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Tuesday 5 January 2021

John Pearson and Bridget Soppit

St. Cuthbert's Church, East Rainton
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John Pearson (b. 1836 in Durham), son of Andrew Pearson and Jane Brown, married Bridget Soppit (bap. 3 Mar 1839 in Longbenton), daughter of Joseph Soppit and Catherine Winship, in Sunderland, Durham in Q2 1858.

John and Bridget had six sons:
  1. Joseph Pearson b. 1859 in HOUGHTON LE SPRING Vol 10A Page 355
  2. Andrew Pearson b. 1862 J Quarter in DURHAM Volume 10A Page 328 (Died aged 17 in 1879 in HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING Vol 10A Page 224)
  3. John William Winship Pearson b. 1864 in DURHAM Vol 10A Page 332
  4. Robert Pearson b. 1866 in DURHAM Volume 10A Page 345, bap. 5 May 1867 in Pittington, Durham
  5. Frederick George Pearson b. 1869 in DURHAM Vol 10A Page 362
  6. John Henry Pearson b. 18 Sep 1873 in HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING Volume 10A Page 582, bap. 5 Dec 1873, in East Rainton, Durham.
Yes, two sons were registered as John, although census records suggest the elder was known as William and the youngest, as Henry. 

In 1861, the couple were living in Low Moorsley (wonder if they encountered serial killer Mary Ann Cotton there?) in the district of Hetton-le-Hole. John Pearson (25) Joiner & Cartwright, with Bridget (22) and Joseph (1).

In 1871, at Quarry House, Pittington, we find John Soppit (35) Joiner, Bridget (32) and sons Joseph (11), William (6), Robert (4) and Frederick (2). I cannot account for the absense of Andrew and cannot locate him elsewhere.

In 1881, John Pearson (45) Foreman joiner (colliery) was living in Overmans Row, Haswell, Easington, Durham, with wife Bridget Pearson (42), Joseph (21) Fireman (locomotive engine); William (16) Pupil teacher; Robert (14), Frederick (12) and Henry (7), as well as Mary Jane Bird (14) General domestic servant. One imagines Overmans Row was housing for foremen. 

In 1891, John Pearson (55) Ironkeeper joiner, was listed at the Screen Man Arms, Gale Street, Haswell, with Bridget Pearson (52), FG Pearson [Frederick George] (22) and Henry Pearson (18), John Soppit (12) Nephew (son of Winship Soppit and Ann Hall) and Sarah A Walker (18) General Servant.

Bridget Pearson died, at 61, in 1900 in BROMLEY (Vol 02A Page 286). Bridget's younger brother, John Soppit, Publican, lived Bromley, Kent, so it would seem likely she was staying with him at the time of her death. 

In 1901, John Pearson (65) widower, living on own means, was boarding in 15, Rawshorne Terrace, South Hetton, Haswell, Easington, Durham, in the household of Thomas Hodgson (68) Coal miner.

In 1911, John Pearson (75) widower, Lamplighter, was a boarder in the household of Robert Shanks (75) Tea and coffee dealer, at 4 Richmond St, South Hetton, Haswell, Durham. 

John Pearson died, aged 80, in Easington, in 1916.