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Monday 7 August 2023

Robert Middleton and Mary Pyke

Interior Warkleigh Church
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Robert Middleton (bap. 4 Jun 1826 in Knowstone), son of Robert Middleton and Elizabeth Baker, married Mary Pyke (b. 1831), daughter of William Pyke, Husbandman, on 7 Aug 1855, at the church of St John, Warkleigh, Devon. Robert made his mark, while Mary Pyke,  with a Y, was able to scrawl her signature. Witnesses to their wedding were John Beer and Sarah Ford.

Mary Pyke already had an illegitimate daughter, Selina Ann Pyke, b. 1852 M Quarter in OKEHAMPTON Volume 05B Page 369, bap. (as Selina Ann Pike, listed as daughter of Mary) on 28 Mar 1852 in Sampford Courtenay.

Robert and Mary Middleton had a further eleven children:
  1. Sarah Middleton b. 1856 M Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 432. Died aged 3 in 1859 J Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 305 and buried on 22 Apr 1859 in Warkleigh, Devon.
  2. Samuel Middleton b. 1857 J Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 423, bap. 2 Apr 1857 privately, in Warkleigh, Devon. Died 1857 J Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 299.
  3. Emily Middleton b. 1858 S Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 402, bap. 12 Sep 1858 in Warkleigh, Devon
  4. James Middleton b. 1860 J Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 425, bap. 10 Jun 1860 in Warkleigh, Devon
  5. Thomas Middleton b. 9 Oct 1862 D Qtr in OKEHAMPTON Vol 05B 410
  6. Sarah Ann Middleton b. 1864 S Qtr in OKEHAMPTON Vol 05B 395
  7. Robert Middleton b. 29 Aug 1867 S Qtr in OKEHAMPTON Vol 05B 409
  8. Mary Middleton b. 1870 (No GRO registration found)
  9. William Middleton b. 3 Jan 1873 M Qtr in OKEHAMPTON Vol 05B 408
  10. John Middleton b. 1874 J Qtr in OKEHAMPTON Vol 05B Page 393. Died aged 19 and was buried on 19 Sep 1893 in Okehampton
  11. Charles Middleton b. 1876 D Qtr in OKEHAMPTON Vol 05B Page 359, bap. 3 Dec 1876 in Okehampton. Died aged 2 in 1879 M Quarter Vol 05B Page 295 and was buried on 7 Jan 1879 in Okehampton
All of the births registered in South Molton have the mother's maiden name spelled as PYKE. On Sarah Ann's and Robert's registrations, it's also PYKE, however, on those of the remaining four boys: Thomas, William, John and Charles, registered in Oakhampton, it was spelled PIKE.

On earlier baptisms their address was Little Shortridge "... the census records show that the population at Little Shortridge briefly peaked between the 1850s and the 1880s, with up to five households of farm workers and their families who presumably lived within subdivided accommodation."

In 1861, Robert Middleton (36) Ag Lab was living at Chapel, Sampford Courtenay, Okehampton, with Mary Middleton (29), Emily Middleton (2), James Middleton (11 mo), Selina Pyke (9) listed as Daughter-in-law (they mean Step-daughter) and in the next household, but it appears lodging with them, were Ann Pyke (65) Widow (Mary's mother? It appears that Mary's father, William Pike (sic), had died, aged 68, in 1860) and Samuel Pyke (25) (Mary's brother). In fact, it looks as if Robert and Mary have moved into Mary's parent's home as this was previously their address, where, as was customary, he became the "man of the house" and head of the family.

In 1871, Robert Middleton (46) Ag Lab, was living in Lower Ajustment, Sampford Courtenay, Okehampton, Devon, with Mary Middleton (40), James Middleton (11), Thomas Middleton (9), Sarah [Ann] Middleton (7), Robert Middleton (4) and Mary Middleton (1). Selina Ann Pyke (19) late a Servant was living in the household of John Easterbrook (33) Farm Labourer at Lower Treecott, Sampford Courtenay, Okehampton, listed as a First Cousin. Emily Middleton (12) from Warkleigh, Devon, was a Domestic Servant to Willmote Coombe (59) [Female] Farmer at Cliston, Sampford Courtenay.

In 1881, at Brightley, Okehampton, were Robert Middleton (56) Railway lab packer; Mary Middleton (50), Robert Middleton (14), Mary Middleton (12), William Middleton (8) and John Middleton (7). James Middleton was with the Army in Southern Afghanistan; Thomas Middleton (18) from Sampford, Devonshire was with the Royal Navy aboard the 4th Class Corvette, HMS Tenedos (1870), At Sea Off Antigua Long 61' 17' W Lat 16' 56' N; Sarah Ann Middleton (17) Domestic Servant was in the household of Charles Henry Child (57) Farmer and Gentleman at Goldburn, Inwardleigh, Okehampton.

Robert Middleton died, aged 63, in 1889 S Quarter in OKEHAMPTON Volume 05B Page 253 and was buried on 20 Jul 1889, in Okehampton.

In 1891, Mary Middleton (62) Widow was listed as a Lodger in the household of John Lang (who had married daughter, Mary Middleton), at Brightly Hamlet Cottage, Station Road, Okehampton; William Middleton (18) Agricultural Labourer was employed by Richard Sloman (35) Farmer at Knowle Farm, Station Road, Okehampton; John Middleton (16) was a Lodger with his older brother, James Middleton at Brightly Cottage, Station Road, Okehampton.

In 1901, Mary Middleton (70) Mother-in-law, living in North Street, Okehampton with John and Mary Lang, was a Monthly nurse.

In 1911, Mary Middleton (82) Mother-in-law, Widow, still lived with John and Mary Lang at 38 North Street, Okehampton.

Mary Middleton, with aged estimated as 84, died in 1912 D Quarter in OKEHAMPTON Volume 05B Page 466.