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Thursday, 5 May 2022

Winship Soppit and Ann Hall

Framwellgate Bridge, Durham
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Winship Soppit (b. 1842), elder son of Joseph Soppit and Catherine Winship, married an Ann Hall in Durham, in the 4th quarter of 1871. (There's more than one Ann Hall born in the relevant area, so it would require more clues.)

Winship and Ann had six children, but I'm not sure any survived:
  1. Winship Soppit b. 1872 M Quarter in HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING Volume 10A Page 475, died in the same quarter, 1872 M Quarter in HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING Volume 10A Page 345
  2. Catherine Soppit b. 1873 S Quarter in DURHAM Volume 10A Page 448, again died in the same quarter, 1873 S Quarter in DURHAM Volume 10A Page 240. There's a baptism of a Catherine Soppit, whose parents were Winship and Ann, in Durham, on 13 Oct 1874. A posthumous baptism, or perhaps more likely that the year has been transcribed incorrectly?
  3. Joseph Soppit b. 1877 M Quarter in DURHAM Volume 10A Page 396, died aged 1, in 1878 M Quarter in DURHAM Volume 10A Page 197
  4. John Winship Soppit b. 1879 M Quarter in DURHAM Vol 10A Page 373
  5. Margaret Soppit b. 1881 J Quarter in DURHAM Volume 10A Page 385, died again in the same quarter, 1881 (Volume 10A Page 181)
  6. Edith Annie Soppit b. 1885 S Quarter in GATESHEAD Vol 10A Page 795
In 1881, Winship Soppitt (sic) (38) Blacksmith at colliery, was living at Colliery Houses, 22, Framwellgate, Durham with wife Annie (29), John W (2) born at Framwellgate Moor; Margaret (0) and Annie Pallister (9) Niece.

Then Winship Soppit died, aged 48, in 1890 in Morpeth, Northumberland.

In 1891, Annie Soppitt (sic) (39) widow, was Housekeeper to John Scott (42) Deputy At Coal Mine, at Long Row, Harraton, Durham

But in 1901, Ann Soppit (49) widow from South Hetton, Durham, was listed as a Pauper Inmate in Preston Lane, Tynemouth, Northumberland - the Tynemouth Parish Workhouse was in Preston Lane (now Preston Road), North Sheilds.

Then she just dissapears: there are no further records on the next census and I cannot find a record of her death. Also, sadly, I can find are no further records relating to either John Winship (b. 1879), nor Edith Annie (b. 1885).

John Pearson and Bridget Soppit

St. Cuthbert's Church, East Rainton
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John Pearson (b. 1836 in Durham), purportedly son of Andrew Pearson and Jane Brown, married Bridget Soppit (b. 1839 in Longbenton), daughter of Joseph Soppit and Catherine Winship, in Sunderland, Durham in 1858.

John and Bridget had six sons:
  1. Joseph Pearson b. 1859 in HOUGHTON LE SPRING Vol 10A Page 355
  2. Andrew Pearson b. 1862 J Quarter in DURHAM Volume 10A Page 328, died aged 17 in 1879 in HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING Vol 10A Page 224
  3. John William Winship Pearson b. 1864 in DURHAM Vol 10A Page 332
  4. Robert Pearson b. 1866 in DURHAM Volume 10A Page 345, bap. 5 May 1867 in Pittington, Durham
  5. Frederick George Pearson b. 1869 in DURHAM Vol 10A Page 362
  6. John Henry Pearson b. 18 Sep 1873 in HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING Volume 10A Page 582, bap. 5 Dec 1873, in East Rainton, Durham.
Yes, they had two sons whose first names were John, although census records suggest the elder one was known as William and the youngest, as Henry. 

In 1861, the couple were living in Low Moorsley (wonder if they encountered serial killer Mary Ann Cotton there?) in the district of Hetton-le-Hole. John Pearson (25) Joiner & Cartwright, with Bridget (22) and Joseph (1).

In 1871, in the parish of Pittington, we find John Soppit (35) Joiner, Bridget (32) and sons Joseph (11), William (6), Robert (4) and Frederick (2). I cannot account for the absense of Andrew and cannot locate him elsewhere either, but I'm confident that he is the child of this family, because the mother's maiden name on the birth registration is Soppit and John Pearson's reputed father was named Andrew. Pure speculation, but he may have been staying with other family who forgot to list him, or, given his early demise, my other theory is that perhaps he was unwell / disabled and lived elsewhere in an institution.

In 1881, John Pearson (45) Foreman joiner (colliery) was living in Overmans Row, Haswell, Easington, Durham, with wife Bridget (42), Joseph (21) Fireman (locomotive engine); William (16) Pupil teacher; Robert (14), Frederick (12) and Henry (7), as well as Mary Jane Bird (14) General domestic servant. One imagines Overmans Row was the (relatively) luxury housing for foremen. 

In 1891, John Pearson (55) Ironkeeper joiner, was in Gale Street, Haswell, with Bridget (52), FG Pearson (Frederick George) (22) and Henry (18) still at home.

John Pearson died, aged 59, in 1896 M Quarter (Volume 10A Page 345).

Bridget Pearson died, at 61, in 1900 in BROMLEY (Vol 02A Page 286). Bridget's younger brother, John Soppit, Publican, lived in the area of Bromley, Kent, so it would seem likely she was staying with him at the time of her death. 

Sunday, 1 May 2022

Arthur Thurlbourn Wilton

Market Place, Great Dunmow
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Arthur Thurlbourn Wilton (b. 1851), was the second son of Joseph Wilton and Ann Thurlbourn. Listed in his father's household in Great Dunmow, aged 10, in 1861 and again at 20, in 1871, after the death of his father in 1873, Arthur was next found, at 30, in 1881, in the household of his elder brother, Edwin Joseph Wilton, at the Outfitters Shop, High Street, Great Dunmow.

Edwin then moved to Brighton and it seems Arthur remained in Great Dunmow alone. He appears to have escaped listing in 1891, but in 1901, Arthur T Wilton (50) Clothiers Assistant, was a Lodger at The Brook, Great Dunmow. 

In 1911, Arthur (60) Outfitter and Clothier, was a Boarder in Market Street, Great Dunmow - now Market Place - that runs from Star Lane to the High Street/Stortford Road. (A "Lodger" pays for a room only. A "Boarder" pays for a room and meals.) The 1914 Electoral Register placed him in Star Lane.

Arthur Thurlbourn Wilton died at 72 in 1923, having never married.

Saturday, 30 April 2022

William Hockley and Charlotte Cock

St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow, Essex
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William Hockley (b. 1833), eighth child, son of Daniel Hockley and Sophia Mason, married Charlotte Cock (bap. 19 Oct 1834), daughter of Timothy Cock and Sarah Mead, at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow on 24 Sep 1859.

William and Charlotte had nine or ten children:
  1. Sarah Charlotte Hockley b. 1860 Volume 04A Page 333, bap. 8 Jul 1860 
  2. Edith Hockley b. 1861 Volume 04A Page 340, bap. 13 Oct 1861
  3. William James Hockley b. 1863 Vol 04A Page 370, bap. 12 Apr 1863
  4. Elizabeth Hockley b. 1865 Volume 04A Page 389, bap. 9 Apr 1865
  5. Sophia Hockley b. 1866 Volume 04A Page 370, bap. 9 Dec 1866
  6. Martha Hockley b. 1869 Volume 04A Page 406, bap. 13 Jun 1869
  7. Harry Hockley b. 27 Jun 1871 Vol 04A Page 373, bap. 14 May 1874
  8. Alfred Hockley bap. 14 Apr 1872 (no birth registration)*
  9. Mary Emma Hockley b. 27 Apr 1874 Vol 04A Page 432, bap. 14 May 1874
  10. Charles Hockley 27 Apr 1876 Vol 04A Page 453, bap. 30 Apr 1883
The mother's maiden name on the registrations for Sarah Charlotte, Edith, William James, Sophia, Martha and Mary Emma is listed correctly as COCK. On those of Elizabeth, Harry and Charles it has been written as COX.

All of the baptisms, except those for Harry and Mary Emma in 1874, which are listed in records for England, Essex Non-Conformist Church Records [for which I cannot determine the venue], were at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow.

*There is a baptism, on April 14, 1872, of "Alfred son of William and Charlotte Hockley", listed here. Whilst I have every faith that those records are correctly transcribed, I'm just not sure that I can, in complete certainty, accept this as a child of this family. Firstly, as they have registered all the other children, yet there is no registration for this lad. Notwithstanding that death early in infancy could be an explanation for this and for a rapid baptism (otherwise, why was this not done with Harry and Mary Emma?), this child also does not appear on any census with the family. The real doubt is a registration of an Alfred Hockley, in Dunmow, in 1872, with the mother's maiden name listed as Parker

In 1861, William Hockley (27) Agricultural Labourer, Charlotte (27), Sarah C (1), James (23) - William's brother - and their widowed father, Daniel Hockley (age incorrectly shown as 62) were living at Halfway House, Great Dunmow

(This adjacent Halfway House Cottage, was that used by the labourers on the farm, which has included several generations of our family.)

In 1871, William Hockley (36) is joined by Charlotte (35), Sarah C (11), Edith (9), William J (8), Elizabeth (6), Sophia (4) and Martha (2).

Son William James Hockley died, aged 16, and was buried on 16 Nov 1879.

At Halfway House Cottage, Great Dunmow in 1881, were William Hockley (41), Charlotte (39) - both of their ages are wrong - Martha (13), Harry (10), Emma Mary (Mary Emma) (6), Charles (4) and granddaughter, Alice Hockley (2)**. Sarah C Hockley (20) from Great Dunmow was that year working as a Domestic Servant in the household of Amelia Hockley (32) widow (if any relation I've yet to research), Lodging house keeper at Hockerill, Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire. Edith Hockley (19) was a Domestic servant in the household of William Henry Cox (33) Farmer at Elms Farm, Great Canfield. Sophia Hockley (14) was a Domestic Servant to John Sayer (63) Farmer at Bedfords, Great Dunmow.

**Alice Jane Hockley b. 1879 M Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 472, bap. 14 Sep 1879 at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow, was the illegitimate daughter of Sarah Charlotte Hockley. Alice Jane died, aged 8, in 1887.

In 1891, we find William Hockley (57), Charlotte (56) with just Charles (15).

In 1901, William Hockley (68), Charlotte (67) and Charles (24).

Charlotte Hockley died, aged 67, in 1902.

In 1911, William Hockley (79), widowed, was still at Halfway House as an Old Age Pensioner Farm Labourer.
The "Old Age Pension" was introduced in 1909 in the United Kingdom. Following the passage of the Old-Age Pensions Act 1908 a pension of 5 shillings per week (25p, equivalent, using the Consumer Price Index, to £26 in present-day terms), or 7s.6d per week (equivalent to £39/week today) for a married couple, was payable to persons with an income below £21 per annum (equivalent to £2200 today), The qualifying age was 70, and the pensions were subject to a means test. 
William Hockley died, aged 83, in 1916.

Thursday, 28 April 2022

Cecil Arthur Day and Winifred Fanny Kingston

Wandsworth Common West Side
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Cecil Alfred Day (b. 20 Nov 1886), son of Arthur Stephen Day and Mary Ann Ray, married Winifred Fanny Kingston (b. 28 Feb 1886), daughter of James Kingston and Fanny Clarke (both from Hampshire), in 1915, in Wandsworth.

Cecil A Day of 25 Grosvenor Drive, Hornchurch, Essex died, aged 50, on 30 Jul 1937, leaving his effects to his widow, Winifred Fanny Day.

In 1939, widow, Winifred F Day, still at 25 Grosvenor Drive, Hornchurch, was listed as Clerk To Manufacturing Chemist, however, clearly she returned to Wandsworth at some point, where one assumes she still had family, as Winifred Fanny Day of 24 West Side, Wandsworth, London, widow, died on 5 Jun 1954 and left her effects to Daisy Blanche McMillan, widow. 

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