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Wednesday 8 November 2023

George Collins and Martha Thompson

St. Andrew's church, Cransley
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George Collins (bap. 25 Mar 1827 in Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire), Carpenter, resident of Broughton, son of William Collins and Elizabeth Turland, married Martha Thompson, daughter of Solomon Thompson Jnr and Maria Willis, at St Andrew's, Cransley, on 8 Nov 1847. Martha's father isn't listed (he was deceased, but should still have been named), but it's clear this is her, because the witnesses include Solomon Thompson, Martha's brother; Martha's sister, Maria Blackett and also one of the Bottrell/Botterill 'clan' (Martha's eldest sister, Mary, had married Stephen Bottrell).

George and Martha had a son, George Collins, b. 1848 J Qtr Vol 02 Page 127 in St George in the East, but there are no further records of the child.

Then Martha Collins died, aged just 24, in 1850 D Qtr Vol 02 Page 82.

In 1851, George Collins (24), Carpenter, Widower, was lodging with John and Maria Blackett at Wellington Place, Back Road, Saint George in the East.

Unable to find him in 1861, it appears George Collins died, aged 36, in 1863 S Quarter in NORTHAMPTON UNION Volume 03B Page 41) and was buried on 21 Sep 1863 at St John the Baptist, Kingsthorpe. There is a note on the burial record giving his residence as 'Northampton NTH' and my fear and feeling is that he'd become ill and was sent back to the Workhouse to the north east of Northampton, from where he'd probably be sent to his native parish to be buried at the request of family, or at the parish's expense.

Saturday 26 August 2023

John Palmer and Esther Collins

Winchester - St John The Baptist Church
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John Palmer (b. 1777) married Esther Collins (bap. 15 Aug 1790 at St Bartholomew's Church, Winchester), daughter of Benjamin Collins and Mary Heamer, at St. John the Baptist Church, Winchester on 26 Aug 1811

John and Esther Palmer, it seems, had at least these four children:
  1. Charles Palmer b. 12 Jul 1812, bap. 24 Jul 1812 at St Mary's Church, Hinckley, Leicestershire. As unlikely as that location seems, on the 1851 census, Charles' birthplace is listed as 'Ionkley, Lancashire', which could be a mis-transcription of Hinckley, Leicestershire. 
  2. James Palmer bap. 16 Sep 1821 at St Andrew's Church, Plymouth
  3. Elizabeth Palmer bap. 25 Nov 1827 at St Andrew's Church, Plymouth
  4. Henry Palmer bap. 18 Jul 1830 at St Andrew's Church, Plymouth
On James', Elizabeth's and Henry's baptisms, John's occupation is Tanner.

It's extremely likely there were other children born between those, but it's difficult to confirm, not knowing when or where and being too early for them appear on census returns together as a family for confirmation. 

In 1841, John Palmer (60) was living in York Street, Plymouth (as was son Charles, in a separate household), with Esther Palmer (50), Elizabeth Palmer (14) and Henry Palmer (11). There is a James Palmer (20), resident at Plymouth Citadel, in 1841, but I cannot be absolutely sure.

In 1851, John Palmer (75) Tanner, from Bridestowe, Devonshire and Esther Palmer (61), from Winchester, Hampshire were in Richmond Street, Plymouth.

John Palmer died, aged 78, in 1855 M Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 251. He is buried at Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth.

In 1861, Esther Talmer (sic) Tanner's mother, widowed, from Winchester, Hampshire, was living in Vauxhall Street, Plymouth in the household of her son Charles - who it appears has taken over the trade from his father.

Esther Palmer died, aged 79, in 1868 J Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 145. She is also buried at Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth.