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Monday 11 July 2022

Harry Hockley and Fanny Ann Rootkin

Alfred Road, Buckhurst Hill
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Harry Hockley (b. 27 Jun 1871), son of William Hockley and Charlotte Cock, married Fanny Ann Rootkin (bap. 10 Dec 1871 in Great Dunmow, Essex), daughter of William Rootkin and Louisa Sharp, in Shoreditch, London, in the last quarter of 1892. They may have married in Shoreditch Church, but the actual venue could be confirmed with sight of the marriage certificate. 

The previous year, 1891, Fanny Rootkin (19) was a General Domestic Servant in the household of a Henry Smith (45) in Friern Barnet, Middlesex.

Harry and Fanny Ann had a bakers' dozen kids, with three lost in infancy:
  1. Frederick William Hockley b. 1892 D Qtr in SHOREDITCH Vol 01C 50
  2. Harry Charles Hockley b. 1894 M Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 699
  3. Annie Louisa Hockley b. 1896 S Qtr in EPPING Vol 04A Page 397
  4. Alfred James Hockley b. 1897 S Qtr in EPPING Vol 04A Page 425
  5. George Hockley b. 1899 D Qtr in EPPING Vol 04A Page 460
  6. Ernest John Hockley b. 1901 M Qtr in EPPING Vol 04A Page 515, died in 1902 M Qtr Vol 04A Page 238 and was buried in Buckhurst Hill
  7. Frank Sidney Hockley b. 1901 D Qtr in EPPING Vol 04A Page 516, died 1902 M Qtr Vol 04A Page 235 and was also buried in Buckhurst Hill
  8. Arthur Thomas Hockley b. 1903 M Qtr in EPPING Vol 04A Page 533
  9. Alice Beatrice Emma Hockley b. 1905 J Qtr in EPPING Vol 04A 519
  10. Florence Hilda Hockley b. 1906 D Qtr in EPPING Vol 04A Page 521
  11. Edith Maud Hockley b. 1907, reg. 1908 M Qtr in EPPING Vol 04A Page 545, died 1908 D Qtr Vol 04A Page 210 and buried in Buckhurst Hill
  12. Edward Hockley b. 1909 J Qtr in EPPING Vol 04A Page 512
  13. Dorothy May Hockley b. 1910 D Qtr in EPPING Vol 04A Page 465
The mother's maiden name on all of these registrations is Rootkin.

In 1901, Harry Hockley (28) Gas Stoker from Dunmow, Essex, lived in Alfred Road, Buckhurst Hill, with wife Fanny Ann Hockley (28), William Hockley (8) [Frederick William] born in Hoxton; Harry C Hockley (7), Annie L Hockley (4), Alfred J Hockley (3), George Hockley (1) and Ernest J Hockley (0). 

In 1911, Harry Hockley (39) Gas Stoker, was still in Buckhurst Hill with Fanny Ann Hockley (39), Harry Charles Hockley (17) Errand Boy for an Ironmonger; Annie Louisa Hockley (14) Domestic Servant; Alfred James Hockley (13) School and Milk Boy; George Hockley (11), Arthur Thomas Hockley (8), Alice Beatrice Emma Hockley (5), Florence Hilda Hockley (4), Edward Hockley (2) and Dorothy May Hockley (5 Months). (Haven't located the eldest, Frederick William, who would have been around 19 in 1911, but if he was going simply by William, as in 1901, he'll be harder to pinpoint.)

Harry and Fanny Ann Hockley were still listed in Buckhurst Hill in 1921.

Fanny Ann Hockley died at 62 in 1933 M Qtr in EPPING Vol 04A 550.

In 1939, Harry Hockley was living at 53 Loughton Way, Buckhurst Hill.

Harry Hockley died at 75 in 1947 M Qtr in EPPING Vol 05A 138 and was buried on 17 Mar 1947, at St John the Baptist Church, Buckhurst Hill.