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Saturday 13 July 2024

William Stone and Hannah Westcott

Church of St John the Baptist, Wellington
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William Stone (bap. 1 Apr 1821 at St Peter's ChurchLangford Budville), eldest son of William Stone and Mary Thorne, married Hannah Westcott (b. 8 Feb 1831), daughter of Thomas Westcott and Hagar (Ann) Mitchell, at the Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Wellington, Somerset, on 13 Jul 1850. One of the witnesses was Mary Ann Westcott, Hannah's sister. Hannah was baptised Anna Westcott (due to pronunciation, probably) on 19 Jun 1831, at the The Lower Meeting Independent Formerly Presbyterian, Wellington, Somerset and in 1841, Hannah Westcott (10) was living at Tone Wharf, Wellington Somerset with her parents, Thomas and Ann Westcott. 

Tracking down the children of this marriage has been proving difficult, with no birth records for half of them, but include the following half-dozen: 
  1. William Stone b. 1851 in Devon (listed on 1861 census)
  2. Mary Ann Stone b. 1854 in Ashbrittle, Somerset (on 1861 census)
  3. Hannah Maria Stone b. 1861 S Qtr in PONTYPOOL Vol 11A 122
  4. Thomas Stone b. 12 Aug 1864 in Usworth, Durham 
  5. Edith Ellen Stone b. 1866 D Qtr in CHESTER LE STREET Vol 10A 428
  6. Isabella Stone b. 1870 S Qtr in CHESTER LE STREET Vol 10A 479
Those at the GRO, the mother's maiden name is listed as Westcott.

In 1851, William Stone (28), Agricultural Labourer, was living at Whipples, Holcombe Rogus, with wife Anah (21). Whipples Farmhouse, Tracebridge, is a Grade II Listed Building. Living at Whipples also was Henry Tremlett, a Dairyman, for whom William was presumably working. 

In 1861, however, William Stone (40), married, Pitman from Holcombe, Devon was a lodger in the house of Elizabeth Archer (50), widow at Nailers Shops, New Row, Usworth, Chester Le Street, Durham. While Hannah Stone (29) from Wellington, Somerset was living at Garndiffath, Trevethin, Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales with son William Stone (10) born in Devon, England and daughter, Mary Ann Stone, born in Ashbrittle. 

In 1871, living at Washington New Row, Usworth, Chester Le Street, Durham were William Stones (sic) (under estimated to 43) Miner from Somerset; Hannah Stones (39), William Stones (19) Miner; Anna Maria Stones (9), Thomas stones (5), Edith Ellen Stones (3) and Isabella Stones (11 m).

William Stone died at 55 in 1875 S Qtr in CHESTER LE STREET Vol 10A Page 356 and was buried on 24 Jul 1875 at Holy Trinity Church, Usworth.

In 1881, Hannah Stone (49) widow, mother-in-law, was living in the household of Miles Handy (35) Coal Miner from Wallsend, Northumberland and Mary A Handy (27) from Somerset, with Thomas Stone (16) Coal Miner (putter) born in Usworth, Durham, brother-in-law and Isabella Stone (10) born in Washington, Durham, sister-in-law and William Handy (25) Coal Miner, boarder, also from Wallsend, Northumberland, Miles' brother. 

In 1891, Hannah Stone (59), widow, was living on her own means in the household of William Handy (34) Coal Miner at New Rows, Little Usworth, Chester Le Street - her home, but he presumably became head as a man. In the household also were Hannah's daughter, Isabella Brack (20) and her husband John Brack (23) from Byker, Northumberland, Coal miner deputy.

In 1901, Hannah Stone (70), widow, mother-in-law, from Wellington, Somerset, was living in the household of John Robert Brack (34) Coal deputy overman and Isabella Brack (30), and their then five children, at 10, New Rows, Washington, Great and Little Usworth, Chester Le Street, Durham.

Hannah Stone died, aged 78, in Chester Le Street, in 1909.

  • William Stone married Ann Jackson in Kelloe on 8 Sep 1873
  • Mary Ann Stone married Miles Handy in Chester Le Street, in 1872
  • Anna Maria Stone married John Hodgson in 1883
  • Thomas Stone married Polly Beaty in 1888
  • Edith Ellen Stone married William Brabbon Simpson in 1889
  • Isabella Stone married John Robert Brack in 1890

Friday 12 July 2024

Edward Charles Drake and Emma Jane Gloyne

Former entrance to Roath Basin, Cardiff
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Edward Charles Drake, son of Edmund Drake and Esther Elizabeth Palmer, married Emma Jane Gloyne, daughter of Samuel Pascoe Gloyne and Emma Jane Coombes, on 12 Jul 1886 in Roath, Glamorgan, Wales. 

Edward Charles Drake's mother, Esther Elizabeth Palmer, was the older sister of Edward Oxford Palmer, who was married to Emma Jane's older sister, Charlotte Emma Gloyne. So, Charlotte's husband was Emma's husband's uncle - or Emma's husband was Charlotte's husband's nephew. The two couples' respective children will have been double-cousins, once removed and once not, I think. Working out family relationships just got very complicated!

Edward and Emma had eight children:
  1. Esther Kathleen Drake b. GRO Reference: 1887 J Quarter in CARDIFF Volume 11A Page 330
  2. Gladys Emma Drake b. GRO Reference: 1889 S Quarter in CARDIFF Volume 11A Page 334
  3. John Gloyne Drake b. 6 May 1891, GRO Reference: 1891 J Quarter in CARDIFF Volume 11A Page 342. Died 4 Jul 1915 (see below).
  4. Francis Oxford Drake b. GRO Reference: 1892 J Quarter in CARDIFF Volume 11A Page 396
  5. Helen Palmer Drake b. 7 February 1895 in Plymouth. (No GRO record.)
  6. Fred Silby Drake b. GRO Reference: 1895 D Quarter in MONMOUTH Volume 11A Page 16. Died, aged 4, in GRO Reference: 1900 J Quarter in DEVONPORT Volume 05B Page 253
  7. Constance Edith Drake b. GRO Reference: 1899 J Quarter in BRISTOL Volume 06A Page 8
  8. Florence May Drake b. GRO Reference: 1902 M Quarter in EAST STONEHOUSE Volume 05B Page 255
In 1891, Edward Drake (28) Iron Moulder, Emma Drake (29) and their first two daughters, Esther (3) and Gladys (1) were living in the household of Edward's parents, Edmund and Esther Drake in Moira Street, Cardiff.

In 1901, Edward C Drake (39) Iron & Brass Founder, was resident in Durnford Street, East Stonehouse, with wife Emma J Drake (40), Gladys E Drake (11), John G Drake (9), Francis O Drake (8), Helen P Drake (6) and Constance E Drake (2). Eldest daughter, Esther Drake (13) was staying with her grandparents, Edmund and Esther Drake, in Seymour Street, Roath.

In 1911, Edward Drake (49) Iron and Brass Founder, was still in Plymouth with wife Emma Drake (50) and daughters, Gladys Drake (21), Helen Drake (17), Constance Drake (12) and Florence (9). Esther Kathleen had married in 1906 and was living in North End, Buckland, Portsmouth; John Drake (19) Stoker, was in Chatham, Kent; haven't yet located Francis.

Emma Drake died, in 1912, age given as 51 - she was 54 (GRO Reference: 1912 S Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 276).

Son John Drake died at HMS Vivid (shore establishment 1890), the Royal Navy barracks at Devonport. John Drake had joined the Royal Navy, at 18, on 9 July 1909, at which time he was 5 ft 3½ in with a 33¾ inch chest, light brown hair, light brown eyes and a fair complexion. At the time of his death he was assigned to Vivid II, the Stokers and Engine Room Artificers School in Devonport. The note on his naval record states that he was DD (Discharged Dead) on 4 July 1915 in Sick Quarters, Devonport Depot as result of cycle accident. Inquest verdict:- Accidental death through cycle accident. This was only weeks after his cousin, Charles Edward Palmer, Engine Fitter at the Government Dockyard, Devonport, also died, on 17 Apr 1915.

Edward Charles Drake (55) married Helen or Ellen Saull (48) on 23 Dec 1916, in Roath, Glamorganshire, Wales. 

In 1921, Edward Drake (59) Iron Moulder and wife listed as Norah Drake (54) from Plymouth, Devon, were living at 41, Harold Street, Roath, Cardiff.

Edward Charles Drake died, at 74, in 1935 (GRO Reference: 1935 D Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B  Page 403).

Wednesday 10 July 2024

Con Colleano and Winifred Constance Stanley Trevail

Winifred Constance Stanley Trevail and Con Colleano

Cornelius Sullivan (b. 26 Dec 1899 in Lismore, New South Wales), Theatrical, son of Cornelius Sullivan and Julia Robinson, married my 2nd cousin twice removed, Winifred Constance Stanley Trevail (b. 16 Sep 1900 in Lambeth, Surrey), Actress, daughter of Herbert Fleming Trevail and Alice Maud Stanley Blazey on 10 July 1926 in DetroitWayne County, Michigan. The marriage record states that they were married by the Associate Pastor of the Central Methodist Episcopal Church, from which I deduce that the venue was the Central United Methodist Church (Detroit), although they were resident in Brooklyn, New York. Both stated they had not been married before.

Known professionally as Con Colleano, Cornelius Sullivan, was the most famous and highest paid "swashbuckling circus performer with matinee idol looks" of his time, “The Australian Wizard of the Wire”. A member of the Circus Hall of Fame, Con Colleano is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first person to prefect the forward somersault on the tight wire. 

"Mrs. Winnie Colleano (neé Trevail) was herself a well known Australian Vaudeville Soubrette", dancer and trapeze artist." One article says that Winnie Trevail began appearing on the stage in Sydney as a child, but actually, she was performing before that in New Zealand. There in Lyttelton, New Zealand in 1909 - where her father's aunts, Ellen Higgs and Mary Ann Burn Trevail Bawden then lived - reports in the Lyttelton Times in Oct 1909 detail that Miss Winnie Trevail was appearing in one of the principle roles in a production staged by the Garrick Juvenile Opera Company, at the Opera House there. 

Trevail abandoned her own career in 1924 to travel with her husband.

Con Colleano on a slack-wire, circa 1920
Con Colleano, was of Aboriginal, Anglo-Irish and West Indian descent and adopted a Spanish persona and a costume of a ‘toreador’ or bullfighter.

Colleano’s Indigenous heritage was unknown to his fans – which included one of history’s most infamous racists - "Few people are aware of the fact that in the 1930’s, Adolf Hitler issued an Aboriginal Australian tightrope walker with a German passport so he could come and go as he pleased."

Passenger lists reveal that Cornelius Sullivan and Winifred C. S. Trevail left Southampton, England on 13 Sep 1924, on the RMS Berengaria (former SS Imperator), The first Cunard "Queen". This was their first trip to the US, so their port of arrival was the infamous Ellis Island, New York. Various sources tell us that, in 1924, Con made his debut at the New York Hippodrome before returning to the circus with Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

There's also record of Cornelius and Winifred C Sullivan Colleano travelling from Southampton to New York, on the Berengaria, on 24 Feb 1937.

On 7 Jan 1938, Cornelius and Winifred (Sullivan) Colleano, left Sydney, bound for California, on the luxury ocean linerSS Mariposa (1931).

On 8 Sep 1939, Cornelius and Winifred Sullivan, listed as British, boarded the Italian ocean liner, SS Rex, leaving Genoa, bound for New York.

In 1940, they are shown arriving in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

These, I'm sure are just the tip of a globe-trotting iceberg, but it was finding these records of voyages that led me to discover more of their story.

The former Albion Hotel (pub) at Forbes, New South Wales, Sheba, CC BY-SA 2.0

"Sadly Con and Winnie ultimately lost all their money indulging in a luxurious lifestyle, giving it away to friends and making a disastrous investment in a pub in outback Australia in the 1950s (what were they thinking?)."

Con Sullivan died, in Miami, Florida, on 13 Nov 1973 and in his obituary in The Stage, the wife of Con's brother is quoted as saying, "His wife WINNIE has cabled that she is broken-hearted because she found my dear brother-in-law lying dead, obviously she is too shocked to tell me more."

Winnie returned to Australia, where she died, in Sydney, in on 5 Jan 1986. 

While researching, I found a record of a marriage of a Winifred C Trevail, in Victoria, Australia, in 1919 to a Leonard Mendoza. It would take $20 AUS to obtain the certificate to see if there are enough clues to tell whether this is the same Winifred C Trevail, but just how many people named Winifred C Trevail are there likely to be in the same area? We know Winnie was in Melbourne before this, because in the Victoria Police Gazette of 11 Apr 1918, is: "TREVAIL, WINNIE theatrical, 7 McKenzie Street, Melbourne, reports stolen from the dressing-room, Bijou Theatre, Bourke Street, Melbourne on the 3rd inst. a diamond cluster ring, diamond in the centre set with other stones around, the centre stone is set a little to side, gold band at side of setting is wavy. Value £8." It's obvious this report is from "our" Winnie and hard to accept that a completely different Winifred C Trevail turned up in the very same area only a year later. Someone with the surname Mendoza even sounds like Winnie's "type". It's said that Winnie met Con, in Melbourne, Victoria, when she was 22. What can have happened to Leonard Mendoza? If he died, or they had divorced, Winnie would have listed that she was a widow, or a divorcee when she married Con. Was Winnie committing bigamy in 1926?

I'm much amused by self-aggrandising family stories, but this one probably takes the biscuit - although no surprise perhaps among theatrical types. In several articles, it mentions that Winnie "claimed descent from the Earls of Derby" and it appears that the source of that quote is her own brother, Eric, so it may well have been a story perpetuated in the family. A claim doesn't make it true though! And through which side would that be, I wonder? The line we share to the 'illegitimate born' former dyer who downgraded to labourer in Norfolk, or the bankrupted tenant farmer in Cornwall? Lovely people, I'm sure, but Earls or any other type of nobs they were not!

Sources (many of these links contain images):

Further reading: The wizard of the wire : the story of Con Colleano 

George Mason and Enough Hollingsworth (née Barker)

Signpost at The Maltings
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The Maltings Broxted is actually the name of the road.

George Mason, son of Samuel Mason and Amelia Baker, married Enough Hollingsworth, around 12-14 years his senior, at St Mary's Church, Broxted on 10 Jul 1847. At first I thought this given name must be a transcription error, but sure enough (pun intended), other records agree. She was born Enough Barker, bap. 9 Dec 1804, daughter of James Barker and Elizabeth Perry, who we can only guess had a lot of children and didn't want any more. 

Enough Barker had previously married Thomas Hollingsworth, in Broxted, on 30 Sep 1822, with whom she was living at Broxted Malting in 1841, with their seven children between the ages of 0 and 15. (Thomas and Enough Hollingsworth had nine children in total.) Thomas Hollingsworth died, aged 43, and was buried on 9 Mar 1845 at St Mary the Virgin, Broxted. 

George Mason died in 1855 D Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 214, age at death listed as 37 and he was also buried, at St Mary the Virgin, Broxted, on 9 Dec 1855, when his age was given as 35. 

Enough Mason died the following year, 1856 D Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Vol 04A Page 207, aged 51, and was buried on 18 Nov 1856 in Broxted.

Thomas Sapsford and Mary Ann Sweeney

Church of St John the Baptist, Leytonstone
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Thomas Sapsford (bap. 14 Aug 1842 at St Mary the Virgin, Hatfield Broad Oak), son of James Sapsford and Susannah Kye, married Mary Ann Sweeny (sic) (b. 10 Dec 1848 in Limehouse), daughter of John Sweeney and Anne Elizabeth Gabbaday, on 10 Jul 1865, at St John the Evangelist, Limehouse. At the time of their marriage, the groom was 23 and the bride was just 16.

Thomas and Mary Ann had eleven children:
  1. Mary Ann Sapsford b. 28 Jul 1866 S Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 464, bap. 16 Aug 1866 in Limehouse, London
  2. Thomas Sapsford b. 18 May 1868 (J Quarter in STEPNEY Vol 01C Page 503), bap. 9 May 1872 at St John the Baptist, Leytonstone
  3. James Sapsford b. 30 Jun 1871 (S Quarter in WEST HAM UNION Vol 04A Page 70), bap. 9 May 1872 at St John the Baptist, Leytonstone
  4. Henry Sapsford b. 1873 J Quarter in POPLAR UNION Volume 01C Page 603. Died 1873 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 481
  5. John Sapsford b. 1 Oct 1874 D Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 655
  6. Charles Sapsford b. 28 Mar 1878 J Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 625
  7. Richard Sapsford b. 14 Jul 1880 S Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 634
  8. Maria Elizabeth Sapsford b. 14 Mar 1883 in POPLAR Vol 01C 656
  9. Louisa Sapsford b. 1885 S Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 626
  10. Susan Sapsford b. 1889 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 584
  11. Joseph George Sapsford b. 23 Oct 1892 D Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C 590
The mother's maiden name on all of the births is SWEENY or SWEENEY.

In 1871, Thomas Sapsford (28), Mary A Sapsford (23), Mary (5) and Thomas (3) were living in Eastward Street, Bromley St Leonard, Poplar.

In 1881, at 4, Leigh Build[ing]s, Bowncom Lane, Bromley, Poplar, were Thomas Sapsford (39) Bricklayer's Labourer; Mary A Sapsford (35), Mary A Sapsford (14) Works in jute factory; Thomas Sapsford (12), James Sapsford (9), John Sapsford (6), Charles Sapsford (3) and Richard Sapsford (0).

In 1891, at 3, Thomas Street, Bromley, Poplar, were Thomas Sapsford (49) Scaffolder Bricklayer; Mary Ann Sapsford (44), [Mary] Ann Sapsford (24) Twin spinner hemp; Thomas Sapsford (22) Bricklayer's labourer; James Sapsford (19), John Sapsford (17), Charles Sapsford (12), Richard Sapsford (10), [Maria] Elizabeth Sapsford (7), Louisa Sapsford (4) and Susan (1).

In 1901, at 4, Ascot Street, Canning Town, were Thomas Sapsford (59) Builder's labourer; Mary Sapsford (55), Charles Sapsford (23) General labourer; Richard Sapsford (20) Builder's labourer; Louisa Sapsford (15), Susan Sapsford (12) and [Joseph] George Sapsford (8).

Mary Ann Sapsford died on 20 Jul 1902 S Quarter in WEST HAM Volume 04A Page 24, with age estimated to 59. She'll actually have been 54).

In 1911, Thomas Sapsford (66) Widower, Street Hawker, was living at 25 Star St, Canning Town with son-in-law, Frederick Morton (27) - married to [Maria] Elizabeth Sapsford (28) - also living with them were James Sapsford (40) Street Hawker and [Joseph] George Sapsford (18) Labourer in iron yard. Charles Sapsford (32) Dock Labourer was Lodging at 12 Tidal Basin Road.

Thomas Sapsford died on 28 Aug 1912 in WEST HAM Vol 04A Page 75.

Tuesday 9 July 2024

John Martin Mullarkey and Elsie Aitchinson

Church of St Jude, Plymouth
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John Martin Mullarkey (b. 10 May 1890), son of Anthony Joseph Mullarkey and Maria Gloyne, married Elsie Aitchinson (b. 7 Feb 1890), daughter of John George Aitchinson and Emma Bolt, at St Jude's, Plymouth on 9 Jul 1918.

(Elsie's parents had married, on 29 Jun 1885, at Charles Church, Plymouth. John George Aitchinson of 16 Guldford Street, Plymouth was a Shipwright, son of John George Aitchinson, Petty Officer RN. Emma Bolt was from 10 Guildford Street and her father, John Bolt, was a Shoemaker.)

John Martin Mullarkey (20) enlisted in the Royal Navy on 19 Jun 1909 and in 1911, was bobbing about in Malta Harbour on HMS Medea. On 31 May - 1 Jun 1916 John Martin Mullarkey was serving as a Leading Stoker on HMS Tiger at the Battle of Jutland. Tiger was hit a total of 18 times during the battle. John Martin Mullarkey stayed with Tiger until 30 Sep 1921. 

John and Elsie Mullarkey had three children:
  1. John George Anthony Mullarkey b. 1 Oct 1920
  2. Lilian Kathleen Mullarkey b. 15 Oct 1922
  3. Martyn Mullarkey b. 15 Aug 1930
In 1921, John M Mullarkey (31) Leading Stoker RN; Elsie Mullarkey (31) and John G Mullarkey (0) were living at 182, Beaumont Road, Plymouth, Devon.

After leaving the Royal Navy on 1 Apr 1928, John Martin became a Merchant Seaman. John's naval record says that he had a scar on his left thigh and a heart tattoo on his right forearm. His Merchant Navy record states that the top of his left index finger was crushed. It doesn't say when, where or how.

In 1939, living at 54 Ocean Street, Plymouth, John M Mullarkey's occupation is described as "Greaser Cable Ship Maker Louisa Mackay" (Louisa Mackay was the name of his ship). Son John G A was a Turner And Fitter Apprentice; Lilian K a Shop Assistant and Martyn was at school. Living with them was John G Aitchinson, Retired Shipwright, Widowed (who died in 1941). 

Elsie Mullarkey died in Plymouth, in 1963, aged 73.

John Martin Mullarkey died in 1974.

  • John George Anthony Mullarkey married Lilian K Clarke in 1958. Born Lilian Kathleen May Hood on 18 Apr 1914, Lilian was probably a widow at the time of this marriage. She had previously married Herbert J Clarke in 1933 and potentially brought with her four children from this marriage. John George Anthony Mullarkey of 15 Dundas Street, Stoke, Plymouth, died on 8 Nov 1974. Lilian Kathleen May Mullarkey died on 25 Jun 1991.
  • In 1945, Lilian Kathleen Mullarkey married William George Matthews. They appear to have had one child later that year. Lilian Kathleen Matthews died in 1996.
  • In 1951, Martyn Mullarkey married Margaret A Pepper and they appear to have one child in 1952. Martyn Mullarkey died, in Plymouth, in 2005.

Monday 8 July 2024

Thomas Tooze and Mary James

St Olave, Exeter, Devon
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One of Exeter's oldest churches, it was founded in 1035. It had a varied past, being closed by Cromwell and converted to a school, reopened during the Huguenot exodus as a church.

Thomas Tooze (b. 5 Jan 1805, bap. 20 Jan 1805, in Halberton, Devon), son of Thomas Tooze and Jane Burton, married Mary James at St Olave's Church, Exeter on 8 Jul 1832. Undoubtedly, this is the same Thomas Tooze who appeared in court in Exeter in 1832, being tried for Larceny. Both were listed as sojourner (temporarily residing) in this parish. Further records suggest that Mary was born in around 1806-1807. The 1851 census reports her birthplace as 'Kintbar, Devon', which Google and I believe should be Kentisbeare. There was a Mary James bap. 1 Feb 1807, daughter of Richard and Ann James.

This Thomas and Mary had three children:
  1. Ellen Tooze b. 1837 in Stoke Newington, Middlesex (no reg)
  2. William Tooze b. 19 Aug 1839 (1839 S Quarter in OF THE HACKNEY UNION Volume 03 Page 133). A 1879 record, British Civil Service Evidence Of Age (Post Office), gives William's birth date.
  3. Elizabeth Tooze b. 10 Jan 1842 M Qtr HACKNEY Vol 03 Page 196
The mother's maiden name on both birth registrations is James.

They were in the London Borough of Hackney by the time of Ellen's birth, but there are no baptisms, so there could have been other children that were never recorded. There is no birth registration, but there is also a death of a 3 year old Eliza Tooze, in Hackney, in 1849, who could also have been theirs.

In 1841, Thomas Tooze (rounded down to 30), Mary Tooze (30), Ellen Tooze (4) and William Tooze (1) were living in Brook Street, Hackney.

In 1851, Thomas Tooze (47) Brewers Servant - no surprise, his father was a Maltster - from Halberton, Devon, and Mary Tooze (44) from Kintbar, Devon [Kentisbeare] Laundress; William Tooze (11) and Elizabeth Tooze (9), both born in Clapton, Middlesex, were living in Assembly Row, which Victorian Villas in Hackney (PDF) suggests was in Northwold Road, Clapton, London. Ellen Tooze (14) Domestic Servant, born in Stoke Newington, Middlesex, was employed in the household of Thomas F Wilson (33) Stock Broker, in Wellington Place, Hackney. (An offshoot from the high road, called Wellington Place, had eight gentleman's residences by 1821; it had been extended due east as Wellington Road (from 1939 Shacklewell Road).

In 1861, Thomas Tooze (56) from Halberton, Devonshire 'Formerly Brewer' and saying formerly and being only in his 50's, I would read to indicate that Thomas had become infirm; Mary Tooze (54) Laundress and Elizabeth Tooze (19) Dress Maker, were living at 5, Queens Road, Hackney.

Mary Tooze was admitted to Hackney Union Workhouse on 3 Jul 1869, then both Thomas Tooze and Mary Tooze were admitted to Hackney Union Workhouse on 19 Oct 1869.

Thomas Tooze, 65, was discharged dead from Hackney Union Workhouse on on 30 Dec 1869 (1869 D Qtr in HACKNEY Vol 01B Page 335).

In 1871, Mary Tooze (69) Pauper, Widow, Domestic Servant from Devonshire, was a resident at Hackney Union Workhouse.

Mary Tooze died at 66, on 12 Jun 1872, also at Hackney Union Workhouse (1872 J Qtr in HACKNEY Vol 01B Page 287).

So what relation are Thomas Tooze and Mary James to Thomas Tooze and Mary Summers? The chance that they are NOT related, given they all hail from the same Devon villages, is infinitesimally small, however the link is further back than available records, so we can only speculate: Thomas Tooze (b. 1801) m. Mary Summers was son of, Thomas Tooze (b. 1770) m. Joan Potter who was son of, William Tooze (b. 1727) m. Joan Cood. On the other hand, this Thomas Tooze (b. 1805) m. Mary James was son of, Thomas Tooze (b. 1776) m. Jane Burton who was son of, Thomas Tooze (b. 1735) m. Dorothy Woodbery. Baptisms for William Tooze (b. 1727) and Thomas Tooze (b. 1735) are not available online, however, with only eight years between them, it would not be a surprise if they were brothers. If so, then the first common ancestors that Thomas Tooze (b. 1801) and Thomas Tooze (b. 1805) would share would be their great-grandparents, making them 2nd cousins.

Sunday 7 July 2024

Eli Drew and Anna Goff

High Street becomes Fore Street, Cullompton
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Eli Drew (b. 5 Nov 1860), son of Thomas Drew and Ann Trickey, married Anna Goff (b. 1863) daughter of Charles Goff and Elizabeth Lock, at St Mary's Church, Kentisbeare, on 7 Jul 1886. Witnesses to the marriage were William Goff and Mary Blackmore (née Goff), both of them Anna's older siblings.

There is no birth registration, nor baptism for Eli Drew (there are for all of his siblings), however he was listed with his parents in Bradninch, in 1861. His father died in 1871 and Eli (10) was that year out working as a Farm Servant for Philip Walters (39) Farmer, in Collumpton. In 1881, Eli Drew (20) Shoemaker, was home with his mother, who remarried in 1874.

Eli and Anna Drew had six children:

  1. Lily Drew b. 7 Jul 1887 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 421, bap. 17 Aug 1887 in Cullompton
  2. Charles Eli Drew b. 6 Jun 1889 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 415, bap. 4 Jul 1889 in Cullompton. Killed in Action 1916.
  3. Frank Goff Drew b. 29 Oct 1890 D Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 364, bap. 3 Dec 1890 in Cullompton
  4. Albert Drew b. 1893 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 411, bap. 7 Dec 1894. Died, at 21 months, in 1894 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 268 and was buried on 16 Dec 1894 in Cullompton
  5. Bertie Drew b. 3 Jun 1895 S Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 383
  6. Gladys May Drew b. 1898 J Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 388, bap. 15 Oct 1898. Died at 6 months in 1898 D Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 253 and was buried on 30 Oct 1898 in Cullompton
In 1891, Eli Drew (30) Boot maker was in High Street, Cullompton with Annie Drew (27), Lily Drew (4), Charles Eli Drew (2) and Frank Goff Drew (0).

Anna Drew died, aged 34, in 1898 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 264 and was buried on 3 Jun 1898, in Kentisbeare. Given the date her last child was born, I think we can guess at the cause of her death.

Eli Drew then remarried, on 22 Sep 1900, to Mary Ann Richards.

Born Mary Ann Read, in 1868, daughter of John Read and Mary Ann Pook, she had previously married William James Richards, in Tiverton District, in 1896. William James Richards had died, at 38, in 1900. Mary Ann brought with her two children from her previous marriage: John James Richards b. 11 Jun 1897 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 383 and Polly Read Richards b. 14 Jan 1899 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 394.

Eli and Mary Ann then added another seven children:
  1. Thomas John Drew b. 2 Jun 1901 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 387, bap. 25 Sep 1901 in Cullompton
  2. Winifred Violet Read Drew b. 21 Dec 1902 (1903 M Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 364)
  3. Richard Leslie Drew b. 10 Dec 1904 (1905 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 369)
  4. Evelyn Dorothy Drew b. 23 Mar 1906 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 376
  5. James Drew b. 7 Jul 1908 S Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 352
  6. Robert George Eli Drew b. 13 Aug 1910 D Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 341. Died, aged 12, in 1923 S Qtr in EXETER Vol 05B Page 65
  7. Alec Drew b. 6 Dec 1915 (1916 M Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B 591)
In 1901, Eli Drew (40) Licenced Victualler and Bootmaker was at the Angel Inn, Fore Street, Cullompton (The Licence was passed from [William] James Richards to Mrs Richards (i.e. Mary Ann), who in turn transferred it to her second husband, Eli Drew), with Mary Ann Drew (31), Lily Drew (13), Charles Drew (11), Frank Drew (10), Bertie Drew (5), John Richards (3), Polly Richards (1) and three boarders: Joseph Gale (53) Agricultural Labourer and Beatrice Royal (24) and Mena Rambow (22), who were both Actresses. 

By 1911, Eli Drew (50) Bootmaker was living on Cullompton Hill, Bradninch (having transferred the licence at the Angel in 1901), with Mary Ann Drew (40) Working at mill; John James Richards (13), Polly Read Richards (11), Thomas John Drew (9), Winifred Violet Drew (8), Richard Drew (6), Evelyn Drew (5), James Drew (2) and Robert Drew (0). That year Charles Drew (21) was boarding with the family of Samuel Pring in Pound Square, Cullompton; Frank G Drew was boarding with the family of Henry Willey in Exeter Road, Cullompton and Bert Drew was boarding in the household of James Broom, also on Exeter Road, Cullompton.

On 13 Aug 1918, giving his DOB as 5 Nov 1868 and therefore age as 50, Eli Drew, Shoemaker, volunteered for Military Service with the Royal Air Force.

In 1921, Eli Drew (60) Boot Maker and Repairer was again living on Cullompton Hill, Bradninch, with Mary Ann Drew (53), Bertie Drew (26), Mary Drew (25) [wife of Bertie]; Winnie Drew (18), Richard Leslie Drew (16), Evelyn Dorothy Drew (15) (Evelyn Dorothy Drew (15) was double-counted, also being listed next door in the household of Annie Georgina Tree), James Drew (12), Eli Robert Drew (10), Alec Drew (5), and grandchildren, Kenneth Albert Drew (2) and Hazel May Drew (1) - Bertie & Mary's children.

Mary Ann Drew died, at 62, in 1932 M Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 656.

In 1939, Eli Drew, Boot Maker, Widowed, was still living on Cullompton Hill, Bradninch, with youngest son, Alec Drew, Assurance Agent.

Eli Drew died, at 92, on 18 Dec 1952 (1952 D Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 07A Page 738) and is buried in St Dionysius Churchyard, Bradninch, Plot 2.17.

  1. Lily Drew married George James Underhay (b. 1 Jun 1885, in Winkleigh, Devon), son of George James Underhay and Mary Lugg, in 1908, in Totnes, Devon. George and Lily had one daughter, Hazel Emily Underhay b. 3 Dec 1908 (1909 M Quarter in TOTNES Volume 05B Page 143). In 1921, the three were living at 1, Handley Road, Gosport, where George was working as a Joiner for the Admiralty. George James Underhay died in Gosport, in 1969. Lily Underhay died in Droxford, Hampshire, in 1976.
  2. Private Charles DrewDevonshire Regiment 1st/4th Bn, was Killed in Action on 8 Mar 1916 in Mesopotamia (modern IraqNo known grave. Commemorated on the Basra Memorial, Iraq (Panel 11). He's also remembered on the World War I board at Cullompton Methodist Church.
  3. Frank Goff Drew married Florence Annie Willey (b. 9 Nov 1893 in Tiverton), daughter of Henry Willey and Charlotte Gardener, in Tiverton, Devon, in 1913. They had one daughter, Mollie Delphine Goff Drew, b. 8 Apr 1914 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 679. On 9 Oct 1914, Frank Goff Drew enlisted in the Devonshire Regiment, 7th Battalion. He later served with the Royal Army Service Corps. In 1921, they were living with Charlotte Willey and in 1939 at 92 Exeter Road, Cullompton. Frank Goff Drew died on 4 Sep 1980 and is buried at Cullompton Cemetery. Florence Annie Drew died in 1982.
  4. Bertie Drew (as Albert Drew) enlisted in the Somerset Light Infantry, but was discharged after 17 days. He married Mary Matthews in Pontypridd, Glamorganshire, Wales, in 1917. They had two children, Albert Kenneth Drew b. 1918 and Hazel May Drew b. 1920. In 1921, they were staying with Bert's parents. In 1939, Bert, Mary and Hazel May Drew were living at 9 Passmore Road, Bradninch. Bertie Drew died at 73 in 1968.
  5. John James Richards married Martha Elizabeth Alma Western Packer (b. 28 Feb 1900), daughter of John Packer and Alma Western, at Exeter Registry Office, in 1920. A newspaper report of his divorce petition, in the Western Morning News of 20 Nov 1940, says they had seven children (I've found records for six); that his wife had left him in 1937 and that three of the younger children had been sent to Australia under a farm school scheme. In 1939, John James Richards was living at 23 Westfield Road, Bradninch with four of the children and his eldest daughter as Housekeeper. Meanwhile, Martha E A Richards was living in Dinham Road, Exeter with George Albert Denning (b. 12 Dec 1915) and the daughter they had together b. 1939. Martha E A W Richards married George A Denning in 1941. One presumes she was divorced again as Martha E A W Denning married again in 1952 and George A Denning remarried in 1954. (I've not found a record of a death of John James Richards and wonder if maybe he too emigrated.)
  6. Polly Read Richards married William Henry Poole in 1921. They had one daughter, Sybil May Poole b. 1921. In 1939 they were in Bradninch. William Henry Poole died in 1956. Polly Read Poole died in 1987.
  7. Thomas John Drew joined the Royal Navy, as an Assistant Cook, on his 18th birthday, 2 Jun 1919. He was however invalided in August 1921, due to Fibrosis of the lung (Pulmonary fibrosis). Thomas John Drew married Elizabeth Alice Turner (b. 13 May 1900 in Clyst St Lawrence, Devon), daughter of James Turner and Thomasine Stone, in Tiverton, in 1926. They had one son, Roy Eli Drew b. 27 Aug 1928. In 1939, the three were living at Mana Cottage, Passways Street, Bradninch. Thomas John Drew died at 39 in 1940. Elizabeth Alice Drew died, aged 44, on 21 July 1944, leaving her effects to Eli Drew and Richard Leslie Drew. 
  8. Winifred Violet Read Drew married Howard Raymond Willetts (b. 19 Jan 1902 in Erdington, Birmingham), son of Thomas George Willetts and Sarah Gough, in Birmingham on 2 Aug 1927. Howard Raymond Willetts had joined the RAF on 16 Nov 1920 and it lists his previous Civilian Occupation as Electrician at the Austin Motor Company, Longbridge Works, Northfield, Birmingham. Howard and Winifred appear to have had three daughters in 1928, 1930 and 1931. In 1939, Winifred V R Willetts was living at 71 Ilmington Road, Birmingham with the three children. Howard Willetts was discharged from the RAF in 1940. Howard R G Willetts died at 64, in Birmingham, in 1967. Winifred Violet Read Willetts of St Anthony's Nursing Home, 72 Middleton Hall Road, Kings Norton, died in 1999. Her funeral on 26 Jan 1999 was conducted by Co Op Funeral Services (Yardley) at Yardley Crematorium.
  9. Richard Leslie Drew married Marjorie Rowland (b. 19 Aug 1908 in Taunton, Somerset), daughter of John Rowland and Bessie Winter, in Tiverton, in 1935. Richard and Marjorie Drew had two sons, born in 1937 and 1940. In 1939, Richard, Marjorie and their elder child were living at Malt House Tenement, Bradninch. Richard Leslie Drew died in 1983 and Marjorie Drew died, in Exeter, in 1992.
  10. Evelyn Dorothy Drew married Edward Charles Bale (b. 19 Dec 1905), in Tiverton, in 1931. In 1921, Edward Bale (15) was living in Chapel Street, Bradninch with a George and Janet Suell, listed as their adopted son. I cannot locate any other records for them, before or since, nor of Edward's birth. Edward and Evelyn had three sons between 1931 and 1938 and a daughter in 1941. In 1939, Edward, Evelyn and the three boys were living at No 2 Winsor House, Bradninch. Edward Charles Bale died in 1984. Evelyn Dorothy Bale died, in Exeter, in 1995.
  11. James Drew never married and died, at 50, on 12 Jun 1959, leaving his effects to Richard Leslie Drew and Evelyn Dorothy Bale.
  12. Alec Drew married Elsie V J Champion, in Exeter, in 1948. Born Elsie Vera Joan Addicott (b. 8 Sep 1918 in Newton Abbot), daughter of Walter Addicott, Police Constable, and Edith Maud Mary Woodley, she had previously married Alfred John Champion in 1940, with whom she had two children in 1942 and 1944. Alfred John Champion died, in Exeter, in 1983, so presumably their marriage was disolved. Alec and Elsie Drew had one daughter, born in 1949. Alec Drew died, in Exeter, in 1995 and Elsie Vera J Drew died in East Devon, in 2003.

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John Henry Charles Sweeney and Susannah Harvey

John Henry Charles Sweeney
and Susannah Harvey
Image provided by Jon Gilbert,
descendant of Rosina Sweeney

John Henry Charles Sweeney (b. 11 May 1839 in Ratcliff), son of John Sweeney and Anne Elizabeth Gabbaday, married Susannah Harvey (b. 15 Oct 1845 in Limehouse), daughter of John Harvey and Esther Glede, on 6 Jul 1862 at the church of St John the Evangelist, Limehouse (St John's Church, Halley Street, Limehouse). Susannah was 16 and John, a Seaman, 23. Witnesses were the bridegroom's father, John Sweney (sic) and his sister, Mary Ann Sweeney.

John and Susannah had eleven children:

  1. Susannah Sweeney b. 5 Jun 1862 (1862 S Quarter in MILE END OLD TOWN Volume 01C Page 518), bap. 28 May 1863 at St John the Evangelist
  2. John Sweeney b. 6 Apr 1864 (1864 J Quarter in MILE END OLD TOWN Volume 01C Page 552), bap. 5 May 1864 at St John the Evangelist. (Died 1866 S Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 610, aged 2)
  3. Esther Ann Sweeney b. 1866 J Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 478 (Died 1866 J Quarter in STEPNEY Vol 01C Page 399, aged 0)
  4. John Sweeney b. 12 Dec 1867 (1868 M Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 515), bap. 5 Jan 1868 at St John the Evangelist.
  5. Job Sweeney b. 6 Feb 1870 (1870 M Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 531), bap. 11 May 1871 at St John the Evangelist.
  6. Thomas Sweeney b. 25 Dec 1871 (1872 M Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 508), bap. 15 Feb 1872 at St John the Evangelist.
  7. Henry Sweeney b. 13 Jan 1874 (1874 M Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 488), bap. 12 Mar 1874 at St John the Evangelist.
  8. Mary May Sweeney b. 1876 J Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 483 (Died 1877 D Quarter in STEPNEY Vol 01C Page 344, age 1)
  9. Mary Matilda Sweeney b. 11 Mar 1878 (1878 J Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 451) (No further baptism records found.)
  10. Charles Sweeney b. 17 Jul 1880 (1880 S Qtr in STEPNEY Vol 01C 443)
  11. Rosina Sweeney b. 4 Jun 1883 (1883 S Qtr in STEPNEY Vol 01C 425)
With three having not survived infancy, this explains the eight listed in the family bible. There are no more civil registrations to support further reputed issue, though, of course, there could have been stillbirths or miscarriages.

Notice that the 3rd child has been named Esther Ann - these are the names of the two grandmothers, maternal first, paternal second - and I believe this is significant: there are suggestions that this is a pattern within the family.

In 1871, John Sweeney (63), carpenter - John Henry Charles' father - was still listed as the head of the household at Stephen Cottages, James Street, St Anne, Limehouse. Then there is John Henry Charles (31), labourer, wife Susan (26), daughter Susan (9), plus sons John (3) and Job (1).

In 1881, at Stephen Cottage, 1, Limehouse, Stepney, were John (41), Dock Labourer, wife Susannah (36), daughter Susannah (18), Tailoress, John (13), Tea Packer, Job (11), Thomas (9), Henry (7), Mary (3) and Charles (0).

In 1891, at Stephensons Cottages, Condor Street, Limehouse, Stepney (still the same place), were John (52), Labourer, Susannah (47), Job (21), Packer, Thomas (19), Labourer, Mary M (13), Charles (10) and Rosina (7).

In 1901, at Stephenson Cottages, 1, Limehouse, Stepney, were John Sweeney (63), Dock Labourer, Susannah (54), Thomas (29), General Labourer, Matilda (23), and Rosina (18), both Confectionery Packers.

And in 1911, the address as 1 Stephensons Cottages, Conder St, Limehouse, with all the kids having flown the nest, there were just John Henry Charles Sweeney (71), Night Watchman for the Borough Council and Susannah Sweeney (65). This census confirms that they had 11 children, of whom 8 were still living, with 3 having died, during their then 48 year marriage. Not located Thomas Sweeney, who would have been then 39, in 1911.

Susannah Sweeney died, aged 72, in 1918 M Qtr in STEPNEY Vol 01C 480. 

In 1921, John Henry Sweeney (82) Caretaker Retired, widower, was living with his youngest son Charles at 102, Hind Street, Poplar. Thomas Sweeney (49 years and 6 months) was living, alone - listed as Single  - at 94, Lynvie Road, Bow, Poplar and working as a Deal Porter for Mr W Howard Bros Timbers Merchant of Canning Town at Crown Wharf.

John Henry Charles Sweeney died, aged 83, in 1922 S Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C  Page 352.

(Thomas Sweeney does not appear to ever marry and it would seem that he died, aged 58, in 1930 M Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 389.)

William Cloughton and Alice Hockley

Holy Cross, Felsted, Essex - Porch
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © John Salmon -

William Cloughton (b. 1855), son of Thomas Clowton (the surname, as it sounds) and Lydia Byatt, married Alice Hockley, daughter of George Hockley and Eliza Crow on 6 Jul 1879 at Holy Cross church, Felsted. This surname has probably had more variations than any other I've encountered: When William's parents married it was Clowton; on the 1841 census they were listed as Clouten; William was registered and baptised - on 6 Jan 1856 in Felsted - as Clowton; by the time he married Alice it was Cloughton, which it was then mostly or sometimes Claughton, Clawghton and even Claighton.

William and Alice had two daughters:
  1. Lizzie Cloughton b. 1879 D Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 469, bap. 26 Oct 1879 at Holy Cross, Felsted
  2. Ellen Cloughton b. 28 Jan 1882 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 536, bap. 26 Mar 1882 at Holy Cross, Felsted
In 1881, William Cloughton (25) Farm labourer from Felsted, Essex, Alice Cloughton (24) and Lizzie Cloughton (1) were at Banaster Green, Felstead.

Alice Cloughton died, aged 27 in 1883 J Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 298, and was buried on 30 Jun 1883, at Felsted.

William Cloughton then remarried, in the 3rd quarter of 1884, to widow, Hannah Lewis, at the church of St Michael the Archangel, Braintree

Born Rose Hannah Gowers on 12 Dec 1850, bap. 5 Feb 1851, she was the daughter of Thomas Gowers and Hannah Gowers (Cousins?) Hannah had previously married George Lewis in 1868, with whom she had two daughters. George died, aged 35, in 1883. William and Hannah didn't have any further children together, but they did bring up William and Alice's daughters.

In 1891, William Claughton (sic) (35) Agricultural Labourer, Hannah Claughton (40), Elizabeth Claughton (12) and Ellen Claughton (9) were living at Church End Farm, Brockley Road, Runwell, Chelmsford. 

In 1901, William Claughton (49) Farm labourer and Hannah Claughton (55) were living in Billet Road, Little Heath, Hainault, Romford. Elizabeth Clawghton (sic) (21) Domestic Cook from Felsted, Essex, was a Visitor in the household of Alfred Pottinger, Stocker at nursery, at 256, High Street, Cheshunt (Herts). Younger daughter, Ellen Claighton (strangest version yet) (19) from Felsted, Essex, was working as a General domestic servant to John Cull, Nurseryman and florist, at 36, College Road, Cheshunt (Herts).

So far, I've found no further records for Lizzie (Elizabeth) after 1901.

Nellie Claughton married Herbert Holton Hearn (b. 11 Aug 1880), son of Thomas Hearn and Elizabeth Holton, on 13 Jun 1908, in Cheshunt.

In 1911, William Claughton (55) Carman and nursery worker was living in the household of his son-in-law, Herbert Hearn (30) Nursery hand, and Nellie Hearn (29) at 13 Lordship Road, Cheshunt. Also living with them was Herbert's widowed mother, Elizabeth Hearn (60). Hannah Cloughton (62), meanwhile, was, seemingly alone, at 112 Birkbeck Road, Leytonstone.

Hannah Claughton died, at 65, in 1914 M Qtr in COLCHESTER Vol 04A 889.

There's a death of a William Clowton in 1935 J Quarter in WARE Volume 03A Page 910, within 5 years from his correct age, which would seem to be him.

In 1939, still at 13 Lordship Road, Cheshunt, were Herbert H Hearn, Nurseryman glasshouse food producer and Nellie Hearn. 

Herbert Holton Hearn of 37 Lordship Road, Cheshunt, died, on 20 Oct 1962, at Western House, Ware, Hertfordshire (Western House Hospital, the former Ware Union Workhouse). Probate was granted to Ellen Hearn, Widow.

Ellen Hearn died, aged 82, in 1964, in Edmonton, Middlesex.