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Sunday, 18 July 2021

Philip Alfred Stone and Florence Julia Hardwell

Wheatfield north-east of Combe Florey
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Philip Alfred Stone, 11th and last child of Frederick James Stone and Loveday Jane Land, married Florence Julia Hardwell, in Taunton, in 1929. 

Florence Julia Hardwell (b. 26 Mar 1906), daughter of Fred Hardwell and Julia Ann Boon, was baptised in Broadway, Somerset, on 22 Apr 1906. In 1911, her family lived at London Farm, West Bagborough.

In 1939, Philip A and Florence J Stone were living at East Combe, Bishops Lydeard, where Philip was employed as a Threshing Hand. We knew they lived around Combe Florey from the report of Philip's attendance at his nephew's funeral in 1932. I cannot find that this couple had any children.

Philip Alfred Stone died in 1979, in Taunton Deane, in his 70th year. 

Florence Julia Stone died in 1986. She was 80.

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