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Saturday, 8 April 2023

James Crozier and Jane Byatt

All Saints, Little Canfield
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James Crozier (bap. 9 Aug 1807 in Great Canfield, Essex) son of William Crozier and Sarah Watts, married Jane Byatt (bap 9 Jun 1811 in Little Canfield), daughter of John Byatt and Jane Stokes, on 3 Mar 1827 at All Saints, Little Canfield. By my calculations, James was 19 and Jane 15.

James and Jane had 10 children, all baptised in Little Canfield:

  1. Sarah Crozier bap. 10 Feb 1828. (Baptism records says Sally.) 
  2. Rachel Crozier b. 1830 (No baptism record, but listed on 1841 census and lists James Crozier as her father on her marriage in 1855.)
  3. Susanna Crozier bap. 9 Sep 1831 
  4. Emma Crozier bap. 9 Aug 1835. Died Sep 1835, buried at Little Canfield
  5. Ann Crozier b. 1838 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 12 Page 67, bap. 9 Jul 1838. Died 1839 and is buried at Little Canfield
  6. William Crozier bap. 21 Jun 1840
  7. Kezia Crozier b. 1846 S Quarter Volume 12 Page 71, bap. 2 Aug 1846
  8. Ellen Crozier b. 1849 J Quarter Volume 12 Page 83, bap. 4 Mar 1849
  9. Jane Crozier b. 1851 J Quarter Volume 12 Page 91, bap. 15 Jun 1851
  10. Louisa Crozier bap. 27 Feb 1859. Died at 37, in 1896 D Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 392.
All of the birth registrations, where they exist, show the mother's maiden name as BYATT. All of the baptisms give James' occupation as Labourer.

In 1841, living at Whip Warrens, Little Canfield (there is a Warren Farm at Little Canfield), were James Crozier (34), Jane Crozier (32), Sarah Crozier (14), Rachel Crozier (11), Susan Crozier (8) and William Crozier (1).

In 1861, living in The Village, Little Canfield, were James Crozier (52) [lost 2 years] Agricultural Labourer, Jane Crozier (51), William Crozier (20), Ellen Crozier (12), Jane Crozier (10) and Louisa Crozier (2). Sarah, Rachel and Susana had all married; and Kezia Crozier (13) was a House Servant in the employ of William Bailey (53) Farmer at Strood Hill, Great Dunmow

In 1871, James Crozier (61) Agricultural Labourer, was still living in Little Canfield with Jane Crozier (63) - their ages have more or less been transposed - with just Louisa Crozier (12) still at home. Jane Crozier (19) was House Servant to Henry Sewell Franklin (34) Farmer, in Lower Canfield.

In 1881, James Crozier (76) Agricultural Labourer and Jane Crozier  (71) were living in High Cross Lane, Little Canfield. Louisa Crozier (23) from Essex, was a Domestic Maid at Grove House, St Peter, Thanet, Kent.

James Crozier died in 1888 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 268 and was buried in Little Canfield.

In 1891, Jane Crozier (84) Widow, was living alone, while Louisa Crozier (33) was General Domestic Servant to Henry S Franklin (54) Farmer, in High Cross Lane, Lower Canfield, for whom her sister Jane had worked 20 yrs earlier.

Jane Crozier died, at 88, in 1899 M Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 444 and was also buried in Little Canfield.

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