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Monday 25 December 2023

Christmas Day Weddings, Baptisms and Births

Tiverton : St Peter's Church
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In his newsletter, Peter Calver of Lost Cousins had pointed to this article, Christmas weddings in Victorian England. Having come across various Christmas Day Weddings, I had surmised - and the article confirms - that one of the less romantic reasons would have been because it was one of the few days that workers had free. As they explain, "Christmas weddings certainly happened because people were poor and had little time away from their jobs." The other, related, reason was that, "churches often offered their services free or at reduced rates on Christmas, and a flip through marriage registers shows a definite spike in the number of ceremonies performed."

A trawl through my records revealed the following bargain hunters:

Christmas Day Weddings
  1. Richard Ford and Maria Eliza Isabella Sweeney in 1857
  2. John Daines and Sarah White in 1859 
  3. Jonah Ing and Elizabeth Tooze in 1865 
  4. James Hockley and Elizabeth Wilton in 1870 
  5. Peter Barton and Annie Fuller in 1873 
  6. George Burt and Fanny Jerwood in 1884 
  7. Charles Albert Gardner and Susannah Sweney in 1884 
  8. Lewis Jerred and Mary Elizabeth Williams in 1888 
  9. William Edward Burton and Ellen Rosina Baker in 1888 
  10. Robert Ware and Amelia Land in 1891 09:30
  11. George Fuller and Eliza Ellen Hockley in 1894 
  12. Arthur Edward Copeland and Alice Jane Hurry in 1894 
  13. George James Hockley and Emily Jane Jiggins in 1895
  14. John William Stone and Rosina Sweeney in 1902 
  15. Arthur Woodham and Mary Matilda Sweeney in 1904 
  16. [Lewis] William Kerslake and Beatrice Hoare in 1908 
  17. Harry Martin and Mabel Grace Tompson in 1913 
  18. George Fuller and Elsie Elizabeth Fretwell in 1919

Christmas Day Baptisms

Obviously, one has considerably less choice over being born on Christmas Day, but again I found several - although not one named Jesus.

Christmas Day Births

George Fuller and Elsie Elizabeth Fretwell

St Helen & St Giles, Rainham
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George Fuller (b. 12 Jun 1896), eldest son of George Fuller and Eliza Ellen Hockley, married, widow, Elsie Elizabeth Fretwell on Christmas Day, 25 Dec 1919, at the Church of St Helen and St GilesRainham, Essex. 

Born Elsie Elizabeth Sear in 1896 D Quarter in WEST HAM Volume 04A Page 98, her mother's maiden name was listed as MORLEY. The only marriage that could be her parents, was that of George Sear to Sarah Ellen Morley on 20 Dec 1874, at Plaistow, St Mary the Virgin. I've not located them again. 

In 1901, however, Elsie Sear (5) her birth place listed as 'Not Known', appears among a long list of children as a scholar inmate of the West Ham Union Workhouse in Low Leyton, West Ham, London. In 1911, Elsie Sear (14) from Plaistow, was a General Domestic Servant in the household of Montague J Allward (33) Electrical and mechanical engineer station superintendent electricity wks, at 123 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, London.

In 1915, in Islington, Elsie E Sear married George R F Fretwell (registered as Robert George Frederick Fretwell in 1894 M Quarter in ISLINGTON Volume 01B Page 222), son of Frederick Fretwell and Elizabeth Maria Whines.

George and Elsie Fretwell had two children:
  1. Lilian Ellen Fretwell b. 10 Aug 1915 S Qtr in ISLINGTON Vol 01B P316
  2. George Walter Fretwell b. 1917 M Quarter in ISLINGTON Volume 01B Page 299. Died 1917 S Quarter in HOLBORN Volume 01B Page 458.
Both birth registrations show the mother's maiden name as SEAR.

Marked Wounded & Missing on 23 Mar 1918, Rifleman G R F Fretwell, 9th Battalion Rifle Brigade (The Rifle Brigade, 1914-1918) died of wounds, aged 25, on 28 Mar 1918, after being shot, and is buried at Guise (La Desolation) Cemetery, Flavigny-Le-Petit, France, in the Allied Sect. 1153. The record lists his widow as living at 21 Athelstane Road, Finsbury Park, London N4.

The Desolation cemetery in Guise

George Fuller, Agricultural Labourer, then 18, joined the Royal Navy on 23 Nov 1915, for the hostilities. At that time he was 5ft 8¼in with a 36½ chest, brown hair, blue eyes and a fresh complexion and was taken on as a Stoker. (The life of a stoker in the Royal Navy). Until 9 Mar 1916 he was assigned to HMS Pembroke II - Royal Naval Air Station at Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppey

Then he was assigned to HMS Victory II. "Once they had completed their initial training, parade drill, naval history, housekeeping and rifle drill, they were assigned to His Majesty's Ship (HMS) Victory II. Victory was a land based training establishment for stokers and engine artificers, based in Portsmouth", where he remained until 31 Jul 1917. 

On 1 Aug 1917, George was sent to HMS Wallington, which was an ex-Grimsby Trawler, operating as an (Auxiliary Patrol) Base on the Humber

George was back at Victory in Portsmouth between 15 Jan 1918 and 20 Dec 1918 and finally, from 21 Dec 1918 until 20 Feb 1919 with HMS Hecla, which had been a torpedo boat carrier/depot ship purchased in 1878, modernised in 1912 and sold in 1926. By 1919, she was at Chatham.

After their marriage in 1919, George and Elsie Fuller added four children:
  1. Elsie May Fuller b. 6 Aug 1920 S Qtr in ISLINGTON Vol 01B P422
  2. George Frederick Fuller b. 1922 M Qtr in ISLINGTON Vol 01B P346
  3. James Walter Fuller b. 26 Oct 1924 D Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A P900
  4. John Earnest Fuller b. 13 Jul 1926 S Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A P963
On the registrations for Elsie and John, the mother's maiden name was correctly listed as SEAR. On George's it has been mis-transcribed as SCAR and on James' an S has been added to make it SEARS. Close enough.

In 1921, George Fuller (25) Labourer for C J Wills & Sons Contractor; Elsie Elizabeth Fuller (24) from Plaistow, Elsie May Fuller (0) and step-daughter, Lilian Ellen Fretwell (5), were living at 21, Athelstane Road, Islington.

But Elsie Elizabeth Fuller died, aged 30, in 1927 S Quarter in ROMFORD.

Lilian Ellen Fretwell married George Frederick Grant (b. 6 Apr 1915), in 1936, in Romford. (George and Lilian Grant had two sons, in 1939 and 1942. George Frederick Grant died in 1972 and Lilian Ellen Grant in 2002.)

And George Fuller remarried to Grace Elizabeth Phillips in Romford, in 1939. Grace's DOB is quoted as 23 Dec 1910, however, the birth record in that quarter is unavailable, so I cannot confirm who her parents were.

In 1939, George Fuller, Cable Laying Labourer; Grace E Fuller, with George, James and John, were living at 6 East Close, Rainham. George F Grant, General Labourer; Lilian E Grant; their eldest (record still closed) and Elsie May Fuller, Farm Worker, were living at 111 Melville Road, Rainham.

George and Grace had three further children in 1940, 1941 and 1953.

George Fuller died at 82, in the 1st quarter of 1979.

Grace Elizabeth Fuller died in 1985.

Harry Martin and Mabel Grace Tompson

St Giles, Cripplegate, London EC2
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Harry Martin (b. Jan 1883 in WestbourneEmsworth, Hants, son of William Henry Martin and Mercy King, married Mabel Grace Tompson (b. 6 Aug 1878), daughter of Dan Tompson and Sarah Jane Baker, at St Giles-without-Cripplegate, on 25 Dec 1913. Witnesses were Daisy Kritzer (Mabel's sister, Sarah Sophia) and Job Sweeney, husband of Mabel and Sarah's elder half-sister, Eliza Louisa, (who lived in Fore Street, close to this church).

In 1911, Mabel Grace was Lady's Maid in the household of Sir Philip Hickson Waterlow, 2nd Baronet, one of the Waterlow baronets, then Chairman of Waterlow and Sons, at 24 Carlton House Terrace, St Martin in the Fields. Listed as 29, she was actually in her 30s and presumably maid to Lady Waterlow, Sir Phillip's second wife, Laura Marie (née Jones). Meanwhile, Harry Martin, then 26, was a Motor Car Driver, residing at The Stables, Trosley Towers Near Wrotham, Stansted, Kent. Sir Philip Hickson Waterlow had inherited the Trosley Towers (more images) estate from his father (part is now the Trosley Country Park), which confirms that both Mabel and Harry worked for the Waterlows, which is undoubtedly how they met.

The couple had one daughter:
  1. Laura May Martin b. 27 May 1920, registered in Malling, Kent (J Quarter, Volume 02A Page 1800, with mother's maiden name THOMPSON), was baptised on 22 Jun 1920, at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster.
That Mabel may have named her daughter after Lady Waterlow might indicate that there had been a particular friendship between employer and employee.

Harry Martin served as a Motor Driver & Mechanic during the First World War, having enlisted on 22 May 1916 at Whitehall, aged 31, in the Army Service Corps (M.T.) At that time he was 5 ft 9¼ in, weighed 140 lbs.

In 1921, Harry Martin (37) Motor Car and Electric Light Attendant; Mabel Grace Martin (40) and Laura May Martin (1) were living at Dairy Cottage, Fairseat, Nr Wrotham, Stansted, Kent.

Harry Martin died, at 37, on 20 December 1921 and was buried, on Christmas Eve, at Stansted (Saint Mary the Virgin) Churchyard (Kent). His military record states that he had developed valvular heart disease after suffering pneumonia - for which he was admitted to Stourbridge Military Hospital in 1919 - and gives his cause of death as "Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Mitral Stenosis." 

One cannot help noticing a great similarity in the style of Harry's grave site and that of the later grave of Sir Philip Hickson Waterlow (who died at Trosley Towers, Wrotham in 1931 and is also buried in Stansted Churchyard), which leads me to speculate that the Waterlows may have arranged their employee's burial. There is a note on the burial record, which says, "ex soldier died at Grosvenor Sanatorium, Kennington nr Ashford". It was used to treat Imperial soldiers & sailors suffering from tuberculosis during WW1.

Mabel Grace Martin (47) married Arthur John Stedman (51) at the parish of St James, Piccadilly, on 31 Jul 1926. Arthur John Stedman, bap. 7 Apr 1872 in Cobham, Surrey, was the son of John Stedman and Mary Ann (Marianne) Elvina Silvester (m. 1867 in Kingston, Surrey). Arthur's first wife, Harriet Jane Judge, who he married in Epsom, Surrey in 1909, had died on 18 Aug 1925 and is buried in Cobham Cemetery. Arthur John Stedman was a bricklayer, as had been his father and Mabel's father, Dan Tompson.

Arthur John Stedman died on 5 July 1938, leaving his estate to Mabel Grace.

In 1939, Mabel Grace Stedman, widowed, housekeeper, was living at 1 Pemry Villas, Elm Grove Road, Cobham, Surrey, with daughter, Laura May Martin, Ladies Hairdresser; Gerald Owen Weston (mechanic and lorry driver) and Mabel's sister, Sarah Sophia, 'Daisy' S S Kritzer, housekeeper.

Mabel Grace Stedman, formerly Martin, née Tompson, died in the 1st quarter of 1967, in the district of Surrey North Western, in her 89th year.

Lewis William Kerslake and Beatrice Hoare

Tiverton : Bampton Street
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[Lewis] William Kerslake (b. 16 Nov 1885), son of John Kerslake and Mary Ann Beedell, married Beatrice Hoare, daughter of Samuel Hoare and Mary Elizabeth Noble, at St Peter's Church, Tiverton on 25 Dec 1908

The couple had one daughter:
  1. Beatrice Gwendolen Kerslake b. 16 March 1909, bap. 19 Jun 1909, at St Peter's Church, Tiverton, daughter of Lewis William Kerslake, Tailor.
In 1911, William Kerslake (25) Tailor, Beatrice Kerslake (22) and Gwendolen Kerslake (2) living with Beatrice's parents at 1 Richards Buildings, [Bampton Street], Tiverton. But Beatrice Kerslake died later in 1911, aged 23.

In 1921, Lewis W Kerslake (34) was living back with his widowed mother at 1, The Works, Tiverton, while his daughter, Gwendoline B Kerslake (12) was still living with and brought up by her maternal grandparents, Samuel and Mary Hoare, at 1, Richards Buildings, Bampton Street, Tiverton.

Electoral Registers confirm that Louis William continued to live with his widowed mother, Mary Ann Kerslake, at The Works, Tiverton and was still there in 1930. At the same time, the 1930 Kelly's Directory listed Kerslake, Lewis Wm. tailor, at 72a, Bampton Street & 1 Newport Street, Tiverton.

Lewis William Kerslake remarried to Nellie Bridle, only child of William Bridle and Lucy Jane Stone, in Tiverton, in 1931. Their only child was: 
  1. William John Bridle Kerslake b. 21 Apr 1932.
In 1939, Lewis W Kerslake, Air Ministry Contractor Fabric Work - he was a materials inspector, undoubtedly working on parachute fabrics at the Heathcoat factory - Nellie Kerslake and William J B Kerslake, were living with Nellie's widowed mother, Lucy J Bridle, at 111 Chapel Street, Tiverton.

Then on 24 Aug 1949, their only son, Billy Kerslake, died, as reported on the front page of the Western Morning News, 25 Aug 1949:

WENT FOR BATHE "A shock from an electric cable is believed to have caused the death last night of 17-year-old William Kerslake, son of Mr and Mrs L W Kerslake, of 111 Chapel Street, Tiverton. Kerslake in a bathing costume, was in a fairly shallow part of the leat running behind the old Heathcoat School, Tiverton, when he was seen to collapse. Mr Tom Pook, of Kings Crescent, Tiverton and Mr W Copp, of 2 Bridge Buildings, Tiverton, went fully clothed to his rescue and tried artificial respiration. Dr G Lowe and Dr P F Haggart were summoned but it was found that the boy was dead. Assistance was also given by Constable D F Levett."

The subsequent newspaper report after the inquest and funeral took up almost four columns. Much was made of it being private property. Today, I feel, emphasis would be placed on why was a live, broken, unmaintained, dangerous electrical cable dangling in water where kids could access.

William John Bridle Kerslake, 17-year old shop assistant, 111 Chapel Street, Tiverton, was killed instantaneously when he grasped a live 230 volt electric cable while bathing, on Wednesday evening, in the Factory Leat of Messrs. John Heathcoat and Company Ltd. At the inquest at the Tiverton and District Hospital on Saturday morning, the dangers of swimming in the Leat were stressed by the Coroner (Mr J A Young), who said, "Quite apart from the fact that it is private property, it is not a suitable playground for anybody, as there are other dangers quite apart from the unusual danger which caused this tragedy. Parents should prevent children from going there."

Sadly, the boys seemed to have first though that it was an electric eel: Giving evidence at the inquest, Billy Kerslake's friend, Thomas Percival Stratford, said, "An eel came by me where the electricity was and touched my legs. I nearly fell over. I said to Bill that I had felt something like an electric eel and he laughed." "He saw the wire hanging down ... the end of it was in the water. He said 'Perhaps that is causing the trouble?' He started to pull the wire up ... he must have touched a bare spot. He screamed and shot up into the air."

Many tokens of sympathy
William was the only son of Mr and Mrs L W Kerslake. He took a leading part in many local organisations. He was a Patrol Leader of the 1st Tiverton Scouts and a member of the Tiverton Platoon of the Devon Army Cadet Force. A good athlete, he was a member of the Tiverton Harriers and the Tiverton Swimming Club. He was a member of Elmore Church, of which he was formerly a choir-boy. Chapel Street was in mourning for the funeral on Saturday [27 Aug 1949]. A service, conducted by the Rector (the Rev W E Lane), assisted by Mr E Penny, was held in Elmore Church. The cortege was met at the cemetery gate by a guard of honour of the Tiverton Platoon of the Devon Army Cadet Force and Councillor H Lee and Messrs B Homer and G Woodward, representing the Tiverton Swimming Club. At the grave side was a guard of honour of the 1st Tiverton Scouts under Scoutmaster J Gollop. [...] Chief mourners included: Mr and Mrs L W Kerslake (parents); Mr H Kerslake (uncle); Tom Stratford (friend); Mr & Mrs C Burt, Mr and Mrs E Kerslake and Mrs J Bowden and Mrs C Kerslake (uncles and aunts); Mr C Ridgeway, Miss J Burt and Mrs and Miss Northcott (cousins). Mrs Kerslake (grandmother) was unable to attend. [She was 91 by then.] Her floral tribute read, "Till we meet again", with fondest love from Gran and Auntie Jenny (Jane Bowden).

Lewis William Kerslake of 111 Chapel Street, Tiverton, died on 18 Dec 1971. 

Nellie Kerslake of Belmont Hospital, Tiverton, Devon, died on 15 Aug 1982.

111 Chapel Street, Tiverton (with the white door)

Arthur Woodham and Mary Matilda Sweeney

St Dunstan's Church, Stepney
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Arthur Woodham (b. 30 Nov 1878 in Limehouse), son of William Wesley Woodham and Mary Ann Poole, married Mary Matilda Sweeney (b. 11 Mar 1878), daughter of John Henry Charles Sweeney and Susannah Harvey, at the Parish Church of Stepney - St Dunstan's, Stepney - on 25 Dec 1904. Witnesses to their marriage were J Sweney (looks like the signature of the bride's father) and Alfred Woodham, the bridegroom's twin brother.

Arthur and Mary Matilda had four children:
  1. Arthur Alfred Wesley Woodham b. 1906 M Quarter in STEPNEY Vol 01C Page 409. Died 1906 M Quarter in STEPNEY Vol 01C Page 267
  2. Elsie Woodham b. 1907 J Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 380. Died 1907 J Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 237
  3. Lilian Susannah Woodham b. 21 Sep 1908 Vol 01C Page 318
  4. Ivy Maud Woodham b. 20 Jul 1910 S Qtr in STEPNEY Vol 01C 339
All four birth registrations have the mother's maiden name SWEENEY.

In 1911, Arthur Woodham (32) French Polisher; Mary Matilda Woodham (33), Lilian Susannah Woodham (2 yrs 6 mths) and Ivy Maud Woodham (8 mths), were living at 58 Conder Street, Limehouse, London. The information they provide on this census return confirms that they had four children, two who were living and two had died, during their then six year marriage.

In 1921, and still at 58, Conder Street, Limehouse, London, were Arthur Woodham (42) Labourer working for Messrs Stein Ltd, Wharfingers at Grosvenor Wharf, Newcastle Street, Cubitt Town; Mary Matilda Woodham (43), Lilian Susannah Woodham (12) and Ivy Maud Woodham (10).

In 1937, Henry Thomas Morris (b. 19 Jan 1909) married Ivy Maud Woodham.

In 1939, Arthur Woodham, General Labourer; Mary M Woodham, Lilian S Woodham and Henry Thomas Morris, Lead Smelter, were living at 11 Maroon Street, Limehouse. Ivy Maud Morris, Married, Evacuee, was staying in the household of Cuthbert Templeman, Retired Grocer, at Kingswood New Bristol Road, Worle, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, with their daughter b. 1938.

Arthur Woodham died, at 70, in 1949 M Qtr in STEPNEY Vol 05D 757.

Mary Matilda Woodham died, at 78, in 1956 S Qtr in STEPNEY Vol 05D 522.

  • Henry Thomas Morris died, in Tower Hamlets, in 1983
  • Lilian Susannah Woodham died, in Tower Hamlets, in 2004
  • Ivy Maud Morris died, in Tower Hamlets, in 2005

John William Stone and Rosina Sweeney

St Dunstan & All Saints, Stepney
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Rosina Sweeney
(b. 4 Jun 1883), daughter of John Henry Charles Sweeney and Susannah Harvey, married John William Stone (b. 11 Jul 1882), son of John Stone and Sarah Ann Bock, at St Dunstan's, Stepney, on 25 Dec 1902.

John and Rosina had ten children:
  1. Rosina Dorothy Stone b. 1906 M Qtr in STEPNEY Vol 01C Page 393. Died 1906 M Qtr in STEPNEY Vol 01C Page 263
  2. May Ena Stone b. 10 May 1907 J Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 388
  3. Violet Rosina Stone b. 26 Nov 1910 (1911 M Qtr in STEPNEY Vol 01C 315)
  4. William John Arthur Stone b. 15 Jan 1913 M Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 623
  5. George Albert Stone b. 1915 M Qtr in STEPNEY Vol 01C Page 607
  6. Rosina Stone b. 1916 S Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 516
  7. Daisy Stone b. 1920 J Qtr in MILE END OLD TOWN Vol 01C 786
  8. Albert Stone b. 1925 M Qtr in MILE END OLD TOWN Vol 01C 524
  9. Doreen Stone b. 1926 M Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 401
  10. Ronald Stone b. 1929 M Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 323
In 1911, living at 58 Conder Street, Limehouse were John William Stone (29) General Labourer for the Borough Council; Rosina Stone (28), May Ena Stone (3) and Violet Rosina Stone (4 months). This census confirms that by then they'd had three children, two were still living and one had died.

Information I've been given is that during World War I, John William Stone served in the Essex Regiment, 13th (Service) Battalion (West Ham), which he joined in 1915. On 22 Dec 1915, they were transferred to 6th Brigade in 2nd Division. He was said to have been discharged in 1917, due to an injury. 

(The image left must date to ~1916 and, in descending order, shows John and Rosina Stone with May, Violet, William, George and Rosina.)

In 1921, John William Stone (38) Navvy for Stepney Boro Council; Rosina Stone (38), May Ena Stone (14), Violet Rosina Stone (10), William John Arthur Stone (8), George Albert Stone (5) and Daisy Stone (1) were living at 38, St Ann's Road, Mile End Old Town. (Rosina b. 1916 is not listed and there was a record of a death of a Rosina Stone, aged 4, in 1920, in Lewisham (why there?) that may relate.)

In 1939, John Stone, Paviour & Mason Labourer; Rosina Stone, Daisy Stone, Beer Bottler; with two closed records (presumably younger children) and Rosina's brother, Charles Sweeney, were living at 12 Leith Road, Mile End.

John William Stone died, in Stepney, in 1965, aged 83.

Rosina Stone died, also in Stepney, in 1971, at 88.

Photos provided by Jon Gilbert, direct descendant of John William Stone and Rosina Sweeney

George James Hockley and Emily Jane Jiggins

St Mary the Virgin, Dunton Wayletts, Essex
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Former church, now a private residence.

George James Hockley (b. 21 May 1871 in Great Dunmow), son of James Hockley and Elizabeth Wilton, married Emily Jane Jiggins (b. 30 Apr 1876 in Rainham), daughter of David Jiggins and Eliza Ann Turner on 25 Dec 1895, in Rainham, Essex, presumably at the Church of St Helen and St Giles.

George James and Emily Jane Hockley had eight children:
  1. Emily Florence Louisa Hockley b. 2 Aug 1896 S Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A Page 476, bap. 30 Aug 1896 at St Helen & St Giles, Rainham
  2. Sarah Elizabeth Hockley b. 1898 M Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A Page 519, bap. 2 Jan 1898 at St Helen And St Giles' Church, Rainham
  3. James George Hockley b. 24 Jan 1899 M Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A Page 551, bap. 1 Mar 1899 at St Helen And St Giles' Church, Rainham
  4. William Hockley b. 7 Apr 1900 J Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A Page 556, bap. 6 May 1900 a St Helen And St Giles' Church, Rainham
  5. Frederick John Hockley b. 16 Aug 1903 D Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A Page 620, bap. 4 Oct 1903 at St Helen And St Giles' Church, Rainham
  6. George Hockley b. 18 Nov 1909, reg. 1910 M Qtr in ROMFORD
  7. Alfred Hockley b. 1913 J Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A P 1245. Died 1913 D Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A P 549, buried 1914 in Wennington
  8. Rose Hockley b. 1913 J Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A P 1245
All of the GRO birth registrations show the mother's maiden name JIGGINS. The last two, clearly were fraternal twins, though only Rose survived.

In 1901, we find George J Hockley (26ish) Agricultural Labourer at 1, Spring Cottages, High Street, Rainham with Emily J Hockley (23), Florence Hockley (4), Elizabeth Hockley (3), James Hockley (2) and William Hockley (0).

In 1911, with their address listed as Sparrow Hall, Wennington, were George Hockley (36) Farm Labourer; Emily Hockley (34), Florrie (14), Lizzie (13), James (12), William (11), Frederick (4) and George (1).

In 1921, George James Hockley (50) Farm Bailiff for Mr J Randall, Market Gardener, was living at Gerfin Cottages, Upminster Road, Rainham, with Emily Jane Hockley (45), James George Hockley (22), William Hockley (21), Fredrick John Hockley (17) - those three sons then also working for Mr J Randall, Market Gardner - George Hockley (11) and Rose Hockley (8). 

In 1939, George J Hockley (68) Farm Labourer Retired; Emily Hockley (63) and Emily F L (Florence) Hockley were listed at Rose Cottage, Billericay.

Emily Jane Hockley of Rose Cottage, Dunton Waylett, died on 1 Jan 1950 (1950 M Quarter in BRENTWOOD Volume 04A Page 451) and was buried on 6 Jan 1950 at St Mary the Virgin, Dunton Wayletts.

George James Hockley died on 19 Jul 1950 at Rose Cottage and was buried, on 24 Jul 1950, also at St Mary the Virgin, Dunton Wayletts, along with his late wife.

The church was sold in 1985. "Following the sale the church was restored for use as a private residence which it remains to this day. There are still a few gravestones remaining from the former churchyard adjacent to the house." Obviously, theirs appears to be one of them. The inscription reads, "In Loving Memory of A dear mother EMILY JANE HOCKLEY who fell asleep 1st January 1950 aged 78 years. Also a dear father GEORGE JAMES HOCKLEY who fell asleep 19th July 1950 aged 79 years. Gone but not forgotten."

  1. Emily Florence Louisa Hockley married Leonard George Dice (b. 26 March 1901 in Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex), son of Frederick John Dice and Fanny Vince, in 1947. In 1939, Leonard Dice had been Manservant in Wanstead. Florence Emily Dice died in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, in 1981. Leonard George Dice died in Sussex, in 1994.
  2. Sarah Elizabeth Hockley married Percy Albert Peckham (bap. 25 Sep 1892 in Ringmer, Sussex), son of Ernest James Peckham and Rose Alice Buckwell, at Holy Saviour Church, Croydon in 1917. Percy Albert Peckham died in 1952 and Sarah E Peckham remarried to widower, Harry Sherwin in 1958, in Brighton, Sussex. Harry Sherwin died in 1971 and Sarah Elizabeth Sherwin died in 1981, both in Brighton, Sussex.
  3. James George Hockley married Ada May Rust (b. 1898) daughter of George William Rust and Rhoda Jane Clark, in Romford, Essex in 1922. Ada May Hockley died in 1975 and James George Hockley in 1977. They had eight children, one girl and seven boys.
  4. William Hockley married Florence May Berryman (bap. 28 Sep 1902), daughter of Herbert William Berryman and Jessie Cornell, in Romford, Essex, on 26 Oct 1935. William Hockley died at 64, on 28 Jan 1965, and was buried at St Mary the Virgin, Dunton on 5 Feb 1965. Florence May Hockley died in Brentwood, Essex, in 1973.
  5. Frederick John Hockley married Mary Ann Elizabeth Hearn (b. 6 Feb 1905 in Hornchurch, Essex), daughter of Horace Edward Hearn and Mary Ann Elizabeth Turner, in Romford, on 2 Apr 1923. They had one daughter, Dorothy Mary Hockley (1929-2012). Frederick John Hockley died, at 41, on 15 Oct 1944 in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire. Mary Ann Elizabeth Hockley died on 15 Feb 1963, in Romford.
  6. George Hockley died on 16 Dec 1979 in Dunton Waylett, Essex.
  7. Rose Hockley, daughter of George James Hockley, Poultry Keeper married Edward John Norman Arnold Walker (22), Guardsman, who's residence at the time of marriage was Aldershot, purportedly son of George Walker, Labourer, on 29 Sep 1934 at St Mary the Virgin, Dunton. One of the witnesses to this marriage was F M [Florence May] Berryman, who married William Hockley the following year. 

Arthur Edward Copeland and Alice Jane Hurry

All Saints, Shooters Hill, Plumstead, London SE18 - West end
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Arthur Edward Copeland (b. 19 Aug 1870 in Woolwich), son of Benjamin Copeland and Tamar Hockley, married Alice Jane Hurry (b. 1871 D Quarter in DEPWADE Volume 04B Page 223), daughter of Samuel Hurry and Jane Moyes, at All Saints Church, Plumstead, on 25 Dec 1894

Alice was the younger sister of Mary Ann Hurry, second wife of Tamar's younger brother, Daniel Hockley, who he'd married in 1891. 

Arthur Edward and Alice Jane Copeland had two children:
  1. George Arthur Copeland b. 21 Aug 1896 (1896 S Quarter in WOOLWICH Volume 01D Page 1270), bap. 9 Sep 1896 at St George's Garrison Church, Woolwich
  2. Edith Eleanor Copeland b. 1897 D Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 218, bap. 31 Oct 1897 at Plymouth, Crabtree Mission Church, when they were resident at 4 Gordon Terrace, Laira, Plymouth.
In 1901, Alice J Copeland (29) Daughter-in-law from Norfolk, England; George A Copeland (4) Grandson and Edith E Copeland (3) Granddaughter, were living with Arthur's parents, at 27, Llanover Road, Plumstead.

Arthur Edward Copeland joined the Royal Artillery, at 16, on 19 Nov 1886, in Woolwich. He was then 5ft 6in with a pale complexion, grey eyes and red hair. He was promoted to Bombardier on 1 Mar 1896; Corporal on 23 Oct 1897; reengaged to complete 21 years service on 15 Dec 1897; and promoted to Sergeant on 24 Oct 1899. He served in South Africa and China, but died at Hong Kong Station Hospital on 18 Aug 1901, of Heat Stroke, aged 30.

In 1903, Alice Copeland married Thomas Hurry back in Depwade, Norfolk. 

One could guess that they were cousins and records confirm this: Thomas Hurry (b. 1856 D Quarter in HARTISMERE Volume 04A Page 455) was the son of Barzillai Hurry and Ann Beales. Barzillai Hurry (bap. 13 Dec 1820) and Alice's father, Samuel Hurry (bap. 21 Jul 1831), were brothers, both sons of John Hurry and Susannah Elizabeth Diggens. (Their mother, Susan Hurry, was sentenced to 14 years transportation in 1836 and died in Australia.)

On 14 Feb 1878, Thomas Hurry, barman, enlisted for General Service Infantry. He served in Nova Scotia, Gibraltar and South Africa, transferring to the Army Reserve on 12 Apr 1884. At the completion of his 12 years service in 1890, he was 5ft 7in with a dark complexion, brown eyes and black hair.

Thomas Hurry was a widower when he married his cousin Alice, having first married Charlotte Francis (14 years his senior, born 1842), daughter of William Francis and Sarah Basham, at All Saints, Dickleburgh, on 15 May 1884. Charlotte Hurry died at 58 and was buried on 23 Mar 1899.

Thomas and Alice Hurry had two further children:
  1. Ellen Hurry b. 1903 J Quarter in DEPWADE Volume 04B Page 238, bap. 11 Jun 1903 in Dickleburgh with Langmere, Norfolk
  2. Samuel Jack Hurry b. 2 Aug 1906 (S Quarter in DEPWADE Volume 04B Page 218), bap. 5 Sep 1906 in Dickleburgh with Langmere 
In 1911, Thomas Hurry (52) Gardener was living at Dickleburgh Scole, Dickleburgh, Norfolk, with Alice Hurry (39), Ellen Hurry (7), Jack Hurry (4), George Copeland (14) Stepson; Edith Copeland (13) step-daughter and Jane Hurry (78) Widow (Alice's mother).

Alice Jane Hurry died at 42 in 1913 D Qtr in NORWICH Vol 04B Page 185.

In 1921, Thomas Hurry (62) Jobbing Gardner was living in Dickleburgh, Norfolk with Jack Hurry (14) Labourer and Ellen Hurry (17) Household Duties. There was a George Copeland (23) Bombardier, Royal Field Artillery at 30, Thomas Street, Woolwich (although his birthplace is listed as Kings Lynn, Norfolk); not located Edith Eleanor Copeland again anywhere.

Thomas Hurry died, at 79, in 1936 M Quarter in DEPWADE Volume 04B Page 311 and was buried in 26 Feb 1936, in Dickleburgh with Langmere.

Ellen Hurry died at 43 in 1946 J Quarter in DEPWADE Vol 04B Page 211.

Samuel Jack Hurry married Helen Joan Goodwin (b. 15 Dec 1908), daughter of James Goodwin, Licenced Victualler of the Kings Head Inn, Brockdish, Scole and Harriet Welton, in Depwade, Norfolk, in 1934. They had two children, in 1935 and 1944. In 1939, Jack was a Licensee and Farmer in Rushall, Dickleburgh, Depwade. Jack Samuel Hurry died, in Rushall, on 9 May 1962; Helen Joan Hurry died on 3 May 2006 in Waveney, Suffolk.

George Fuller and Eliza Ellen Hockley

St. Helens and St. Giles Church, Rainham
Max Naylor, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

George Fuller, son of James William Fuller and Maria Phillips, married Eliza Ellen Hockley, daughter of James Hockley and Elizabeth Wilton at St Helen and St GilesRainham on 25 Dec 1894. (Eliza's parents married on Christmas Day, 24 years previously, in Great Dunmow.) Rather than being a romantic tradition, it was probably the only day that labourers had free and, churches often offered their services free or at reduced rates on Christmas.

They had a baker's dozen of children, as follows: 
  1. Annie Elizabeth Fuller b. 17 Feb 1895, bap. 28 Mar 1895. (Died aged 16 months and was buried, on 1 Jul 1896, at Rainham.)
  2. George Fuller b. 12 Jun 1896, bap. 17 Jul 1896
  3. Ada Fuller b. 27 Oct 1897, bap. 7 Jan 1898
  4. Emily Fuller b. 31 Dec 1899, bap. 4 Feb 1900
  5. Elizabeth Fuller b. 22 Mar 1901, bap. 5 May 1901
  6. Daisy Fuller b. 15 Jan 1903, bap. 19 Apr 1903
  7. Eliza Fuller b. 18 Sep 1905, bap. 23 Nov 1911
  8. May Fuller b. 2 Nov 1906, bap. 23 Nov 1911
  9. John Fuller b. 9 Jan 1908, bap. 23 Nov 1911
  10. James Fuller b. 2 Feb 1910, bap. 23 Nov 1911
  11. Florence Fuller b. 15 Oct 1911, bap. 23 Nov 1911
  12. Ellen Fuller b. 21 Nov 1914
  13. Rose Fuller b. 24 May 1917
Did not find baptisms for either Ellen or Rose. (Records online are to 1920+.)

Back row (L-R): May, John (Jack), James (Jim), Florence (Flo) and Eliza (Lili)
Front row: Rose, Ellen, Ada, Elizabeth (Bet) and Daisy.

In 1901, in Cowper Road, Rainham, we find, George Fuller (34) Wharfe Labourer, Eliza (25), George (4), Ada (3), Emily (1) and Baby Fuller (0) - later Elizabeth. Also staying with them was Emily Hockley (17), Eliza's sister.

In 1911 at White Cottages, Rainham (a.k.a. Whitepost Cottages), were George Fuller (44) Farm Labourer, Eliza (35), George (14), Ada (13), Emily (11), Elizabeth (10), Daisy (8), Eliza (5), May (4), John (3) and James (1). 

In 1921, George Fuller (55) General Labourer was working for Canning & Co Inland Wharf Contractor, Horchchurch and still living at Whitepost Cottages, Rainham with Eliza E Fuller (46), Emily Kendal (21), Daisy Fuller (18) Farm Hand; May Fuller (14) Farm Hand; John Fuller (13) Farm Labourer; James Fuller (11), Florence Fuller (9), Ellen Fuller (6) and Rose Fuller (4). 

Ada Fuller (23) and Elizabeth Fuller (20) were both Barmaids at The Ship, 1 Wormwood Street, London Wall EC2 (The pub was damaged by a flying bomb on 15 Jul 1944 but was repaired and survived until at least 1960.) 

And Eliza Fuller (15) was a Servant in the household of Herbert John Gladstone (1854-1930) at Dane End House, Little Munden, Hertfordshire. (Herbert Gladstone, 1st Viscount Gladstone, British Liberal politician, was the youngest son of former Prime Minister, William Gladstone. He was a popular figure in the village, loved by everyone, and known to all as 'Lordy').

Eliza Ellen Fuller (née Hockley)
George Fuller, of 150 Upminser Road, Rainham, died, aged 65, on 12 Nov 1931 at 1 Oldchurch Road, Romford, which was, of course, the address of the former Oldchurch Hospital (and before that Romford Union Workhouse). Cause of death was listed as, "(1) a Haemorrhage & Rupture of Aneurysm of left Iliac Artery. (2) Atheroma." G. Fuller, son, of 6 East Close, Rainham was present. 

In 1939, Eliza Ellen Fuller was living with daughter, Flo Wilson, at 1 Pinewood Avenue, Rainham. Eliza Ellen Fuller died on 30 May 1953, aged 77 and is interred in Rainham Cemetery, Grave 491 Section B.

Robert Ware and Amelia Land

Church of St Thomas, Chevithorne
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Robert Ware (b. 5 Jul 1869, bap. 25 Jul 1869 at St ThomasChevithorne) son of Thomas Ware and Harriet Ridgeway, married Amelia Land (b. 23 Oct 1869, bap. 14 Nov 1869), daughter of Robert Land and Amelia Ware at St Thomas, Chevithorne, on 25 Dec 1891. Witnesses were John Land and Emily Land.

Robert and Amelia had seven children:

  1. Robert Ware b. 1892 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 385, bap. 1 Dec 1892 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton
  2. Ada Ware b. 1896 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 395, bap. 20 Jan 1896 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton. Died, aged 3, in 1899 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 306.
  3. Alfred Thomas Ware b. 1897 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 387, bap. 28 Nov 1897 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton
  4. Winifred May Ware b. 8 Nov 1899 (1899 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 386), bap. 25 Dec 1899 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton
  5. Frederick John Ware b. 5 May 1901 (1901 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 382), bap. 26 Jun 1901 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton
  6. Willie Ware b. 26 Aug 1902 (1902 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 371), bap. 5 Oct 1902 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton
  7. Florence Edith Ware b. 14 Jan 1904 (1904 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 387), bap. 14 Feb 1904 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton. Died aged 18 in 1922 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 492
All of the birth registrations show the mother's maiden name as LAND, except in the case of Ada Ware, which is erroneously transcribed as LAAD.

On the baptism records of Robert, Ada and Alfred Thomas, the family's address was Martin's Lane - the alley off Barrington Street - and Robert's occupation was listed as Labourer. On all the subsequent baptisms from Winifred May's in 1899 onwards, their address was given as the Bampton Inn, Tiverton, with Robert's occupation listed as either Inn Keeper or Publican.

In 1901, at the New Bampton Inn, 29, Townsend, Tiverton were Robert Ware (30) Innkeeper; Amelia Ware (30), Robert Ware (8), Thomas Ware (3) and Winnie Ware (1) with Martin Burke (60) Groom from Ireland and George Reed (37) General Labourer from Tiverton, both Boarders.

The Western Times of 9 July 1907 reported that Mrs Amelia Ware, wife of Robert Ware gave evidence in a case brought against Frederick Wright (36), accused of stealing from a fellow servant at Knightshayes Court, as the previous week Wright had been lodging in her house, the Bampton Inn.

Robert Ware died, aged 40, in 1909 M Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 311. 

In 1911, Amelia Ware (41) Charwoman, Widow, was living at 14 Belmont Road, Waterloo Cottages, Tiverton with Alfred Thomas Ware (13), Winifred Ware (11), Frederick John Ware (9), Willie Ware (8) and Florence Edith Ware (7). This record confirms that Amelia Ware had seven children, of whom six were then still alive and one had died. Robert Ware (18) Groom was a servant to William Stewart Harrison at Lansdown, Tiverton, Devon.

Private Alfred Thomas Ware #106769 Royal Army Medical Corps57th Field Ambulance (Field Ambulances in the First World War), was Killed in Action on 29 Apr 1918, presumably during the Battle of the Lys, also known as the Fourth Battle of Ypres, and is commemorated on Panel 160 of the Tyne Cot Memorial. Confusingly, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission have him listed as the son of the late Thomas Samuel and Harriet Ware (he was their grandson); as aged 34 - he was 20; and one record, his birthplace as London. We'll never know what information he gave when he enlisted nor where the errors occurred, but he was the son of Robert and Amelia Ware.

In 1921, Amelia Ware (52) Charwoman, Widow, was still living at 14, Waterloo Cottages, Belmont Road, Tiverton, with Winifred May Ware (21) Lace Folder for Heathcoat & Co; Florence Edith Ware (17) Dressmaker (Out of Work); Willie Ware (18) Dental Apprentice and Florence May Hill (23) General Domestic Servant, Boarder. Robert Ware (28) Groom, who had married in 1919, was living in Mill Street, Uffculme; Frederick John Ware (20) Bread Baker, was a Boarder at 22, Quay TerraceNewton Abbot.

In 1939, Amelia Ware, Old Age Pensioner, was still living, this time alone at 14 Waterloo Cottages Belmont Road, Tiverton. (Her birth date was listed on the 1939 register as 16 Oct 1869. On her baptism, it was quoted as 23 Oct 1869 and I'm more apt to believe that than any later recollection.)

Amelia Ware died, at 88, in 1957 D Qtr in EXETER Vol 07A Page 421.

Waterloo Cottages, Belmont Road, Tiverton
These cottages as numbers 8-14 Belmont Road are now Grade II listed.

William Edward Burton and Ellen Rosina Baker

St Dunstan & All Saints, Stepney
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William Edward Burton (b. 7 Jan 1865, bap. 18 Oct 1871 at St Luke, Millwall, West Ferry Road, Isle of Dogs), son of William Burton and Elizabeth Martin, married Ellen Rosina Baker, daughter of Charles Hoile Baker and Amelia Young, at St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney on 25 Dec 1888. Both gave their address as 46 Silver Street [Stepney] and witnesses were C R Baker (Ellen's elder brother, Charles Richard) and Louisa Burton.

William and Ellen had four children:
  1. Ellen Louisa Burton b. 1891 J Quarter in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 606
  2. Ethel May Burton b. 1895 M Quarter in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 627
  3. William Harry Burton b. 1897 D Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 595
  4. Stanley Burton b. 1899 J Quarter in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 624
In 1891, William E Burton (26) Auctioneer's Clerk, Ellen R Burton (24) and Ellen L Burton (0) were living in Knapp Road, Bromley, Poplar. Staying with them also was Eliza L Tompson (22) Fancy Box Maker, listed as their niece. (She was Ellen's sister Sarah Jane's step-daughter.)

In 1901, in nearby Fairfoot Road, Bow were William E Burton (36) Commercial Clerk, Ellen R Burton (35), Ellen L Burton (10), Ethel M Burton (6), William H Burton (3) and Stanley Burton (1).

In 1911, William Edward Burton (46) Brewer's Delivery Clerk; Ellen Rosina Burton (45), Ellen Louisa Burton (20), Ethel May Burton (16), William Harry Burton (13) and Stanley Burton (11) were living in Bow Common.

In 1921, William Edward Burton (56) Brewery Clerk for Taylor Walker & Co, Brewers, was living at 119, Fairfoot Road, Poplar with Ellen Rosina Burton (55), Ellen Louisa Burton (30) Ladies Clothing Machinist; William Harry Burton (24) and Stanley Burton (22) Coppersmiths.

William Edward Burton died, at 65, in 1930 M Quarter in Poplar.

Ellen Rosina Burton died on 23 July 1948 S Quarter in POPLAR Volume 05D Page 197, with Probate being granted to her youngest child, Stanley Burton.

Lewis Jerred and Mary Elizabeth Williams

Boscombe, St. Clement's
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Louis Jerrad (sic) (b. 19 Mar 1863 in Silverton, Devon), son of John Jerred and Frances Ann Orchard, married Mary Elizabeth Williams (b. 1861 in St Erth, Cornwall), who listed her father as John Williams (deceased), Farmer at St Clement's Church, St Clements Road in Boscombe on 25 Dec 1888. Only one witness signature is on the marriage certificate, John Burt.

Lewis and Mary Elizabeth Jerred had six children: 
  1. Ernest John Jerred b. 27 Feb 1891 in Bournemouth, Hampshire
  2. Arthur Jerred b, 1893 M Qtr in KINGSBRIDGE Vol 05B Page 194
  3. Ethel May Jerred b. 1896 M Qtr in KINGSBRIDGE Vol 05B Page 189
  4. Albert William Jerred b. 9 July 1898 in KINGSBRIDGE Vol 05B 184
  5. Honor Frances Jerred b. 1900 J Qtr in KINGSBRIDGE Vol 05B Page 169
  6. Violet Mary Jerred b. 15 July 1903 in KINGSBRIDGE Vol 05B Page 164
In 1891, Lewis Jerred (28) Baker, from Silverton, Devon; Mary E Jerred (30) from St Erth, Cornwall and Ernest J Jerred (1) were visitors in the household of Charles H Halloway (20) Cab Driver from Ringwood, Hampshire, at Pinewood Cottage, 1, West Road, Pokesdown.

By 1893, they'd moved back to the south west to settle at Loddiswell, near Kingsbridge in Devon. There in 1901, listed as Lewis Jerred (36), Railway Labourer, with Mary E Jerred (38), Ernest J Jerred (11), Arthur Jerred (8), Ethel M Jerred (5), Albert W Jerred (2) and Honor F Jerred (0).

In 1911, still in Loddiswell, Devon, were Lewis Jerred (46) Railway Labourer; Mary Elizabeth Jerred (48), Ethel May Jerred (15), Alfred William Jerred (12), Honor Frances Jerred (10) and Violet Mary Jerred (7). Ernest John Jerred (20) had joined the Royal Navy in 1909, as a Stoker, and was with the Royal Navy At Sea And In Ports Abroad with HMS Edgar (1890). Not found Arthur.

In 1921, Lewis Jerred (56) Railway Labourer for the Great Western Railway Company was living at Quarry Park, Loddiswell, Devon with Mary Elizabeth Jerred (58), Albert William Jerred (22) Farm Labourer Out of Work and Violet Jerred (17) who was employed doing garden work at a nursery. 

Mary Elizabeth Jerred died in 1931 S Qtr in KINGSBRIDGE.

In 1939, Lewis Jerred was living at 36 Wallingford Road, Kingsbridge with daughter, Honor F Jerwood and her husband, Moysey Jerwood. 

The Great Western Railway (GWR) had opened the Kingsbridge branch line in 1893 and it was closed in 1963. Lewis Jerred, who died in 1951 J Quarter in KINGSBRIDGE, at the age of 88, thankfully, won't have seen the closure.