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Saturday 13 July 2024

William Stone and Hannah Westcott

Church of St John the Baptist, Wellington
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William Stone (bap. 1 Apr 1821 at St Peter's ChurchLangford Budville), eldest son of William Stone and Mary Thorne, married Hannah Westcott (b. 8 Feb 1831), daughter of Thomas Westcott and Hagar (Ann) Mitchell, at the Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Wellington, Somerset, on 13 Jul 1850. One of the witnesses was Mary Ann Westcott, Hannah's sister. Hannah was baptised Anna Westcott (due to pronunciation, probably) on 19 Jun 1831, at the The Lower Meeting Independent Formerly Presbyterian, Wellington, Somerset and in 1841, Hannah Westcott (10) was living at Tone Wharf, Wellington Somerset with her parents, Thomas and Ann Westcott. 

Tracking down the children of this marriage has been proving difficult, with no birth records for half of them, but include the following half-dozen: 
  1. William Stone b. 1851 in Devon (listed on 1861 census)
  2. Mary Ann Stone b. 1854 in Ashbrittle, Somerset (on 1861 census)
  3. Hannah Maria Stone b. 1861 S Qtr in PONTYPOOL Vol 11A 122
  4. Thomas Stone b. 12 Aug 1864 in Usworth, Durham 
  5. Edith Ellen Stone b. 1866 D Qtr in CHESTER LE STREET Vol 10A 428
  6. Isabella Stone b. 1870 S Qtr in CHESTER LE STREET Vol 10A 479
Those at the GRO, the mother's maiden name is listed as Westcott.

In 1851, William Stone (28), Agricultural Labourer, was living at Whipples, Holcombe Rogus, with wife Anah (21). Whipples Farmhouse, Tracebridge, is a Grade II Listed Building. Living at Whipples also was Henry Tremlett, a Dairyman, for whom William was presumably working. 

In 1861, however, William Stone (40), married, Pitman from Holcombe, Devon was a lodger in the house of Elizabeth Archer (50), widow at Nailers Shops, New Row, Usworth, Chester Le Street, Durham. While Hannah Stone (29) from Wellington, Somerset was living at Garndiffath, Trevethin, Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales with son William Stone (10) born in Devon, England and daughter, Mary Ann Stone, born in Ashbrittle. 

In 1871, living at Washington New Row, Usworth, Chester Le Street, Durham were William Stones (sic) (under estimated to 43) Miner from Somerset; Hannah Stones (39), William Stones (19) Miner; Anna Maria Stones (9), Thomas stones (5), Edith Ellen Stones (3) and Isabella Stones (11 m).

William Stone died at 55 in 1875 S Qtr in CHESTER LE STREET Vol 10A Page 356 and was buried on 24 Jul 1875 at Holy Trinity Church, Usworth.

In 1881, Hannah Stone (49) widow, mother-in-law, was living in the household of Miles Handy (35) Coal Miner from Wallsend, Northumberland and Mary A Handy (27) from Somerset, with Thomas Stone (16) Coal Miner (putter) born in Usworth, Durham, brother-in-law and Isabella Stone (10) born in Washington, Durham, sister-in-law and William Handy (25) Coal Miner, boarder, also from Wallsend, Northumberland, Miles' brother. 

In 1891, Hannah Stone (59), widow, was living on her own means in the household of William Handy (34) Coal Miner at New Rows, Little Usworth, Chester Le Street - her home, but he presumably became head as a man. In the household also were Hannah's daughter, Isabella Brack (20) and her husband John Brack (23) from Byker, Northumberland, Coal miner deputy.

In 1901, Hannah Stone (70), widow, mother-in-law, from Wellington, Somerset, was living in the household of John Robert Brack (34) Coal deputy overman and Isabella Brack (30), and their then five children, at 10, New Rows, Washington, Great and Little Usworth, Chester Le Street, Durham.

Hannah Stone died, aged 78, in Chester Le Street, in 1909.

  • William Stone married Ann Jackson in Kelloe on 8 Sep 1873
  • Mary Ann Stone married Miles Handy in Chester Le Street, in 1872
  • Anna Maria Stone married John Hodgson in 1883
  • Thomas Stone married Polly Beaty in 1888
  • Edith Ellen Stone married William Brabbon Simpson in 1889
  • Isabella Stone married John Robert Brack in 1890

Wednesday 3 July 2024

William Stone and Mary Thorne

Langford Budville : St Peter's Church
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William Stone (bap. 3 Nov 1799) son of Thomas Stone and Dorothy Carpenter, married Mary Thorne on 3 Jul 1820 at St Peter's Church, Langford Budville, Somerset. Witnesses were Ann Waygood and William Bridges. The groom is described as a 'Sojourner' - temporarily residing in the parish - a blow in - which makes sense, as he was from Kentisbeare in Devon.

Records suggest they had three sons, all baptised in Langford Budville:

  1. William Stone bap. 1 Apr 1821
  2. Thomas Stone bap. 4 Jan 1824
  3. Henry Stone bap. 26 Oct 1828

Mary Stone (née Thorne) died - the burial record says she was aged 33 (b. 1799) - and was buried on 9 Sep 1832 at Langford Budville. Given her age and the timing, I'd imagine there's at least an evens chance that Mary died having a fourth child, although I've not found a record to support this.

William Stone then remarried to Elizabeth Sprague (bap. 11 Apr 1807 in Ashbrittle), daughter of James Sprague and Mary Davy, on 5 Feb 1834, also in Langford Budville. William and Elizabeth had one daughter:

  1. Mary Ann Stone, b. 17 Aug 1834, bap. 25 Dec 1834 in Langford Budville.
In 1841, William (40), Elizabeth (30) - William is listed as M. S. (male servant) and Elizabeth as F. S. (female servant); William Jr (rounded down to 15) - I think they've confused which son was at home and this was Thomas - and Mary Anne (6) were living at Hill Cottage, Holcombe Rogus, Wellington. William Stone (20) was living and working in the household of James Stephens (50) in the village of Langford Budville. While, Henry Stone, age rounded down to 10 (actually 13), was employed as a servant to the family of Richard and Martha Barton at Higher Wellesford, Langford Budville. "Richard Barton was born in Churchstanton, Somerset, in about 1817. I think that he was baptised at Otterford with his brother John Barton on 16th March 1817. He married Martha Surridge in Tiverton Registration District during 1841 and they were probably living at Langford Budville, Somerset, until at least 1844. At the time of the 1841 census Richard was farming at Higher Wellesford, Langford Budville. He was described as a twenty-year-old farmer, not born in the county of Somerset, and his wife, Martha, was aged twenty and born in that county." - Pedigree of the Bartons

In 1851, William and Elizabeth were living at Trace Bridge, Ashbrittle with Mary Anne (16), who has become a 'Needle Woman' and Henry Sprague (6), lodger, born in Exeter, while Henry (21) was a servant (Farm Servant/Ag Lab) to James and Elizabeth Talbot at Appley, Stawley, Wellington, Somerset.

In 1861, William Stone (62), Agricultural Labourer, and Betsy Stone (53) were in a Private Cottage at Court Place, Ashbrittle, "Court Place Farm has been a feature of Somerset’s Tone Valley for centuries. Some of its pastures still bear the names they were given over five hundred years ago."

William Stone died, with his age overestimated as 75 (70) in 1869 M Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 289 was buried on 7 Feb 1869 at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle.

In 1871, Betsy Stone (64) Widow, Farm Labourer was still living, this time alone, in a Cottage, Ashbrittle.

In 1881, Betsy Stone (74) Widow, Pauper was a Lodger in the household of Charles Kingdon (26) Farm Labourer at 1, Pitt Cottages, Ashbrittle.

Elizabeth Stone died at 83 in 1890 J Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 05C Page 231 and was buried on 11 Jun 1890 at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle.

Court Place, Ashbrittle
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Tuesday 18 June 2024

William Tooze and Joan Cood

Interior, of All Saints Church, Holcombe Rogus
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William Tooze (b. 1727) married Joan Cood (bap. 6 Jan 1725 in Holcombe Rogus), daughter of Thomas Cood (the baptism record doesn't mention her mother), at All Saints Church, Holcombe Rogus on 18 Jun 1751.

Records suggest at least six children, all baptised in Holcombe Rogus:
  1. William Tooze bap. 26 Jan 1752
  2. Mary Tooze bap. 31 Mar 1754
  3. Catherine Tooze bap. 7 Mar 1756
  4. Elizabeth Tooze bap. 27 Dec 1762
  5. John Tooze bap. 11 Oct 1767
  6. Thomas Tooze bap. 5 Jun 1770
It appears that Joan Tooze, with year of birth listed as 1727, died in 1769. Assuming Thomas was baptised at a few months old, this is not necessarily inconsistent and, indeed, may point to the cause of her death.

William Tooze died in 1787. Both were buried in Holcombe Rogus.

Thursday 13 June 2024

John Tooze and Sarah Tristram

Holcombe Rogus, All Saints Church: South porch
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John Tooze (bap. 25 Dec 1806) son of Thomas Tooze and Joan Potter, married Sarah Tristram (bap. 11 Dec 1808) daughter of James Tristram and Mary Hooper, on 13 Jun 1830, in Holcombe Rogus. Witnesses were Thomas Tooze and Richard Tooze, presumably John's two older brothers. 

John and Sarah Tooze had eight children, all baptised in Holcombe Rogus:
  1. Eliza Tooze bap. 17 Mar 1833. Died, aged 35 in 1868 M Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 257
  2. Isaac Tooze bap. 9 Aug 1835 
  3. Mary Tooze bap. 22 Jul 1838
  4. John Tooze bap. 29 Aug 1841
  5. James Tooze b. 1845 M Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10 Page 518, bap. 23 Feb 1845
  6. Sarah Tooze b. 1847 S Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10 Page 406, bap. 22 Aug 1847
  7. Frederick Tooze b. 1850 D Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET Volume 10 Page 472, bap. 2 Feb 1851
  8. Frank Tooze b. 1854 J Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C  Page 417, bap. 1 Oct 1854
All of the baptisms gave John Tooze' occupation as Chairmaker, except for that of Mary, when he was described as a Wheelwright. The mother's maiden name on the GRO birth registrations for James, Sarah and Frederick is TRISTAM. On the registration for Frank it was correct with TRISTRAM.

On the same day, 1 Oct 1854, as the baptism of Frank Tooze, there was a baptism of an Elizabeth Tooze, illegitimate daughter (1854 M Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C  Page 420) of Eliza Tooze. As it was the adjacent entry on the baptism register, one may surmise that this is the child of John and Sarah's eldest daughter.

In 1841, John Tooze (30) Chair Maker and Sarah Tooze (30) were living at Twitchen, Holcombe Rogus with Eliza (8), Isaac (6) and Mary (3), and William Tooze (20) Agricultural Labourer, John's younger brother.

In 1851, still at Twitchen, were John Tooze (44) Chairmaker; Sarah Tooze (42) Lace Mender; Isaac Tooze (15) Chairmaker; Mary (12), John (10), James (6), Sarah (3) and Frederick (6 months). There also was Lodger, Richard Willway (29) Tailor, from Witheridge. Eliza Tooze (18) was House Servant to Charles Gorman (30) Innkeeper, at the While Lion, East Street, Taunton.

In 1861, Mary Tooze (23) was General Servant in the household of Thomas Chard (73) Farmer of 65 Acres as Haydon Farm, Taunton; James Tooze (14) was Farm Servant in the household of James Tristram (50) at Lower Besley, Farm House, Holcombe Rogus; Sarah Tooze (13) was General Servant in the household of William Woolaway (35) Letter Carrier at 9 Church Square, Taunton. Not been able to find the rest of them on the 1861 census.

Sarah Tooze died, aged 56, in 1865 M Quarter in WELLINGTON,SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 305.

In 1871, John Tooze (64) Chairmaker, Widower, was a Lodger in Wellington, Somerset, with Frank Tooze (17) Sawyer and Isaac Tooze (8), both Boarders. (Isaac William Tooze (1862 D Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 387) was the illegitimate son of Mary Tooze.)

In 1881, John Tooze (75) Chair Maker (Cabt Mkr), Widower was living in the household of John Vincent (43) - John Vincent had married Mary Tooze in 1874 - in Butleigh, Wells, Somerset.

As yet, I've been unable to find the record of John's death.

Saturday 8 June 2024

Thomas Tooze and Dorothy Woodbery

Holcombe Rogus : All Saints Church
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Thomas Tooze (b. 1735) married Dorothy Woodbery (b. 1746), daughter of Jeremiah Woodbery and Ann Brice, at All Saints Church, Holcombe Rogus on 8 Jun 1767. Both were 'of the parish'. It looks as if Thomas Tooze was able to sign his own name, while Dorothy made her mark. Witnesses were Sarah Webber and John Hurly. Thomas' baptism record is not available.

Records exist for six children of this couple:
  1. Sarah Tooze bap. 5 Apr 1768 in Holcombe Rogus. Died as an infant and was buried on 5 Aug 1771, also in Holcombe Rogus.
  2. Mary Tooze bap. 15 Oct 1769 in Holcombe Rogus. Appears to have died at 32, and was buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1802.
  3. Sarah Tooze bap. 12 Jul 1772 in Holcombe Rogus. 
  4. Thomas Tooze bap. 23 Mar 1776 in Holcombe Rogus. 
  5. George Tooze bap. 15 Jun 1778 in Holcombe Rogus. 
  6. Elizabeth Tooze bap. 4 Feb 1780 in Holcombe Rogus. Died as an infant and was buried on 17 Apr 1784, again in Holcombe Rogus.
Thomas Tooze was buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1818 and Dorothy in 1820.

Saturday 25 May 2024

William Stone and Temperance Hitchcock

Holcombe Rogus Scenery
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William Stone married Temperance Hitchcock in Holcombe Rogus on 25 May 1728. Temperance bap. 30 Jan 1706 in Holcombe Rogus, was the base born (illegitimate) daughter of Jane Hitchcock. (Jane Hitchcock bap. 12 Oct 1679, daughter of John Hitchcock, was buried in Holcombe Rogus, in 1709.)

Will and Temperance had seven children, baptised in Holcombe Rogus:
  1. William Stone bap. 16 Feb 1729 (Buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1730)
  2. Agnes Stone bap. 24 Jul 1732
  3. Mary Stone bap. 27 Dec 1739
  4. Jane Stone bap. 24 Sep 1742 (Buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1743)
  5. Jane Stone bap. 3 Jul 1744
  6. William Stone bap. 15 Nov 1749 (Buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1749)
  7. Joan Stone bap. 9 Sep 1751 (Buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1774)
William Stone (b. 1703) was buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1789. Temperance Stone died the following year and was also buried in Holcombe Rogus. 

Monday 6 May 2024

Thomas Tooze and Joan Potter

Holcombe Rogus, All Saints Church: Eastern aspect
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The church stands next to 
Holcombe Court 'the finest Tudor house in Devon'.
Interior, of All Saints Church, Holcombe Rogus

Thomas Tooze (bap. 5 Jun 1770), son of William Tooze and Joan Cood, married Joan Potter (bap. 21 Jan 1771), daughter of James Potter and Jane Stone, on 6 May 1795, at All Saints Church, Holcombe Rogus, Devon. One of the witnesses to this marriage was a Samuel Tooze.

Thomas and Joan had seven children, all baptised at Holcombe Rogus: 
  1. Robert Tooze bap. 29 Jan 1797 (Buried on 21 May 1797)
  2. Thomas Tooze bap. 17 May 1801
  3. Richard Tooze bap. 24 Jul 1803
  4. John Tooze bap. 25 Dec 1806
  5. William Tooze bap. 3 Apr 1809
  6. Samuel Tooze bap. 8 Mar 1812. (Buried on 4 Jul 1813)
  7. Elizabeth Tooze bap. 15 May 1814
On Elizabeth's baptism, her father's occupation is listed as Thatcher.

Thomas Tooze died, aged 70, in 1840 (GRO Reference: 1840 M Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 10 Page 367) and was buried on 1 Mar 1840.

In 1841, Joan Tooze (70) was living by the New Inn, Holcombe Rogus, with James Tooze (15), her grandson, son of Thomas Tooze and Mary Summers. I've not [yet] found any further records for Joan nor of her death.

Tuesday 16 April 2024

James Potter and Jane Stone

All Saints Church, Holcombe Rogus
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James Potter (b. 1741) married Jane Stone (bap. 3 Jul 1744 in Holcombe Rogus), who was the daughter of William Stone and Temperance Hitchcock, at All Saints Church, Holcombe Rogus, on 16 Apr 1770

James and Jane had two daughters, baptised in Holcombe Rogus:
  1. Joan Potter bap. 21 Jan 1771
  2. Agnis Potter (sic) bap. 17 Dec 1775
James Potter died, at 39, in 1780 and was buried in Holcombe Rogus.

Jane Potter later remarried to James Dunn of Chipstable, in Holcombe Rogus, on 13 May 1796. Witnesses to this marriage were Joan Blackmore and Samuel Tooze. James Dunn, bap. 8 Sep 1732 in Chipstaple, son of John and Joan Dunn, had previously married Ann Langdon on 6 Feb 1757 and on the record of this marriage, we discover that James Dunn was a Shoemaker. The couple had one child, a daughter, Ann Dunn bap. 17 Sep 1760. James first wife, Ann Dunn, died in 1782. James Dunn died in Chipstable, in 1802. 

Jane Dunn died in 1828 and was buried in Holcombe Rogus.

  • William Heyward (bap. 3 Jun 1757 in Huish Champflower), son of John and Elenor Heyward, married Ann Dunn, daughter of James Dunn and Ann Langdon, in Chipstable, on 14 Mar 1785. William and Ann had six children: William Heyward bap. 19 Feb 1786 in Huish Champflower; Ann Heyward bap. 28 Sep 1788, Silva Heyward (sic) bap. 18 Mar 1792, Elinor Heyward bap. 9 Apr 1795, James Dunn Hayward bap. 24 Mar 1798 in Chipstable, and Fanny Heyward b. 8 May 1804, bap. 15 May 1804 in Huish Champflower. Anne Heyward (née Dunn) died, aged 79, in 1840 S Quarter in TIVERTON AND DULVERTON Volume 10 Page 167 and was buried in Huish Champflower. In 1841, William Heyward was living in the household of Robert and Fanny Stone. Robert Stone, son of William Stone, Miller had married Fanny Heyward, daughter of William Heyward, Shoemaker - thus it appears she is William's granddaughter. (Please don't ask me what relation Robert Stone is to Jane Stone, but they inevitably are.) William Heyward died, aged 87, in 1843 S Quarter in TIVERTON AND DULVERTON Volume 10 Page 1660 and was also buried in Huish Champflower.
  • William Heyward (bap. 19 Feb 1786 in Huish Champflower), son of William Heyward and Ann Dunn, meanwhile, married Agnes Potter (bap. 17 Dec 1775 in Holcombe Rogus), daughter of James Potter and Jane Stone, on 26 Nov 1809, in Chipstable. Records exist for three daughters: Sylvia Heyward bap. 27 Nov 1809, Harriott Heyward bap. 8 Nov 1811 (buried in Chipstaple in 1813) and Agnes Heyward bap. 9 Jan 1815, all baptised in Chipstable. The last of these baptisms shows her father's occupation as a Cordwainer (a shoemaker who makes new shoes from new leather.) William Heywood (50) Journeyman Shoemaker and Agnes Heywood (60) were living on Golden HillWivelscombe in 1841. In 1851, still on Golden Hill, were William Hayward (65) Pauper Shoemaker and Agnes Hayward (75). Agnes Heyward (née Potter) died, at 84, in 1858 J Quarter in WELLINGTON-SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 251 and was buried in Wivelscombe. In 1861, William Hayward (75) Widower, Shoe Maker, was a boarder in the household of John Richards (45) and Sylvia Richards (52) - clearly William's eldest daughter - at Routine Row, Russells Buildings, Wivelscombe. William Heyward died, at 80, in 1861 D Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 258 and was also buried in Wivelscombe.
Once more, the Devon family tree is a complicated monkey puzzle! :)

Thursday 28 March 2024

Albert Tooze and Flora May Kingsbury

St John the Apostle's Church, Torquay, Devon
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Albert Tooze (b. 9 Mar 1880), the youngest son of Thomas Tooze and Caroline Cotterell, married Flora May Kingsbury (bap. 6 Jun 1880 in Sutton Waldron, Dorset), daughter of Henry John Kingsbury and Elizabeth Lancey, at St John's Church, Torquay, Devon, on 28 Mar 1903. Both Albert and Flora listed as 22 and gave their address as 14 Braddons Street, Torquay.

Albert and Flora had two children:
  1. Albert Henry Tooze b. 25 Apr 1903 J Quarter in NEWTON ABBOT Vol 05B Page 117, bap. Whit Sunday, 31 May 1903 at St John's, Torquay.
  2. Alice May Tooze b. 9 Jun 1906 S Quarter in NEWTON ABBOT Volume 05B Page 117, bap. 22 Jul 1906, at St John's Church, Torquay.
Upon marriage, Albert gave his rank as Stoker H.M.S. Albert Tooze had joined the Royal Navy on 2 Dec 1902. At that time, he was 5 ft 4 in with dark brown hair, blue eyes and a fresh complexion and signed up for 12 years. By 4 Dec 1914, he'd grown to 5 ft 6 in and gained some tattoos: on his right forearm was a woman's head and "FLORRIE" and on his left forearm, a figure playing a flute. Obviously, these were images of some importance to him.

Albert's date of birth on his naval record is 9 Mar 1881, but his birth was registered in the March quarter of 1880 and he was baptised on 16 May 1880. The one year difference could be a simple error, or there may have been some reason why he needed to be a year younger when he signed up. Either way, I think it safe to accept that 9 Mar 1880 was his actual birthday.

In 1911, Albert Tooze (31) Stoker Petty Officer from Holcombe Rogus, Devonshire, was living in Plymouth South East, along with wife, Flora May Tooze (30), Albert Henry Tooze (7) and Alice May Tooze (4).

On 29 Aug 1913, Albert was assigned to HMS Highflyer (1898). From August 1914, she was assigned to the 9th Cruiser Squadron in the Central Atlantic to intercept German commerce raiders and protect Allied shipping. Albert will have been with the ship when she sank the German armed merchant cruiser SMS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse off the coast of Spanish Sahara.

Albert Tooze died on 13 Jul 1915 at San Vicente Hospital, Cape Verde, from shock following the amputation of a leg crushed between lighter and ship, coaling on 23 Jun. Chief Stoker Albert Tooze, HMS Highflyer, is buried at the Mindelo Municipal CemeteryMindeloSão Vicente, Cape Verde.

Flora May Tooze (née Kingsbury) died, aged 71, in 1951 S Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 07A Page 596. She never remarried.

  • Albert Henry Tooze (23) Electric Fitter at HM Dockyard, married Lilian Mabel Turner (21), in December 1926 at Emmanuel church, Compton Gifford, Plymouth. Lilian Mabel and two of their children returned from Singapore in 1946. Albert Henry Tooze died in 1987 and Lilian Mabel Tooze in 1992, both in Birkenhead, Cheshire.
  • Alice May Tooze married William Henry James Barrett on 17 Aug 1936 at St Jude's Church, Plymouth. They had one son, Peter Barrett (1943-2020). William Henry James Barrett died on 11 Jan 1972 and Alice May Barrett, on 18 Sep 1980, both in Plymouth.

Friday 16 February 2024

Thomas Tooze and Jane Burton

Pound Hill, Holcombe Rogus
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Thomas Tooze (b. 1776), listed as Jnr, son of Thomas Tooze and Dorothy Woodbery, married Jane Burton (b. 1766), at All Saints Church, Holcombe Rogus on 16 Feb 1800. Both parties were of the parish, but I've found no baptism for Jane Burton to trace who her parents may have been.

Thomas and Jane appear to have had at least these five children:
  1. Elizabeth Tooze bap. 12 Oct 1800 in Holcombe Rogus
  2. Sarah Tooze bap. 19 Sep 1802 in Holcombe Rogus
  3. Thomas Tooze b. 5 Jan 1805, bap. 20 Jan 1805 in Halberton
  4. Ellen Tooze b. ~1807 in Halberton, Devon (No baptism found)
  5. John Tooze bap. 21 Feb 1813 in Willand
In 1841, Thomas Tooze (65) Maltster and Jane Tooze (75) were listed as living on Hart's Hill, Holcombe Rogus.

Jane Tooze died at 82 in 1848 J Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Vol 10 Page 351 and buried on 16 Apr 1848, in Holcombe Rogus.

In 1851, Thomas Tooze (75) Widowed, Pauper Formerly A Maltster, was a Lodger in the household of William Govier (27) and his wife Sarah (née Norman), on Pound Hill, Holcombe Rogus.

It appears that Thomas Tooze died, aged 77, in 1853 M Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 298.

Monday 22 January 2024

Richard Tooze and Eliza Disney

No.46 Timewells, Holcombe Rogus
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Richard Tooze (bap. 24 Jul 1803), son of Thomas Tooze and Joan Potter, married Eliza Disney (b. ~1807 in Thorne St Margaret, Somerset), at St John the Baptist ChurchSampford Peverell, on 22 Jan 1827. Unfortunately, I've not been able to find a baptism nor identify the parents of Eliza Disney. 

Richard and Eliza had nine children: 
  1. Caroline Tooze bap. 22 Feb 1829
  2. Samuel Tooze bap. 17 Feb 1831 
  3. James Tooze bap. 2 Feb 1834 (Buried on 22 Nov 1835)
  4. Richard Tooze bap. 10 Jul 1836
  5. James Tooze b. ~1839, bap. 5 Dec 1841
  6. Emma Tooze b. 1841 D Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10 Page 464, bap. 5 Dec 1841
  7. Ann Tooze b. 1844 J Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10 Page 477, bap. 21 Mar 1844 
  8. George Tooze b. 1847 S Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10 Page 406, bap. 22 Aug 1847 (Death registered 1849 M Quarter in WELLINGTON UNION SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10  Page 345, although he had been buried 30 Sep 1848)
  9. Elizabeth Tooze b. 1851 D Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10 Page 468, bap. 25 Mar 1853
All of the baptisms were at All Saints' Church in Holcombe Rogus and every one of the records lists Richard Tooze' trade as Chairmaker.

In 1841, at Tinckham, Holcombe Rogus, are Richard Tooze (35) Chairmaker, Eliza Tooze (30), Caroline (12), Samuel (9), Richard (5) and James (2).

In 1851, at Twitchen, Holcombe Rogus, we find Richard Tooze (47) Chairmaker, Eliza Tooze (44), Samuel Tooze (19) Chairmaker, Richard Tooze (14) Chairmaker, James Tooze (10) Errand boy, Emma Tooze (9) and Ann Tooze (7). Caroline Tooze (22), in 1851, was working as a General servant to Sarah Shackell (67) Widow, Butcher in Lower Town, Sampford Peverell.

In 1861, Richard Tooze (56) Chairmaker, Eliza Tooze (54) Lace Mender with birthplace listed as Thorne St Margaret, Somersetshire, and Elizabeth Tooze (9), were living at Timewells Cottage, Holcombe Rogus.

Still at Timewells Cottage, Holcombe Rogus, in 1871, were Richard Tooze (67) Chairmaker and Eliza Tooze (64). 

Eliza Tooze died, aged 72 (1879 J Quarter in WELLINGTON, SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 253), and was buried on 18 May 1879, in Holcombe Rogus. Richard Tooze died the following year, aged 77 (1880 J Quarter in WELLINGTON, SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 243), and was buried, on 2 May 1880, also at All Saints, Holcombe Rogus.

Tuesday 26 December 2023

Thomas Tooze and Mary Summers

Halberton Church (St Andrew's)
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Thomas Tooze (b. 1801), son of Thomas Tooze and Joan Potter, married Mary Summers (b. 1804), daughter of John Summers and Sarah Middleton, at St Andrews ChurchHalberton on Boxing Day, 26 Dec 1823.

This Thomas and Mary Tooze had 10 children:
  1. James Tooze bap. 16 May 1824 in Holcombe Rogus
  2. John Tooze bap. 16 Sep 1826 (Buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1827)
  3. Charles Tooze bap. 30 Mar 1828 in Holcombe Rogus
  4. Fanny Tooze bap. 16 Nov 1830 in Holcombe Rogus
  5. John Tooze bap. 26 May 1833 (Buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1833)
  6. Stephen Tooze bap. 20 Jul 1834 in Holcombe Rogus
  7. John Tooze bap. 9 Feb 1840 in Holcombe Rogus
  8. Jesse Tooze b. 1844 M Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10 Page 501, bap. 4 Jan 1844 in Holcombe Rogus
  9. Sarah Ann Tooze b. 1846 J Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10 Page 509 (No baptism record found)
  10. Eliza Tooze bap. 5 Aug 1849 in Holcombe Rogus
All of the baptisms list their father as Thomas Tooze, Thatcher.

The civil birth registrations of Jesse and Sarah Ann - the only two for whom these records exist - both show their mother's maiden name as Summers.

In 1841, Thomas Tooze (40) and Mary Tooze (35) were living at Tinckham, Holcombe Rogus - as was Thomas' younger brother, Richard Tooze, the Chairmaker - with Charles Tooze (12), Fanny Tooze (10), Stephen Tooze (7) and John Tooze (1). Eldest son, James Tooze (15) was living with his grandmother, Joan Tooze (70) by the New Inn, Holcombe Rogus. 

In 1851, Thomas Tooze, Thatcher, and Mary Tooze were in Holcombe Rogus with Stephen Tooze (17) Ag Lab; John Tooze (11) Thatcher's Boy; Jesse Tooze (7), Sarah Ann tooze (4) and Eliza Tooze (1). 

In 1861, Thomas Tooze (61) Thatcher, Mary Tooze (58) Lace Mender and John Tooze (21) Thatcher, were living at Rull Cottage, Higher Besley [Farm], Holcombe Rogus. Jesse Tooze (19) Carter, was employed by Mark Brown (24) Farmer at Higher Besley. And Eliza Tooze (12) was a servant in the household of Robert Brown (53) Inn Keeper at Halfway House, Willand.

Thomas Tooze died in 1868 D Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 05C Page 255, age estimated to 68, buried on 22 Nov 1868, in Holcombe Rogus.

In 1871, Mary Tooze (68) Widow, Pauper, Mother-in-Law was living in the household of Henry Hawkins (25) Carpenter at Durley Moor Cottage, Holcombe Rogus. (Henry Hawkins had married 'Jessie' Tooze, in 1868, so we can only conclude that this is what Sarah Ann was calling herself.)

In 1881, Mary Tooze (78) Widow, Pauper, Mother-in-Law, was living in the household of Robert Gillard (34) Ag Lab in Fore Street, Holcombe Rogus. (Robert Gillard had married youngest daughter, Eliza Tooze.) On this census it incorrectly says that Mary was from Uffculme, however, this still makes sense as it's where her parents married and her elder siblings were born.

Mary Tooze died in 1884 M Quarter in WELLINGTON, SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 253, with age estimated to 82.

Sunday 24 December 2023

Thomas Cotterell, Sarah Bowerman and Sarah Tooze

Holcombe Rogus, All Saints Church: Eastern aspect
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Thomas Cotterell (b. 1785), son of Thomas and Agnes Cotterell, married Sarah Bowerman (bap. 21 Jun 1789 in Ashbrittle, Somerset), daughter of William and Susanna Bowerman, in Holcombe Rogus, on 24 Dec 1813.

Thomas Cotterell and Sarah Bowerman had four children:

  1. William Cotterell bap. 17 Sep 1814
  2. Susanna Cotterell bap. 18 Aug 1816
  3. Sarah Cotterell bap. 28 Mar 1819
  4. Thomas Cotterell bap. 18 Mar 1821
All four baptisms, in Holcombe Rogus, list their father as a Chairmaker.

Then there is a record of a burial of Sarah Cotterell, in Holcombe Rogus, in 1822, her age then estimated as 35. With potentially four young children to bring up, it's no wonder Thomas married again quickly. 

Thomas Cotterell, widower, married Sarah Tooze (b. 1802) daughter of Thomas Tooze and Jane Burton, on 11 Dec 1822 at the Church of All SaintsHolcombe Rogus. The record says that Sarah was 22, but she would have been 20, still a minor. One of the witnesses was John Tooze.

Before marriage, Sarah Tooze had given birth to Elizabeth Tooze, bap. 14 Oct 1821, specifying that the child was the daughter of Sarah Tooze, Spinster. 

Thomas Cotterell and Sarah Tooze then added a further eight children:

  1. James Cotterell bap. 21 Sep 1823
  2. Jane Cotterell bap. 24 Dec 1826
  3. Mary Ann Cotterell bap. 7 Dec 1828
  4. John Cotterell bap. 25 Dec 1831
  5. Caroline Cotterell bap. 16 Feb 1834
  6. Robert Cotterell bap. 5 Jan 1837
  7. Charles Cotterell bap. 7 Jul 1839
  8. Richard Cotterell bap. 11 Apr 1847

On the baptisms for James, Mary Ann, John and Caroline, Thomas' occupation is listed as Labourer. On that of Jane's it was listed as Mason, but there is a note on that record that it had been copied, which gives the opportunity for error. On Robert's, Charles' and Richard's baptisms, Thomas Cotterell is once more described as a Chairmaker. The different occupations might suggest two different families, but as most of these children do appear with this family on census returns, that cannot be the case. Probably more likely that Thomas' first wife's death caused the temporary change in his circumstances.

In 1841, Thomas Cotterell (listed as 45) Chairmaker was living at Twitchen, Holcombe Rogus with Sarah Cotterell (35), Mary (12), John (9), Caroline (7), Robert (5) and Charles (2), as well as Elizabeth Tooze (20) Female Servant. Jane Cotterell (15) was a Female Servant at Widhays Farm, Uplowman.

In 1851, and still at Twitchen, we find Thomas Cotterell (62) Chairmaker, Sarah Cotterell (54 - she was only 49), Richard Cotterell (4) and John Cotterell (2) Grandson. Caroline Cotterell (17) was a House Servant in Sampford Peverell, Devon. Meanwhile, Robert Cotterell (14) was a House Servant to John Cork, Farmer of 132 Acres, in Holcombe Rogus.

In 1861, at Twitchen Cottage, were Thomas Cotterell (75) Chairmaker, Sarah Cotterell (64) and Richard Cotterell (14) Chairmaker. Charles Cotterell (21) Chairmaker was a visitor in the household of James Tristram (63) Gardener, at Lower Greenham, Ashbrittle. Charles married Emma Tristram that year.

Sarah Cotterell died, at 63, in 1866 S Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 227 and was buried in Ashbrittle, Somerset. This did not make sense. However, the first Sarah Cotterell (née Bowerman), had come from Ashbrittle. This, the second Sarah Cotterell (née Tooze) was born in Holcombe Rogus. Thomas Cotterell was 81 when his second wife died. Had he confused them and is this suggestive, perhaps, of dementia?

In 1871, Thomas Cotterell (84) Pauper, Widower, was living in the household of his son-in-law, Thomas Tooze - married to daughter Caroline [1].

Thomas Cotterell died at 93, in  1878 D Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 05C Page 240 and was buried in Holcombe Rogus.

[1] Sarah Tooze (b. 1802) was the elder sister of Thomas Tooze (b. 1805). Her daughter, Caroline Cottrell, later married Thomas Tooze, son of William Tooze the younger brother of Thomas Tooze (b. 1801).

Monday 27 November 2023

George Tooze and Anne Clarke

Mid Devon : Holcombe Rogus Scenery
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George Tooze (b. 1778) son of Thomas Tooze and Dorothy Woodbery, married Anne Clarke at All Saints Church, Holcombe Rogus on 27 Nov 1803.

George and Anne had seven children:
  1. John Tooze b. 28 Aug 1804, bap. 2 Sep 1804 in Holcombe Rogus [1]
  2. Elizabeth Tooze bap. 19 Apr 1807 in Holcombe Rogus [2]
  3. Susanna Tooze bap. 30 Jul 1809 in Holcombe Rogus
  4. George Tooze bap. 22 Sep 1811 in Holcombe Rogus [3]
  5. Thomas Tooze bap. 14 Aug 1814 in Holcombe Rogus [4]
  6. James Tooze bap. 30 Dec 1817 in Holcombe Rogus
  7. Anne Tooze bap. 11 Apr 1819 in Holcombe Rogus
On all of the baptisms, George's occupation is listed as Chairmaker.

1841, George Tooze (60) Chairmaker; Ann Tooze (60) with Mary Tooze (12), John Vickery (6) and Susan Vickery (3) were living at Bulgins, Holcombe Rogus. Presumably, all three children were their grandchildren.

In 1851, living on Golden Hill, Holcombe Rogus, were George Tooze (74) Pauper Formerly Chairmaker and Ann Tooze (73) Pauper.

George Tooze died, at 75, in 1853 J Quarter in WELLINGTON-SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 275. Ann Tooze died, aged 81, in GRO Reference: 1860 M Quarter Volume 05C Page 306.
  1. John Tooze b. 1804 is listed among Britain, Merchant Seamen in 1845. At that time he was 5ft 6in tall, with brown hair, a pale complexion and grey eyes. He married Ann Turner on 11 Oct 1847 at St Mary Magdalene, Gillingham, Kent. John Tooze was buried at St Mary's, Chatham, Kent in 1876. Ann Tooze (b. 1812) was buried at St Mary's, Chatham, in 1878.
  2. Elizabeth Tooze married William Vickery, on 26 May 1833. 
  3. George Tooze b. 1811 married Agnes Dearley in Halse, Somerset on 15 Jul 1836. In 1841, George Tooze (30) Chairmaker, was living in Kingsbury West, Somerset. By 1851, they were in Rockwell Green.
  4. Thomas Tooze b. 1814 married Mary Keates, in Wellington, on 29 Sep 1837. (Yet another Thomas and Mary Tooze!) Their daughter, Susan Emily Tooze was born in Truro, Cornwall in 1846 (and baptised in St Helier on 26 Sep 1863). In 1851, Thomas Tooze (37) Chairmaker, was living in St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands with wife Mary (33), Emily (4), Thomas (1) and George (0). Thomas Tooze was buried in St Helier, Jersey on 17 Aug 1858. Mary Tooze (40) Widow, was living in Dorset Street, St Helier in 1861. In 1871, son George (21) Provision Dealer, was living in the City of London with his sister, Ellen (18).

Wednesday 11 October 2023

Henry Hawkins and Sarah Ann "Jessie" Tooze

Alma Street, Sheerness
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Henry Hawkins (bap. 5 Apr 1846 in Rackenford, Devon), son of Edward Hawkins and Leah Courtis, married Jessie Tooze (born Sarah Ann), daughter of Thomas Tooze and Mary Summers, on 11 Oct 1868, in West Ham. 

Henry's father, Edward Hawkins, was a Game Keeper and Henry's maternal grandfather, George Courtis, was a Farmer Of 171 Acres.

Henry and "Jessie" had three children:
  1. Emily Louisa Hawkins b. 1869 J Qtr in KENSINGTON Vol 01A 132
  2. William Hawkins b. 4 Jun 1872 in Detroit, Michigan, Unites States
  3. Arthur Hawkins b. 1874 D Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A 791
In 1871, Henry Hawkins (25) Carpenter; Jessie Hawkins (24); Emily Hawkins (1) born in Notting Hill and Mary Tooze (68) Widow, Pauper, Mother-in-law, were living at Durley Moor Cottage, Holcombe Rogus.

In 1872, Passenger Lists of vessels arriving at New York, Unites States, show Henry Hawkins (26) Carpenter, Jessie Hawkins (26) Wife and Emily Hawkins (2) Child leaving from Liverpool on 14 Mar 1872, on the transatlantic passenger ship City of New York (1865) of the Inman Line. The streets not being paved with gold, however, they were back in the UK by 1874.

In 1881, at 5, Lower James Street, Minster in Sheppey, were Henry Hawkins (35) Joiner from Rackenford, Devon; Jessie Hawkins (34) from Holcombe Rogus; Emily L Hawkins (11) born in Notting Hill; William Hawkins (8) born in the United States and Arthur Hawkins (6) born in Sheerness.

In 1891, Henry Hawkins (45) Ship's Joiner; Jessie Hawkins (44), Arthur Hawkins (16) and Emily L Ridler (21) were living in Alma Street, Minster in Sheppey. William Hawkins was in the Mediterranean with HMS Inflexible, (and 42 days in Malta Gaol), having joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Class on 31 May 1888, until he was Invalided with Asthma on 4 Nov 1909. 

In 1901, Henry Hawkins (55) Joiner Ship Dock Yard from Rackenford, Devon was living in Delamark Road, Sheerness with Jessie Hawkins (54) and two boarders, Oscar Riche (29) Schoolmaster from Cambridge and Alfred J Middleton (30) Schoolmaster from Grimsby, Lincolnshire. William Hawkins was alternating between HMS VictoryHMS Vernon shore establishments and HMS Duke of Wellington (for all three, read Portsmouth.)

In 1911, Henry Hawkins (65) Pensioned Joiner was still living in Sheerness with Jessie Hawkins (64), William Hawkins (38) Naval Pensioner; John Tooze (71) Retired Thatcher (Jessie's older brother); and three boarders.

Henry Hawkins died, aged 73, in 1919 M Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A Page 1782 and Jessie Hawkins died later in the same year, also aged 73, in 1919 D Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A Page 1140.

William Hawkins died, aged 63, on 12 Feb 1935 M Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A Page 1470 and was buried in Sheppey Cemetery

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Jeremiah Woodbery and Ann Brice

Burlescombe Church
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Jeremiah Woodbery (bap. 23 Dec 1715 in Burlescombe), son of Johanis [John] Woodbury and Gratia [Grace] Stanbury, married Anne Brice (bap. 10 Oct 1718 in Holcombe Rogus), daughter of John and Dorothy Brice, on 12 Sep 1737, at All Saints Church, Holcombe Rogus.

Jeremiah and Anne had at least these six children:
  1. Johannes [John] Woodbery bap. 24 Feb 1739 in Burlescombe [1]
  2. Betty Woodbery bap. 2 May 1742 in Holcombe Rogus
  3. Dorothy Woodbery bap. 11 Apr 1746 in Holcombe Rogus
  4. Grace Woodbery bap. 9 Dec 1753 in Holcombe Rogus [2]
  5. Mary Woodbery bap. 16 Dec 1757 in Holcombe Rogus
  6. Thomas Woodbery bap. 6 Sep 1762 in Holcombe Rogus
There is also a Jeremiah Woodbury b. 1744-1745 attributed to this couple, but I've not seen a baptism record to confirm that this is their child.

As we can see, they were still writing the records in Latin in Burlescombe.

Anne Woodbury died at 47 and was buried in Holcombe Rogus on 22 Nov 1765. Jeremiah Woodberry (80) was buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1795.
  1. John Woodbery married Elizabeth Webber in Holcombe Rogus on 25 Jun 1759. Elizabeth Woodbury died in 1783 and John Woodbery in 1807.
  2. It appears Grace Woodberry (sic) married William Cotterell of Bampton, Widower, in Burlescombe, on 9 May 1779.

Friday 8 September 2023

William Tooze and Sophia Disney

St Andrew's Church, Halberton, Devon
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William Tooze (bap. 3 Apr 1809) son of Thomas Tooze and Joan Potter, married Sophia Disney at St Andrew's Church, Halberton, Devon, on 8 Sep 1831. Sophia was most likely born around 1805 - census records place her birth anywhere between 1803 and 1808 - and she is consistently listed as being born in Thorne St Margaret, Somerset, as was Eliza Disney (b. 1807), wife of William's elder brother, Richard Tooze. Baptisms for that parish are not freely available online, so I haven't seen baptism records for either, but I imagine there's a good chance that the two could have been sisters.

William and Sophia had three children:
  1. Thomas Tooze bap. 10 Feb 1833 in Holcombe Rogus
  2. Edward Tooze bap. 29 Nov 1835 in Holcombe Rogus. Died 1843.
  3. Eliza Tooze bap. 20 Jun 1838 in Burlescombe. Died 1842.
William's occupation listed on all the baptisms was Thatcher. 

Both infants were buried in Holcombe Rogus.

In 1841, William Tooze (30), Sophia Tooze (35), Thomas (8), Edward (5) and Eliza (3) were living at Ridgeway Gate, Holcombe Rogus.

In 1851, William Tooze (40) Thatcher; Sophia Tooze (43) and Thomas Tooze (18) Thatcher were again living at Ridgeway, Pound Hill, Holcombe Rogus.

In 1861, William Tooze (59) Thatcher; Sophia Tooze (58) and Sophia Tooze (7) Granddaughter, were again listed at Ridgeway Gate, Holcombe Rogus.

William Tooze died, at 60, in 1869 M Quarter in WELLINGTON-SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 297.

In 1871, Sophia Tooze (67) Widow, Gardenwoman, and granddaughter, Sophia Tooze (17) Fancy Worker, were still at Ridgeway Gate.

Sophia Tooze died in 1875 J Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 05C Page 274, with age as 70. She was buried in Holcombe Rogus on 4 Jun 1875.

Monday 25 January 2021

Thomas Tooze and Caroline Cotterell

Cottages, at Twitchen, Holcombe Rogus
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Thomas Tooze (bap. 10 Feb 1833) son of William Tooze and Sophia Disney, married Caroline Cottrell (bap. 16 Feb 1834), daughter of Thomas Cotterell and Sarah Tooze. The Banns of the marriage were attempted to be read in Holcombe Rogus, but written on the record is, "I William Tooze, father of the above Thomas Tooze, did openly in the Church this day March 13th, 1853, forbid these Banns. My son being under age." William Tooze.

The determined couple married, in Tiverton, in the 4th quarter of 1853.

Thomas and Caroline Tooze went on to have twelve children:

  1. Sophia Tooze b. 1854 J Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 417, bap. 7 May 1854 in Holcombe Rogus
  2. Edward William Thomas Tooze b. 1855 D Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Vol 05C Page 355, bap. 2 Dec 1855
  3. Sarah Jane Tooze b. 1858 M Quarter in WELLINGTON-SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 416, bap. 14 Feb 1858
  4. Caroline Tooze b. 1859, bap. 26 Feb 1860 (no GRO registration)
  5. Eliza Tooze bap. 15 Dec 1861 (no GRO registration)
  6. Lily Tooze b. 1863 D Quarter in WELLINGTON-SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 396, bap. 8 Nov 1863
  7. Thomas Tooze b. 1865 S Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET & DEVON Volume 05C Page 390, bap. 10 Sep 1865
  8. Lucy Ann Tooze b. 1867 S Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 369, bap. 14 Jul 1867. Died, aged 13, in 1880 M Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C  Page 273 and was buried in Holcombe Rogus
  9. Emily Tooze b. 1869 D Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 352, bap. 10 Oct 1869
  10. Elizabeth Tooze b. 1872 M Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 393, bap. 3 Mar 1872. Died, 1900 J Quarter in WELLINGTON, SOMERSET & DEVON  Volume 05C  Page 209
  11. William Tooze b. 1875 J Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 361, bap. 15 Aug 1875
  12. Albert Tooze b. 1880 M Quarter in WELLINGTON, SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 333, bap. 16 May 1880
Caroline will have been 46 when the last child was born, which is late, so I did check that they weren't passing off any illegitimate grandchildren as their own, but all of the registrations of the above show the mother's maiden name as COTTERILL, COTTERELL or COTTRELL and all of the baptisms list the child as being that of Thomas and Caroline, so are theirs.

In 1861, Thomas Tooze (28) Carter; Caroline Tooze (28), Edward (5), Sarah J (3) and Caroline (2) were living at Knowle Cottage, Holcombe Rogus. Their eldest daughter, Sophia (7) was living with her grandparents.

In 1871, Thomas Tooze (38) Agricultural Labourer; Caroline Tooze (37), Caroline (10), Eliza (8), Lillie (sic) (7), Thomas (5), Lucy (4) and Emily (1) were all living at Twitchen, Holcombe Rogus. Living with them was Caroline's widowed father, Thomas Cotterell (84) Pauper and an Elizabeth Hall (22) Visitor. Eldest daughter, Sophia (17) Fancy Worker, was still living with her grandmother; yet to find Edward; Sarah Tooze (13) was Domestic Servant to Henry Jones (73) Carpenter, in South Street, Holcombe Rogus.

In 1881, still at Twitchen, Holcombe Rogus were Thomas Tooze (48) Ag Lab, Caroline Tooze (48), Emily (10), Elizabeth (9), William (6) and Albert (1). Also living with them was Frances Tooze (6) Granddaughter (b. 1875 M Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 365), bap. 31 Jan 1875, illegitimate daughter of Sophia Tooze. Not found Sophia, Edward or Sarah Jane; Caroline married in 1879; Eliza Tooze (19) was Domestic Servant to John Howse (42) Farmer at Burrow Farmhouse, Ashbrittle; Lillie (sic) Tooze (18) was a General Servant to Alice E James (21) Schoolmistress in South Street, Wellington and Thomas Tooze (15) was a Farm Servant (indoor) to William Warren (55) Farmer at Ford Place, Holcombe Rogus.

In 1891,  at Twitchen, were Thomas Tooze (58) Coachman, Caroline Tooze (57), William Tooze (15) French Polisher and Albert Tooze (11). Elizabeth Tooze (20) was Domestic Servant to Frederick Chave (68) in Halberton.

In 1901, Thomas Tooze (68) Ordinary Labourer and Caroline Tooze (68).

Caroline Tooze died actually at 66, in 1901 S Quarter in WELLINGTON, SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 193. Thomas Tooze died in  1902 J Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 05C Page 213, at 68.