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Sunday 3 March 2024

James Crozier and Jane Byatt

All Saints, Little Canfield
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James Crozier (bap. 9 Aug 1807 in Great Canfield, Essex) son of William Crozier and Sarah Watts, married Jane Byatt (bap 9 Jun 1811 in Little Canfield), daughter of John Byatt and Jane Stokes, on 3 Mar 1827 at All Saints, Little Canfield. By my calculations, James was 19 and Jane 15.

James and Jane had 10 children, all baptised in Little Canfield:

  1. Sarah Crozier bap. 10 Feb 1828. (Baptism records says Sally.) 
  2. Rachel Crozier b. 1830 (No baptism record, but listed on 1841 census and lists James Crozier as her father on her marriage in 1855.)
  3. Susanna Crozier bap. 9 Sep 1831 
  4. Emma Crozier bap. 9 Aug 1835. Died Sep 1835, buried at Little Canfield
  5. Ann Crozier b. 1838 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 12 Page 67, bap. 9 Jul 1838. Died 1839 and is buried at Little Canfield
  6. William Crozier bap. 21 Jun 1840
  7. Kezia Crozier b. 1846 S Quarter Volume 12 Page 71, bap. 2 Aug 1846
  8. Ellen Crozier b. 1849 J Quarter Volume 12 Page 83, bap. 4 Mar 1849
  9. Jane Crozier b. 1851 J Quarter Volume 12 Page 91, bap. 15 Jun 1851
  10. Louisa Crozier bap. 27 Feb 1859. Died at 37, in 1896 D Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 392.
All of the birth registrations, where they exist, show the mother's maiden name as BYATT. All of the baptisms give James' occupation as Labourer.

In 1841, living at Whip Warrens, Little Canfield (there is a Warren Farm at Little Canfield), were James Crozier (34), Jane Crozier (32), Sarah Crozier (14), Rachel Crozier (11), Susan Crozier (8) and William Crozier (1).

In 1861, living in The Village, Little Canfield, were James Crozier (52) [lost 2 years] Agricultural Labourer, Jane Crozier (51), William Crozier (20), Ellen Crozier (12), Jane Crozier (10) and Louisa Crozier (2). Sarah, Rachel and Susana had all married; and Kezia Crozier (13) was a House Servant in the employ of William Bailey (53) Farmer at Strood Hill, Great Dunmow

In 1871, James Crozier (61) Agricultural Labourer, was still living in Little Canfield with Jane Crozier (63) - their ages have more or less been transposed - with just Louisa Crozier (12) still at home. Jane Crozier (19) was House Servant to Henry Sewell Franklin (34) Farmer, in Lower Canfield.

In 1881, James Crozier (76) Agricultural Labourer and Jane Crozier  (71) were living in High Cross Lane, Little Canfield. Louisa Crozier (23) from Essex, was a Domestic Maid at Grove House, St Peter, Thanet, Kent.

James Crozier died in 1888 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 268 and was buried in Little Canfield.

In 1891, Jane Crozier (84) Widow, was living alone, while Louisa Crozier (33) was General Domestic Servant to Henry S Franklin (54) Farmer, in High Cross Lane, Lower Canfield, for whom her sister Jane had worked 20 yrs earlier.

Jane Crozier died, at 88, in 1899 M Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 444 and was also buried in Little Canfield.

George Charles Mew and Sarah Jane Fudge

Kingston Cemetery, Portsmouth
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George Charles Mew (24) married Sarah Jane Fudge (b. 25 Dec 1850 in East Stonehouse, Devon), of Bridport Street, Portsmouth, daughter of Thomas Fudge and Ann Beedle, at St Mary's Church, Portsea on 3 Mar 1870. (This will have been in the second church on the site, built in 1843 and demolished 1887). Witnesses were Ann Fudge (bride's mother) and W Hatch.

The bridegroom, a Steward on HMS Asia, lists his father as George Charles Mew, Petty Officer RN. George Charles Mew was born on 31 Mar 1845 at Cove of Cork, now Cobh, Ireland. It's claimed he was baptised at St Colman's Cathedral, Cobh on 3 Apr 1845, but this cannot be true as construction of the cathedral was not even begun until 1868. The baptism record may well be held by the Cobh Parish Office, but was undoubtedly at St John the Baptist Catholic Church, which had stood on that site from 1810 to 1868 (where his parents and my 2x great-grandparents married the year before).

George and Sarah had eleven children in total:
  1. Lucy Elizabeth Ann Mew b. 1870 J Qtr in PORTSEA Vol 02B Page 478, bap. Lucia Elizabetha at Portsmouth, St John's Roman Catholic Cathedral in 1872. Died, aged 6, in 1876 J Qtr in PORTSEA Vol 02B Page 324.
  2. Mary Ann Mew b. 1872 J Qtr in PORTSEA ISLAND Vol 02B Page 452, bap. Maria Anna at Portsmouth, St John's RC Cathedral in 1872.
  3. George Charles Mew b. 9 Dec 1874, reg. M Qtr 1875 in PORTSEA ISLAND Vol 02B Page 463, bap. 15 August 1877 at St John's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Portsmouth. Died, aged 37 in 1912 M Qtr in PORTSMOUTH Vol 02B Page 663.
  4. Annie Louisa Mew b. 18 May 1877 J Qtr in PORTSEA ISLAND Vol 02B Page 504, bap. 15 Aug 1877, at St John's Roman Catholic Cathedral.
  5. Henrietta Mew b. 18 Oct 1879 D Qtr in PORTSEA ISLAND Vol 02B Page 493, bap. 16 Nov 1879 at St John's Roman Catholic Cathedral.
  6. Henry Michael Mew b. 10 Oct 1881 D Qtr in PORTSEA Vol 02B 522, bap. Henricus Michael in 1881, at St John's Roman Catholic Cathedral.
  7. Mabel Mary Mew b. 1884 S Qtr in PORTSEA Vol 02B Page 480.
  8. Lucy Maria Mew b. 1885 D Qtr in PORTSEA ISLAND Vol 02B Page 498, bap. Maria Lucia at St John's RC Cathedral, Portsmouth. Died age 1, in 1886 S Qtr in PORTSEA ISLAND Vol 02B Page 350.
  9. Lucy Mary Mew b. 1887 D Qtr in PORTSEA Vol 02B Page 511.
  10. Margaret Marshall Mew b. 1889, reg. 1890 M Qtr in PORTSEA ISLAND Vol 02B Page 423, bap. Margarita Marshall in 1889 at St John's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Portsmouth.
  11. Andrew Samuel Mew b. 1892, reg 1893 M Qtr in PORTSEA ISLAND Vol 02B Page 458, bap. Andreas Samuel in 1893 at St John's Roman Catholic Cathedral. Died, aged 2, in 1894 D Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND Vol 02B Page 301, buried at Kingston Cemetery.
George Charles Mew had enlisted in the Royal Navy in 1863. From 29 Apr 1863 until 31 Dec 1866, he was assigned to HMS Asia (1824), which, by that time was flagship of the Admiral-Superintendent of Portsmouth Dockyard. For much of that time George Charles Mew was a Warrant Officer's Servant or Cook. With HMS Rodney (1833) from 1 Jan 1867 to 4 May 1868, George was back with HMS Asia from 28 May 1868 to 31 Dec 1872 and engaged again from 1 Jan 1873 to 20 Feb 1874. His record in 1873 lists him as being 5ft 3in with brown hair, grey eyes and a dark complexion.

In 1871, Sarah Mew (20) was lodging in Hertford Street, Portsea with her daughter Losie [Lucy] (0) and Anne Bailey (11) Visitor. This will have been her niece, Luisa Anne [Annie] Bailey, who was actually 13. She is also listed with her grandparents, so possibly being counted twice on a temporary visit.

From 21 Feb 1874 to 21 Mar 1874, George became the 4th of my relatives to serve, albeit briefly, on HMS Duke of Wellington (1852). From 6 May to 24 Aug 1874, he was with HMS Newcastle (1860) and his final posting was with HMS Endymion (1865) - which may have taken him to as exotic a location as Hull - from 25 Aug 1874 to 9 Aug 1875, when he was Invalided.

In 1881, George Charles Mew (36) then a Tailor's porter, was a Lodger in the household of his in-laws, Thomas Fudge (72) Navy Pensioner and Ann Fudge (68) at 33, Bridport Street, Portsea, along with wife Sarah Jane (29), Mary Ann (9), George Charles (7), Annie Louisa (4) and Henrietta (1).

Sarah Jane, was baptised as Sara Joanna Mew - listed as a convert - at St John's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Portsmouth, on 3 Jul 1882.

In 1891, in Clarence Street, Portsea, were George Mew (47) Tailor's trimmer, Sarah Mew (40), Mary A (19) Tailoress; George Mew (16) Shoemakers apprentice; Annie Mew (13) Dressmakers apprentice; Henrietta Mew (11), Mabel Mew (7), Henry Mew (9), Lucy Mew (4) and Maggie Mew (1).

George Charles Mew of Clarence Street, Landport died, aged 48, on 8 Apr 1893 and was buried, on 13 April 1893, at at Kingston Cemetery, in a Catholic Slot, 4th Row, 12th Grave, in Unconsecrated Ground.

In 1901, Sarah Mew (50) Widowed, at 46, Clarence Street, Portsmouth with Harry Mew (19) Stableman; Mabel Mew (16) Corset Maker; Lucy Mew (13); Maggie Mew (11), daughter Henrietta Hazzard (21), George Hazzard (22) Son-in-law, Journeyman Bricklayer and James Eyers (23) Blacksmith, Visitor. Son George Charles Mew (26) was a Stable Lad in the employ of Alfred Willson (50) Trainer of Race Horses in East Garston, Berkshire.

In Q3 of 1905, in Portsmouth, Sarah Mew married James William Holdaway. This gentleman, I believe, was the son of William James Holdaway and Eliza Gardener, bap. 6 Nov 1864 at St Luke's, Southsea, who, at 19, on 24 Feb 1885, had joined the Hampshire Regiment. He served in India from 1886 to 1888; Burma from 1888 to 1891 and in India again from 1891 to 1892 and was discharged on 23 Feb 1897. On 11 May 1897, he had enlisted in the 3rd Battalion Hampshire Regiment and was in Malta from 1901 to 1903. On 23 Mar 1904, he enlisted in the Royal Garrison Artillery and served in South Africa from 1904 to 1905, being finally discharged on 4 Aug 1905. What happened to him after 1905, however, is [as yet] a mystery.

In 1911, Sarah Jane Mew (61) Widow, employed as a Stay Lacer in a Stay Factory was living at 40 Fyning Street, Fratton, Portsmouth and living with her were daughter Margaret Marshall Mew (21) Assistant Stock Keeper and Alec John Mew (1), who appears to have been Margaret's illegitimate child.

In 1921, Sarah Jane Holdaway (70) Widow, Wife's Mother, was living with her daughter Henrietta Hazzard (41) at 77, Middlesex Road, Eastney.

In The Portsmouth Evening News on 8 Oct 1936, was the following notice: HOLDAWAY (Mew) Sarah Jane. In loving memory of our dear Mother, who passed peacefully away on October the 7th, at 77, Middlesex Road, age 85 years. - From her sorrowing daughters, sons-in-law, grandchildren and great grandchildren. - Will be sadly missed. Peacefully sleeping.

Thursday 29 February 2024

Thomas Chapman and Lucy Hockley

Felsted: Holy Cross Church: The nave from the west
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Thomas Chapman, listed on the marriage certificate as son of John Chapman, Farm Bailiff, married Lucy Hockley (b. 1852), daughter of George Hockley and Eliza Crow, at Holy Cross Church, Felsted on Leap Day 29 Feb 1876. At the time of their marriage Thomas was resident in Camden Town and in 1871, Lucy Hockley (19) had been a Housemaid in nearby Belsize Park.

Thomas and Lucy had one daughter:
  1. Ellen Eliza Hockley Chapman b. 1877 M Quarter in PANCRAS Vol 01B Page 201. Died in 1877 S Quarter in PANCRAS Vol 01B Page 80
There were no further children to this couple in Britain in the following 20 years; I was also unable to find them on any subsequent census.

Wednesday 28 February 2024

Robert Gollop and Sophia Underdown

St Cuthbert's church, Widworthy
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Robert Gollop, son of Robert Gollop and Jane Horton married Sophia Underdown, daughter of Thomas Underdown and Susannah Underdown (also her maiden name), on 28 Feb 1837 at St Cuthbert's church, Widworthy.

Sophia, whose parents had married in Southleigh on 27 Apr 1795, was born on 20 Jan 1809 and baptised, on 22 May 1809, in Colyton, Devon

Robert and Sophia had four children:
  1. Charles Benjamin Gollop bap. 7 Jan 1838 in Widworthy
  2. Amos Robert Gollop b. 1839
  3. Emanuel Gollop b. 30 Jan 1842, bap. 25 Mar 1842 in Offwell
  4. Sophia Gollop b. 1844, bap. 9 Jan 1848 in Offwell
Their residence at the time of Charles Benjamin's baptism was Dalwood, Dorset (now in East Devon). Robert's occupation was Shoemaker.

In 1841, living in Wilmington Street, Offwell, were Robert Gollop (30), Sophia (30), Charles (3), Amos (1) and Robert Salter (15), Apprentice. 

Sophia Gollop died, aged 38, and was buried on 4 Jan 1848 in Offwell.

In 1851, Robert Gollop (44) Widower, was living in his mother's household in Widworthy, as were his three youngest children: Amos (11), Emanuel (9) and Sophia (7), while Charles Gollop (14) was employed as a Farm Servant by Abraham Cottey (63) Farmer of 80 acres at West Colwell, Offwell. 

Robert Gollop died at 45 and was buried on 10 Sep 1851, in Widworthy.

James Orchard and Elizabeth How

Church of All Saints, Dulverton
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James Orchard (bap. 25 Dec 1808 in Luxborough, Somerset) son of John Orchard and Elizabeth Darch, married Elizabeth How (bap. 27 Jul 1807 in Exton, Somerset), daughter of Joseph How and Mary How, on 28 Feb 1831 at the church of All SaintsDulverton, Somerset. Not the church seen today, but in the previous 15th Century building (the tower survives), that was largely rebuilt in the 1850s. Witnesses were Jane How and James How.

James and Elizabeth had seven children, all baptised in Dulverton:
  1. Frances Ann Orchard bap. 3 Jul 1831 
  2. Thomas Orchard bap. 2 Feb 1834 
  3. Mary Elizabeth Orchard bap. 13 Jan 1837
  4. Ellen Howe Orchard b. 1839 S Quarter in TIVERTON AND DULVERTON Volume 10 Page 238, bap. 6 Oct 1839
  5. Matthew Howe Orchard b. 1843 J Quarter in TIVERTON AND DULVERTON Volume 10 Page 258, bap. 21 May 1843
  6. Anne Orchard b. 1846 D Quarter in TIVERTON AND DULVERTON Volume 10 Page 263, bap. 10 Jan 1847
  7. Jane Orchard b. 1852 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 396, bap. 29 Aug 1852
The mother's maiden name listed on all the GRO birth records is HOWE.

In 1841, James Orchard (30) and Elizabeth Orchard (30), Thomas Orchard (7), Mary Orchard (4) and Ellen Orchard (1) were living in the household of Grace Hanford (65) at Castle Court, Dulverton. Frances (10), was living at West Broford, Dulverton, with her grandparents, Joseph and Mary How.

In 1851, in Dulverton, were James Orchard (42) Colt Breaker from Luxborough, Somerset; Elizabeth Orchard (43), Mary E Orchard (14), Ellen H Orchard (11), Matthew H Orchard (7), Ann Orchard (7) and Ann Badley (21) Lodger. Frances Ann Orchard (19) House Servant, was still living in the household of her grandfather, Joseph How, Farmer of 180 Acres, at West Broford, as was Thomas Orchard (17) Grandson, Farm Servant.

Elizabeth Orchard died, at 52, in 1860 J Quarter in DULVERTON Volume 05C Page 265 and was buried on 22 Apr 1860, at Dulverton.

In 1861, James Orchard (48) Colt Breaker, Widowed, was a Lodger in the household of John Holcombe (67) in Back Street, Dulverton. I've not been able to find Frances Ann. Thomas Orchard (27) was living in the household of his Father-in-law, George Staple (53), also there was his sister Ann Orchard (14). There was a Mary Orchard (22) Housemaid in Fore Street, Dulverton; an Ellen Orchard (24) Kitchenmaid at Calm John Cottages, Rewe, Devon; Matthew Orchard (17) Saddler was living in Bridgetown Village, Exton, in the household of James Clatworthy (44) Sadler and Jane Orchard (9) was a Visitor in the household of John Rudd (29) in Lady Street, Dulverton.

In 1871, James Orchard (65) Labourer, Widowed, from Luxborough, Somerset, was a lodger in the household of William England (50).

James Orchard died, aged 69, in 1878 D Quarter in DULVERTON Volume 05C Page 227 and was buried, on 14 Dec 1878, in Dulverton.

Monday 26 February 2024

Thomas Smith and Lucy Thompson

Northampton: St Giles
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Thomas Smith and Lucy Thompson (bap. 18 Dec 1815), daughter of Solomon Thompson Jnr and Maria Willis, married, on 26 Feb 1838, at St Giles Church, Northampton. Thomas Smith, Brickmaker, listed his father as Thomas Smith, Labourer. Both gave their address as "Butcher's Yard". One of the witnesses was Catherine Willis, who may have been related to Lucy's mother.

There is only one confirmed record of a child of this couple:
  1. Ann Smith b. 1841 D Quarter in DAVENTRY UNION Volume 15 Page 230, with mother's maiden name listed as TOMPSON
In 1841, Thomas (29) and Lucy (25), lived in West Haddon. Staying with them was Elizabeth Tompson (10) - actually 12 - who was Lucy's sister.

The Northampton Mercury of Saturday 13 April 1844, reported on the Northampton Borough Sessions of Tuesday 9 Apr 1844:

LUCY SMITH, wife of Thomas Smith, was indicted for stealing a quantity of ribbon, the property of Mr. T. S. Wright. Mr. Scriven appeared for the prosecution. Charles Goosey, one of Mr. Wright's assistants, saw the prisoner come in and out of the shop quite as many as twelve times on Saturday last. Some persons were looking at some ribbons, when the prisoner put her hand over the shoulders of the parties, took a piece of ribbon up, concealed it under her shawl, and ultimately put it in her basket. She had previously asked to be shown some net. Witness was engaged with a customer when she took the ribbon, and upon observing what had occurred, he went to the prisoner, and served her with some net, for which she tendered a shilling. Witness went under pretence of getting change and sent for a policeman, and she was given into custody. The ribbon was found in her basket.

Sessions House, Northampton
StJaBe, CC BY 3.0,
via Wikimedia Commons
Prisoner comes from West Haddon, and a Mrs. Hoole of that place, said she had an excellent character. Her sister, Mrs. Bottrill, a respectably dressed person, who cried bitterly, also said she had always borne a good character. The distress of her sister affected the prisoner who had hitherto exhibited no signs of emotion.

The jury found the prisoner Guilty.

There were two other indictments against her, one for stealing a pair of shoes, the property of Henry Freeman, and the other for stealing 14 yards of cotton print, the property of J. Phipps, both on the same day. At the suggestion, however, of the Recorder, no evidence was offered in either of these cases. After a feeling address, the Recorder sentenced the prisoner to Six Months' Imprisonment.

The Cast of Characters:
  1. Thomas Wright (35) was a Draper at Waterloo House, 21 Market Square, Northampton in 1841 and had a Charles Goosey (15), Draper's Apprentice, listed in his considerable household (employ) of 27 people.
  2. Mr. Thos. Scriven, of the Town of Northampton, Solicitor, according to the 1841 census, when he was aged 40, lived in St Giles Square.
  3. Mrs. Hoole: Ann Hoole, wife of Thomas Hoole, Brazier, in 1841 lived next door to Stephen and Mary Bottrill, of The Bell Inn, West Haddon.
  4. Henry Freeman (35), Shoemaker, in 1841, resided at Great Russell Street, Northampton. (Great Russell Street, Northampton, in 1974 waiting to be demolished.) Perhaps he sold his wares in the market?
  5. In 1841 there was a John Phipps (40), Draper, in Albion Place, Northampton and a John Phipps (15), Draper, in Gold Street, Northampton. We can assume it was one of these.
  6. The Recorder was N. R. Clarke, Esq., Sergeant-at-Law.
Presumably, Lucy will have served her sentence at the Northampton Borough Gaol and House of Correction, at that time located at Fish Lane (now Fish Street), Northampton. Built in 1792–4 this gaol and bridewell were erected to the south of the County Hall and held 120 prisoners. She was lucky that her punishment wasn't transportation, still very much in use at that time.

In 1851, we find them in Matildia Place, Foleshill, Warwickshire - literally 'Sent to Coventry', it would seem after Lucy's stint behind bars. Well, Thomas Smith was listed as James Smith (40) - this could be an error or it might be deliberate - Brickmaker and it's clearly Lucy Smith (36), birthplace Cransley, Northamptonshire. Listed with them was Lucy's older brother, Thomas Thompson (40), Carpenter and Ann Smith (9), born in West Haddon.

So far, I've found no further evidence of this family.

Sunday 25 February 2024

Robert Marsh and Hannah Piggin

A Fine Day in February (Hellesdon) - John Middleton (Before 1856)

The earliest record of a marriage of my ancestors in Norfolk are of a pair of 6th great-grandparents, Robert Marsh and Hannah Piggin, who married in Hellesdon on 25 Feb 1758. Let's hope it was a fine day for them. Haven't been able to find a baptism for Robert, nor Hannah, and there is actually more than one Hannah Piggin in Norfolk at around that time. Most likely, I think, to have been one of those born in around 1733 to 1735.  

St Mary's church - view east
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St Mary's church - C14 baptismal font
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However, Robert was recorded to have been a widower at the time of his marriage to Hannah. Records show the burial of the wife of Robert Marsh, Sarah Marsh, in Hellesdon, on 24 Dec 1755, with whom he had several children, all also baptised in Hellesdon, Norfolk, including: 
  1. Keziah Marsh bap. 7 Jan 1738 
  2. Samuel Marsh bap. 27 Oct 1740
  3. Robert Marsh bap. 6 Sep 1741
  4. Kerenhappuch Marsh bap. 5 Mar 1744
Keren-happuch (Hebrew: קֶרֶן הַפּוּךְ‎ Qeren Happūḵ, "Horn of kohl") was the youngest of the three beautiful daughters of Job, named in the Bible as given to him in the later part of his life, after God made Job prosperous again. Keren-happuch's older sisters are named as Jemima and Keziah. (Clearly, they knew their bible, but I didn't find a record for a Jemima.)

Robert Marsh's second marriage only seems to have produced one child: 
  1. Hannah Marsh bap. 18 Feb 1759
Parish Church of St Mary, Hellesdon
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Richard Flew and Ann Hagley

St Margaret's Church, Stoodleigh
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Richard Flue (sic) (bap. 29 Jun 1794 in Rackenford, Devon) of Loxbeare, son of Richard Flew and Jane Wright, married Ann Hagley (b. 14 Jan 1799, bap. 9 Jun 1799 in Stoodleigh), daughter of William Hagley and Mary Tatchel, at St Margaret's Church, Stoodleigh on 25 Feb 1827. Both parties made their mark with an X. Witnesses were Richard Greenslade and William Jordan.

Richard and Ann had four children:
  1. Mary Flew bap. 26 Mar 1828 in Oakford
  2. Ann Flew bap. 5 Jun 1831 in Rackenford
  3. William Flew bap. 16 Nov 1834 in Rackenford
  4. Jane Flew bap. 20 Aug 1837 in Rackenford
All of the baptisms list Richard's occupation as Labourer. On Jane's baptism, it is noted that their residence again was in Oakford.

In 1841, at Whitnoll Cottage, Stoodley (sic) were Richard Flew (47), Ann Flew (43), Mary Flew (12), Ann Flew (9), William Flew (6) and Jane Flew (3).

In 1851, with address listed merely as "Cottage, Rackenford, South Molton", were Richard Flew (58) Ag Lab, Ann Flew (54) and Jane Flew (10). Mary Flew had married in 1850; William Flew (15) was Boots & Farm Servant to Richard Veysey, Farmer and Victualler at the Bell Inn, Rackenford.

(The word 'Boots' came from, ‘boot boys’, an occupation in the 1830s and 40s requiring young men to clean the boots of hotel guests. Later, the occupation had become simply known as ‘boots’, and duties included odd-jobs.) 

In 1861, still at Cottage, Village, Rackenford, were Richard Flew (69) Pauper and Ann Flew (65) Pauper. (Was unable to locate William.)

Richard Flew (75) died in 1868 M Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 312 and was buried on 23 Feb 1868 in Rackenford.

In 1871, Ann Flew (72) was living in Rackenford with her son William.

Ann Flew (75) from Union, South Molton (South Molton Workhouse), died in 1873 S Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 271 and was buried on 22 Aug 1873 in Rackenford, presumably at the expense of the parish.

Saturday 24 February 2024

William Hockley and Jane Pye and Sarah Stokes

The Chequers Public House - formerly The Chequers Inn,
coaching inn, 27 Stortford Rd, Great Dunmow, Essex

William Hockley (bap. 16 Feb 1766), Bachelor, son of Robert and Mary Hockley, married Jane Pye (bap. 12 Jul 1772), Spinster, daughter of Joseph Pye and Mary Guyver, on 24 Feb 1795 at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow, by Banns, in the Presence of George Nye and John Gunn.

William Hockley was described as Hostler at the Chequers Inn. The Hostler may have been the innkeeper, but certainly will have been responsible for the horses. The building is Grade II Listed, parts of which may date back to the 14th Century or even earlier, so one can probably presume that much of what one sees today is still fundamentally as it was in William Hockley's time.

William and Jane Hockley had two children:
  1. William Hockley bap. 3 Jul 1795, Age: 3 Weeks. & 5 Day
  2. Jane Pye Hockley bap. 30 Jul 1797. Died aged 9 months, and was buried on 14 Mar 1798.
It would appear that Jane likely died as a result of giving birth to their daughter, as she was buried at St Mary's on 6 July 1797, aged 25. 

William then remarried to Sarah Stokes (bap. 27 Dec 1778 in Little Canfield) daughter of William and Mary Stokes, on 7 Sep 1800, also at the church of St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow, not before they'd had their first child however. William and Sarah went on to have at least eight children:
  1. Jane Hockley b. Feb 1800 "Bastard Child of William Hockley and Sarah Stokes", it states, was baptised, aged 9 weeks, on 13 Apr 1800
  2. Robert Hockley bap. 2 Oct 1802 (Died aged 3 weeks, 3 days and was buried 15 Oct 1802)
  3. Robert Hockley bap. 11 Mar 1804
  4. Sarah Hockley bap. 29 Dec 1805
  5. Mary Ann Hockley bap. 26 Feb 1809
  6. Elizabeth Hockley bap. 25 Aug 1811
  7. Ann Hockley bap. 8 Dec 1816 (where William is still listed as Hostler). (Died 1819, aged 2 and buried 16 Sep 1819)
  8. Henry Hockley bap. 25 Apr 1819. [Sources]
In 1841, William Hockley (74), wife Sarah (65) and youngest son, Henry (20), were living in Star Lane, Great Dunmow. William died and was buried at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow on 20 Oct 1844. The widowed Sarah, then 83, was still living in Star Lane in 1861 and died, in 1867, aged 90. 

Star Lane in Great Dunmow
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Friday 23 February 2024

John Leese and Caroline Bussey

Looking down from Telscombe Cliffs
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John Leese (b. 1826), from Portsea, son of John Leese (although I've been unable to identify his birth or baptism), married Caroline Bussey, daughter of Benjamin Bussey and Elizabeth Bowen at St Mary's Church, Portsea, Portsmouth, on 23 Feb 1852. In 1851, Caroline (24) was a housemaid at Greenwich Hospital, home for retired sailors of the Royal Navy. 

John and Caroline Leese had seven children:
  1. Susan Caroline Leese b. 1852 D Quarter in ROMNEY MARSH Volume 02A Page 646, baptised at All Saints ChurchLyddRomney Marsh.
  2. Margaret Hannah Leese b. 1857 J Quarter in ROMNEY MARSH Volume 02A Page 677, baptised at All Saints ChurchLyddRomney Marsh.
  3. Henrietta Leese b. 1860 M Quarter in LEWES Volume 02B Page 169, bap. 12 Feb 1860 in Telscombe, presumably St Laurence.
  4. Henry John Leese b. 5 Jan 1862 M Quarter in LEWES Volume 02B Page 164, bap. 7 Feb 1862, also in Telscombe.
  5. Mary Jane Leese b. 1864 S Quarter in LEWES Volume 02B Page 161
  6. Elizabeth Leese b. 1867 M Quarter in LEWES Volume 02B Page 178
  7. William James Leese b. 1869 D Qtr in LEWES Vol 02B Page 182
In 1861, at Lower Bannings, Lewes Sussex (in the area of Saltdean) were John Leese (35) Coast Guard R N; wife Caroline (35), Susan C (8), Margaret H (4) and Henrietta (1). Being a coastguard explains why they were in Lydd earlier, of which is said, "As with much of the marsh, the town was a base for smuggling in the 18th and 19th centuries."

In 1871, listed at the Coast Guard Station, Newhaven, Lewes, Sussex, were John Leese (44) Chief Boatman Coast Guard, Caroline Leese (44), Susan Leese (18), Henrietta Leese (11), Henry Leese (9), Mary J Leese (9), Elizabeth Leese (4) and William Leese (1). Margaret Leese (14) was a Servant in the household of John Sykes, Assistant Secretary Civil Service (father of Sir John Charles Gabriel Sykes (1869-1952) at 38 Kensington Square, Kensington.

In 1881, living at 41, Ivory Place, Brighton, Sussex were John Leese (54) Naval Pensioner from Portsmouth, Hampshire; Caroline Leese (54); Margaret Leese (23) Dressmaker; Hetty Leese (Henrietta) (21) Confectioner's Assistant; Jane Leese (Mary Jane) (16) Pupil teacher and Elizabeth Leese (14). Susan Caroline Leese had married in 1877; Henry John Leese, who had joined the Royal Navy in 1879, was an "Ordinary seaman pupil teacher" at HMS President (shore establishment) in Poplar (Wapping), while William James Leese (11) was a pupil at Greenwich Hospital, School, Greenwich, Kent.

John Leese died, aged 55, in 1882 M Quarter in BRIGHTON Vol 02B Pg 195.

Caroline Leese died, aged 62, in 1889 S Qtr in BRIGHTON Vol 02B Pg 125.