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Thursday 6 June 2024

Ernest James Burch and Elizabeth Wykes

Amersham Road, New Cross
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Ernest James Burch (b. 1858), son of Henry Burch and Rebecca Martin, married Elizabeth Wykes (b. 10 Jun 1861), daughter of William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson, at All Saints, Rotherhithe, on 6 Jun 1881. (Ernest James' brother, Henry Charles Burch married Elizabeth's sister, Mary Ann Wykes.)

Ernest and Elizabeth had six children, all born in Greenwich:
  1. Ernest William Burch b. 1882 S Quarter in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1015. Died, 1884 J Quarter in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 569.
  2. Rose Mary Wykes b. 25 Apr 1884 J Qtr Vol 01D Page 1029
  3. Henry Charles Burch b. 6 Jun 1886 S Qtr Vol 01D Page 1030
  4. Maria Elizabeth Burch b. 25 Apr 1888 J Qtr Vol 01D Page 1027
  5. Florence Emma Burch b. 24 Jun 1891 S Qtr Vol 01D Page 1032
  6. Ada Burch b. 18 Dec 1893, reg. 1894 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1043, bap. 22 May 1895 at St Paul's, Deptford
The 1911 Census confirms that Elizabeth had six children with five living.

In 1891, Ernest J Burch (32) Stone Mason and wife Elizabeth Burch (30) were living at 20, Evelyn Street, St Paul Deptford with Rose Mary Burch (6), Henry Charles Burch (4), Maria Burch (2), Martha Buzzacott (38) Visitor [Elizabeth's sister], Maude Buzzacott (4) Visitor [Martha's daughter], James Green (17) Shoe Maker, Boarder and Hariett Armstead (30) Boarder.

By 1901, however, it's clear the couple had separated. Ernest J Burch (42) Stone Mason, was living in the household of his brother, Henry Charles Burch, at 2, Octavius Street, St Paul, Deptford, while Elizabeth Burch (39) Midwife nurse was living at 20, Albury Street, St Paul Deptford. In Elizabeth's household were Rose Mary Burch (16), Henry C Burch (14) Apprentice Stone Mason; Maria E Burch (12), Florence E Burch (9), Ada Burch (7), Elizabeth Doe (21) Tin Solderer, Boarder; Julia Taylor (43) Widow, Boarder [widow of Elizabeth's cousin, George Taylor]; Martha O'Toole (48) Visitor [Elizabeth's sister] and Lily Wykes (11), Willie Wykes (8) and Jessie Wykes (3) - all three were listed as visitors, born in South Africa [they were the children of Elizabeth's brother, John Thomas Wykes].

In 1911, it gets even more interesting, as Elizabeth Burch (49) Midwife, was living at 13 Amersham Road New Cross, St Paul Deptford with Marie Burch (22), Florence Burch (19) Book keeper; Mary Weston (26) [Rose Mary Burch, as was]; Lily Weston (3) Granddaughter; William Barber (50) Lodger, Norah Barber (30) and Dora Barber (1). While Ernest James Burch (52) Married, Stonemason was living at 20 South Crescent, Cold Bath Street, Greenwich with a whole new family: Alice Newman Burch (35) Single, 'Housekeeper' (a euphemism, clearly) born in Peckham; Dorothy Burch (12) born in Hackney; Ellen Burch (10) born in Lewisham and William Burch (5) born in Greenwich. The original 1911 Census lists that Ernest had been married 29 years (yes, but to Elizabeth Wykes, not Alice) and lists 4 children, of whom 3 were still living at that point, clearly referring to the children of this relationship.

Alice Newman gave birth to five children:
  1. Dorothy Alice Newman b. 14 Jan 1899 M Quarter in HACKNEY Volume 01B Page 558, with no mother's maiden name listed, i.e. illegitimate.
  2. Ellen Newman b. 1900 S Quarter in LEWISHAM Volume 01D Page 1206, curiously, with BURCH listed as a mother's maiden name.
  3. Edward William Burch b. 1902 D Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1075. Died, aged 1, in 1904 J Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 541
  4. William Burch b. 20 Jan 1906 M Qtr Vol 01D Page 1117
  5. Ernest George Burch b. 16 May 1912 J Qtr Vol 01D 1884
On the records for the 3 boys, the mother's maiden name is NEWMAN.

In 1921, Elizabeth Burch (60) mother-in-law, Midwife, was listed in the household of Richard Charles Weston (38) - married to Rose Mary Burch - at 62, Florence Road, St Paul Deptford. One imagines she was there to assist with the birth of the couple's son, Charles Albert, then under one month old, as her usual place of work (and presumably residence) was in Tring, Herts. Ernest James Burch (62) Stonemason, was living at 58, Vanguard Street, Deptford with his 2nd family: Alice 'Burch' (44), William Burch (15), Dorothy Alice Burch (25), Ellen Burch (20) and Ernest George Burch (9).

Ernest James Burch died, at 73, in 1932 M Quarter in LEWISHAM.

Elizabeth Burch of 23 Western Road, Tring, Hertfordshire (daughter, Ada and her husband also lived in Tring) died, also aged 73, at 4 Whitehouse Terrace, Western Road, Tring, on 9 Jan 1935 (M Quarter in BERKHAMPSTEAD Volume 03A Page 1240). Probate was granted to her surviving son, Henry Charles Burch, Stonemason, leaving effects of £459.

In 1939, Alice Burch [really Alice Newman] b. 13 Mar 1877, 'Widowed' was living at 3 Summerfield Street, Hither Green, Lewisham with youngest son, Ernest G Burch, of 'No Occupation Owing To Bad Health'. 

Listed again as Alice Burch [Alice Newman - I found no marriage between her and Ernest James Burch, not even a bigamous one] died at 74 in 1952 D Quarter in LEWISHAM Volume 05D Page 16.

Of Ernest and Alice's children:
  • Dorothy Alice Burch married Arthur Henry Bown, in Lewisham, in 1925. In 1939, they were living at 47 Scylla Road, Peckham, Camberwell. Arthur H Bown died, at 56, in Camberwell, in 1951. Dorothy Alice Bown of Templeton Nursing Home, Streatham Common died on 15 Sep 1987.
  • There's a record of a marriage of an Ellen Burch to a James Joy, in Lewisham, in 1924, but without a corroborating record, I cannot be certain this relates. There's also a death of an Ellen Joy b. 12 Aug 1900 (same quarter as birth registration) in Bexley, Kent, in 1997.
  • William Burch married Elizabeth Gardiner, in Lewisham, in 1933. In 1939, William Burch, General Labourer, Elizabeth and their son, William Edward Burch b. 31 Dec 1933 (reg. 1934 M Qtr in LEWISHAM Vol 01D  Page 1102), were living at 45 Battersby Road, Catford. William Burch died, in 1970, in Lewisham. 
  • Ernest George Burch died, at 30, on 12 February 1943 (1943 M Quarter in LEWISHAM Volume 01D Page 923) and was buried at Hither Green Cemetery.

Sunday 6 August 2023

Henry Charles Burch and Mary Ann Wykes

St. John's, St. John's Vale, SE8
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Henry Charles Burch (b. 1856), son of Henry Burch and Rebecca Martin, married Mary Ann Wykes (b. 1855), daughter of William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson, at the church of St John's, Deptford, on 6 Aug 1876.

Henry Charles and Mary Ann had three children:
  1. Louisa Elizabeth Burch b. 1877 S Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 846. Died, aged 2, in 1880 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 718.
  2. Henry Charles Burch b. 1880 J Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1040
  3. Ernest William Burch b. 1882 S Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1015. Died, aged 1, in  1884 J Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 569.
In 1881, Henry C Burch (24) Stonemason was head of the household at 248, Evelyn Street, St Paul Deptford with wife Mary Burch (26); brothers Ernest Burch (22) and William S Burch (19) also both Stonemasons; mother Rebecca Burch (56) Widow, Nurse; sister Mary J Burch (12), son Henry C Burch (0) and Robert Martin (92) General Labourer, Widower, Grandfather.

Mary Ann Burch died, at 27, in 1882 J Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D 542.

Henry Charles Burch remarried to Emily Jeanette Norman (bap. 1 Oct 1854 at St Bartholomew, Sydenham), daughter of Charles Norman and Hannah Russell, at Christ Church With Saint Paul, Forest Hill, on 14 May 1883.

The couple had another four children, of whom also only one survived:
  1. Ernest Charles Burch b. 1884 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1092. Died, aged 1, in 1885 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 633.
  2. Emily Rebecca Burch b. 1886 S Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1030. Died 1886 S Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 576.
  3. Ethel Mary Burch b. 6 Oct 1890 D Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 933, bap. 25 Jan 1891 at St Paul's, Deptford. Died, aged 1, in 1891 D Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 601.
  4. Alice Gertrude Burch b. 8 Dec 1891, reg. 1892 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D 1007, bap. 2 Apr 1893 in Deptford.
In 1891, Henry Burch (34) Stonemason was living at 16, Ffinch Street, St Paul, Deptford with Emily Burch (36), Henry Burch (10), Ethel Burch (0) and Arthur Norman (10) Stepson. (Registered as Arthur William Fenn Norman in 1881 M Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 1028, the lad was clearly Emily's illegitimate son with, at a wild guess, a Mr Fenn.)

In 1901, Henry C Burch (44) General mason was living at 2, Octavius Street, St Paul, Deptford with Emily J Burch (46), Arthur W Burch (20) Stonemason - described as his son; Ernest J Burch (42) Stonemason - his brother (married to Mary Ann's sister Elizabeth); and daughter Alice Gertrude Burch (9).

In 1911, Henry Charles Burch (54) Stone mason was living at 179 Hazelbank Road, Catford with Emily Jeannett (sic) Burch (56) and daughter Alice Gertrude Burch (19) Dressmaker assistant. The census record confirmed that their 28 year marriage had produced 4 children, with 1 living.

Henry Charles Burch of 60 Church Road, Bexley Heath, Kent, died on 18 Jan 1931, aged 74 (1931 M Quarter in DARTFORD Volume 02A Page 1034) and was buried on 22 Jan 1931 at Bexleyheath, Cemetery, leaving his estate to his two surviving children, one from each marriage: Henry Charles Burch, Stonemason and Alice Gertrude Burch, Spinster.

Emily Janet Burch died at 79 in 1934 J Qtr in DARTFORD Vol 02A Page 761.