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Saturday, 10 April 2021

William Francis and Sarah Homes

Mattishall, All Saints Church: The sanctuary
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William Francis (b. 1773), second son of William Francis and Mary Gunn, married Sarah Homes on 8 Jan 1799, at All Saints' ChurchMattishall, Norfolk. Sarah, who was the daughter of James and Mary Homes, had been baptised, as was William, at St Peter’s, Mattishall Burgh, on 16 Feb 1776. Records suggest that this pair of my 4th great-grandparents had at least five children: 
  1. Anne Francis born 3 Dec 1802, bap. 10 Apr 1803 at Mattishall Burgh
  2. Sarah Francis born 30 Apr 1805, bap. 19 May 1805 at Mattishall Burgh
  3. Harriet Francis, born 25 Jul 1813, bap. 19 Sep 1813 at Mattishall
  4. Stephen Francis bap. 14 Mar 1816 (buried 8 Apr 1816) at Mattishall
  5. Martha Francis bap. 9 May 1817 in Mattishall
The baptism records for Harriet, Stephen and Martha lists their father's occupation as Labourer.

In 1841, William Francis (65), Ag Lab, wife Sarah (60) and daughter Martha (20), are shown as living at Badley Moor, Mattishall. William Francis died, aged 76, and was buried on 13 Dec 1848 at All Saints' Church, Mattishall

In 1851, Sarah Francis (76), widow, pauper, is lodging with John Durrant and his wife Martha (33) - Sarah's daughter - in East Tuddenham. Sarah Francis (77) died and was buried, on 22 Feb 1852, at All Saints, East Tuddenham.

All Saints' Church, East Tuddenham
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