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Monday, 30 August 2021

David Jones and Catherine Rice

The door from Kitty's solid fuel stove. Photo: Jerome Mc Cormick

David Jones, son of David Jones and Laura Elizabeth White, married Catherine Rice, daughter of Richard Rice and Mary Hagerty, at the Registrar's Office, Cork on 1 Dec 1942. David, known as 'Young Dave', was 44 and Catherine, known as Kitty, was 36. Dave, of The Bungalow, Rushbrooke, Cork was a labourer and Kitty a Domestic Servant, residing at 14 Middleton Park, Rushbrooke. 

Witnesses were Dave's sisters, Laura Mary Jones and Alice Jones.

Young Dave 'inherited' the job of Sexton of Christ Church, Church of Ireland, Rushbrooke from his father - and Christ Church has only ever had these two Sextons, both called David Jones - and he seems to have kept the job even after his marriage to Catherine, who was a Roman Catholic. Allegedly, he also worked for the Rushbrooke Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, cutting grass, etc.

Catherine's father, Richard Rice, from Fermoy, was a Harness Maker, son of John Rice, Farmer, who had married Catherine's mother, Mary Hagerty, farmer's daughter, from Lismore, Waterford, at the Roman Catholic Chapel at Ballyduff, Waterford, on 27 Sep 1900. In 1901, they had set up in Princes Street, Fermoy. By 1911, they were in Bank Street (apparently now Kent Street), with Richard Rice (42), Mary Rice (43), John (9), Mary (8) and Catherine (5).

Dave Jones died on 21 Nov 1966 (aged 68). Under his name on the record of his burial, on 23 Nov 1966, kept in Christ Church, is marked (Sexton) in brackets, hence knowing he had kept the job. He is buried in the family plot at the Old Church Cemetery (Cobh), along with his mother, brother and father.
Hendrick Verwey (Visit Cobh), once told me, "I grew up just up the road from Christ Church Rushbrooke and a very small lady called Mrs Jones lived in a tiny corrugated iron house across the road. I think that her husband looked after the church, but he died many years before her."
Kitty Jones, Widow, died on 13 Aug 1987 (aged 80–81) and was buried on 15 Aug 1987, also at the Old Church Cemetery (Cobh)
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