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Monday, 19 April 2021

The Tale of the Trespassing Goat

How innocent does he look?

You learn some unusual stuff going through historical records. Like how often my great-grandfather, David Jones, appeared in front of the courts. 

This time (oh yes, there will be more), in 1884, it was for trespass. The cause of the complaint reads, "Trespass: Defendant's goat trespassed on complainant's pasture land at Ringmeen, Queenstown on 15 Oct 1884." David appeared before the Petty Sessions Court on 17 Oct 1884 and was fined three shillings, plus one shilling and sixpence costs. That's mighty expensive goat feed! 

From this we can probably safely deduce that David kept a goat. Who knew, eh? Well, we wouldn't have known, of course, had it not got him into trouble.

David Jones at the Petty Sessions Court again

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