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Monday 8 April 2024

Joseph Hill Adcock and Martha Naseby

St Andrew's Church, Rugby
G-13114, CC BY-SA 4.0

Joseph Hill Adcock, third son of James Adcock and Mary Hill, married Martha Naseby, fifth child of William Naseby and Eliza Thompson at St Andrew's Church, Rugby on 8 Apr 1869. Although not blood relatives, they were still keeping it in the family, as Joseph's father, James Adcock was the brother of Mary Adcock, wife of Daniel Thompson, who was the brother of Eliza Thompson, Martha's mother. Don't worry if you're still confused.

Joseph and Martha had four children: 
  1. George Hill Adcock b. 1870, bap. 9 Oct 1870 at St Andrew's, Rugby
  2. James William Adcock b. 1875, bap. 11 Jul 1875 at St Andrew's
  3. Mary Elizabeth Mobbs Adcock b. 1877, bap 29 Apr 1877 at St Matthew's, Rugby
  4. Louisa Cox Adcock b. 1880, bap. 26 Dec 1880 at St Matthew's, Rugby
In 1871: Joseph H Adcock (29), Gardener, Martha (21) and son George H (0).

Rugby-Clifton Road Cemetery
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In 1881, living at Cemetry Lodge, Clifton Road, Rugby, Joseph Hill Adcock (39) was Cemetery Lodge Keeper. Living with him were wife Martha (31), George Hill (10), James William (5), Mary E (4) and Louisa C (0).

In 1891, in Clifton Road, Joseph Adcock (49) was Cemetery Manager. Listed also were Martha (41), George (20), William (15), Mary (14) and Louisa (10). 

Rugby-Oxford Street
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By 1901, living in Oxford Street, Rugby, Joseph Adcock (59) was a Shop Keeper, Green Grocer - perhaps working for or with his father-in-law, William Naseby - with wife Martha (51) and James Bazely (15) Errand Boy.

Joseph Hill Adcock died on 25 Aug 1903, aged 61. Probate was granted on 5 Oct 1903 with Martha Adcock the sole beneficiary. Martha Adcock died in 1908, aged 58 and was buried, on 1 May 1908, at Newbold-on-Avon.

Saturday 29 July 2023

Charles James Renshaw and Lilian Mary Back

Church of St Paul, Durnford Street, East Stonehouse
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Charles James Renshaw (b. 10 Feb 1884 in Rugby, Warwickshire) son of James Renshaw and Frances Elizabeth Green, married Lilian Mary Back, only daughter of Thomas Back and Elizabeth Mary Horn, at St Paul's Church, East Stonehouse on 29 Jul 1910, both resident at 11 St George's Terrace.

Charles and Lilian had three children:

  1. Dorothy May Renshaw b. 28 Jan 1913 (1913 M Q in DEVONPORT Volume 05B Page 519), bap. 13 Mar 1913 at St James, Devonport
  2. Margery Lilian Renshaw b. 31 Jan 1915 (1915 M Q in DEVONPORT Volume 05B Page 543), bap. 11 Jun 1915 in Stoke Damerel
  3. Bernard Charles Renshaw b. 23 Jan 1923 (1923 M Quarter in DEVONPORT Volume 05B Page 515), bap. 1923 in Devon.
In 1911 Charles Renshaw (27) Engine Fitter at Government Dockyard, from Rugby, Warwickshire and Lilian Mary Renshaw (21) were living with Lilian's mother, Elizabeth Mary Back, at 36 Durnford Street, East Stonehouse.

In 1921, Charles James Renshaw (37) Engineer at the Royal William Victualling Yard; Lilian Mary Renshaw (31), Dorothy Mary Renshaw (8), Margery Lilian Renshaw (6) and Elizabeth Mary Back (61) Wife's Mother, were living at 7 Duckworth Street, Devonport.

In 1939, still at 7 Duckworth Street, Plymouth, were Charles J Renshaw, Fleet Engineer; Lilian M Renshaw; Dorothy M Renshaw, Incapacitated; Bernard C Renshaw, Fitter and Turner Apprentice; Howard J Ryall, RN Petty Officer; Margery L Ryall and one closed record (the Ryall's first daughter).

Charles James Renshaw died, at 73, in the second quarter of 1957.

Lilian Mary Renshaw died, in 1973, at 84.

Dorothy May Renshaw died, at 27, in 1941 M Quarter in PLYMOUTH.

Margery Lilian Renshaw had married Howard James Ryall (b. 23 August 1914 in Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland) in 1938, in Plymouth. The couple had two daughters, born 1938 and 1944. Both Margery and Howard died in 2006.

Bernard Charles Renshaw married Valerie Frances Glanville in Plymouth in 1975. He doesn't appear to have married previously. Born Valerie Frances Bawden (b. 6 Sep 1913 in Barnstaple, Devon), she had previously married Edgar Bruce Glanville, in 1936, in St. Germans, Cornwall. The couple had two children, in 1940 and 1946, but had presumably divorced, as Edgar Bruce Glanville (b. 11 Dec 1907), died at 81, in 1988. Valerie Frances Renshaw died, at 82, in 1995. Bernard Charles Renshaw died in 2004, at 81.

Saturday 3 June 2023

William Naseby and Eliza Thompson

St. Andrew's Church, Cransley
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Eliza Naseby (née Thompson)
Reproduced from the
“Our Warwickshire” website

© Rugby Library
Reference: T, B NAS, img: 7688
William Naseby (bap. 16 Apr 1815 in West Haddon), son of William Naseby and Charlotte Wood, married, Eliza Thompson (bap. 8 Feb 1824 in Cransley, Northamptonshire), then a minor at 17, daughter of Solomon Thompson Jnr and Maria Willis, at St Andrew's Church, Cransley on 3 Jun 1841. Witnesses were George Naseby and Ann Naseby.

They had a baker's dozen of children:

  1. Emma Naseby b. 1842 S Qtr in DAVENTRY UNION Vol 15 222
  2. William Naseby b. 1844 J Qtr in DAVENTRY UNION Vol 15 245
  3. Clara Ann Naseby b. 1846 J Qtr in DAVENTRY UNION Vol 15 268
  4. James Naseby b. 1848 M Quarter in RUGBY Volume 16 Page 500. (Died, aged 1, in 1849 M Quarter in RUGBY Vol 16 Page 354)
  5. Martha Naseby b. 1850 M Quarter in RUGBY Volume 16 Page 523, bap. 2 Sep 1853 at Saint Andrew, Rugby
  6. Eliza Naseby b. 1851 D Quarter in RUGBY Volume 16 Page 536, bap. 5 Dec 1851 at St Matthew's Church, Rugby
  7. Ruth Naseby b. 1853 S Quarter in RUGBY Volume 06D Page 356, bap. Kate Ruth, 2 Sep 1853 at Saint Andrew, Rugby
  8. Maria Naseby b. 1855 D Qtr in RUGBY Vol 06D Page 365 (Died at 2 days 1855 D Qtr in RUGBY Vol 06D Page 219, buried 19 Oct 1855)
  9. Edith Naseby b. 1857 J Qtr in RUGBY Vol 06D 396, bap. 9 Jun 1857 at Saint Andrew, Rugby (Died, aged 1, in 1859 S Qtr Vol 06D 268)
  10. Owen William Thompson Naseby b. 1859 M Quarter in RUGBY Volume 06D Page 429, bap. 3 May 1859 at Saint Andrew, Rugby (Died 1859 J Quarter in RUGBY Volume 06D Page 253 and buried on 14 May 1859)
  11. Naomi Naseby b. 1860 J Quarter in RUGBY Volume 06D Page 425
  12. Amy Maria Naseby b. 1862 D Quarter in RUGBY Volume 06D Page 411
  13. Rebecca Naseby b. 1865 M Quarter in RUGBY Volume 06D Pag, bap. 9 Jan 1865 at Saint Andrew, Rugby
Mother's maiden name on birth registrations is THOMPSON - with an H.

In 1841, William Naseby (20ish) and Eliza Naseby (17) were living in West Haddon. (Two of Eliza's sisters also lived in West Haddon at that time, Mary Botterill, then of The Bell Inn and the infamous jailbird Lucy Smith.)

By 1851, William and Eliza had moved to 5, Riley's Court, Rugby, Warwickshire, with William Naseby (31ish) Ag Lab; Eliza Naseby (25); Emma Naseby (9), Clara A Naseby (5) and Martha Naseby (1).

In 1861, at 58, North Street, Rugby, were William Naseby (46) Fruiterer; with Eliza Naseby (37); Emma Naseby (18) and Martha Naseby (11), Eliza Naseby (9) and Kate Naseby (9) Scholars and Naomi Naseby (1). Clara A Naseby (15) that year was a pupil, boarding at an industrial school in Rugby under the care of matron, Mary Potton (50) widow.

In 1871, in North Street, Rugby, were William Naseby (55) Gardener; Eliza Naseby (49), Eliza Naseby (19), Naomi Naseby (10), Amy M Naseby (8), Rebecca Naseby (6) and Eliza's brother, William Thompson (47) Visitor.

In 1881, in Hillmorton Road, Rugby, there were just William Naseby (65) Market Gardener; Eliza (60) and John Brand (16) Garden Labourer.

In 1891, with address at Naseby House, Hillmorton Road, Rugby, were William Naseby (75) Market Gardener; Eliza Naseby (67) and Eliza'a brother, William Thompson (64) listed as a Gardener Domestic Servant and six of their grandchildren, offspring of Charles Johnson and Eliza Naseby, Elizabeth A Johnson (16), Clara A Johnson (15), Ellen E Johnson (12), Charles Hy Johnson (9), George Wm Johnson (7) and Frederick Johnson (6).

In 1901, William Naseby (85) Market Gardener and Eliza (77).

William Naseby
Reproduced from the
“Our Warwickshire” website

© Rugby Library
Reference: T, B NAS, img: 7687
From Our Warwickshire:

"William Naseby, green-grocer and market gardener, born in West Haddon in 1818 (sic), lived with his wife at Naseby Cottage, Hillmorton Road 1854-1905. Worked a large market garden on land developed by the Land Society, which became known as the "Naseby Estate". Lived for three years in a Lawrence Sheriff Almshouse prior to his death at 91 in 1907."

William Naseby died in 1907 M Quarter in RUGBY Volume 06D Page 386, he was indeed 91. Eliza Naseby (née Thompson) died the following year, in 1908 M Quarter in RUGBY Volume 06D Page 395, aged 84.

Post card of Lawrence Sheriff Almshouses in Church St Rugby ca. 1900s
Reproduced from the “Our Warwickshire” website under Creative Commons Licence CC BY NC
© Warwickshire County Record office: PH352/152/128