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Friday, 26 March 2021

John Jerred and Frances Ann Orchard

Thorverton: cherry tree
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The parents of Frances Mary JerredJohn Jerred and Frances Ann Orchard, were married on 20 May 1862 at the Parish Church of St Thomas a Becket, in the village of Thorverton, Devon, as both of them resided in the parish at that time. John's occupation was listed on the marriage certificate as Cooper

John Jerred was born in Thorverton in approximately 1833, to Joseph Jerred and Sarah Elsworthy. While Frances Ann Orchard was the daughter of James Orchard and Elizabeth How, christened 3 Jul 1831 in Dulverton, Somerset. 

In 1841, John Jerred (6) was living with his parents and siblings; James (4) and Maria (1), at Willses, Thorverton. At that time, Frances (10), was living at West Broford, Dulverton, with her grandparents, Joseph and Mary How. 

Lynch Farm, west of Thorverton
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By 1851, John (16) had left home and was employed as a farm servant to Samuel Kingdon, Farmer of 150 Acres, at Lynch House, Thorverton. Lynch Farm, to the west of the village still exists. While, Frances Ann (19), described as a House Servant, was still living in the household of her grandfather, Joseph How, Farmer of 180 Acres, at West Broford, Dulverton.

Unfortunately, neither of them is showing up on the 1861 census. 

There are no obvious clues either why Frances made the journey from Somerset to Thorverton to marry, considering that marriages more usually took place in the bride's parish and not the bridegrooms as in this case. 

After their marriage in 1862, John and Frances have two children: 
  1. Lewis Jerrad (sic) born in the 2nd quarter of 1863
  2. Frances Mary Jerrad (sic) born 3 May 1869, in St Thomas, Exeter
In 1871, the family are living in Sowton, Devon, with John (35) employed as a gardener. But, in 1881, the Jerreds have moved to Church Cottage, Halberton and John (46) has gone back to being an Agricultural Labourer. Daughter Frances Mary was still at home, but her brother had left home.

In 1891, with both children having flown the nest, John (56), still working as an Ag Lab, and Frances Ann were living at Court Cottage, Corner, Halberton. 

In 1901, John (66), once more working as a gardener, and Frances Ann (69), had moved into the centre of Tiverton to 12, Hammetts Square. 

In 1911, John (78), with No Occupation, and Frances (79), were living at 1 The Homes, Old Blundell's, Tiverton. This sounds like Alms Houses. 

John Jerred died in the 2nd quarter of 1911, aged 78.

St Thomas a Becket's church, Thorverton, Devon
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