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Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Edwin Joseph Wilton and Maria Seaton

Buckingham Road, Brighton, BN1
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Edwin Joseph Wilton, eldest son of Joseph Wilton and Ann Thurlbourn, married Maria Seaton, from Holbeach, Lincolnshire, in Hackney, London, in 1877.

Edwin and Maria had five children: 

  1. Sydney Edwin Wilton born 1878 in Great Dunmow
  2. Frederick William Wilton born 1879 in Great Dunmow
  3. Reginald Wilton born 1883 in Great Dunmow
  4. Dorothy Wilton born 1888 in Great Dunmow
  5. Frank Wilton born 1891 in Brighton

After the death of his father in 1873, in 1881, Edwin Joseph Wilton (37), was listed at the Outfitters Shop, High Street, Great Dunmow, a General Outfitter, employing 4 men and 1 boy. He was assisted by his brother, Arthur Thurlbourn Wilton (30), Clothier. Living in the household too were wife Maria (28), sons Sydney (3) and Frederick (1) and Julia French (19), Domestic Servant. 

By 1891, Edwin Joseph Wilton (47), Clothier, and his wife Maria (39), Sydney E (13) and Frederic W (11), had moved to 26 & 27, North Road, Brighton, Sussex. They'd added three more children; Reginald (7), Dorothy (3) and Frank (0) and employed two assistants: John Jarris (21), Herbert Tapley (17) and two Domestic Servants: Mary Ruffle and Elizabeth Ruffle, both 13. 

In 1901, they had moved even more upmarket to 8, Buckingham Road, Brighton, with Edwin J Wilton (57), Clothier, wife Maria (49), Sydney E Wilton (23), had become an assistant in the business, Reginald (17), Dorothy (13) and Frank (10) were all still at home. Also listed are Albert Baker (19), Clothiers Assistant and Elizabeth Ruffle (23), General Domestic Servant.

In 1911, at 8, Buckingham Road, Brighton, were Edwin Joseph Wilton (67), Maria (59), Dorothy (23) and Elizabeth Ruffle (33), General Domestic Servant.

Edwin Joseph Wilton died in Brighton, aged 82, in 1925.
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