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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

George Fuller and Eliza Ellen Hockley

St. Helens and St. Giles Church, Rainham
Max Naylor, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

George Fuller, son of James William Fuller and Maria Phillips, married Eliza Ellen Hockley, daughter of James Hockley and Elizabeth Wilton at St Helen and St GilesRainham on 25 Dec 1894. Eliza's parents had married on Christmas Day too, 24 years previously, in Great Dunmow. One wonders if this was a romantic tradition or, more like, it was the only day that labourers could get off.

The only part of my family history I knew anything at all (and then not much) about growing up was this baker's dozen. In order, with dates, as follows: 
  1. Annie Elizabeth Fuller born 17 Feb 1895, bap. 28 Mar 1895. (Died aged 16 months and was buried, on 1 Jul 1896, at Rainham.)
  2. George Fuller born 12 Jun 1896, bap. 17 Jul 1896
  3. Ada Fuller born 27 Oct 1897, bap. 7 Jan 1898
  4. Emily Fuller born 31 Dec 1899, bap. 4 Feb 1900
  5. Elizabeth Fuller born 22 Mar 1901, bap. 5 May 1901
  6. Daisy Fuller born 15 Jan 1903, bap. 19 Apr 1903
  7. Eliza Fuller born 18 Sep 1905, bap. 23 Nov 1911
  8. May Fuller born 2 Nov 1906, bap. 23 Nov 1911
  9. John Fuller born 9 Jan 1908, bap. 23 Nov 1911
  10. James Fuller born 2 Feb 1910, bap. 23 Nov 1911
  11. Florence Fuller born 15 Oct 1911, bap. 23 Nov 1911
  12. Ellen Fuller born 21 Nov 1914
  13. Rose Fuller born 24 May 1917
They go to all the trouble of that bulk baptism catch-up in 1911, then, it seems, did not baptise either Ellen or Rose. (Records online go up to 1920.)

Back row (L-R): May, John (Jack), James (Jim), Florence (Flo) and Eliza (Lili)
Front row: Rose, Ellen, Ada, Elizabeth (Bet) and Daisy.

In 1901, in Cowper Road, Rainham, we find, George Fuller (34) Wharfe Labourer, Eliza (25), George (4), Ada (3), Emily (1) and Baby Fuller (0) - love that. Also staying with them then was Emily Hockley (17), Eliza's sister.

And in 1911 at White Cottages, Rainham (a.k.a. Whitepost Cottages), there are George Fuller (44) Farm Labourer, Eliza (35), George (14), Ada (13), Emily (11), Elizabeth (10), Daisy (8), Eliza (5), May (4), John (3) and James (1). 

One of the reasons for getting all these ducks in a row now is in anticipation of the release of the 1921 Census early next year - certainly the last one we'll see in my lifetime - so it won't be long before we can see the next instalment.

Eliza Ellen Fuller (née Hockley)
George Fuller, of 150 Upminser Road, Rainham, died, aged 65, on 12 Nov 1931 at 1 Oldchurch Road, Romford, which was, of course, the address of the former Oldchurch Hospital (and before that Romford Union Workhouse). Cause of death was listed as, "(1) a Haemorrhage & Rupture of Aneurysm of left Iliac Artery. (2) Atheroma." G. Fuller, son, of 6 East Close, Rainham was present. 

In 1939, Eliza Ellen Fuller was living with daughter, Flo Wilson, at 1 Pinewood Avenue, Rainham. Eliza Ellen Fuller died on 30 May 1953, aged 77 and is interred in Rainham Cemetery, Grave number 491 Section B.

[In case you're worried, I won't be listing the next generations online, other than those directly related to me, because I know some of you are reading this!]

If you're related to any of the people written about, I'm guessing you'll recognise them from the surnames. If you are, do please get in touch.