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Monday 1 April 2024

Joseph Soppit and Catherine Winship

St Bartholomew's Church, Longbenton
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Joseph Soppit (bap. 19 Oct 1806 in Ovingham, Northumberland), son of Joseph and Bridget Soppit, married Catherine Winship (bap. 9 Sep 1804 in Longbenton, Northumberland), daughter of John Winship and Mary Daggett on 1 Apr 1838 at All Saints' Church, Newcastle upon Tyne

Joseph and Catherine Soppit had three children, all baptised at St Bartholomew's ChurchLongbenton, Northumberland; 
  1. Bridget Soppit b. 1839 M Quarter in TYNEMOUTH UNION Volume 25 Page 388, bap. 3 Mar 1839
  2. Winship Soppit b. 1842 M Quarter in TYNEMOUTH UNION Volume 25 Page 407, bap. 27 Mar 1842
  3. John Soppit b. 1844 S Quarter in TYNEMOUTH UNION Volume 25 Page 424, bap. 6 Oct 1844
Longbenton had some notable residents, among them English physician and scientist, Thomas Addison, footballer Peter Beardsley and actor Jimmy Nail

The late wife and infant child of engineer, George Stephenson (1781 - 1848), are buried at St Bartholomew's ChurchLongbenton. George Stephenson having worked as a brakesman and later appointed as engine-wright in 1812, in 1814, Stephenson constructed his first locomotive, 'Blucher', for hauling coal at Killingworth Colliery. (See Killingworth locomotives). This may even have been an influence, as later, John Soppit became an Engine Fitter. 

In 1839, the Soppit family were living in Killingworth, with Joseph's occupation listed as Waggonman. In 1841, Joseph Sopwith (sic), Banksman, wife Catherine, daughter Bridget and Bridget Elias (with the change of name, I assume she remarried, but found no record) were living at Killingworth, Longbenton, Tynemouth. Longbenton has a long history of coal mining. 
(Banksman: In Irish and British civil engineering, a banksman is the person who directs the operation of a crane or larger vehicle from the point near where loads are attached and detached.)
By 1851, Joseph Soppit (44), a Colliery Labourer, Catherine (45), Bridget (12), Winship (9) and John (6), as well as Joseph's mother, Bridget (70), were all living at Hazbrigg, Longbenton, Tynemouth. 

They moved to Durham, as Bridget Elias, died in Houghton Le Spring in 1855. 

In 1861, Joseph Soppit (55), Labourer, Catherine (56), Winship (19), Blacksmith at Colliery, and John (14), Joiner at Colliery were living at Four Lane Ends, Hetton Le Hole (where coal has been mined since Roman times).

Catherine Soppit died, aged 66, and was buried on 9 Jan 1871 at St NicholasHetton Le Hole

On the 1871 census, Joseph Soppitt (64), Labourer, and son Winship (29), Blacksmith, along with Isabella Hepple, Servant, were living at Lyons, Hetton-Le-Hole, Houghton Le Spring, Durham. 

In 1881, Joseph Soppit (74), a Retired Coal Miner, was living in Caroline Street, Hetton-Le-Hole. 

Joseph Soppit died, aged 76, in 1882, in Houghton Le Spring.

Monday 4 September 2023

Stephen Wilton and Sophia Watson

St George's Church, Wells Way, Camberwell
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Stephen Wilton (b. 1848), son of Ann Wilton (although his father was listed as an 'invented', non-existent John Wilton), married Sophia Watson at St George's Church, Camberwell on 4 Sep 1871. Sophia was the daughter of James Watson and Sophia Barker, who had also married in Camberwell, in 1843, although, Sophia was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, in 1851, where her father was listed at that time, in Wellington Street, Westgate, as a Leather finisher and dyer. Stephen Wilton was a Harness Maker: a trade he undoubtedly learned while apprenticed to his maternal uncle Thomas Clark, who was one of the witnesses to Stephen and Sophia's marriage.

Stephen and Sophia had thirteen children, all born in Peckham, however, I have only been able to identify records for 12 of them:
  1. Matilda Wilton b. 1872 M Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 737
  2. Edward Wilton b. 1873 D Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 771
  3. Stephen Wilton b. 1875 D Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 794
  4. Sophia Ann b. 1878 M Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 834. (Died 1878 D Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 516)
  5. Rose Wilton b. 1879 J Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 804. (Died, aged 1, in 1881 M Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 513)
  6. Jane Wilton b. 1881 M Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 915
  7. William Wilton b. 1883 J Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 918
  8. Minnie Wilton b. 1885 S Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 917. (Died 1886 J Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 500)
  9. Robert Wilton b. 16 Apr 1887 J Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D 962
  10. Florence Wilton b. 1891 D Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 882
  11. Maud Wilton b. 1893 M Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 943
  12. Edith Wilton b. 1895 D Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 860
In 1881, at 29, Sumner Road, Camberwell, were Stephen Wilton (33) Harness Maker; with wife Sophia Wilton (30), Matilda Wilton (9), Edward Wilton (7), Stephen Wilton (5) and Jane Wilton (0).

In 1891, in Camden Grove North, Camberwell, we find Stephen Wilton (43), Sophia Wilton (40), Edward Wilton (17) Soldier - records show that Edward had joined the East Surrey Regiment in 1890 - Stephen (15) Tin plate maker, Jane (10), William (8) and Robert (4) - the last 3 at school.

In 1901, at 24, Middle Street, Camberwell, were Stephen Wilton (53), Sophia Wilton (50), Jane Wilton (20) Ironer; William Wilton (18) Tin worker; Robert Wilton (14) Van boy; Florence (9), Maud (8) and Edith Wilton (5).

In 1911, at 129 Camden Grove North, Peckham: Stephen Wilton (63) Harness Maker, Sophia Wilton (60), Robert Wilton (23) Deal porter - a dangerous job done by a specialist group of workers in London's docks - Florence (19), Maud (18) Ironer and Edith (15) Book folder. They list on this census that they'd had thirteen children during their 40 year marriage, with nine then still living and four having died. (Can only find records for 12.)

Stephen Wilton died aged 65, in 1913 D Quarter Volume 01D Page 833 and is buried at Camberwell Old CemeterySquare 23, Grave 23241.

In 1921, Sophia Wilton (70) widow, was living at 62, Commercial Road, Peckham, with her daughter Florrie Wilton (28).

Sophia Wilton died aged 80 in 1931 J Quarter Volume 01D Page 660.