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Friday 13 August 2021

James Roland George Edmond and Elizabeth Thompson

Penywern Road, Earls Court
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James Roland George Edmond, elder son of James Edmond and Sarah Ann Wood, married Elizabeth Thompson, in 1937, in Paddington, London. 

On 12 Feb 1932, James R G Edmond had enlisted in the Scots Guards

Spot the glaring error in this communication from the Recruiting Office in Exeter, writing to the Commanding Officer of the Scots Guards in Birdcage Walk, S.W.1.
"May this man be accepted please. He is a Bona-fide Scotchman. Wishes to serve in his Father's Regt. Father killed on service in the Great War. Father's Regt: Scots Guards. He is of a very respectable appearance and his acceptance is recommended."
In another communication, they'd also quoted the wrong service number and date of death for his father. And on another page, his nationality as Scottish (although for many it would be great news if that really was a thing.)

On 31 Mar 1935, James was in Civil Custody to be tried the next day, at Marylebone Police Court, for "taking and driving away" and this offence is noted on his military record. He was fined 45 Shillings (£2.25 in 1935 is worth £168 today.) From 1 Nov 1935 to 23 Nov 1936, he served in Egypt and transferred to Palestine on 24 Nov 1936 until 30 Dec 1936, for which he was awarded the General Service Medal with Clasp "Palestine". 

J R G Edmond was discharged from the guards on 13 Jan 1939 (under Paragraph 383 (xviii) of the Kings Regulations 1935), his services being no longer required. On discharge, his military conduct was listed as "FAIR" and described as "A clean and hardworking man. He is a good groom. Has also been employed as a saddler in which capacity he has done good work."

Given he was only 27 at the outbreak of World War II, it's strange he seems not to have been called back into service in some sort of capacity, but in 1939 we find James R G Edmond, Attendant Amusement, with wife Elizabeth (b. 25 Mar 1914) and George Thompson (b. 27 May 1917), Luggage Porter, at 25 Penywern Road, Earls Court (now the address of the Lord Jim Hotel). 

Elizabeth Edmond died in 2000 and James R G Edmond in 2001, both in Peterborough.

Thursday 29 July 2021

Herbert William Proudlock and Dorothy May Shilcock

Paddington Station
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Herbert William Proudlock and Dorothy May Shilcock married, in Portsmouth, in 1922. Herbert William Proudlock's birth was registered in Paddington, London, in 1896. There's no mother's maiden name on the registration, so we must assume that his was an illegitimate birth. But, similarly, it hasn't been possible, without the certificate, to even identify his mother. 

There's no obvious Miss Proudlock born or living locally, so he may well have been found on said station and have had a penchant for marmalade.

In 1911, H W Proudlock (14) from Paddington, London, turns up in the household of a F W Rackley (38) General Labourer, at Westborough Road, Maidenhead, Bisham Bray, Berkshire, described as a Foster Son, but employed as a Page Boy. Not surprising then that he goes to sea. Herbert William Proudlock (b. 30 Apr 1896) enlisted in the Royal Navy, aged 15, on 9 Feb 1912. On his naval record, his previous occupation, "House Boy" was later crossed out and expressed as Domestic Servant. On 30 Apr 1914, his 18th birthday, he signed up for a further 12 years and spent the First World War doing short tours on a wide variety of ships. On 29 Apr 1936, Herbert was Pensioned. Then on 1 Apr 1938, was brought back into service again, served through World War II, being finally released on 17 Sep 1945.

Dorothy May Shilcock, meanwhile, was the daughter of Alfred Eli Shilcock and Florence Ada Poat, who married at St Mary's Church, Portsea, on 6 Nov 1902. Dorothy May Shilcock, born 2 Oct 1901, was baptised on 27 Sep 1908 at St Bartholomew's Church, Southsea (no longer standing?), along with her sister Rosa Louisa and brother Alfred Eli, who had been born on 10 Aug 1908. In 1911, the family, living at 3 Addison Road Southsea, Portsmouth, consisted Alfred Shilcock (38) Engine Fitter, Florence (31), Dorothy (9), Rosa (7), Doris (5), Alfred (2) and Ernest (0). (Although they listed the boys first.)

Herbert and Dorothy had three sons:
  1. Frederick William Eli Proudlock b. 5 Nov 1923
  2. Stanley Victor Proudlock b. 25 Dec 1928
  3. (Further son born 1934 may be still living)
In 1939, Dorothy M Proudlock was living at 75 Lovett Road, Portsmouth with her three sons, while her husband was at sea. Frederick had become a Shop Assistant at a Pawnbroker. (Frederick died, in Portsmouth, in 1997).

Herbert William Proudlock of 34 St. Chad's Avenue, North End, Portsmouth, died on 19 Feb 1970. Dorothy May Proudlock died on 20 Jul 1974.