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Friday, 9 June 2023

Henry Hawkins and Sarah Ann "Jessie" Tooze

Alma Street, Sheerness
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Henry Hawkins (bap. 5 Apr 1846 in Rackenford, Devon), son of Edward Hawkins and Leah Courtis, married Jessie Tooze (born Sarah Ann), daughter of Thomas Tooze and Mary Summers, on 11 Oct 1868, in West Ham. 

Henry's father, Edward Hawkins, was a Game Keeper and Henry's maternal grandfather, George Courtis, was a Farmer Of 171 Acres.

Henry and "Jessie" had three children:
  1. Emily Louisa Hawkins b. 1869 J Qtr in KENSINGTON Vol 01A 132
  2. William Hawkins b. 4 Jun 1872 in Detroit, Michigan, Unites States
  3. Arthur Hawkins b. 1874 D Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A 791
In 1871, Henry Hawkins (25) Carpenter; Jessie Hawkins (24); Emily Hawkins (1) born in Notting Hill and Mary Tooze (68) Widow, Pauper, Mother-in-law, were living at Durley Moor Cottage, Holcombe Rogus.

In 1872, Passenger Lists of vessels arriving at New York, Unites States, show Henry Hawkins (26) Carpenter, Jessie Hawkins (26) Wife and Emily Hawkins (2) Child leaving from Liverpool on 14 Mar 1872, on the transatlantic passenger ship City of New York (1865) of the Inman Line. The streets not being paved with gold, however, they were back in the UK by 1874.

In 1881, at 5, Lower James Street, Minster in Sheppey, were Henry Hawkins (35) Joiner from Rackenford, Devon; Jessie Hawkins (34) from Holcombe Rogus; Emily L Hawkins (11) born in Notting Hill; William Hawkins (8) born in the United States and Arthur Hawkins (6) born in Sheerness.

In 1891, Henry Hawkins (45) Ship's Joiner; Jessie Hawkins (44), Arthur Hawkins (16) and Emily L Ridler (21) were living in Alma Street, Minster in Sheppey. William Hawkins was in the Mediterranean with HMS Inflexible, (and 42 days in Malta Gaol), having joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Class on 31 May 1888, until he was Invalided with Asthma on 4 Nov 1909. 

In 1901, Henry Hawkins (55) Joiner Ship Dock Yard from Rackenford, Devon was living in Delamark Road, Sheerness with Jessie Hawkins (54) and two boarders, Oscar Riche (29) Schoolmaster from Cambridge and Alfred J Middleton (30) Schoolmaster from Grimsby, Lincolnshire. William Hawkins was alternating between HMS VictoryHMS Vernon shore establishments and HMS Duke of Wellington (for all three, read Portsmouth.)

In 1911, Henry Hawkins (65) Pensioned Joiner was still living in Sheerness with Jessie Hawkins (64), William Hawkins (38) Naval Pensioner; John Tooze (71) Retired Thatcher (Jessie's older brother); and three boarders.

There is a death of an Arthur Hawkins, aged 39, in 1914 D Qtr in SHEPPEY Vol 02A Pg 1218 and burial in Sheppey, which I believe relate.

Henry Hawkins died, aged 73, in 1919 M Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A Page 1782 and Jessie Hawkins died later in the same year, also aged 73, in 1919 D Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A Page 1140.

William Hawkins died, aged 63, on 12 Feb 1935 M Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A Page 1470 and was buried in Sheppey Cemetery

Thursday, 8 June 2023

Samuel Heywood and Emma Eliza Horn

The Watch House, Bermondsey Street, SE1
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On the corner with Abbey Street, a grade II listed building, described as early 18th century.

Samuel Heywood (b. 1865 in Bermondsey), son of William Haywood and Jane Harris, married Emma Eliza Horn (b. 1868 in St George in the East), daughter of John Horn and Emma Green, on 29 Oct 1888, in Newington, Southwark St Saviour. (William Haywood, a Tanner, was originally from Devonshire.)

In 1891, Samuel Haywood (26) General Labourer and Emma Haywood (23) were living in Abbey Street, Bermondsey. (The street takes its name from the former Bermondsey Priory that occupied this site until the Reformation.)

Samuel and Emma had one daughter: 
  1. Emma Edith Haywood b. 1892 J Quarter in SAINT OLAVE SOUTHWARK Volume 01D Page 233, but who sadly died in the same quarter.
Samuel Heywood died, at 36, in 1902 M Qtr in CROYDON Vol 02A 189.

In the 2nd Qtr of 1904, Emma Eliza Heywood remarried to William Henry Mann, at St Thomas, Stepney, that had stood in Arbour Square, Stepney.

William Henry Mann (b. 1 Apr 1863, bap. 31 May 1863 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk), son of Charles Ditcham Mann, Sailmaker, and Ann Lee, was a widower when he married Emma Eliza Heywood. His first marriage, on 6 Jul 1887, at St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (now Great Yarmouth Minster) was to Emma Eliza Jackson (b. 1866 in Medway, Kent (Chatham), daughter of William Jackson, Carpenter, and Maria Bratt. The first Mrs Emma Eliza Mann (née Jackson) had died, in 1904 M Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 328. That William Henry remarried within three months, was probably to provide care for his four children from his first marriage:
  1. William Henry Mann b. 1890 J Qtr in BETHNAL GREEN Vol 01C 236
  2. George Joseph Mann b. 23 Jun 1893 S Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C 548
  3. Sarah Eliza Prudence Mann b. 1895 M Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C 594
  4. Maria Louisa Julia Mann b. 7 Jun 1898 J Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C 539
In 1911, William Henry Mann (48) Fishmonger from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk was living in Bow Common with the second Emma Eliza Mann (formerly Heywood, née Horn) (43) whose birthplace was curiously not listed (with the same two first names and only a two year difference in the birth years of his two wives, it would be easy to assume this was one person); Prudence Sarah Mann (16) and Maria Julia Mann (13), both born in Old Ford

Sarah Eliza Prudence Mann died, at 21, in 1916 M Quarter in POPLAR. 

Emma Eliza Mann (formerly Heywood, née Horn) died, at 48, on 24 May 1916 J Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 444. She was buried at Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries, with her father, John Horn, and step-mother.

Private William Henry MannLancashire Fusiliers, son of William Henry Mann, of 78, Harley Rd, Great Yarmouth, died, aged 27, on 21 Mar 1918, the first day of the German spring offensive on the Western Front during the First World War. He is commemorated at the Pozières Memorial.

William Henry Mann died on 17 Mar 1939, in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and left his effects to Maria Louisa Julia Mann and George Edward Todd.

Thomas Tooze and Dorothy Woodbery

Holcombe Rogus : All Saints Church
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Thomas Tooze (b. 1735) married Dorothy Woodbery (b. 1746), daughter of Jeremiah Woodbery and Ann Brice, at All Saints Church, Holcombe Rogus on 8 Jun 1767. Both were 'of the parish'. It looks as if Thomas Tooze was able to sign his own name, while Dorothy made her mark. Witnesses were Sarah Webber and John Hurly. Thomas' baptism record is not available.

Records exist for six children of this couple:
  1. Sarah Tooze bap. 5 Apr 1768 in Holcombe Rogus. Died as an infant and was buried on 5 Aug 1771, also in Holcombe Rogus.
  2. Mary Tooze bap. 15 Oct 1769 in Holcombe Rogus. Appears to have died at 32, and was buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1802.
  3. Sarah Tooze bap. 12 Jul 1772 in Holcombe Rogus. 
  4. Thomas Tooze bap. 23 Mar 1776 in Holcombe Rogus. 
  5. George Tooze bap. 15 Jun 1778 in Holcombe Rogus. 
  6. Elizabeth Tooze bap. 4 Feb 1780 in Holcombe Rogus. Died as an infant and was buried on 17 Apr 1784, again in Holcombe Rogus.
Thomas Tooze was buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1818 and Dorothy in 1820.

Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Samms Sheppard Rudd and Mary Sarah Ann Walrond

St John the Evangelist Waterloo
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Samms Sheppard Rudd (bap. 30 Nov 1834 at St Dunstan's, Stepney), son of Samms Rudd and Ann Johnson, married Mary Sarah Ann Walrond in Q4 1854, at Lambeth St John the Evangelist (St John's Church, Waterloo). 

The couple had at least seven children:
  1. Mary Ann Rudd b. 2 Nov 1855 D Quarter in THE SHOREDITCH DISTRICT Volume 01C Page 98, bap. 28 Dec 1856 at St John the Baptist, Shoreditch (St John the Baptist, Hoxton). The family's address was in Aske Street (named for parish's benefactor, City alderman and haberdasher Robert Aske) and her father's occupation, Waiter.
  2. Emily Grace Rudd b. 8 Jul 1857 S Quarter in SHOREDITCH Volume 01C Page 152, bap. 1 Aug 1858 at St. James', Westminster.
  3. Alice Rudd b. 1859 S Quarter in SHOREDITCH Volume 01C Page 100
  4. Frederick William Rudd b. 1864 J Qtr in SHOREDITCH Vol 01C 83
  5. Albert Edward Rudd b. 1868 S Qtr in SHOREDITCH Vol 01C 75
  6. John Edwin Rudd b. 1872 D Qtr in HAMPSTEAD Vol 01A 603
  7. Charles Rudd b. 1876 M Qtr in ST GILES Vol 01B Page 652
On the birth registrations for Mary Ann, Alice, Frederick William, Albert Edward and John Edwin the mother's maiden name is listed as WALROND. On that for Emily Grace, it's WABRONE and for Charles, WABROUD. With such random variations, it's difficult to know if all their children are included.

In 1861, listed as Samuel S Rudd (26) Waiter from Kentish Town, Middlesex, was living at 41, New North Street, Shoreditch with Mary S Rudd (26), Mary A Rudd (5), Emily G Rudd (4) and Alice Rudd (1).

In 1871, the family were in Islington, with 'James' Sheppard Rudd (37), Mary Sarah Ann Rudd (36), Robert Cockare (19), Mary Ann Rudd (15), Emily Rudd (13), Alice Rudd (11), Fred Wm Rudd (7) and Albert Edwd Rudd (2).

In 1875 and 1876, Samms Sheppard Rudd was listed as the Licensee at the Globe, 58 New Compton Street WC2New Compton Street in the London Borough of Camden, runs to St Giles High Street in the north.

In 1881, apparently transcribed as Thomas Rudd (47) Licenced Victualler from Kentish Town, London, he was at the Prince of Wales, 17 Riley Street, Bermondsey SE1 with Mary A Rudd (43), Emily Rudd (23) Barmaid from Hoxton; Alice Rudd (21) Barmaid from Finsbury; Frederick Rudd (16) Clerk; Albert Rudd (12), Edwin Rudd (8) and Charles Rudd (5).

In 1882 and 1884, then The London 1891 Public House & Publican Directory and the Post Office Directory still place Samms Sheppard Rudd at the Prince of Wales, 17 Riley Street, Bermondsey SE1. Son Frederick William Rudd had taken this over by 1899 and his widow, Amelia, by 1901.

In 1891, Samms Sheppard Rudd (57) Retired Publican was living in Bayston Road, Hackney, with Mary Sarah Ann Rudd (56), Albert Edward Rudd (22), Charles Rudd (15) and Emma Nash (53) Sister, Widow. (There was a marriage, in 1865, in Shoreditch between Emma Walrond and Thomas Henry Nash, who had died, in Shoreditch, in 1876. I still cannot find birth registrations for either Mary Sarah Ann, nor Emma Walrond.)

In 1901, listed as James S Rudd (67) from Kentish Town, London, living on own means, was living in Albert Road, Croydon with Mary S Rudd (66). 

Mary Sarah Ann Rudd died, at 66, on 7 Jun 1901 (1901 J Quarter in CROYDON Volume 02A Page 173) and was buried at Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries.

In 1911, listed as Barnns Sheppard Rudd (b. 1838), is once more living in Croydon.

Samms Sheppard Rudd died, aged 81, on 3 Dec 1915 (1915 D Quarter in CROYDON Volume 02A Page 470) and was buried along with his late wife, on 8 Dec 1915, also at Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries.

Tuesday, 6 June 2023

John Shatford and Mary Chapman

Broughton, Red Lion
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John Shatford (bap. 25 Dec 1817 in Broughton, Northamptonshire), son of Joseph Shatford and Diana Dainty, married Mary Chapman (b. 1817 in Little Addington), in Q1 1839, in the district of Thrapston, Northamptonshire. 

John and Mary had eight children:
  1. Elizabeth Shatford b. 1839 S Quarter in KETTERING UNION Volume 15 Page 262, bap. 13 Aug 1839 in Broughton, Northamptonshire
  2. Diana Shatford b. 1840 in Brixworth, Northampton Q4 Vol 15 P 219
  3. Joseph Shatford b. 1842 J Qtr in BRIXWORTH Vol 15 Page 220
  4. Amy Deacon Shatford b. 1844 D Quarter in KETTERING UNION Volume 15 Page 272, bap. 10 Nov 1844 in Broughton, Northamptonshire. Died, aged 3, in 1848 S Quarter in KETTERING Volume 15 Page 184
  5. William Francis Dainty Shatford b. 1846 D Quarter in KETTERING UNION Volume 15 Page 282, bap. 6 Dec 1846 in Broughton
  6. John Shatford b. 1849 M Quarter in KETTERING Volume 15 Page 315, bap. 18 Mar 1849 in Little Addington, Northamptonshire
  7. Mary Amy Shatford b. 1851 S Qtr in KETTERING Vol 15 Page 306
  8. Charles Chapman Shatford b. 1857 D Quarter in KETTERING Volume 03B Page 148, bap. 3 Nov 1858 in Broughton, Northamptonshire. Died, aged 8, in 1866 S Quarter in KETTERING Volume 03B Page 94 and was buried on 20 Sep 1866, in Broughton, Northamptonshire.
All of the birth registrations show the mother's maiden name as Chapman.

In 1841, in High Street, Hannington, Northamptonshire, were John Shatford (20) and Mary Shatford (20), Dihannah (sic) Shatford (0), Naomi Dainty (12), William Chapman (70) and Hannah Chapman (65). (William Chapman and Hannah Bird, married on 27 Dec 1791 in Little Addington. They could be Mary's parents, or perhaps grandparents.) Elizabeth Shatford (1) meanwhile was staying in Loddington, in the household of Francis Dainty (40).

In 1851, John Shatford (33) Farmer Of 63 Acres Employing 3 Labourers was in High Street, Broughton with Mary Shatford (34), Elizabeth Shatford (11), Joseph Shatford (8), William Shatford (4), John Shatford (2) and George Brigs (30) Servant. (John's father, Joseph Shatford (60) Victualler, Diana Shatford (54) and William Shatford (26) were also in High Street, Broughton, possibly at the Red Lion.) Diana Shatford (11) was in Loddington with Rebecca Dainty (47) Licensed Victualler, her great aunt. (Rebecca was the widow of Francis Dainty, with whom Elizabeth was staying in 1841. Francis and Rebecca probably held the The Hare at 5 Main Street, Loddington.)

In 1861, John Shatford (43) Victualler And Farmer Of 63 Acres Employing 3 Men was still located in High Street, Broughton with Mary Shatford (44), Elizabeth Shatford (21), Diana Shatford (20), John Shatford (11), Mary A Shatford (9) and Charles C Shatford (3). Joseph Shatford (16) and William Shatford (14) were also living in Broughton High Street with their widowed grandfather, Joseph Shatford (71) Victualler & Grocer. 

In 1871, in Broughton were, John Shatford (53) Farmer, Mary Shatford (54), Joseph Shatford (81) Father, William F D Shatford (24), Mary A Shatford (19) and George Briggs (50) Lodger. (Elizabeth had married in 1864 and Diana in 1862; Joseph, it seems, had emigrated to New Zealand in 1865 and John Shatford married that year and was living with his in-laws.)

John Shatford died, at 54, on 16 Jan 1872 M Quarter in KETTERING Volume 03B Page 117, leaving his effects to his widow, Mary Shatford and William Shatford. John's father, Joseph Shatford, died in the same quarter, at 82, 1872 M Quarter in KETTERING Volume 03B Page 119.

In 1881, Mary Shatford (64) Innkeeper, Widow was at the Red Lion Inn, 69, High Street, Broughton with her granddaughter, Diana Thompson (13) (daughter of George Thompson and Diana Shatford). William F D Shatford (34) was Innkeeper at the The Three Cranes in Cransley and John Shatford (32) was Innkeeper at the Buccleuch Arms, 48, High Street, Broughton.

Mary Shatford died, at 71, in 1888 J Qtr in KETTERING Vol 03B Page 101.
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