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Sunday, 27 June 2021

William Harman Howes and Violet Rose Matilda Cheer

St Mark's church in Lakenham - the apse
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Evelyn Simak -
Built in 1843 "for the poor and very populous" district of Lakenham

William Harman Howes, son of Elizabeth Eliza Blazey and William Harman Howes, married Violet Rose Matilda Cheer, on 8 Feb 1920, at the Church of St Mark, Lakenham, a district on the south of Norwich, Norfolk. Both were 24. One of the witnesses to the wedding was William's sister, Alice May Howes.

On the marriage certificate, Violet gives her father's name as Edmund Cheer, deceased. The only record for a birth of a Violet Cheer at all, was in the relevant quarter of 1895, in Norwich. She is registered simply as Violet, with no other given names and Cheer was her mother's maiden name, so this looks very much like a father invented for appearances on that form. A mystery, Violet doesn't appear anywhere at all on the 1901 or 1911 census returns either. 

(The only record I can find of a Violet Rose Matilda, anywhere, ever, was a Violet Rose Matilda Fox, baptised the following year, 1896, also in Norwich, daughter of Robert and Mary Fox. There seems to be utterly no link, but I feel there must be some reason for this seeming coincidence of the choice of given names.)

Record of the marriage of William Harman Howes and Violet Rose Matilda Cheer

William and Violet had three children: Joyce Mary Howes, born 27 Jun 1920, another daughter in 1924 and a son in 1932 - the latter two less than 100 years ago, could, theoretically, be alive, so I won't list their names.

In 1939, William Harman Howes, Mineral Maker, his wife, Violet Rose Matilda and their 3 children were living at 49 Unthank Road, Norwich, Norfolk. 

In 1942, Joyce M Howes married James D Wright, at Holy Trinity, Heigham.

William Harman Howes died in the 2nd quarter of 1977, aged 81.

Violet Rose N (sic) Howes, born 10 Aug 1895, died in 1978, aged 82.
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