Uplowman Churchyard

Uplowman churchyard
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The posh folk are buried at the front of the church. Round the back for us plebs!

We're now calling St Peter’s ChurchUplowman, "The family church", as I've [so far] been able to identify at least twenty burials in St. Peter's Churchyard of family members. These, of course, are the ones with marked graves. I'm certain there will be others, from among this list, whose relation to me I just haven't researched yet. There are likely several times more in unmarked graves.
  1. Henry Stone (my 2x great-grandfather) More ...
  2. Mary Ridgeway Stone (wife of Henry Stone)
  3. John Stone (Son of Henry and Mary Stone) More ...
  4. Francis Stone (Son of Henry and Mary Stone) More ...
  5. Frances Mary Jerred Stone (Wife of Francis Stone)
  6. Ellen Stone Norman (Granddaughter of Henry Stone) More ...
  7. George Norman (Husband of Ellen Stone)
  8. Frank Norman (Son of George and Ellen Norman)
  9. Amy Norman (Wife of Frank Norman)
  10. William George Norman (Son of Frank and Amy Norman)
  11. Joan Elsie Norman (Wife of William George Norman)
  12. William Ridgway (Nephew of Mary Ridgeway) More ...
  13. Florence Louise Finnimore Ridgway (Wife of William Ridgway)
  14. Edith Maud Ridgway (Daughter of William and Florence Ridgway)
  15. Lily Ridgway Palk (Daughter of William and Florence Ridgway) More ...
  16. Jack Palk (Husband of Lily Ridgeway)
  17. Elsie Ridgway Tremlett (Daughter of William and Florence Ridgway) >> ...
  18. Harry Tremlett (Husband of Elsie Ridgway)
  19. Herbert Ridgway (Son of William and Florence Ridgway) More ...
  20. Elsie Kelland Ridgway (Wife of Herbert Ridgway)

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If you're related to any of the people written about, I'm guessing you'll recognise them from the surnames. If you are, do please get in touch.