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Friday, 30 July 2021

Charles Edward Burt and Nellie Ridgway

Queen Street, Tiverton
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Nellie Ridgway, daughter of James Ridgeway and Harriet Stone, married Charles Edward Burt, son of George Burt and Fanny Jerwood, in Tiverton, in 1925.

Charles and Nellie had three children:
  1. Betty Burt born 1926. Married Walter H Mullins in 1944.
  2. Georgina Joan Burt born 18 Nov 1927. Married Charles Desmond Theodore Bird (b. 27 Jun 1920) in 1957. Charles Desmond T Bird died in 1976, in Tiverton. Georgina Joan Bird died in 1997, in Mid Devon.
  3. Charles George Burt born 31 Dec 1929. Married Kathleen Joyce King (b. 1924) in 1955. Charles George Burt died, in Mid Devon, in 2003, aged 73. Kathleen Joyce Burt died on 4 May 2012, aged 88.
In 1939, Charles Burt (b. 4 Dec 1887) Lacemaker Machinist, wife Nellie and their three children, were living at 5 Queen StreetTiverton, Devon.

Charles Edward Burt died, in 1965, in Tiverton, aged 77.

Nellie Burt died in 1976, in Exeter.
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