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Albert William Horswell and Rosina Ann Gloyne

North Street, Greenbank, Plymouth
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North Street is a narrow cobbled street which runs from Sutton Harbour up the hillside into the heart of the Greenbank District. It is reputed to be one of the oldest routes in Plymouth.

Albert William Horswell (b. 6 May 1865), son of William Horswell and Julia Hurrell, married Rosina Ann Gloyne, youngest daughter of Samuel Pascoe Gloyne and Emma Jane Coombes, in Plymouth in 1886. Inexplicably, but usefully, the bride's name is listed as Rosina Pascoe Gloyne. 

In 1891, Albert W Horswell (25) Steam Engine Maker Fitter and wife, Rosina A Horswell (25) were living in North Street, Plymouth.

But Rose Annie Horswell died, at just 31, in 1896 (GRO Reference: 1896 D Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 200).

By 1901, Albert Horswell (35) Steam Engine Maker Fitter, was living, in Ebrington Street, Plymouth with new wife, Bessie Horswell (34), although I can find no record of a further marriage of Albert Horswell to anyone.

Albert Horswell (45) Engine Fitter at Government Dockyard was still living in Plymouth with 'wife' Bessie Horswell (44) in 1911. 

He and Bessie are still in Plymouth in 1921. Albert William Horswill (sic) died at the age of 74 and his death was registered in the first quarter of 1940 (GRO Reference: 1940 M Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 921).