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Monday, 17 April 2023

Charles Palmer and Mary Amelia Oxford

Maker Church
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Charles Palmer, son of John Palmer and Esther Collins, married Mary Amelia Oxford, daughter of John Oxford and Elizabeth Lang, at St Mary's and St Julian's ChurchMaker, Cornwall on 17 Apr 1835

Charles and Mary had seven children:
  1. Esther Elizabeth Palmer b. 27 Mar 1836, bap. 12 Jun 1836 at Buckwell Lane Rehoboth Chapel -Independent, Plymouth.
  2. Benjamin Charles Palmer b. 1838 J Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 09 Page 387. (No baptism and no further records found.)
  3. James Lang Palmer b. 1840 J Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 09 Page 371, bap. 11 Oct 1844 at St Andrew's Church, Plymouth
  4. Edward Oxford Palmer b. 1844 J Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 09 Page 409, bap. 11 Oct 1844 at St Andrew's Church, Plymouth
  5. Elizabeth Colwill Palmer b. 1846 D Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 09 Page 378, bap. 7 Oct 1846 at St Andrew's Church, Plymouth, died aged 1, in 1848 J Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 09 Page 245
  6. Charles Palmer b. 1848 D Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 09 Page 365
  7. Mary Palmer b. 17 November 1848 D Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 09 Page 365, reputedly born at 16 Catte Street, Plymouth.
It's clear that the last two were twins. On James and Edward's baptism, Charles' occupation in listed as Labourer. On Elizabeth Colwill's baptism, he is listed as a Porter and the family's address as Catte Street.

In 1841, Charles Palmer (25) was living in York Street, Plymouth St Andrew with Mary Palmer (25), Ester Palmer (5), Benjn Palmer (3), James Palmer (1) and a Margert Charter (20). All spellings as (badly) written/transcribed.

In 1851, Charles Parmer (sic) (39) Sub Bailliff (sic) with birthplace suggested as Ionkley (sic), Lancashire - there is a Charles Palmer born in Hinckley, Leicestershire - was living in Vauxhall Street, Charles The Martyr, Plymouth with wife Mary Parmer (39) from Devonport, Devonshire; Benjamin Parmer (13), Edward Parmer (11), James Parmer (7) - clearly they have transposed James and Edward's ages - Charles Parmer (2) and Mary Parmer (2). 

In 1861, Charles Talmer (sic - this is certainly a transcription error) (48) Tanner and Mary Talmer (sic) Wife of Tanner are still living in Vauxhall Street with the twins, Charles (12) and Mary (12), as well as Esther Talmer (70) from Winchester, Hampshire, Widowed, 'Tanner's Mother', Edmund Drake (3) - daughter Esther's step-son - and William Barry (0) Boarder. Charles' father, John Palmer, who had died in 1855, had been a Tanner, so it would appear that Charles had taken over his trade (or at least attempted to do so).

Mary Amelia Palmer died, aged 55, in 1867 M Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 208 and was buried in Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth.

There is a Charles Palmer (age estimated to 61), Widowed, Porter, birthplace Plymouth, Devonshire, listed in Charles, Devon in 1871.

Charles Palmer died, aged 61, in 1874 J Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 170. He is also buried in Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth.

Friday, 6 January 2023

John Oxford and Elizabeth Lang

Charles Church, the second most ancient parish church in Plymouth.
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John Oxford (bap. 26 Dec 1777), son of Henry and Mary Oxford, married Elizabeth Lang (bap. 24 Aug 1778 in Stoke Damerel), daughter of James Lang and Mary Smart, on 4 Sep 1803 at Charles Church, Plymouth.

John and Elizabeth had at least the following five children, all baptised at Plymouth, Charles the Martyr (Charles Church, Plymouth):
  1. John Oxford b. 7 Sep 1804, bap. 7 Apr 1805. With a subsequent child also named John, it is likely this child died as an infant and there is indeed a burial of a John Oxford, although the age is not listed, on 28 Oct 1805.
  2. John Lang Oxford b. 29 Nov 1807, bap. 6 Jan 1808.
  3. Elizabeth Ann Mills Oxford b. 22 Aug 1808, bap. 27 Aug 1809. Died, aged 12, and was buried at Charles Church, Plymouth on 15 May 1820.
  4. Henry Lang Oxford b. 13 Aug 1810, bap. 28 Oct 1810.
  5. Mary Amelia Oxford b. 29 Nov 1811, bap. 15 Jun 1817. Baptism lists her as Mary Emilia (sic) and John's occupation as Shipwright.
By 1841, John Oxford (60) was resident in Devonport Workhouse (previously Stoke Damerel Parish Workhouse). I can't find Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Oxford died, in Stoke Damerel, on 22 Dec 1845 (1845 D Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 09 Page 262) and was buried, in the parish of Stoke Damerel, on 26 Dec 1845. Her age, estimated to 60 (she was 67), is likely just a wild guess by the overseers. Her residence at the time of death was 'Workhouse'. "Until the National Health Service was established in 1948, the Workhouse Infirmary was one of the few places where medical care could be obtained free of charge. As a result, many babies were born in the Workhouse and many older people ended their days there." [SourceInside Plymouth's dismal Workhouses which housed the poor and disabled.

In 1851, John Oxford (74) Widower, is again listed at the Workhouse in Stoke Damerel, proudly listed as "Shipwright Employed Thirty Men".

John Oxford died, aged 76, on 16 Aug 1853 (1853 S Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 05B Page 184). Once more, the record of his burial, on 20 Aug 1853, in that parish, gives his last address as 'Workhouse'.
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