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Sunday 7 July 2024

Eli Drew and Anna Goff

High Street becomes Fore Street, Cullompton
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Eli Drew (b. 5 Nov 1860), son of Thomas Drew and Ann Trickey, married Anna Goff (b. 1863) daughter of Charles Goff and Elizabeth Lock, at St Mary's Church, Kentisbeare, on 7 Jul 1886. Witnesses to the marriage were William Goff and Mary Blackmore (née Goff), both of them Anna's older siblings.

There is no birth registration, nor baptism for Eli Drew (there are for all of his siblings), however he was listed with his parents in Bradninch, in 1861. His father died in 1871 and Eli (10) was that year out working as a Farm Servant for Philip Walters (39) Farmer, in Collumpton. In 1881, Eli Drew (20) Shoemaker, was home with his mother, who remarried in 1874.

Eli and Anna Drew had six children:

  1. Lily Drew b. 7 Jul 1887 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 421, bap. 17 Aug 1887 in Cullompton
  2. Charles Eli Drew b. 6 Jun 1889 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 415, bap. 4 Jul 1889 in Cullompton. Killed in Action 1916.
  3. Frank Goff Drew b. 29 Oct 1890 D Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 364, bap. 3 Dec 1890 in Cullompton
  4. Albert Drew b. 1893 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 411, bap. 7 Dec 1894. Died, at 21 months, in 1894 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 268 and was buried on 16 Dec 1894 in Cullompton
  5. Bertie Drew b. 3 Jun 1895 S Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 383
  6. Gladys May Drew b. 1898 J Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 388, bap. 15 Oct 1898. Died at 6 months in 1898 D Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 253 and was buried on 30 Oct 1898 in Cullompton
In 1891, Eli Drew (30) Boot maker was in High Street, Cullompton with Annie Drew (27), Lily Drew (4), Charles Eli Drew (2) and Frank Goff Drew (0).

Anna Drew died, aged 34, in 1898 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 264 and was buried on 3 Jun 1898, in Kentisbeare. Given the date her last child was born, I think we can guess at the cause of her death.

Eli Drew then remarried, on 22 Sep 1900, to Mary Ann Richards.

Born Mary Ann Read, in 1868, daughter of John Read and Mary Ann Pook, she had previously married William James Richards, in Tiverton District, in 1896. William James Richards had died, at 38, in 1900. Mary Ann brought with her two children from her previous marriage: John James Richards b. 11 Jun 1897 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 383 and Polly Read Richards b. 14 Jan 1899 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 394.

Eli and Mary Ann then added another seven children:
  1. Thomas John Drew b. 2 Jun 1901 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 387, bap. 25 Sep 1901 in Cullompton
  2. Winifred Violet Read Drew b. 21 Dec 1902 (1903 M Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 364)
  3. Richard Leslie Drew b. 10 Dec 1904 (1905 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 369)
  4. Evelyn Dorothy Drew b. 23 Mar 1906 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 376
  5. James Drew b. 7 Jul 1908 S Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 352
  6. Robert George Eli Drew b. 13 Aug 1910 D Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 341. Died, aged 12, in 1923 S Qtr in EXETER Vol 05B Page 65
  7. Alec Drew b. 6 Dec 1915 (1916 M Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B 591)
In 1901, Eli Drew (40) Licenced Victualler and Bootmaker was at the Angel Inn, Fore Street, Cullompton (The Licence was passed from [William] James Richards to Mrs Richards (i.e. Mary Ann), who in turn transferred it to her second husband, Eli Drew), with Mary Ann Drew (31), Lily Drew (13), Charles Drew (11), Frank Drew (10), Bertie Drew (5), John Richards (3), Polly Richards (1) and three boarders: Joseph Gale (53) Agricultural Labourer and Beatrice Royal (24) and Mena Rambow (22), who were both Actresses. 

By 1911, Eli Drew (50) Bootmaker was living on Cullompton Hill, Bradninch (having transferred the licence at the Angel in 1901), with Mary Ann Drew (40) Working at mill; John James Richards (13), Polly Read Richards (11), Thomas John Drew (9), Winifred Violet Drew (8), Richard Drew (6), Evelyn Drew (5), James Drew (2) and Robert Drew (0). That year Charles Drew (21) was boarding with the family of Samuel Pring in Pound Square, Cullompton; Frank G Drew was boarding with the family of Henry Willey in Exeter Road, Cullompton and Bert Drew was boarding in the household of James Broom, also on Exeter Road, Cullompton.

On 13 Aug 1918, giving his DOB as 5 Nov 1868 and therefore age as 50, Eli Drew, Shoemaker, volunteered for Military Service with the Royal Air Force.

In 1921, Eli Drew (60) Boot Maker and Repairer was again living on Cullompton Hill, Bradninch, with Mary Ann Drew (53), Bertie Drew (26), Mary Drew (25) [wife of Bertie]; Winnie Drew (18), Richard Leslie Drew (16), Evelyn Dorothy Drew (15) (Evelyn Dorothy Drew (15) was double-counted, also being listed next door in the household of Annie Georgina Tree), James Drew (12), Eli Robert Drew (10), Alec Drew (5), and grandchildren, Kenneth Albert Drew (2) and Hazel May Drew (1) - Bertie & Mary's children.

Mary Ann Drew died, at 62, in 1932 M Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 656.

In 1939, Eli Drew, Boot Maker, Widowed, was still living on Cullompton Hill, Bradninch, with youngest son, Alec Drew, Assurance Agent.

Eli Drew died, at 92, on 18 Dec 1952 (1952 D Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 07A Page 738) and is buried in St Dionysius Churchyard, Bradninch, Plot 2.17.

  1. Lily Drew married George James Underhay (b. 1 Jun 1885, in Winkleigh, Devon), son of George James Underhay and Mary Lugg, in 1908, in Totnes, Devon. George and Lily had one daughter, Hazel Emily Underhay b. 3 Dec 1908 (1909 M Quarter in TOTNES Volume 05B Page 143). In 1921, the three were living at 1, Handley Road, Gosport, where George was working as a Joiner for the Admiralty. George James Underhay died in Gosport, in 1969. Lily Underhay died in Droxford, Hampshire, in 1976.
  2. Private Charles DrewDevonshire Regiment 1st/4th Bn, was Killed in Action on 8 Mar 1916 in Mesopotamia (modern IraqNo known grave. Commemorated on the Basra Memorial, Iraq (Panel 11). He's also remembered on the World War I board at Cullompton Methodist Church.
  3. Frank Goff Drew married Florence Annie Willey (b. 9 Nov 1893 in Tiverton), daughter of Henry Willey and Charlotte Gardener, in Tiverton, Devon, in 1913. They had one daughter, Mollie Delphine Goff Drew, b. 8 Apr 1914 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 679. On 9 Oct 1914, Frank Goff Drew enlisted in the Devonshire Regiment, 7th Battalion. He later served with the Royal Army Service Corps. In 1921, they were living with Charlotte Willey and in 1939 at 92 Exeter Road, Cullompton. Frank Goff Drew died on 4 Sep 1980 and is buried at Cullompton Cemetery. Florence Annie Drew died in 1982.
  4. Bertie Drew (as Albert Drew) enlisted in the Somerset Light Infantry, but was discharged after 17 days. He married Mary Matthews in Pontypridd, Glamorganshire, Wales, in 1917. They had two children, Albert Kenneth Drew b. 1918 and Hazel May Drew b. 1920. In 1921, they were staying with Bert's parents. In 1939, Bert, Mary and Hazel May Drew were living at 9 Passmore Road, Bradninch. Bertie Drew died at 73 in 1968.
  5. John James Richards married Martha Elizabeth Alma Western Packer (b. 28 Feb 1900), daughter of John Packer and Alma Western, at Exeter Registry Office, in 1920. A newspaper report of his divorce petition, in the Western Morning News of 20 Nov 1940, says they had seven children (I've found records for six); that his wife had left him in 1937 and that three of the younger children had been sent to Australia under a farm school scheme. In 1939, John James Richards was living at 23 Westfield Road, Bradninch with four of the children and his eldest daughter as Housekeeper. Meanwhile, Martha E A Richards was living in Dinham Road, Exeter with George Albert Denning (b. 12 Dec 1915) and the daughter they had together b. 1939. Martha E A W Richards married George A Denning in 1941. One presumes she was divorced again as Martha E A W Denning married again in 1952 and George A Denning remarried in 1954. (I've not found a record of a death of John James Richards and wonder if maybe he too emigrated.)
  6. Polly Read Richards married William Henry Poole in 1921. They had one daughter, Sybil May Poole b. 1921. In 1939 they were in Bradninch. William Henry Poole died in 1956. Polly Read Poole died in 1987.
  7. Thomas John Drew joined the Royal Navy, as an Assistant Cook, on his 18th birthday, 2 Jun 1919. He was however invalided in August 1921, due to Fibrosis of the lung (Pulmonary fibrosis). Thomas John Drew married Elizabeth Alice Turner (b. 13 May 1900 in Clyst St Lawrence, Devon), daughter of James Turner and Thomasine Stone, in Tiverton, in 1926. They had one son, Roy Eli Drew b. 27 Aug 1928. In 1939, the three were living at Mana Cottage, Passways Street, Bradninch. Thomas John Drew died at 39 in 1940. Elizabeth Alice Drew died, aged 44, on 21 July 1944, leaving her effects to Eli Drew and Richard Leslie Drew. 
  8. Winifred Violet Read Drew married Howard Raymond Willetts (b. 19 Jan 1902 in Erdington, Birmingham), son of Thomas George Willetts and Sarah Gough, in Birmingham on 2 Aug 1927. Howard Raymond Willetts had joined the RAF on 16 Nov 1920 and it lists his previous Civilian Occupation as Electrician at the Austin Motor Company, Longbridge Works, Northfield, Birmingham. Howard and Winifred appear to have had three daughters in 1928, 1930 and 1931. In 1939, Winifred V R Willetts was living at 71 Ilmington Road, Birmingham with the three children. Howard Willetts was discharged from the RAF in 1940. Howard R G Willetts died at 64, in Birmingham, in 1967. Winifred Violet Read Willetts of St Anthony's Nursing Home, 72 Middleton Hall Road, Kings Norton, died in 1999. Her funeral on 26 Jan 1999 was conducted by Co Op Funeral Services (Yardley) at Yardley Crematorium.
  9. Richard Leslie Drew married Marjorie Rowland (b. 19 Aug 1908 in Taunton, Somerset), daughter of John Rowland and Bessie Winter, in Tiverton, in 1935. Richard and Marjorie Drew had two sons, born in 1937 and 1940. In 1939, Richard, Marjorie and their elder child were living at Malt House Tenement, Bradninch. Richard Leslie Drew died in 1983 and Marjorie Drew died, in Exeter, in 1992.
  10. Evelyn Dorothy Drew married Edward Charles Bale (b. 19 Dec 1905), in Tiverton, in 1931. In 1921, Edward Bale (15) was living in Chapel Street, Bradninch with a George and Janet Suell, listed as their adopted son. I cannot locate any other records for them, before or since, nor of Edward's birth. Edward and Evelyn had three sons between 1931 and 1938 and a daughter in 1941. In 1939, Edward, Evelyn and the three boys were living at No 2 Winsor House, Bradninch. Edward Charles Bale died in 1984. Evelyn Dorothy Bale died, in Exeter, in 1995.
  11. James Drew never married and died, at 50, on 12 Jun 1959, leaving his effects to Richard Leslie Drew and Evelyn Dorothy Bale.
  12. Alec Drew married Elsie V J Champion, in Exeter, in 1948. Born Elsie Vera Joan Addicott (b. 8 Sep 1918 in Newton Abbot), daughter of Walter Addicott, Police Constable, and Edith Maud Mary Woodley, she had previously married Alfred John Champion in 1940, with whom she had two children in 1942 and 1944. Alfred John Champion died, in Exeter, in 1983, so presumably their marriage was disolved. Alec and Elsie Drew had one daughter, born in 1949. Alec Drew died, in Exeter, in 1995 and Elsie Vera J Drew died in East Devon, in 2003.

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Charles Goff and Elizabeth Lock

Ford, footbridge and Goodiford Farm
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Charles Goff (bap. 9 Feb 1834 in Kentisbeare), son of James Goff and Elizabeth Lane, married Elizabeth Lock (b. ~1830), 'natural' daughter of Mary Ann Lock, at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle, on 6 Feb 1855. Incredibly, Charles Goff, Mason, is listed as son of James Goff, meanwhile, Elizabeth Lock, Servant, where her father should be named, it just says 'Illegitimate'. Whilst this is honest and true, I've never seen that on a marriage certificate before, with most in that situation making up a father 'for appearances sake'. Witnesses were James Ridgeway, presumably her half-brother, who made his mark and Charles Vickery. (In 1841, Elizabeth Lock, then 10, had been living with her grandfather, John Lock, and I wouldn't have known about her, but DNA links through descendants of three of Elizabeth's sons show her as being my 'half 2nd great-grandaunt'. As the daughter of my 3rd great-grandmother and therefore half-sister of my 2nd great-grandmother, that's spot on.)

Charles and Elizabeth Goff had nine children:
  1. James Goff b. 1855 in Ashbrittle, Somerset (no birth reg nor baptism)
  2. William Goff b. 1857 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 392, bap. 7 Jun 1857 at St Marys Church, Kentisbeare 
  3. Mary Goff b. 1859 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 373, bap. 6 Nov 1859 at St Marys Church, Kentisbeare 
  4. John Goff b. 1861 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 436, bap. 6 Oct 1861 at St Marys Church, Kentisbeare 
  5. Anna Goff b. 1863 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 427, bap. 7 Feb 1864 at St Marys Church, Kentisbeare 
  6. Frank Goff b. 14 Feb 1866 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 472, bap. 5 Aug 1866 at St Marys Church, Kentisbeare 
  7. Edmund Goff b. 1868 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 449, bap. 5 Apr 1868 at St Marys Church, Kentisbeare. Died, aged 17 months, in 1869 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 317 and was buried on 23 May 1869 also at St Marys Church, Kentisbeare 
  8. Henry Goff b. 1 Feb 1870 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 456, bap. 3 Jul 1870 at St Marys Church, Kentisbeare 
  9. Charles Goff b. 15 Jun 1871 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 412, bap. 3 Sep 1871 at St Marys Church, Kentisbeare 
In 1861, Charles Goff (26) Mason was in North Street, Kentisbeare with Elizabeth Goff (32), son James Goff (6), William Goff (3) and Mary Goff (1).

In 1871, at Goodiford, Kentisbeare were Charles Goff (34) Mason, Elizabeth Goff (37), James Goff (16) Mason's Labourer; William Goff (13), Mary Goff (11), John Goff (9), Anna Goff (7), Francis Goff (5) and Henry Goff (1).

In 1881, Charles Goff (45) Farmer & mason & miller employing 15 men & boys was still at Goodiford Mills, Kentisbeare with Elizabeth Goff (48), William Goff (23) Mason; Mary Goff (21), John Goff (20) Carpenter; Hannah [Anna] Goff (17), Frank Goff (15) Miller; Henry Goff (11), Charles Goff (9) and James Hiles (16) Farm Servant from Clayhanger, Devon.

In 1891, at Mill House, Kentisbeare, were Charles Goff (56) Builder & miller; Elizabeth Goff (58), Frank Goff (25) Miller; Henry Goff (21) Carpenter and Charles Goff (19) Builder's son.

Elizabeth Goff of Goodiford, Kentisbeare, died, aged 60, on 17 Apr 1892 (1892 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 279) and was buried on 23 Apr 1892 at St Marys, Kentisbeare, leaving £171 to Charles Goff, Builder.

Charles Goff, Builder and Miller, died the following year, aged 58, on 29 Mar 1893 (1893 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 295) and was buried on 5 Apr 1893, also at St Marys Church, Kentisbeare. He left effects of £1084 (£171,775 in 2023) to Frank Goff and Charles Goff.

Thursday 11 January 2024

Benjamin Blackmore and Mary Goff

Culmstock : The Culm Valley Inn
The former Railway Hotel, now the Culm Valley Inn
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Benjamin Blackmore (bap. 3 Feb 1856 in Kentisbeare, Devon), Blacksmith, son of Samuel Blackmore and Elizabeth Jeffery, married Mary Goff (bap. 6 Nov 1859 in Kentisbeare), daughter of Charles Goff and Elizabeth Lock, at the parish church of St Mary's, Kentisbeare, on 11 Jan 1882.

Witnesses were John Goff and Hannah Goff, latter who was most likely to have been Mary's younger sister, Anna - she was also listed as Hannah on the 1881 census. The marriage record is on the same page and is therefore presumably the first wedding celebrated in the church since that of Mary's brother, William Goff and Sarah Jane Rowe, the previous September.

Ben and Mary had four daughters:
  1. Lilian Elizabeth Blackmore b. 9 Mar 1882 (1882 J Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 05C Page 334) Couldn't find a baptism, presumably because of the proximity to the wedding.
  2. Florence Annie Blackmore b. 18 Oct 1885 D Quarter in WELLINGTON Vol 05C Page 310, bap. 15 Nov 1885 at All Saints Church, Culmstock
  3. Amy Goff Blackmore b. 1889 M Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 05C Page 313, bap. 7 Apr 1889 at All Saints Church, Culmstock
  4. Gladys May Blackmore b. 17 Sep 1890 S Quarter in WELLINGTON Vol 05C Page 307, bap. Gladys Mary, 19 Oct 1890 at All Saints, Culmstock
The three baptism records all list their father's occupation as Blacksmith.

In 1886, Benjamin Blackmore of Culmstock won a prize for skill in shoeing.

In 1891, Benjamin Blackmore (34) General smith, was living in Station Road, Culmstock, with Mary Blackmore (32), Lilian Elizabeth Blackmore (9), Florence Annie Blackmore (5), Amy Goff Blackmore (2), Gladys May Blackmore (0) - 6 months - and William Windson (19) Apprentice.

R. D. Blackmore, the famous novelist best known for Lorna Doone, lived in Culmstock from 1835-1841 [Source], while his father, John Blackmore, was Curate of All Saints Church, Culmstock. In 1894, "Culmstock became the Perlycross in Blackmore's novel of that name. Perlycross includes detailed descriptions of local places and living conditions at that time." [Source

In Gregory's Directory of Culmstock, also of 1894, Ben Blackmore, is listed as "smith & machinist". In Richard Doddridge Blackmore's 1894 novel, "The only man with a clue to the mystery is a blacksmith who has been called up late at night by a mysterious party with a cart." Was there any link between Benjamin Blackmore and R D Blackmore? :) That would be research for another day.

In 1901, Benjamin Blackmore (45) was Innkeeper and Blacksmith at the Victoria Hotel, Culmstock with Mary Blackmore (42), Florence Blackmore (15), Amy Blackmore (12), Gladys Blackmore (10), Edith Brown (19) General domestic servant; Jonas Hooper (22) Blacksmith and Samuel Blackmore (17) Nephew, Blacksmith Apprentice. Lilian E Blackmore (19) Dressmaker, was a boarder at the Girls Friendly Society Lodge, 32, East Southernhay, Exeter.

Mary Blackmore died, aged 45, in 1905 J Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET & DEVON Volume 05C Page 197 and Mary Blackmore (née Goff), wife of Benjamin Blackmore, Innkeeper, of The Railway Hotel, Culmstock, was buried, on 5 Apr 1905, in her native Kentisbeare.

So, Benjamin Blackmore (49), Widower, Licensed victualler, son of Samuel Blackmore, Farm Bailiff, married Clara Blackmore (47) Widow, daughter of Charles Dennett, in Wellington, Somerset on 23 Sep 1908. Clara gave her address as 26 Rockwell Green, Wellington (this address is a Post Office). Another Blackmore! That can't just be coincidence, can it? 

Clara Dennett bap. 21 Apr 1861, at Gussage All Saints, Dorset, daughter of Charles Dennett and Eliza Robertson, had married her first husband, John Tom Blackmore (b. 1860 in Gillingham, Dorset), son of Charles Blackmore and Mary Ann Wadman, at Gussage All Saints on 16 May 1887

In 1891, listed as Thomas Blackmore (33) Coachman from Gillingham, Dorset and Clara Blackmore (30), they were living at 114, Pavilion Road, Chelsea, (a mews just off Sloane Square). In 1901, Thomas Blackmore (40) Coachman and Clara Blackmore (40) were listed, along with a long list of coachmen, grooms, etc., at 1, Blue Ball Yard, St James Westminster. "The earliest reference to Blue Ball Yard itself dates to when the site was sold by King Charles II in 1672, by which time it was already a developed site of stables and housing, probably for servants working in the palace." It's clear from the addresses that John Tom Blackmore had worked in some high places.

Then John Tom Blackmore died, aged 45, in 1905 D Quarter in HATFIELD Volume 03A Page 360 and was buried, on 11 Dec 1905, in The Parish of Bishops Hatfield (St Etheldreda), Hertfordshire. This church is in the old village of Hatfield, "close to the walls of Hatfield House, once a royal palace [...] so is exceptionally grand for a parish church." His abode was listed as Hatfield Park. One assumes he had brought dignitaries there.

But what link there could be between the Dorset Blackmore families and their Devon counterparts, if there was one, there is nothing to indicate it.

In 1911, Benjamin Blackmore (53) Hotel Proprietor was at the Railway Hotel Millmoor, Culmstock with Clara Blackmore (50), Amy Blackmore (22) Draper's Assistant; Gladys Blackmore (20) Miliner; Rose Troake (16) Servant and Thomas Walls (29) Stonemason, Boarder. Florence Blackmore (28) was a Domestic cook in the household of Maurice Michael (58) Watch importer at 19 Lydford Road, Cricklewood NW, London.

In 1921, Benjamin Blackmore (60) Hotel Proprietor & Clara Blackmore (58) were at the 17th Century Coaching House, the The White Hart Hotel in Wiveliscombe, with Lydia Mary Furze (41) and John Reginald Furze (11) Visitors and Violet Gladys Chandler (25) & Ivy May Taylor (22) Servants.

Clara Blackmore died, at 66, in 1927 D Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 05C Page 307. And Benjamin Blackmore died the following year, at 69, in 1928 M Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 05C Page 329.

  • Lilian Elizabeth Blackmore married George Henry Hansford, in Wellington (Somerset), in 1906. That same year, they emigrated to Canada. They appear to have had two children. Lilian Elizabeth Hansford died, at 92, in Victoria, British Columbia, in 1975.
  • Florence Annie Blackmore married William Herbert Owen Denness in Hendon, Middlesex, in 1912. They had three children. In 1939, William H O Denness, Hotel Proprietor, Florence A Denness were at 10-11 St George's Place, Llandudno - a quite grand, sea front location. Their younger daughter, Gladys, was Hotel Receptionist; also living in were a Hotel Boots, two Waitresses, a Chambermaid and a Cook. Florence Annie Denness died, aged 73, on 2 Dec 1958 and was buried, on 5 Dec 1958 in Llanrhos, Caernarvonshire.
  • Amy Goff Blackmore married Douglas Wilfred Brentnall, in Wellington (Somerset), in 1917. They had one son quite late after their marriage, John Douglas Brentnall (1934-2010). Amy G Brentnall died, aged 77, in Weston-Super-Mare, in 1967.
  • Gladys May Blackmore married Henry Cowper Giles (b. 12 Aug 1889, in Bristol), son of Francis Frederick Giles and Florence Maria Avent, in Wellington (Somerset), in 1917. They had one son, Roland Henry Giles (1918-1968). In 1939, Henry C Giles, Sports Outfitter and Gladys May Giles were living at 56 Chepstow Road, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales. Gladys May Giles died on 11 Apr 1992, at the grand old age of 101 years 6 months and is buried at Holy Trinity Church, Christchurch Road, Newport, Wales.

Friday 29 September 2023

William Goff and Sarah Jane Rowe

Mid Devon : Country Lane towards Ashill
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William Goff (b. 1857), Mason, second son of Charles Goff and Elizabeth Lock, married Sarah Jane Rowe (b. 24 Jun 1858), daughter of William Rowe, Game Keeper, and Sarah Bishop, on 29 Sep 1881 at the parish church of St Mary, Kentisbeare, Devon. Witnesses were John Goff and Ann Rowe.

William and Sarah Jane had seven children:
  1. Elizabeth Goff b. 1882 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 437, bap. 4 Jun 1882 at St Mary, Kentisbeare. Died at 17 months (1883 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 275) and was buried at St Mary, Kentisbeare on 7 Oct 1883, "by authority of the Coroner's Warrant."
  2. Mary Goff b. 1884 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 431, bap. 4 Jun 1884 at St Mary, Kentisbeare
  3. Bessie Goff b. 22 Jul 1886 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 414, bap. 12 Sep 1886 at St Mary, Kentisbeare
  4. Annie Goff b. 17 Sep 1888 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 404, bap. 9 Dec 1888 at St Mary, Kentisbeare
  5. Amy Goff b. 1891 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 408
  6. Nelson Goff b. 16 May 1893 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 417, bap. 2 Sep 1893 in Uffculme
  7. Frank Goff b. 6 Apr 1899 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 392, bap. 13 May 1900 in Uffculme
In 1891, at Ashill Moor, Ashill, Uffculme were William Goff (33) Mason; Sarah J Goff (32), Mary Goff (7), Bessie Goff (4) and Annie Goff (2).

In 1901, at 1, Prospect Place, Ashill, Uffculme, were William Goff (44) Mason; Sarah J Goff (42), Amy Goff (9), Nelson Goff (7) and Frank Goff (2). Mary Goff (16) was a kitchen maid at Craddock House, Uffculme; Bessie Goff (14) was a general servant at Foxhill [Farm], Uffculme and Annie Goff (12) was a visitor in the household of Sarah Ackland (48) in Ashill.

In 1911, at Ashill Craddock Cullompton: William Goff (53) Builder; Sarah Jane Goff (52), Bessie Goff (24) Dressmaker; Annie Goff (22) School teacher and Frank Goff (12). The 1911 census confirms that William and Sarah had seven children, with 6 then living, during their 30 year marriage. Mary Goff (26) birthplace "Devonshire Guddiford" [Goodiford] was a Parlourmaid at Hillfoot, Lovelace Road, Surbiton, Surrey; couldn't find Amy and Nelson Goff (16) was a Cattle lad on farm at Foxhill Craddock, Cullompton.

William Goff died, aged 59, in 1916 D Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 573.

In 1921, Sarah Jane Goff (62) Widow; Annie Goff (32) Assistant Teacher at Huntsham School; and Nelson Goff (28) Jobbing Labourer on Farm were living at Ashill Moor, Uffculme.

Nelson Goff, of Ashill, was fined 7s 6d for being drunk and incapable on July 24th, 1921. Meanwhile, Nelson Goff, labourer, of Ashill, pleaded not guilty of assaulting William Wright, a rabbit trapper, on January 26th, 1924. However, "Defendant was so drunk he could not stand still." He was fined 20s.

In 1939, Sarah J Goff, Widow and Nelson Goff, Cowman, were living at Prospect, Barton, Tiverton.

Nelson Goff died, at 52, on 6 Sep 1945 (1945 S Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 398), leaving £174 0s 11d to Arthur Goff, farmer.

Sarah Jane Goff died, aged 92, on 1 Oct 1950 (1950 D Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 07A  Page 811) and was buried on 4 Oct 1950 at St Mary's, Kentisbeare.

The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette of 6 Oct 1950 reported on the Kentisbeare Funeral. "The funeral took place in Kentisbeare Churchyard, on Wednesday, of Mrs Sarah Jane Goff, of Prospect Place, Ashill, whose death, at the age of 92, took place on October 1st. She was the widow of Mr William Goff, who died in 1916, and formerly lived at Kentisbeare. They went to live at Ashill 34 years ago. The Rev. F G Baker (rector) officiated and the mourners were: Mrs B Symons, Mr and Mrs W James, and Mrs A Smith (daughters and son-in-law); Mr R Smith, Mr and Mrs L Yendall and Miss B Dunn (grandchildren); Mrs B Dunn (sister); Mrs V Rugg and Mrs A Goff (nieces). The bearers were Messrs A Goff, E Goff and W Goff (nephews) and L G Leatt. Also present were Mesdames H J Middleton, T Dunn, J Dunster and S J Salter."

These newspaper reports are useful as confirmation. Among the mourners, Mrs B Symons is Bessie; Mr and Mrs W James is Annie and her husband William; Mrs A Smith is Amy; Mr R Smith is Amy's son Ronald; Mr and Mrs L Yendall is Bessie's daughter Vera and her husband Leslie. A granddaughter named Miss B Dunn is a mystery. Notable is that neither Mary nor Frank attended their mother's funeral. Frank, at least, was then alive.

  • Cannot find Mary Goff after 1911. Had she married a Dunn to produce the mystery granddaughter? There's no record of it.
  • Bessie Goff married William Henry Symons (b. 2 Feb 1887), son of William Symons and Eliza Jane Blackmore, at St Mary's, Kentisbeare on 18 Feb 1914. Their only daughter, Vera Symons, having arrived 'early' on 21 Jan 1914 (1914 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 657). In 1915, William Henry Symons enlisted in the Royal Engineers. In 1939, the three were living at Prospect, Barton, Tiverton. William Henry Symons (61) died on 17 Jul 1948. Bessie Symons (66) died on 12 Apr 1953.
  • Annie Goff married William Thomas James on 31 Dec 1930. The report in the Western Times of 2 Jan 1931, details: "At St Mary's Church, Kentisbeare, on Wednesday, the marriage was solemnised between Miss Annie Goff, fourth daughter of Mrs and the late Mr W Goff of Prospect Place, Ashhill and Mr William Thomas James, fifth son of the late Mr and Mrs E James, formerly of Welsh Tenement Farm, Ashill, and Downhill, Bampton, Devon. The Rector (Rev. E S Chalk) officiated. The bride, who was given away by her brother-in-law, Mr W H Symons, was gracefully attired in brown crepe de chine, with a brown tailor made cloth coat with wide collar and cuffs of lambswool with a hat to match. She carried a bouquet of bronze chrysanthemums and asparagus fern, which was later laid on the grave of the bride's father. There were no bridesmaids. Mr F Goff (brother of the bridegroom bride) was best man. A reception, which took place at the home of the bride's mother, was observed quietly, owing to the recent death of the father of the bridegroom. There was a large number of presents. Later in the day the happy couple left for their new home at Bampton. The bride is well known and highly respected in Huntsham, where she has been assistant mistress in the school for 16 years, which post she will be resigning on the complete recovery of the headmistress, Mrs Fitchett." The couple did not have children. In 1939, William Thomas James, Dairy Hand, and Annie James, were living at Comeytrowe Manor Farm, Trull, Taunton. Annie James died in 1972 and William Thomas James in 1982.
  • Amy Goff married Harry B Smith, in Tiverton, in 1920. They had one son, Ronald Smith b. 1920 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 648. Cannot identify further records.
  • Frank Goff married Hilda Mary Ferris (b. 2 Oct 1898), daughter of Henry Spearing Ferris and Florence Furnham, in Chard Somerset, in 1927. They had one son, John Ferris Goff b. 1930 D Quarter in CHARD Volume 05C Page 432. In 1939, they were at 62 Station Road, Ilminster. Frank Goff died on 20 May 1974 and Hilda Mary Goff on 26 Aug 1975, both in Paignton, Devon.

Wednesday 20 January 2021

John Goff and Hannah Mary Cook

Bradfield House
Bradfield House - or Bradfield Hall, the name on the gateposts - in Uffculme parish, south west of the village, near Willand. This is the east front with the medieval great hall in the centre.
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John Goff (b. 1861), son of Charles Goff and Elizabeth Lock, married Hannah Mary Cook (b. 19 Oct 1861 in Halberton), daughter of John Cook and Elizabeth Davey, in Tiverton Registration District, in 1883.

John and Hannah (known as Annie) had seven children:
  1. Charles Goff b. 1883 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 406. Died, aged 20, in 1904 J Quarter in HONITON Volume 05B Page 13 and was buried, on 5 Jun 1904 at St Mary's, Kentisbeare.
  2. Bessie Goff b. 1884 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 416
  3. Henry Goff b. 15 Feb 1887 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 409, bap. 10 Apr 1887 at St Mary's, Kentisbeare.
  4. Edmund Goff b. 1890 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 413. Killed in action on 18 Jul 1917, see below.
  5. Rose Ellen Goff b. 31 Jul 1893 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 402, bap. 10 Sep 1893 at St Mary's, Kentisbeare.
  6. Arthur Goff b. 19 Jul 1896 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 384, bap. 13 Sep 1896 at St Mary's, Kentisbeare.
  7. Harold Goff b. 7 May 1899 J Quarter in HONITON Volume 05B Page 19, bap. 11 Jun 1899 a St Andrew's Church, Broadhembury
In 1891, John Goff (30) Carpenter, Cottage, Kentisbeare, Annie Goff (29), Charles Goff (7), Bessie Goff (6), Henry Goff (4) and Edmund Goff (0).

In 1901, John Goff (39) Estate carpenter in Kerswell, Broadhembury with Annie Goff (39), Edmund Goff (10), Rose Ellen Goff (7), Arthur Goff (4) and Harold Goff (1). Charles Goff was not listed anywhere; Bessie Goff (16) was a Domestic Servant at Gowers Turners, Fore Street, Cullompton and Henry Goff (15) was a Farm Servant at Kentismoor Farm, Kentisbeare.

In 1911, John Goff (49) Estate carpenter was at Bradfield, Uffculme with Annie Goff (49), Edmund Goff (20) Baker; Arthur Goff (14) and Harold Goff (11). The 1911 census confirms that the couple had 7 children, of whom 6 were, at that time, still living. Bessie Goff (26) was a Domestic Servant in Holland Villas Road, Kensington, London (Holland Park). Rose Ellen Goff, who will have been 17, I assume was out working, but didn't find her.

On 2 Aug 1912, Edmund Goff (22) listed as a Farm Labourer embarked in London on the SS Roscommon, bound for Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, where he arrived, after a 56 day voyage, on 27 Sep 1912.

On the 1913 Australia Electoral Roll, Edmund Goff, Baker, was listed "Care Of Mrs Reed, Sachs Street, Cairns, Herbert, Queensland, Australia". Then in 1915, Edmund Goff, Baker was in Rankin Street, Innisfail, Queensland, Australia, where the record suggests he had been since 20 Jul 1914.

Williand War Memorial
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On 13 May 1916, Edmund Goff enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) and on 20 Oct 1916, embarked on Australian Troop Transport, HMAT A17, Port Lincoln, with the 12th Machine Gun Company, 6th Reinforcements, from Melbourne, Victoria. The record gave his home address as 'Care Of Mrs E Wallace, Innisfail'. It also gave his next of kin as John Goff of Willand, Cullompton, Devon, England.

Edmund Goff, Private, 13th Australian Machine Gun Corps., A.I.F., Service No. 415, son of John and Hannah Mary Goff of Willand, Cullompton, Devon, England, was Killed in Action, in Belgium, on 18 July 1917. (Battle of Passchendaele). He is buried at (the presumably aptly named) Mud Corner Cemetery, Wallonie, Belgium, Grave II. B. 2. Personal Inscription: FAME & GLORY EASE NOT OUR ACHING HEARTS. He is remembered on the Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour, the Innisfail Cenotaph and on Willand War Memorial at St Mary the Virgin Churchyard, Willand Old Village.

In 1921, John Goff (59) Estate Carpenter working for Mrs Adams; Hannah Mary Goff (58), Arthur Goff (24) Coal Miner; and Harold Goff (22) Motor Driver were living in the New Buildings, Willand, Devon.

John Goff died, aged 76, in 1936 D Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 483.

In 1939, Hannah M Goff, Widowed, Old Age Pensioner, was living with daughter & son-in-law, Charles & Rose Hole in Station Road, Culmstock.

Hannah Mary Goff died, at 87, in 1949 M Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 07A 948.

  • Henry Goff married Eveline James Drew (b. 9 Dec 1888), daughter of Edwin Drew and Fanny Louisa James, in Truro, Cornwall, in 1909. The couple had one son, George Henry Goff b. 1910 M Quarter in REDRUTH Volume 05C Page 157. In 1911, Henry Goff (24) Nurseryman from Cullompton, Devon; Eveline James Goff and George Henry Goff (1) were living at Treleigh Redruth, Cornwall. Son George Henry died, aged 9, in 1919 D Quarter in REDRUTH Volume 05C Page 221. In 1939, Henry Goff, Smallholder and Eveline Goff were living at Salem House, Chacewater, Truro. Eveline James Goff died on 10 Dec 1961 and Harry Goff died, at 89, on 6 May 1976 and are in buried in St. Paul's Churchyard.
  • Rose Ellen Goff married Charles Edward Hole (b. 22 Jan 1891 in Tiverton), son of Robert Hole and Rosa Ellen Jones, in Tiverton, in 1921. In 1939, Charles E Hole, Storekeeper Coal & Corn, Rosa E Hole and mother-in-law were living in Station Road, Culmstock. Charles E Hole died, at 75, in 1966, in Taunton, Somerset and Rose Ellen Hole died, at 80, in Newton Abbot, Devon.
  • Arthur Goff married Florence May Jarvis (b. 29 Sep 1899), daughter of Charles Jarvis and Sarah Spurway, in Tiverton, in 1927. The couple had three daughters. Florence May Goff died on 3 Mar 1984 and Arthur Goff less than two weeks later, on 16 Mar 1984. They are buried together Cullompton Cemetery.
  • Harold Goff married Elizabeth Margaret Viney (b. 8 Jan 1905), daughter of James Viney and Elizabeth Featherby, in Tiverton, in 1930 and had 3 daughters. Harold Goff died in Uffculme, on 24 Apr 1978 and Elizabeth Goff, in Exeter, on 24 Mar 1995.

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James Goff and Sarah Ann Canniford

The triangle at the centre of Kentisbeare
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James Goff (b. 1855 in Ashbrittle, Somerset), eldest son of Charles Goff and Elizabeth Lock, married Sarah Ann Canniford (bap. 18 Jan 1857 in Kentisbeare), daughter of William Canniford and Jane Baker, in 1876. 

James and Sarah Ann Goff had nine children:

  1. William Goff b. 1877 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 428, and was initially baptised privately on 10 Mar 1877 and then again in the church of St Mary, Kentisbeare on 20 May 1877. Died, aged 6, on 18 Sep 1883 (1883 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 252) and was buried on 23 Sep 1883 at St Mary, Kentisbeare. [1]
  2. Annie Goff b. 1879 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 433, bap. 5 Jan 1879 at St Mary, Kentisbeare. Died, aged 4, on 18 Sep 1883 (1883 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 252) and was buried on 23 Sep 1883 at St Mary, Kentisbeare. [1]
  3. Tom Goff b. 1881 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 421, bap. 13 Mar 1881 at St Mary, Kentisbeare. Died, aged 2, on 23 Sep 1883 (1883  D Quarter in TIVERTON  Volume 05B  Page 275) and was buried on 25 Sep 1883 at St Mary, Kentisbeare. [1]
  4. Beatrice Elizabeth b. 26 Oct 1882 (registered as Mary Jane in 1882 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 422 Occasional Copy: A), bap. as Beatrice Elizabeth Goff on 16 Mar 1883 at St Mary, Kentisbeare.
  5. James Goff b. 1 Sep 1886 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 413, bap. 14 Nov 1886 at St Mary, Kentisbeare.
  6. Henrietta Goff b. 22 Oct 1888 D Quarter in WELLINGTON, SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 310 (no baptism found)
  7. Anna Goff b. 1891 M Quarter in WELLINGTON, SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 318, bap. Annie Goff on 12 Nov 1893 at St Mary, Kentisbeare. 
  8. Winnifred Goff b. 1893 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 389, bap. 4 Oct 1893 at St Mary, Kentisbeare. Died, aged 2, in 1895 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 259 and was buried on 1 Dec 1895 at St Mary, Kentisbeare. [2]
  9. Agnes Augusta Goff b. 28 Aug 1900 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 347, bap. 25 Aug 1901 at St Mary, Kentisbeare.
[1] The newspaper report in Western Times of 28 Sep 1883 reads: "Sympathy is felt in this village with James Goff, who lost two children on the 18th instant - a boy aged six years and a girl aged four, dying within 10 minutes of each other.  This heavy bereavement was followed by another in the death of a boy aged two years on the 23rd instant, and now Mrs Goff has been taken seriously ill with dyptheria (sic). Foul water is assigned as the cause of the illness, and the Nuisance Inspector as well as the Medical Officer of Health have been called into consultation over this very serious affair."

[2] The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette of 6 Dec 1895 reported, "An inquest was held at Kentisbeare, on Saturday, upon the body of Winifred Goff, aged two years, the daughter of Mr. James Goff, Builder. Dr Tracey, of Willand, attributed death to diphtheria, and the jury returned a verdict accordingly."

Of course this was pre-vaccine, pre-antibiotics and pre-NHS.

In 1881, James Goff (26) Mason from Ashbrittle, Somerset was living in the Village, Kentisbeare, with Sarah A Goff (25) from Broadhembury, Devon; William Goff (4), Annie Goff (2) and Tom Goff (0). Beatrice E Goff (18) was working as a Parlourmaid in St Leonards, Weston Super Mare.

In 1891, in Burlescombe were James Goff (36) Bricklayer; Sarah A Goff (35), Beatrice E Goff (8), James Goff (4), Henrietta Goff (2) and Anna Goff (0).

On 19 Sep 1899, The Western Times reported, "The first meeting of Creditors of James Goff, Mason, of Colepark, Kentisbeare, was held in the Receiver's Office, Exeter, on Thursday. Debtor estimated his liabilities at £212 15s 6d and assets £75 9s 6d, leaving a deficiency of £137 6s. Causes of failure alleged by debtor were sickness of self and family ..."

In 1901, at Hollis Green, Kentisbeare, were James Goff (46) Mason; Sarah A Goff (45), James Goff (14) Mason; Henrietta Goff (12), Annie Goff (10) and Agnes Goff (0). 

James Goff, Mason, died, aged 53, at the Tiverton Infirmary and Dispensary in 1908 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 251 and was buried on 11 Nov 1908 at St Mary, Kentisbeare.

Sarah Ann Goff née Canniford, of Hollis Green, Kentisbeare, wife of the above James Goff, died, aged 52, in 1908 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 248 and was buried on 13 Dec 1908, also at St Mary, Kentisbeare.

  • Beatrice Elizabeth Goff (24) Domestic Servant of Hollis Green, Kentibeare, daughter of James Goff, married William John Wyatt (21) Brakeman, of 22 Sutton Road, Newport, Monmouthshire, son of James Wyatt, on 31 Mar 1907 at St Mary, Kentisbeare. They had four children. Beatrice Elizabeth Wyatt died, in 1976.
  • James Goff married Harriet Bennett, daughter of John Bennett, on 8 Apr 1911 at St John's Church, Maindee, Newport, Monmouthshire. They had four daughters. James Goff died, at 63, in 1949 in Newport (Monmouthshire).
  • Henrietta Goff married George Hendy, son of George David Hendy and Jane Richards, in Tiverton, in 1908. In 1911, they were living at 6 Melbourne Street, Tiverton and living with them was Henrietta's younger sister, Agnes Augusta, then 10 and at school. George and Henrietta had one son, Leslie George Hendy b. 1921. Agnes was still living with them, at 1 John Street, Tiverton, in 1939. Henrietta Hendy died, in Tiverton, in 1980. 
  • Annie Goff died, aged 40, in St Thomas, Exeter, in 1931.
  • Agnes Augusta Goff died, in Tiverton, on 17 Jul 1982.