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Tuesday 2 July 2024

Herbert Greey Taylor and Henrietta Staines Wilton

Holy Trinity, South Woodford
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Herbert Greey Taylor (b. 18 Dec 1874 in Hackney), son of Robert William Taylor and Sarah Keene, married Henrietta Staines Wilton (bap. 16 Apr 1879 in Great Dunmow), daughter of Stephen Thomas Wilton and Sarah Anna Laver, at Holy Trinity South Woodford on 2 Jul 1900

Herbert and Henrietta had three children:
  1. Herbert Leslie Taylor b. 25 Jun 1903 S Quarter in ROCHFORD Vol 04A 749, bap. 28 Aug 1903
  2. Robert William Taylor b. 1907 M Quarter in ROCHFORD Vol 04A 728
  3. Henrietta Thora Taylor b. 1 Dec 1909 (1910 M Quarter in ROCHFORD Vol 04A 684)
In 1901, Herbert G Taylor (26) Commercial Traveller (Cloth) and Henrietta S Taylor (22) were living at 7, Gordon Road, Wanstead, West Ham.

In 1911, at Summerfield, Burnham Road, Leigh-on-Sea, were Herbert Greey Taylor (36) Merchant Italian Cloth; Henrietta Staines Taylor (32), Herbert Leslie Taylor (7), Robert William Taylor (4), Henrietta Thora Taylor (1) & two servants: Louisa Ellen Sargent (23) and Annie Garnish Threadgold (16).

In 1921, Herbert Greey Taylor (46) Italian Cloth Merchant; Henrietta Staines Taylor (42), Herbert Leslie Taylor (18), Robert William Taylor (14), Henrietta Thora Taylor (11), Dora Ella Taylor (18) General Domestic Servant and Ethel Maud Taylor (38) Sister-in-law were living at Hurst Lodge, Hadley Road, Monken Hadley, New Barnet.

In 1939, living at "Terra Nore" Longdown Lane South, Ewell, Surrey were Herbert Greey Taylor, Textile Merchant & Agent; Henrietta Staines Taylor and Henrietta Thora Colley, Private Secretary. (Henrietta Thora Taylor had married Henry Colley, in Ewell, Surrey, on 29 Oct 1938.)

Henrietta Staines Taylor died, aged 77, in 1956 D Quarter in LEWES Volume 05H Page 433.

Herbert Greey Taylor also died in Lewes, in 1970, at 95.

Friday 29 March 2024

John Sweney and Alice Taylor

Pentonville Prison
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John Sweney (b. 12 Dec 1867) son of John Henry Charles Sweeney and Susannah Harvey married Alice Taylor (18) daughter of Frederick Taylor, Plumber, Deceased, at Saint Matthew, Salmon Lane, Limehouse Fields, Tower Hamlets, on 29 Mar 1886. Witnesses were George Taylor and Annie Taylor.

John and Alice had seven children:
  1. Frederic Sweney (sic) b. 1887 J Quarter in STEPNEY Vol 01C Page 435. Died aged 17 in 1904 J Quarter in WEST HAM Vol 04A Page 37
  2. John Sweney b. 1889 M Quarter in MILE END OLD TOWN Vol 01C Page 554. Died age 1 in 1890 D Qtr in MILE END Vol 01C Page
  3. Alice Sweney b. 1891 J Qtr in MILE END Vol 01C Page 506
  4. Emma Sweney b. 1893 S Qtr in MILE END Vol 01C Page 522
  5. John Sweney b. 1896 S Quarter in FULHAM Vol 01A Page 272
  6. Thomas Sweney b. 1899 S Qtr in WEST HAM Vol 04A Page 6
  7. Rose Sweney b. 1903 M Qtr in WEST HAM Vol 04A Page 35
TAYLOR is the mother's maiden name on the births of all of their children.

In 1891, at 79, St Ann's Road, Mile End Old Town we find John Sweney (24) Slater; Alice Sweney (24); Frederick Sweney (4) and Alice Sweney (3 mts).

The Globe of 29 Mar 1901 reported:
At the West Ham Police Court today, John Sweeney, 36, a tiler, of 3 Shaftesbury Avenue, Plaistow, was charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm on his wife Alice. Mr F Stern prosecuted. The wife, who attended for the first time, said her husband came home in the small hours of the morning of March 22 and was the worse for liquor. He threw on the table 3s 6d, saying that that was all the had got left out of half a sovereign, and she would have none of it. He threw a tumbler at her, then a pair of boots and a chair, but these articles missed her. He went on to punch her about the body and hit her across the arm with a chair. He told her to "Sling her hook" and threatened to finish her. She screamed, but though other people were in the house, no one went to her help. She became dazed, and the last thing she remembered was seeing him lifting a mahogany table over his head. When she recovered she found herself half-way through the window (on the ground floor), and when she moved she fell on the pavement. At the station she was seen by the divisional surgeon. He had been convicted before for assaulting her. Prisoner, who alleged that his wife was addicted to drink and neglected the house, was remanded.

The Eastern Counties Times on 30 Mar 1901, also carried the story:
At the West Ham Police Court on Saturday, John Sweeney, 36, a tiler, of 3 Shaftesbury Avenue, Plaistow, was charged with assaulting his wife, Alice, by kicking her, striking her with some blunt instrument, and throwing her through a window. PC Butcher 711K, was on duty in High Street, Plaistow, early on Saturday morning, when he heard screams proceeding from Shaftesbury Avenue. On the way to the house he saw a woman, bleeding, and calling for help. From what she said to him, he went into No. 3, Shaftesbury Avenue, and saw the furniture all broken up, and prisoner sitting in the room. The officer made him put on his things, and go to the station, as his wife accused him of assaulting her. When at the station he said to his wife, "Don't charge me this time, Alice, and I will never chastise you again." The woman replied that she had forgiven him too many times. She was too ill to appear that morning, and a remand was asked.

John Sweeney, who had been received into custody on 23 Mar 1901, appeared again at West Ham Police Court on 19 Apr 1901, charged with Maliciously wounding Alice Sweeney. He pleaded guilty to Common Assault and was handed a 3 Calendar Month sentence in Pentonville Prison.

At the time of the 1901 Census on 31 March 1901, therefore, John Sweeney (36) Prisoner, Married, Slater from Plaistow was clearly on remand and indeed was listed at His Majesty's Prison in Holloway, Islington. 

Nevertheless, at 3 Shaftesbury Avenue, [Plaistow], West Ham there was an entry which appears to say "family removed", but this is crossed through and the following people are said to be present: James [John] Sweney (35) House tiler (Slater); Alice Sweney (35), Fred Sweney (14) Tiler's labourer; Alice Sweney (10), Ethel [Emma] Sweney (8), James [John] Sweney (5) - birthplace Fulham - and Tom Sweney (2). Obviously, John (who was not called James) couldn't be in two places at once - and somehow I trust the prison to know who they had under their roof - and I cannot speculate why Alice may have been trying to show that her husband was still at home, but along with the other errors, one does have to wonder who was 'on the sauce'.

In 1911, John Sweeney (41) Slater from Limehouse was living at 33 Heckfield Place, Fulham, with Alice Sweeney (41), John Sweeney (14), Thomas Sweeney (12) and Rose Sweeney (7). This census confirms that the couple had seven children, of whom five were then still living and two had died. 

In 1921, John Sweney (54) Slater was at 107, Lawrence Avenue, East Ham with Alice Sweney (54), Rose Sweney (18) and Thomas Sweney (24) Slater.

Alice Sweeney died, aged 65, in 1931 M Qtr in WEST HAM Vol 04A 233.

In 1939, at 107a Lawrence Avenue, Manor Park, Newham, East Ham, listed as Charles J Sweeney, Slater Tiler (Retired) - this is clearly John and even quotes his birthdate of 12 Dec 1867 - with a John J Watson (assume Lodger).

John Sweeney died, aged 77, in 1944 S Quarter in FULHAM Volume 01A Page 248. Interestingly, at FindMyPast this same record, with the same references, has been transcribed twice: once as Charles Sweeney and once more as John Sweeney, so I am convinced this is our man. 

Wednesday 21 February 2024

Walter White and Florence Mary Parsonage

St John the Baptist Church, Holland Road, London W14
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Walter White (b. 1869), Fruiterer, of 155 Holland Road, son of Walter White and Hannah Blazey, married Florence Mary Parsonage (b. 18 Aug 1875 in Hammersmith), of 157 Holland Road - the girl next door - daughter of Edward Parsonage, Builder's Foreman from Wem, Shropshire, and Eleanor Agnes Crosbie, at St John The Baptist, Kensington on 21 Feb 1898.

Walter and Florence had four children:

  1. Dorothy Eleanor White born 1899 in West Ham
  2. Elsie Ivy White born 1902 in West Ham
  3. Walter Edward White born 1905 in Brentford
  4. Pansy Alice White born 27 Sep 1908 in SteyningWest Sussex

In 1911, Walter White (42) Conductor motor bus, wife Florence Mary (35), Dorothy Eleanor (12), Elsie Ivy (9), Walter Edward (5) and Pansy Alice (2), were living at 30 Percy Road W, Hammersmith. Percy Road is in Shepherd's Bush in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

In 1921, Walter White (51) working for the London General Omnibus Co, was at 74, Becklow Road, Hammersmith, London, with Florence Mary White (44), Elsie Ivy White (19) Ledger Clerk and Pansy Alice White (12).

Walter White died, aged 64, in Kensington in 1934. 

In 1939, Florence Mary White, widow, was living with her daughter, Pansy A Pearson, at 5 Lansbury AvenueFeltham, Middlesex. Florence Mary White, died in Middlesex South, on 2 Feb 1951, aged 75, leaving £6 19s (£225 today), to Pansy Alice Pearson, married woman.

Thursday 21 December 2023

George Wilton and Susan Robinson

The 'Blind Beggar', Whitechapel Road
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If one must have a stereotypical image from Bethnal Green.

George Wilton (b. 3 Feb 1860) illegitimate son of Catherine Wilton (who 'invented' a father, George Wilton, Carman, for the certificate), married Susan Robinson (b. 1860), who listed her father as William Robinson, Carpenter, at St Thomas, Bethnal Green, on 21 Dec 1884. (Undoubtedly, she'll have been the same Susan Robinson, Match Maker, born in Bromley, Middlesex, who had been a boarder in George's mother's household in Poplar, in 1881.) Witnesses were William Campling and Maria Campling, George's step-sister. 

George and Susan Wilton had three daughters:
  1. Catherine Wilton b. 10 Dec 1886 (1887 M Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 632), bap. 20 Jan 1887 at St Mary's Church, Bromley St Leonard's
  2. Elizabeth Wilton b. 1888 S Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 600
  3. Margaret Wilton b. 21 Jul 1891 (1891 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 588), bap. 5 Dec 1909, at 18, at St Mark's, Battersea Rise
The birth registrations all have the mother's maiden name ROBINSON and both of the baptisms found list their parents as George and Susan Wilton.

In 1891, living at 6, Tibbatts RoadBromley-by-Bow (Poplar) were George Wilton (29) Carman (as had been his mother's brother, his Uncle John Byatt), with his wife (wrongly) listed as Catherine Wilton (30) from Essex, with Elizabeth Wilton (4) and Catherine Wilton (2), whose ages have been transposed. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that this is the correct family, but with that many mistakes, I'm wondering if they'd been on the sauce.

George Wilton died at 30, in 1892 S Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 356. 

In 1901, all three girls, Catherine (14), Elizabeth (12) and Margaret (9), were listed as Inmates of Forest Gate District School, which functioned as an industrial school, orphanage or workhouse for children, in West Ham

There's a record of a Susan Wilton, birth year listed as 1865, from the parish of Bromley-By-Bow, being discharged from Poplar Workhouse at her own request on 24 Aug 1901. There is then an entry on the Register of Deaths in Poplar Workhouse of a Susan Wilton (37), again from Bromley, who died there on 15 Jul 1902 and was buried in the East London Cemetery. There's no corresponding civil record of the death at the GRO. Susan Wilton was not a common name at the time, so, sadly, I believe these records relate.

In 1911, Caroline Kathleen Wilton (24) from Bromley-by-Bow was a General Domestic Servant in Tooting Bec Gardens, Streatham. (Margaret Wilton married in Streatham, in 1919, which places the girls in that area and there are several instances, in various different parts of the tree, where Catherine and Caroline are used interchangeably, including that the girls' grandmother was listed as Caroline on their father's birth certificate); In 1921, again as Caroline Wilton (34) was a Domestic Servant at 68, Herne Hill, Lambeth; In 1939, Caroline Wilton, who gave her date of birth as 10 Dec 1887 - one year out - was a Housemaid at 75 Ashburnham Road, Southend-On-Sea. Catherine Wilton died, at 85, in Southend-on-Sea in 1971.

[So far] I've been unable to isolate further records for Elizabeth Wilton.

Friday 8 December 2023

William Campling and Thomasine Maria Eldred

Wennington Green, Bow
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William Campling (b. ~1854), listed as son of John Campling, Porter, married Thomasine Maria Eldred, daughter of John Eldred and Elizabeth Pitts, at St Thomas's Church, West Ham - the now lost church in Rokeby Street on 8 Dec 1878. (The transcript of the record lists her as Thomas Ziner M Eldred, but I'm figuring this was not the family's first same-sex marriage!) There is more than one William Campling born in Bethnal Green around that time and so I haven't been able to isolate his birth or identify his parents.

Thomazine Maria Eldred was the half-sister of Alfred Eldred, step-daughter of Catherine Byatt and thus, also step-sister of Elizabeth Wilton.

William and Thomasine Maria Campling had six children:
  1. Florence Catherine Campling b. 19 Dec 1879, reg. 1880 M Qtr in BETHNAL GREEN Vol 01C Page 226
  2. John William Campling b. 1882 J Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 575. Died, aged 1 in 1883 J Qtr in BETHNAL GREEN Vol 01C Page 143
  3. John William Campling b. 3 May 1884 in BETHNAL GREEN Vol 01C 234
  4. Frederick Henry Campling b. 24 Dec 1886, reg 1887 M Qtr in ISLINGTON Vol 01B 377
  5. Sidney Edwin Campling b. 1888 S Qtr in ISLINGTON Vol 01B 344. Died  1889 M Qtr in ISLINGTON Vol 01B 241
  6. Sidney Edwin Campling b. 1890 M Qtr in ISLINGTON Vol 01B 382
All the birth registrations have the mother's maiden name as ELDRIDGE, but this has been used before by her half-brother, on the registration of his first daughter and it's the surname their step-mother was listed under in 1881.

In 1881, William Campling (26) Pianoforte porter from Bethnal Green, was living at 4, Wennington Road, Bethnal Green. Thomasine Marie was unaccountably listed as Anne (24), with Florence Campling (1).

In 1891, William Camplin (sic) (36) Piano forte maker (??) was living in Carmarthen Street, Islington with Marie Camplin (32), Florence Camplin (11), John Camplin (6), Frederick Camplin (4) and Sydney Camplin (1).

In 1901, the census lists Thomas (sic) Campling (44) Labourer Starch Works born in Bromley, London in Queen's Road, Plaistow, West Ham with Mary (sic) Campling (43) born in Old Ford, London; Florence Campling (21) Box Maker born in Roman Road, London and Frederick Campling (14) Grocer's Boy born in Islington. Even with so many errors, I'm certain this is the correct family. John Campling (16) Cart Porter born in Old Ford, London, was a Boarder in Forest Gate. While Sidney Campling (11) was an Inmate in a school in Horton Kirby - Home for Little BoysFarningham, Kent.

Thomasine Maria Campling died at 50, in 1908 D Quarter in WEST HAM Volume 04A Page 91. Well, once more the record has mangled her name to Frances Ziner Maria Campling, but there can be no doubt this is her.

In 1911, Florence Campling (31) Card Board Box Maker, was living in South East Ham, West Ham with her youngest brother, Sidney Campling (21) Apprentice Linotype Operator and Thomas Steggles (54) Boarder. Both John William Campling and Frederick Henry Campling had emigrated to the United States. I haven't located William Campling in 1911, nor his death.
  1. Florence Catherine Campling (34) emigrated to the United States, sailing from Liverpool on the RMS Franconia (1910) on 28 April 1914, arriving in Boston, Massachusetts. Florence Campling died on 1 Nov 1918 from Sarcoma of the Liver (Cancer). She was 38. She never married. She was buried, on 3 Nov 1918 in Sutton, Caledonia, Vermont, the permit for her burial having been issued to her brother John.
  2. John William Campling married Edith Florence Sobey Milford (b. 1881 in Crediton, Devon), daughter of William Milford and Edith Mary Sobey, but I cannot find where or when their marriage took place. John and Edith had 3 daughters: Florence Maria b. 1910, Edith Frances b. 1912 and Marion Hazel b. 1914. Edith Milford Campling died on 31 Oct 1914 from Valvular Disease of the Heart. She was buried on 2 Nov 1914, in Sutton, Vermont. The 1950 Census shows that John was a Farmer. John W Campling died, on 15 Jun 1970, in West Burke, Vermont.
  3. Frederick Henry Campling entered the US via Canada. He married Joan Fraser (b. 1872 in England) on 12 Jan 1914 in Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa, Michigan. Joan Campling died in 1924 and is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Detroit. Frederick remarried in Delaware, Indiana, on 19 Apr 1925, to Lenora Shuck (b. 21 Feb 1898 in Jennings County, Indiana, USA.) Lenora Campling died on 10 Dec 1926 and is also buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Detroit. Frederick then remarried for a 3rd time to Chesba Lucille Wheatley, on 27 Jul 1927, in Gibson, Indiana, with whom he had at least four daughters. Frederick Henry Campling died, at 70, on 16 Feb 1957 and is buried at Memorial Park Cemetery, Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana, USA. Chesba Campling died on 16 Feb 1981 and is also buried at Memorial Park Cemetery, Vincennes.
  4. Sidney Edwin Campling married Beatrice Fell in the 1st quarter of 1915, in West Ham. In 1916, Sidney Edwin Camplin (sic) (26) enlisted for Military Service in the London Yeomanry. The couple don't appear to have any children. Sidney Edwin Campling died on 22 Jul 1941, in Ilford, Essex. Beatrice Campling remarried, in 1950, to Arthur Leonard Hemming. Beatrice Hemming died, in Romford, in 1960.

Wednesday 11 October 2023

Henry Hawkins and Sarah Ann "Jessie" Tooze

Alma Street, Sheerness
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Henry Hawkins (bap. 5 Apr 1846 in Rackenford, Devon), son of Edward Hawkins and Leah Courtis, married Jessie Tooze (born Sarah Ann), daughter of Thomas Tooze and Mary Summers, on 11 Oct 1868, in West Ham. 

Henry's father, Edward Hawkins, was a Game Keeper and Henry's maternal grandfather, George Courtis, was a Farmer Of 171 Acres.

Henry and "Jessie" had three children:
  1. Emily Louisa Hawkins b. 1869 J Qtr in KENSINGTON Vol 01A 132
  2. William Hawkins b. 4 Jun 1872 in Detroit, Michigan, Unites States
  3. Arthur Hawkins b. 1874 D Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A 791
In 1871, Henry Hawkins (25) Carpenter; Jessie Hawkins (24); Emily Hawkins (1) born in Notting Hill and Mary Tooze (68) Widow, Pauper, Mother-in-law, were living at Durley Moor Cottage, Holcombe Rogus.

In 1872, Passenger Lists of vessels arriving at New York, Unites States, show Henry Hawkins (26) Carpenter, Jessie Hawkins (26) Wife and Emily Hawkins (2) Child leaving from Liverpool on 14 Mar 1872, on the transatlantic passenger ship City of New York (1865) of the Inman Line. The streets not being paved with gold, however, they were back in the UK by 1874.

In 1881, at 5, Lower James Street, Minster in Sheppey, were Henry Hawkins (35) Joiner from Rackenford, Devon; Jessie Hawkins (34) from Holcombe Rogus; Emily L Hawkins (11) born in Notting Hill; William Hawkins (8) born in the United States and Arthur Hawkins (6) born in Sheerness.

In 1891, Henry Hawkins (45) Ship's Joiner; Jessie Hawkins (44), Arthur Hawkins (16) and Emily L Ridler (21) were living in Alma Street, Minster in Sheppey. William Hawkins was in the Mediterranean with HMS Inflexible, (and 42 days in Malta Gaol), having joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Class on 31 May 1888, until he was Invalided with Asthma on 4 Nov 1909. 

In 1901, Henry Hawkins (55) Joiner Ship Dock Yard from Rackenford, Devon was living in Delamark Road, Sheerness with Jessie Hawkins (54) and two boarders, Oscar Riche (29) Schoolmaster from Cambridge and Alfred J Middleton (30) Schoolmaster from Grimsby, Lincolnshire. William Hawkins was alternating between HMS VictoryHMS Vernon shore establishments and HMS Duke of Wellington (for all three, read Portsmouth.)

In 1911, Henry Hawkins (65) Pensioned Joiner was still living in Sheerness with Jessie Hawkins (64), William Hawkins (38) Naval Pensioner; John Tooze (71) Retired Thatcher (Jessie's older brother); and three boarders.

Henry Hawkins died, aged 73, in 1919 M Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A Page 1782 and Jessie Hawkins died later in the same year, also aged 73, in 1919 D Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A Page 1140.

William Hawkins died, aged 63, on 12 Feb 1935 M Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A Page 1470 and was buried in Sheppey Cemetery

Saturday 30 September 2023

Moses Doe, Harriet White and Mary Ann Norman

St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch High Street
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Moses Doe (bap. 4 Feb 1821 in Little Canfield), son of Henry Doe and Elizabeth Doe, married Harriet White (bap. 6 Oct 1822 in Great Dunmow), daughter of Mark and Rhoda White, at St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch on 30 Sep 1844. Rhoda White was one of four witnesses to the marriage. (In 1841, Rhoda White (42) had been listed in the household - presumably as a servant - of James Samms (67) at Manor Farm, Little Easton (Little Easton Manor). Mark White had been buried on 11 Apr 1834, in Little Easton.)

Moses and Harriet had three sons:
  1. Charles Doe b. 1845 S Quarter in WEST HAM UNION Volume 12 Page 278, bap. at Walthamstow, St John the Evangelist
  2. Benjamin Doe b. 1848, reg. 1849 J Quarter in WEST HAM UNION Volume 12 Page 320, bap. Walthamstow, St James the Great. Died, aged 13, in 1862 J Quarter in WEST HAM UNION Volume 04A Page 34, and is buried at Walthamstow, St Mary the Virgin.
  3. William Doe b. 1851 J Quarter in WEST HAM UNION Vol 12 Page 317
In 1851, Moses Doe (30) Labourer from Essex was living in Black Horse Lane, Walthamstow, West Ham, with wife Harriet (29) from Dunmow, Essex; Charles Doe (5), Benjamin Doe (1), William Doe (0) and Roda (sic) White (50) Widow, House Servant, Mother-in-Law from Fakenham, Norfolk.

In 1861, Moses Doe (40) Grocer, was at Sinkers Bridge, Walthamstow, West Ham, with Harriet Doe (36), Benjamin Doe (11), William Doe (10), Kate Stacks (2) Granddaughter from Middlesex and Elizabeth Martain (51) Widow, Lodger from Hackney. I've been unable to find Charles Doe, who would have been around 15 and probably out working. (There is a death of a Charles Doe in West Ham in 1861, but this record can be discounted as the deceased was aged 3.) With only three sons, who were too young, Kate Stacks cannot be the Doe's granddaughter so assume was the lodger's granddaughter.

In 1871, at Shern Hall Place, Walthamstow, West Ham were Moses Doe (50) Undergardener Domestic Servant from Little Canfield, Essex; Harriet Doe (49) from Little Easton and William Doe (20) Groom. (Shern Hall: stood in impressive grounds of more than 18 acres that contained landscaped gardens, a large T-shaped pond, orchards, meadowland, farm buildings and stabling.)

Harriet Doe died, at 52, in 1874 M Quarter in TUNBRIDGE Volume 02A Page 333 was buried on 7 Jan 1874 at St Paul's Church, Rusthall.

Moses Doe (53) Widower, Gardener, remarried to Mary Ann Norman (39) Spinster, on 7 Mar 1875 at Tunbridge Wells, Congregational Church.

Moses and Mary Ann added one further son:
  1. John Doe b. 1876 S Quarter in TUNBRIDGE Volume 02A Page 603, bap. at Tunbridge Wells, Congregational Church.
In 1881, transcribed as Morris Deo (and the bad handwriting does look like that) living at Denny Bottom, Speldhurst, Tonbridge, Kent, were Moses Doe (60) Gardener; Mary Ann Deo (45) Wife of Gardner; John Deo (4) Scholar, plus 2 Lodgers: John P Norbury (32) Carpenter from Liverpool and Alfred Brown (20) Carpenter from Bradwell on Sea, Essex.

Mary Ann Doe died, aged 53 in 1888 M Quarter in TUNBRIDGE Volume 02A Page 439, and was buried on 13 Mar 1888, at St Paul's Church, Rusthall

Moses Doe died, at 67, on 24 Jun 1888 (1888 J Qtr in TUNBRIDGE Vol 02A Page 364) and was buried on 27 Jun 1888, also at St Paul's Church, Rusthall. Sadly, the gravestone mentions "a long and painful affliction".

St. Paul's Church, Rusthall Common
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Sunday 24 September 2023

Alfred Eldred and Frances Amelia Godfrey

Ponders End High Street at the junction with South Street 
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Alfred Eldred, son of John Eldred and Harriett Page, married Frances Amelia Godfrey, daughter of William Godfrey and Catherine Astor Oxenham, at St Thomas's Church, West Ham on 24 Sep 1917. They'd already been together for close to 40 years and brought up seven offspring. How very modern!

Alfred Eldred was half-brother of Thomazine Maria Eldred, step-son of Catherine Byatt and thus, also step-brother of Elizabeth Wilton.

Records suggest that Alfred and Frances had 7 children:
  1. Catherine Ellen Eldridge (sic) b. 1879 J Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C Pg 674
  2. Alfred John Eldred b. 1881 S Quarter in EDMONTON Vol 03A Pg 321
  3. Mary Ann Margaret Eldred b. 1885 (no birth registration found)
  4. Rachel Maria Amelia Eldred b. 1890 M Quarter in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 630. Died, aged 1, in 1891 M Quarter in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 443
  5. Walter William Eldrett (sic) b. 1892 M Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 605
  6. Elizabeth Alice Eldrett (sic) b. 1895 S Qtr in WEST HAM Vol 04A 199
  7. John Edward Phillip Eldrett (sic) b. 1899 J Qtr in WEST HAM Vol 04A 4
Despite all the different spellings and variations of the family surname, on the GRO birth registrations, the mother's maiden name is consistently GODFREY.

In 1881, in South Street, Enfield [Ponders End], were Alfred Eldrett (sic) (26) Labourer, Francis (sic) Amelia Eldrett (sic) (23) and Catherine Hellen (sic) Eldrett (sic) (1). It says that their daughter was born in Bromley, Kent, but this too is yet another error as she was born in Bromley-by-Bow, Poplar

In 1891, Alfred Eldrett (sic) (36) Gas Labourer was living at 29, Donald Street, Bromley, Poplar with Francis (sic) Eldrett (33), Katherine Eldrett (12), Alfred Eldrett (10) and Mary Ann Eldrett (6).

In 1901, Alfred Eldret (45) General Carman was living in Church Street Buildings, 19, Church Street, Plaistow (West Ham), with Frances (41), Mary A Eldret (16), Walter W Eldret (9), Elizabeth Eldret (5) and John Eldret (2).

In 1911, Alfred Eldred (54) General Labourer, from Dunmow, Essex; Frances Eldred (50), Walter Eldred (19), Elizabeth Eldred (15) and John Eldred (12) were living at 41 Preston RoadStratfordWest Ham. They 'claimed' they'd been married for 32 years (corresponding with the birth of their eldest) and confirmed they'd had 7 children, of whom 6 were living and one had died.

In 1921, Alfred Eldred (64) General labourer for the Charrington City And Westminster Electric Light Company; Frances Eldred (60) and Walter William Eldred (29) Tallow Melter for Cockman Brothers Limited Tallow Melters And Bone Merchants, were still at 41, Preston Road, Stratford, West Ham.

Frances Amelia Eldred died, at 67, in 1927 M Qtr in WEST HAM Vol 04A 5. 

Alfred Eldred died, aged 74, in 1931 D Qtr in WEST HAM Vol 04A 1.