans Cross, Great Canfield, Essex

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