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George Tooze and Anne Clarke

Mid Devon : Holcombe Rogus Scenery
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George Tooze (b. 1778) son of Thomas Tooze and Dorothy Woodbery, married Anne Clarke at All Saints Church, Holcombe Rogus on 27 Nov 1803.

George and Anne had seven children:
  1. John Tooze bap. 2 Sep 1804 in Holcombe Rogus [1]
  2. Elizabeth Tooze bap. 19 Apr 1807 in Holcombe Rogus [2]
  3. Susanna Tooze bap. 30 Jul 1809 in Holcombe Rogus
  4. George Tooze bap. 22 Sep 1811 in Holcombe Rogus [3]
  5. Thomas Tooze bap. 14 Aug 1814 in Holcombe Rogus [4]
  6. James Tooze bap. 30 Dec 1817 in Holcombe Rogus
  7. Anne Tooze bap. 11 Apr 1819 in Holcombe Rogus
On all of the baptisms, George's occupation is listed as Chairmaker.

1841, George Tooze (60) Chairmaker; Ann Tooze (60) with Mary Tooze (12), John Vickery (6) and Susan Vickery (3) were living at Bulgins, Holcombe Rogus. Presumably, all three children were their grandchildren.

In 1851, living on Golden Hill, Holcombe Rogus, were George Tooze (74) Pauper Formerly Chairmaker and Ann Tooze (73) Pauper.

George Tooze died, at 75, in 1853 J Quarter in WELLINGTON-SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 275. Ann Tooze died, aged 81, in GRO Reference: 1860 M Quarter Volume 05C Page 306.
  1. John Tooze b. 1804 is listed among Britain, Merchant Seamen in 1845. He married Ann Turner on 11 Oct 1847 at St Mary Magdalene, Gillingham, Kent. John Tooze was buried at St Mary's, Chatham, Kent in 1876. Ann Tooze (b. 1812) was buried at St Mary's, Chatham, in 1878.
  2. Elizabeth Tooze married William Vickery, on 26 May 1833. 
  3. George Tooze b. 1811 married Agnes Dearley in Halse, Somerset on 15 Jul 1836. In 1841, George Tooze (30) Chairmaker, was living in Kingsbury West, Somerset. By 1851, they were in Rockwell Green.
  4. Thomas Tooze b. 1814 married Mary Keates, in Wellington, on 29 Sep 1837. (Yet another Thomas and Mary Tooze!) Their daughter, Susan Emily Tooze was born in Truro, Cornwall in 1846 (and baptised in St Helier on 26 Sep 1863). In 1851, Thomas Tooze (37) Chairmaker, was living in St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands with wife Mary (33), Emily (4), Thomas (1) and George (0). Thomas Tooze was buried in St Helier, Jersey on 17 Aug 1858. Mary Tooze (40) Widow, was living in Dorset Street, St Helier in 1861. In 1871, son George (21) Provision Dealer, was living in the City of London with his sister, Ellen (18).

John Benjamin Botterill & Everlda J C Summers

St John the Evangelist, Lansdowne Crescent, Notting Hill - Sanctuary
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View of St. John's Church from St. John's Gardens

John Benjamin Botterill (b. 1864), son of Daniel Botterill and Sarah Elizabeth Thompson, married Everlda Jane Caroline Summersdaughter of Thomas and Ann Summers (who in 1871 had lived in Testerton Street, Kensington), at St John the EvangelistLansdowne CrescentNotting Hill on 21 Oct 1889

John and Everlda had four children: 

  1. Thomas Daniel Botterill born 1891
  2. Everlda Botterill born 20 Sep 1892
  3. Benjamin Tompson Botterill born 1895
  4. Mary Botterill born 1902
Princess Royal Public House
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In 1891, they were living at 115 High StreetLewisham, with John B (26), Butcher, Everelda (25), their first child, Thomas Daniel (0) and Elsie Jones (43), Ladies Nurse, a widow from Catford, London, lodging with them.

But in 1900 and again in 1901, they were at the Princess Royal at 22, Longley Road, Croydon, where his uncle, John Soppit, had employed John Benjamin Botterill (36) as his Licenced Victualler Manager. Living there also were Everlda (35), Thomas Daniel (10), Everlda (8), Benjamin Tompson (5) and John's father, Daniel (69), who is listed as a widower - which is a mystery, because his wife, Sarah, was alive and living in Lewisham at the time.

Then on 16 Oct 1902, John Benjamin Botterill (38), appeared at the Quarter Sessions in Maidstone, accused of stealing, by his uncle, John Soppit.

From the Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser 23 October 1902


John Benjamin Botterill pleaded not guilty to stealing two boxes containing 51 cigars, one bottle of brandy, three bottles of whiskey, etc., belonging to John Soppitt, at Cudham, on August 7th.

Mr. C. S. Fooks prosecuted, and Mr. Hohler defended.

John Soppit, formerly licensee of the Princess Royal, Croydon, deposed that in 1898 he took the prisoner, who was his nephew, into his employ as manager and paid him at first £2 15s per week, and after £2. The net takings of the house were not satisfactory to him at the latter part of the prisoner's management. Prisoner left on June 23rd of this year. Then witness looked through the books. Prisoner had bought goods unauthorised, and after his departure witness found some scales missing. He afterwards found them in the prisoner's possession at the Blacksmiths' Arms, at Cudham, and he also found a couch there, which had been at the Princess Royal. Other things, including glasses, were also missing.

By Mr. Hohler: The couch was never given to the prisoner by him. He did not know that the bottle of brandy was given to the prisoner by the wholesale firm, and was not aware that the cigars were brought from the result of a draw from the slate club. The reason he saw the gas mantles were his was because they were the same kind as those used at the Princess Royal, and the glasses were similar to those belonging to witness. The labels with the prisoner's name on, which were on the bottles, was not printed with the witness's consent.

Sergt. Humphrey deposed to searching the Blacksmith's Arms, and finding the mantels in a box among some children's clothes.

Cross-examined: The prisoner had an excellent character. The goods had evidently not been unpacked after the move.

Prisoner gave evidence on oath, and said that his uncle gave him the couch. The cigars he bought as his share in the money out of the slate club, the money to be spent in the house. The bottle of whiskey and brandy was given to him by the wholesale houses in 1899. The bottle of gin was given to him by his uncle.

The jury at this point stopped the case, and the prisoner was discharged. 

The Blacksmith's Arms, Cudham
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As we can see from the report above, John Benjamin Botterill, in 1902, had gone to the Blacksmith’s ArmsCudham (in the London Borough of Bromley), although not for long. (Read about this beautiful pub's history here.)

Prince Frederick, Bromley
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In 1911, we find John Benjamin Botterill (46), Licenced Victualler, at the Prince Frederick, Nichol Lane, Bromley, Kent, with wife, Everlda Jane Caroline Botterill (45), assisting in the business, Thomas Daniel (20), engineer's fitter, Everlda (18), dressmaker, Benjamin Thompson (15), Mary (8) and Esther Elizabeth Challen (19), Servant. They were still there in 1913.

We next catch up with the family, in 1939, living at 44 Wellington Avenue, Hounslow, Middlesex. Living with John Benjamin Botterill (75), described as a Retired Fitter's Mate, are wife Everlda J C (74), daughter Everlda White, dressmaker, widowed, and her daughter, Jean M White (16) and a Leslie F Taylor, Gentleman's hairdresser, presumably a lodger.

Everlda Jane Caroline Botterill died, aged 77, in 1943, in Brentford. John Benjamin Botterill died five years later, in 1948, aged 83, in Ealing. 

William Thompson Wykes and Ada Doe

St Paul's Church, Deptford in Spring
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William Thompson Wykes (b. 1869), youngest son of William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson, married Ada Doe (b. 26 May 1867 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk), daughter of George Doe and Susannah Gates, in the 2nd quarter of 1894, in the district of Greenwich. Ada was born at Garland Street, Bury St Edmunds (PDF), where the family still lived in 1871, and was baptised on 20 Sep 1868 at St Edmundsbury Cathedral (parish church of St James).

William and Ada had three children:
  1. William Thompson Wykes b. 1895 M Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 1073, bap. 22 May 1895 at St Paul's, Deptford
  2. Daisy Ann Elizabeth Wykes b. 15 Jan 1897 M Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 1097
  3. Ada Florence Wykes b. 17 May 1905 J Quarter in SAINT OLAVE BERMONDSEY Volume 01D Page 232
All of the GRO birth registration have the mother's maiden name DOE.

In 1901, William Wykes (31) Light plater iron work, was at 5, Abinger Road, Deptford with Ada Wykes (33), William Wykes (6) and Daisy Wykes (4).

In 1911, William Wykes (41) Light iron worker was living at 12 Neckinger Street, Dockhead, Bermondsey with Ada Wykes (43), William Wykes (16) Printers layer on; Daisy Wykes (14) and Ada Wykes (5). 

William Thompson Wykes died, aged just 45, in 1915 M Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 1586.

I've found no further records for William Thompson Wykes Jnr either after 1911. He's certainly not listed in 1921 or 1939. Was he lost in WWI?

Ada and daughter, Ada Florence Wykes, were still in Bermondsey in 1921.

In 1939, Ada Wykes, Money Taker (Retired) (assume cashier, not criminal LOL) and Ada F Longhurst, Shop Assistant, were living at 23 Sylvan Grove, Peckham, with a Stephen Mason in the household, presumably a lodger.

Ada Wykes died, aged 73, in 1940 D Quarter in CAMBERWELL Volume 01D Page 1299.

  • Daisy Ann Elizabeth Wykes married Frank George Collins (b. 10 Mar 1887 in Rotherhithe), son of Thomas Frederick Collins and Amelia Martha Roberts, in Southwark, in 1920. They had three children: Frank William Collins b. 1 Oct 1920; William Thomas Collins b. 6 Feb 1923 and Joan Emily Collins b. 1926. In 1939, Frank G Collins, Paint Warehouseman; Daisy A E Collins, Frank William Collins and William T Collins were living at 76 Harp Road, Ealing, where the couple remained for the rest of their lives. Frank George Collins died on 10 Aug 1973 and Daisy Ann Elizabeth Collins, on 17 Sep 1975.
  • Ada Florence Wykes married Frederick Richard Longhurst (b. 1 Feb 1912), son of Frederick William Longhurst and Hannah Eliza Warner, in Deptford, London, in 1935. In 1939, Ada F Longhurst was living with her mother, in Peckham, while Frederick Richard Longhurst was serving in the Royal Artillery. They had one son, born in 1941. Frederick Richard Longhurst died, in Lambeth, in 1992. Ada Florence Longhurst died, also in Lambeth, in 2002.

Ernest James Burch and Elizabeth Wykes

Amersham Road, New Cross
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Ernest James Burch (b. 1858), son of Henry Burch and Rebecca Martin, married Elizabeth Wykes (b. 10 Jun 1861), daughter of William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson, in the district of St. Olave Southwark, in the second quarter of 1881. Five years previously, Ernest James' older brother, Henry Charles Burch had married Elizabeth's older sister, Mary Ann Wykes.

Ernest and Elizabeth had six children, all born in Greenwich:
  1. Ernest William Burch b. 1882 S Quarter in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1015. Died, 1884 J Quarter in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 569.
  2. Rose Mary Wykes b. 25 Apr 1884 J Qtr Vol 01D Page 1029
  3. Henry Charles Burch b. 6 Jun 1886 S Qtr Vol 01D Page 1030
  4. Maria Elizabeth Burch b. 25 Apr 1888 J Qtr Vol 01D Page 1027
  5. Florence Emma Burch b. 24 Jun 1891 S Qtr Vol 01D Page 1032
  6. Ada Burch b. 18 Dec 1893, reg. 1894 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1043, bap. 22 May 1895 at St Paul's, Deptford
The 1911 Census confirms that Elizabeth had six children with five living.

In 1891, Ernest J Burch (32) Stone Mason and wife Elizabeth Burch (30) were living at 20, Evelyn Street, St Paul Deptford with Rose Mary Burch (6), Henry Charles Burch (4), Maria Burch (2), Martha Buzzacott (38) Visitor [Elizabeth's sister], Maude Buzzacott (4) Visitor [Martha's daughter], James Green (17) Shoe Maker, Boarder and Hariett Armstead (30) Boarder.

By 1901, however, it's clear the couple had separated. Ernest J Burch (42) Stone Mason, was living in the household of his brother, Henry Charles Burch, at 2, Octavius Street, St Paul, Deptford, while Elizabeth Burch (39) Midwife nurse was living at 20, Albury Street, St Paul Deptford. In Elizabeth's household were Rose Mary Burch (16), Henry C Burch (14) Apprentice Stone Mason; Maria E Burch (12), Florence E Burch (9), Ada Burch (7), Elizabeth Doe (21) Tin Solderer, Boarder; Julia Taylor (43) Widow, Boarder [widow of Elizabeth's cousin, George Taylor]; Martha O'Toole (48) Visitor [Elizabeth's sister] and Lily Wykes (11), Willie Wykes (8) and Jessie Wykes (3) - all three were listed as visitors, born in South Africa [they were the children of Elizabeth's brother, John Thomas Wykes].

In 1911, it gets even more interesting, as Elizabeth Burch (49) Midwife, was living at 13 Amersham Road New Cross, St Paul Deptford with Marie Burch (22), Florence Burch (19) Book keeper; Mary Weston (26) [Rose Mary Burch, as was]; Lily Weston (3) Granddaughter; William Barber (50) Lodger, Norah Barber (30) and Dora Barber (1). While Ernest James Burch (52) Married, Stonemason was living at 20 South Crescent, Cold Bath Street, Greenwich with a whole new family: Alice Newman Burch (35) Single, 'Housekeeper' (a euphemism, clearly) born in Peckham; Dorothy Burch (12) born in Hackney; Ellen Burch (10) born in Lewisham and William Burch (5) born in Greenwich. The original 1911 Census lists that Ernest had been married 29 years (yes, but to Elizabeth Wykes, not Alice) and lists 4 children, of whom 3 were still living at that point, clearly referring to the children of this relationship.

Alice Newman gave birth to five children:
  1. Dorothy Alice Newman b. 14 Jan 1899 M Quarter in HACKNEY Volume 01B Page 558, with no mother's maiden name listed, i.e. illegitimate.
  2. Ellen Newman b. 1900 S Quarter in LEWISHAM Volume 01D Page 1206, curiously, with BURCH listed as a mother's maiden name.
  3. Edward William Burch b. 1902 D Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1075. Died, aged 1, in 1904 J Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 541
  4. William Burch b. 20 Jan 1906 M Qtr Vol 01D Page 1117
  5. Ernest George Burch b. 16 May 1912 J Qtr Vol 01D 1884
On the records for the 3 boys, the mother's maiden name is NEWMAN.

Both Elizabeth Burch and Ernest James Burch were living in Deptford in 1921, in their separate households, Ernest with Alice and his second family.

Ernest James Burch died, at 73, in 1932 M Quarter in LEWISHAM Volume 01D Page 1379.

Elizabeth Burch of 23 Western Road, Tring, Hertfordshire (youngest daughter, Ada and her husband lived in Tring) died, also aged 73, at 4 Whitehouse Terrace, Western Road, Tring, on 9 Jan 1935 (M Quarter in BERKHAMPSTEAD Volume 03A Page 1240). Probate was granted to her surviving son, Henry Charles Burch, Stonemason, leaving effects of £459.

In 1939, Alice Burch [really Alice Newman] b. 13 Mar 1877, 'Widowed' was living at 3 Summerfield Street, Hither Green, Lewisham with youngest son, Ernest G Burch, of 'No Occupation Owing To Bad Health'. 

Listed again as Alice Burch [Alice Newman - there was never a marriage between her and Ernest James Burch, not even a bigamous one] died at 74 in 1952 D Quarter in LEWISHAM Volume 05D Page 16.

Of Ernest and Alice's children:
  • Dorothy Alice Burch married Arthur Henry Bown, in Lewisham, in 1925. In 1939, they were living at 47 Scylla Road, Peckham, Camberwell. Arthur H Bown died, at 56, in Camberwell, in 1951. Dorothy Alice Bown of Templeton Nursing Home, Streatham Common died on 15 Sep 1987.
  • There's a record of a marriage of an Ellen Burch to a James Joy, in Lewisham, in 1924, but without a corroborating record, I cannot be certain this relates. There's also a death of an Ellen Joy b. 12 Aug 1900 (same quarter as birth registration) in Bexley, Kent, in 1997.
  • William Burch married Elizabeth Gardiner, in Lewisham, in 1933. In 1939, William Burch, General Labourer, Elizabeth and their son, William Edward Burch b. 31 Dec 1933 (reg. 1934 M Qtr in LEWISHAM Vol 01D  Page 1102), were living at 45 Battersby Road, Catford. William Burch died, in 1970, in Lewisham. 
  • Ernest George Burch died, at 30, on 12 February 1943 (1943 M Quarter in LEWISHAM Volume 01D Page 923) and was buried at Hither Green Cemetery.

Henry Hawkins and Sarah Ann "Jessie" Tooze

Alma Street, Sheerness
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Henry Hawkins (bap. 5 Apr 1846 in Rackenford, Devon), son of Edward Hawkins and Leah Courtis, married Jessie Tooze (born Sarah Ann), daughter of Thomas Tooze and Mary Summers, on 11 Oct 1868, in West Ham. 

Henry's father, Edward Hawkins, was a Game Keeper and Henry's maternal grandfather, George Courtis, was a Farmer Of 171 Acres.

Henry and "Jessie" had three children:
  1. Emily Louisa Hawkins b. 1869 J Qtr in KENSINGTON Vol 01A 132
  2. William Hawkins b. 4 Jun 1872 in Detroit, Michigan, Unites States
  3. Arthur Hawkins b. 1874 D Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A 791
In 1871, Henry Hawkins (25) Carpenter; Jessie Hawkins (24); Emily Hawkins (1) born in Notting Hill and Mary Tooze (68) Widow, Pauper, Mother-in-law, were living at Durley Moor Cottage, Holcombe Rogus.

In 1872, Passenger Lists of vessels arriving at New York, Unites States, show Henry Hawkins (26) Carpenter, Jessie Hawkins (26) Wife and Emily Hawkins (2) Child leaving from Liverpool on 14 Mar 1872, on the transatlantic passenger ship City of New York (1865) of the Inman Line. The streets not being paved with gold, however, they were back in the UK by 1874.

In 1881, at 5, Lower James Street, Minster in Sheppey, were Henry Hawkins (35) Joiner from Rackenford, Devon; Jessie Hawkins (34) from Holcombe Rogus; Emily L Hawkins (11) born in Notting Hill; William Hawkins (8) born in the United States and Arthur Hawkins (6) born in Sheerness.

In 1891, Henry Hawkins (45) Ship's Joiner; Jessie Hawkins (44), Arthur Hawkins (16) and Emily L Ridler (21) were living in Alma Street, Minster in Sheppey. William Hawkins was in the Mediterranean with HMS Inflexible, (and 42 days in Malta Gaol), having joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Class on 31 May 1888, until he was Invalided with Asthma on 4 Nov 1909. 

In 1901, Henry Hawkins (55) Joiner Ship Dock Yard from Rackenford, Devon was living in Delamark Road, Sheerness with Jessie Hawkins (54) and two boarders, Oscar Riche (29) Schoolmaster from Cambridge and Alfred J Middleton (30) Schoolmaster from Grimsby, Lincolnshire. William Hawkins was alternating between HMS VictoryHMS Vernon shore establishments and HMS Duke of Wellington (for all three, read Portsmouth.)

In 1911, Henry Hawkins (65) Pensioned Joiner was still living in Sheerness with Jessie Hawkins (64), William Hawkins (38) Naval Pensioner; John Tooze (71) Retired Thatcher (Jessie's older brother); and three boarders.

There is a death of an Arthur Hawkins, aged 39, in 1914 D Qtr in SHEPPEY Vol 02A Pg 1218 and burial in Sheppey, which I believe relate.

Henry Hawkins died, aged 73, in 1919 M Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A Page 1782 and Jessie Hawkins died later in the same year, also aged 73, in 1919 D Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A Page 1140.

William Hawkins died, aged 63, on 12 Feb 1935 M Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A Page 1470 and was buried in Sheppey Cemetery

William Houseden Wood and Eliza Wykes

The Tigers Head, Bromley
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William Houseden Wood, son of George Wood and Harriet Goddard, (bap. 7 Jan 1855 at St Michael's ChurchEast Peckham where his father was Parish Clerk and Sexton) married Eliza Wykes (b. 22 Mar 1857), daughter of William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson, in Bromley, Kent in 1885.

William and Eliza had eight children:
  1. William Thompson Wood b. 1886 J Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 404. Died, aged 5, in 1892 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 901
  2. Frank Houseden Wood b. 25 May 1888 S Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A 388
  3. George Frederick Wood b. 1890 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1125. Died 1890 S Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 607
  4. Harriet Elizabeth Wood b. 23 Jun 1893 S Qtr KENSINGTON 01A 104
  5. Eliza Kathleen Wood b. 4 Jul 1895 S Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 436, bap. 21 Jul 1895 in Bromley, Kent
  6. Edith Mary Wood b. 30 Nov 1896, bap. 27 Dec 1896, reg. 1897 M Quarter in BROMLEY Volume 02A Page 440
  7. William Tompson Wood b. 1898 D Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 433, bap. 6 Nov 1898. Died 1899 M Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 303
  8. William Jeffrey Wood b. 23 Jan 1901 M Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A 472
In 1891, William H Wood (30) was at the Duke of Kent, 9, Point Hill, Greenwich with Eliza Wood (33), William Wood (5) and Frank Wood (3).

In 1901, William Wood (47) Licenced Victualler, was at the Tigers Head P H, Masons Hill, Bromley, Kent. (The Post Office Directory also places him here in 1903 and 1913.) Also listed there were Eliza Wood (44), Frank Wood (12), Harriet Wood (7), Kathleen [Eliza Kathleen] Wood (5), Edith Wood (4), William Wood (0) and Eva Bryant (20) Servant, Barmaid. 

In 1911, William Houseden Wood (56) Licenced Victualler was still at the Tiger's Head, 14 Masons Hill Bromley (More historyMore images. Now the Crown of Bromley) with Frank Houseden Wood (22) Quantity Surveyor; William Geoffrey (sic) Wood (10), Eliza Wood (55), Harriet Elizabeth Wood (17) Telephone operator; Eliza Kathleen Wood (15) and Edith Mary Wood (14) - note the sexist order. The 1911 census also confirms that the couple had eight children during their 26 year marriage, with five still living.

They were still in Bromley in 1921. [Yet to access].

William Houseden Wood died, at 77, in 1930 D Quarter in BROMLEY.

In 1939, Eliza Wood (b. 22 Mar 1857), Widow, Retired, Incapacitated, of Private Means, was living at 10 Hawes Lane, Bromley, Beckenham with Sarah M A Wise, Domestic Servant, who I assume was looking after Eliza.

Eliza Wood died, aged 82, in 1939 J Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 828.

  • Frank Houseden Wood married Hilda Pyrke, in Bromley, in 1915. In 1918, he was listed as an Absent Voter from 97 Masons Hill, Bromley, being A/sgt Major in the 1st London (City of London) San Co. Hilda Wood died, aged 36, in 1926, in Bromley. Frank H Wood then married Annie Stella Gould (b. 6 Jan 1898), daughter of Hugh Tyler Gould and Isabel Barker, at St. Martin, London (which I take to mean St Martin-in-the-Fields), in 1929. In 1939, Frank H Wood, Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Annie S Wood were living at Whiteleaf, Edward Road, Bromley. Frank Houseden Wood died, in Bromley in 1970 and Annie Stella Wood also died, in Bromley in the last quarter of 1970. Neither marriage produced issue.
  • Alan Roy Taylor (b. 30 Sep 1893), son of Frederick George Taylor and Phoebe Harrison Player, married Harriet Elizabeth Wood, in Bromley, Kent in 1921. In 1939, Alan R Taylor, Banker's Clerk and Harriett E Taylor were living at 14 Hawes Lane, Bromley. Alan Roy Taylor of Bourne Cottage, High Halden, Kent, died at Ashford Hospital, on 26 Oct 1959, aged 66. There is a death of a Harriet Taylor, aged 70, in Maidstone, Kent, in 1964, which may relate.
  • Maurice Edward Taylor (b. 14 May 1897), also son of Frederick George Taylor and Phoebe Harrison Player, married Eliza Kathleen Wood in Bromley, Kent, in 1922. In 1939, Maurice E Taylor, Bank Clerk, was living alone at 11 Links Road, Bromley, while Eliza K Taylor was in the household of John Westacott, Farmer, at Pleystowe Farm, Capel, Dorking, Surrey. Maurice Edward Taylor of 37 Wordsworth Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, died on 3 Apr 1972. Eliza Kathleen Taylor of Lynton, Totteridge Common, High Wycombe, died on 22 July 1986.
  • Henry Robert Turnock (b. 31 Jul 1898 in Bromley, Kent), son of Frederick Thomas Turnock and Isabel Harlow, married Edith Mary Wood, in Bromley, Kent, in 1922. In 1939, Henry R Turnock, Insurance Company Clerk and Air Raid Warden, was alone at 2 Tudor Gardens, Bromley, while Edith M Turnock was a Patient at the Royal Free Hospital, Camden. Both Edith Mary Turnock and Henry Robert Turnock died in the 2nd quarter of 1983, Henry died on 26 Jun 1983, in the district of Hastings & Rother.
  • William Jeffrey Wood married Elsie Buxton Phillips (b. 19 Jan 1888 in St Pancras), thirteen years his senior, daughter of James Raper Phillips and Louisa Buxton, in Camberwell, London in 1927. In 1939, William J Wood, Chief Bank Clerk and Elsie B Wood were living at 177 Crofton Road, Locksbottom, Orpington, Kent. Elsie Wood died in 1972, in Tonbridge, Kent and William Jeffrey Wood died the following year, 1973, in Southwark, London.

Moses Doe, Harriet White and Mary Ann Norman

St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch High Street
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Moses Doe (bap. 4 Feb 1821), the youngest child of Henry Doe and Elizabeth Doe, married Harriet White (believed bap. 6 Oct 1822), daughter of Mark and Rhoda White, at St Leonard's, Shoreditch on 30 Sep 1844.

Moses and Harriet had three sons:
  1. Charles Doe b. 1845 S Quarter in WEST HAM UNION Volume 12 Page 278, bap. at Walthamstow, St John the Evangelist
  2. Benjamin Doe b. 1848, reg. 1849 J Quarter in WEST HAM UNION Volume 12 Page 320, bap. Walthamstow, St James the Great. Died, aged 13, in 1862 J Quarter in WEST HAM UNION  Volume 04A  Page 34, and is buried at Walthamstow, St Mary the Virgin.
  3. William Doe b. 1851 J Quarter in WEST HAM UNION Vol 12 Page 317
In 1851, Moses Doe (30) Labourer from Essex was living in Black Horse Lane, Walthamstow, West Ham, with wife Harriet (29) from Dunmow, Essex; Charles Doe (5), Benjamin Doe (1), William Doe (0) and Roda (sic) White (50) Widow, House Servant, Mother-in-Law from Fakenham, Norfolk.

(In 1841, Rhoda White (42) was in the household - presumably as a servant - of James Samms (67) at Manor Farm, Little Easton (Little Easton Manor). Mark White had been buried on 11 Apr 1834, in Little Easton.)

In 1861, Moses Doe (40) Grocer, was at Sinkers Bridge, Walthamstow, West Ham, with Harriet Doe (36), Benjamin Doe (11), William Doe (10), Kate Stacks (2) Granddaughter from Middlesex and Elizabeth Martain (51) Widow, Lodger from Hackney. I've been unable to find Charles Doe, who would have been around 15 and probably out working. (There is a death of a Charles Doe in West Ham in 1861, but this record can be discounted as the deceased was aged 3.) With only three sons, who were too young, Kate Stacks cannot be the Doe's granddaughter so assume was the lodger's granddaughter.

In 1871, at Shern Hall Place, Walthamstow, West Ham were Moses Doe (50) Undergardener Domestic Servant from Little Canfield, Essex; Harriet Doe (49) from Little Easton and William Doe (20) Groom. (Shern Hall: stood in impressive grounds of more than 18 acres that contained landscaped gardens, a large T-shaped pond, orchards, meadowland, farm buildings and stabling.)

Harriet Doe (52) was buried on 7 Jan 1874 at St Paul's Church, Rusthall.

Moses Doe (53) Widower, Gardener, remarried to Mary Ann Norman (39) Spinster, on 7 Mar 1875 at Tunbridge Wells, Congregational Church.

Moses and Mary Ann added one further son:
  1. John Doe b. 1876 S Quarter in TUNBRIDGE Volume 02A Page 603, bap. at Tunbridge Wells, Congregational Church.
There is no sign of Moses, Mary Ann nor John on the 1881 census.

Mary Ann Doe died, aged 54, and was buried on 13 Mar 1888, also at St Paul's Church, Rusthall. Moses Doe died, aged 68, on 24 Jun 1888 and was buried on 27 Jun 1888, also at St Paul's Church, Rusthall, along with his second wife. Sadly, the gravestone mentions "a long and painful affliction".

St. Paul's Church, Rusthall Common
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George Taylor and Julia Ellen Kemp

Albury Street. Deptford
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George Taylor (b. 1858), son of Edmond Taylor and Ann Thompson, married Julia Ellen Kemp in Hackney, London in the 4th quarter of 1888.

After his mother seemingly died in 1864, George had lived with his mother's sister, his aunt Maria Blackett (formerly Maria Thompson, later Maria Kenward), in 1871 listed as George Taylor and in 1881, listed as George Saville, both times quoting a middle initial of S, which actually he didn't have. Saveall, if not Saville, appears to have been his paternal grandmother's surname and Saveall was certainly his elder brother's middle name.

In 1891, George Taylor (32) Schoolmaster and wife Julia Taylor (33) from Lincolnshire, were living at 19, Crompton Road, Beckenham, Kent.

There appears to be no birth/baptism record of a Julia Ellen Kemp in Lincolnshire - or anywhere else for that matter - neither have I found her, anywhere, on any census, prior to 1891 - and, given that she was 30 at the time of her marriage to George, it's entirely feasible that she could have been a widow, but without further clues, she remains a complete mystery.

There are no apparent children to this couple either, but not knowing if they would be registered as Taylor or Saville, nor whether their mother's maiden name was Kemp or something else, means with all variables, it's not possible to know what to search for or how to confirm if any records relate.

There was then a death registered of George Saville, aged 36, in 1895 J Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 227.

Quite why he kept swapping from Taylor to Saville is also a mystery.

In 1901, Julia Taylor (43) Widow, was a boarder in the household of Elizabeth Burch (39) Midwife Nurse at 20, Albury Street, Deptford, who were extended family. Elizabeth Burch (née Wykes), was the  daughter of Elizabeth Thompson, another sister of George's mother and aunt Maria. 

As yet, there are no clues to suggest what happened to Julia next.

Joseph Daniel Soppit and Rachel Boad

Beckenham Lane
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In 1901, Joseph D Soppit (23) Beer and Wine Retailer, was living at 60, Beckenham Lane, Bromley (trade and address confirmed in the Kent 1903 Beer Retailer Directory) - still the premises of Refreshers Independent Wine Merchant - with Rachel Boad (28), Servant and Housekeeper. Six years later, on 18 Aug 1907, Joseph Daniel Soppit, son of John Soppit and Louisa Tompson, married Rachel Boad, daughter of Charles Boad and Elizabeth Short, in Milton, Kent [the district of Milton-next-Gravesend]. 

Joseph and Rachel Soppit had three children:

  1. John Soppit b. 11 Jan 1908 (GRO Reference: 1908 M Quarter in EASINGTON Volume 10A Page 536)
  2. Elizabeth Louisa Soppit b. 5 Jun 1909 (GRO Reference: 1909 J Quarter in EASINGTON Volume 10A Page 588)
  3. Catherine Sarah Winship Soppit b. 8 Apr 1916 (GRO Reference: 1916 J Quarter in EASINGTON Volume 10A Page 947)
All three children were born in South HettonEasington, Durham, where Rachel had family. Rachel's late father, Charles Boad, had been a stone mason in a colliery there. Joseph's father, John Soppit, also had links with South Hetton - he'd gone there to his father's home when his first wife died in 1871 and both John and his father had also worked in the collieries, so we must entertain the idea that these families already knew one another.

In 1911, at 57 Holbeach Road, Catford, were Joseph Daniel Soppit (33) an Engineer's Fitter at the Manganese Bronze and Brass Co at Millwall, Propeller makers [Manganese Bronze Holdings], along with his wife Rachel Soppit (38), John Soppit (3) and Elizabeth Louisa Soppit (1).

On 7 Aug 1917, Joseph Daniel Soppit (39), then a Commercial Traveller, enlisted in the Army's Royal Flying Corps (RFC), transferring to the Royal Air Force (RAF) upon it's formation on 1 Apr 1918. At time of enlistment, Joseph was 5ft 5in tall with a chest measurement of 35 inches. He then transferred to the RAF Reserve on 21 Mar 1919 and was discharged on 30 Apr 1920. 

Joseph Daniel Soppit died, aged 58, in 1936 M Quarter in Lewisham.

In 1939, the widowed Rachel Soppit (b. 16 Jun 1872) was living with her widowed sister-in-law, Louisa A Broome, Laundry Director, at 57 Ladywell Road, Ladywell, Lewisham, with John Soppit, Wholesale Drapery Salesman; Elizabeth L Soppit, Civil Servant and Catherine S W Soppit, Railway Clerk.

Rachel Soppit, of 33 Shirley Park Rd, Addiscombe, Croydon, died, aged 76, on 27 Jul 1948 at The General Hospital, Croydon (Volume 05G Page 89). Probate was granted to son John Soppit, Advertising manager. 

Frederick Thomas Stone and Kathleen Mullarkey

St Paul Street, Plymouth (number 9 is the darkest caramel coloured one)
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Frederick Thomas Stone, Leading Signalman, H.M.S. Sandhurst, of 9 St Paul's Street, East Stonehouse, Plymouth, second son of Tom Stone and Margaret Knapman, married Kathleen Mullarkey, tailoress, of 8 Admiralty Street, East Stonehouse, Plymouth, only daughter of Anthony Mullarkey and Maria Gloyne, at King Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, on 4 Aug 1923

Witnesses were Frederick's first cousin, Charley Stone (best man); Rosina Kathleen Stone, the bridegroom's younger sister (bridesmaid?), and Anthony Charles Mullarkey, the bride's brother who probably gave her away. Their fathers, Tom Stone and Anthony Mullarkey (both deceased), had been Royal Marines, as were Charley Stone and Anthony Charles Mullarkey. 

Frederick and Kathleen had two sons: 

  1. Frederick Anthony Stone b. 25 July 1924
  2. Douglas John Stone b. 27 Sep 1927
Frederick Thomas Stone had enlisted in the Royal Navy as a boy of 15, on 6 Jul 1907 and served for 21 years until 25 Nov 1928, at which time he was a Yeoman of Signals. He re-entered service with the Royal Navy Shore Signal Service (RNSSS) on 30 May 1932 as a Signalman. As he was still living at Royal Naval Shore Signal Station Cottages at the time of his death, at 65, in 1957, he must have remained with the service through both World Wars.

At 18, Frederick Thomas Stone was 5ft 5½in with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a fresh complexion. Among his tattoos were an anchor, two female figures and a bird on his right forearm; Eagle, snake, Ensign, rose and thistle. Clasped hands and heart and 8 dots on left forearm.

In 1939, son Frederick Anthony Stone was a boarder at the Royal Hospital School (historically nicknamed "The Cradle of the Navy"). Frederick Thomas and Douglas John do not appear anywhere on the 1939 Register. The only entry for a Kathleen Stone of the right age is that detailed below.

On 11 Aug 1943, Douglas J Stone appears on a "List or Manifest of Aliens Employed on the Vessel as Members of the Crew" of the Marquesa, as an apprentice on his 1st trip to New York. He was 16, 5' 4" and 123lbs.

Frederick Thomas Stone of 5 Royal Naval Shore Signal Station Cottages, Old Folkstone Road, Dover, died on 11 Nov 1957, aged 65, at Buckland Hospital, Dover, leaving effects of £960 12s 5d to Frederick Anthony Stone, Chief Electrician R.N. and Douglas John Stone, Laboratory Assistant. 

As she wasn't a beneficiary to Frederick's will, it would be easy to assume that Kathleen had pre-deceased her husband, but there was no death record in the relevant period and there looks to be another possibility: There are only two records (that I could find) of deaths of someone named Kathleen Stone, born 1896. One was in St Albans and there are other records in that area to prove that is a distinct person, so that death can certainly be discounted. 

The other is of a Kathleen Stone, born 1896, listed as married, who in 1939 was patient at the East Riding Mental Hospital, Beverley, Yorkshire

The later Probate record shows that this Kathleen Stone died there, at Broadgate Hospital, on 4 Feb 1968. My research hasn't discovered any other Kathleen Stone locally, for example, who this might have been. 

The East Riding Archives, searched the records they hold and were unable to link her to Frederick Thomas Stone, nor discount it either; there's no mention of family members, but they were able to tell me that this person "was admitted on the 31 Aug 1937, her care was being charged to Bridlington." Further searches produced no local person in the Bridlington area either. 

There was, however, a signal station at Flamborough Head, which is only around six miles from Bridlington. There is nothing on Frederick's records to suggest that he went there, but it would follow the usual pattern in the Royal Navy Shore Signal Service to be posted and move from station to station, so he might well have done, which might account for her presence in the area if this is her. This could be casting aspersions, but sadly, all of the circumstantial evidence does persuade me that it is still possible it was and, hopefully this information might lead to something that either confirms or refutes it.

  • Douglas John Stone died in 1985 in Kingsbridge, Devon, at 58.
  • There is a record of a marriage of a Frederick A Stone in Newport, in 1950. Frederick Anthony Stone died, also in 1985, on 19 Mar, in Newport, Wales. He will have been 60. 

Edward Charles Drake and Emma Jane Gloyne

Former entrance to Roath Basin, Cardiff
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Edward Charles Drake, son of Edmund Drake and Esther Elizabeth Palmer, married Emma Jane Gloyne, daughter of Samuel Pascoe Gloyne and Emma Jane Coombes, on 12 Jul 1886 in Roath, Glamorgan, Wales. 

Edward Charles Drake's mother, Esther Elizabeth Palmer, was the older sister of Edward Oxford Palmer, who was married to Emma Jane's older sister, Charlotte Emma Gloyne. So, Charlotte's husband was Emma's husband's uncle - or Emma's husband was Charlotte's husband's nephew. The two couples' respective children will have been double-cousins, once removed and once not, I think. Working out family relationships just got very complicated!

Edward and Emma had eight children:
  1. Esther Kathleen Drake b. GRO Reference: 1887 J Quarter in CARDIFF Volume 11A Page 330
  2. Gladys Emma Drake b. GRO Reference: 1889 S Quarter in CARDIFF Volume 11A Page 334
  3. John Gloyne Drake b. 6 May 1891, GRO Reference: 1891 J Quarter in CARDIFF Volume 11A Page 342. Died 4 Jul 1915 (see below).
  4. Francis Oxford Drake b. GRO Reference: 1892 J Quarter in CARDIFF Volume 11A Page 396
  5. Helen Palmer Drake b. 7 February 1895 in Plymouth. (No GRO record.)
  6. Fred Silby Drake b. GRO Reference: 1895 D Quarter in MONMOUTH Volume 11A Page 16. Died, aged 4, in GRO Reference: 1900 J Quarter in DEVONPORT Volume 05B Page 253
  7. Constance Edith Drake b. GRO Reference: 1899 J Quarter in BRISTOL Volume 06A Page 8
  8. Florence May Drake b. GRO Reference: 1902 M Quarter in EAST STONEHOUSE Volume 05B Page 255
In 1891, Edward Drake (28) Iron Moulder, Emma Drake (29) and their first two daughters, Esther (3) and Gladys (1) were living in the household of Edward's parents, Edmund and Esther Drake in Moira Street, Cardiff.

In 1901, Edward C Drake (39) Iron & Brass Founder, was resident in Durnford Street, East Stonehouse, with wife Emma J Drake (40), Gladys E Drake (11), John G Drake (9), Francis O Drake (8), Helen P Drake (6) and Constance E Drake (2). Eldest daughter, Esther Drake (13) was staying with her grandparents, Edmund and Esther Drake, in Seymour Street, Roath.

In 1911, Edward Drake (49) Iron and Brass Founder, was still in Plymouth with wife Emma Drake (50) and daughters, Gladys Drake (21), Helen Drake (17), Constance Drake (12) and Florence (9). Esther Kathleen had married in 1906 and was living in North End, Buckland, Portsmouth; John Drake (19) Stoker, was in Chatham, Kent; haven't yet located Francis.

Emma Drake died, in 1912, age given as 51 - she was 54 (GRO Reference: 1912 S Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 276).

Son John Drake died at HMS Vivid (shore establishment 1890), the Royal Navy barracks at Devonport. John Drake had joined the Royal Navy, at 18, on 9 July 1909, at which time he was 5 ft 3½ in with a 33¾ inch chest, light brown hair, light brown eyes and a fair complexion. At the time of his death he was assigned to Vivid II, the Stokers and Engine Room Artificers School in Devonport. The note on his naval record states that he was DD (Discharged Dead) on 4 July 1915 in Sick Quarters, Devonport Depot as result of cycle accident. Inquest verdict:- Accidental death through cycle accident.

Edward Charles Drake (55) married Helen or Ellen Saull (48) on 23 Dec 1916, in Roath, Glamorganshire, Wales. He was still living in Cardiff in 1921.

Edward Charles Drake died, at 74, in 1935 (GRO Reference: 1935  D Quarter in PLYMOUTH  Volume 05B  Page 403).

Benjamin Tompson Soppit and Ida Lily Hepworth

St Nicholas ChurchDurweston, Dorset

Benjamin Tompson Soppit, son of John Soppit and Louisa Tompson, married Ida Lily Hepworth (b. 16 Sep 1891 in Exeter), daughter of Vincent Hepworth and Mary Ann (Annie) Rogers, at St Mary Major, Exeter, on 2 Jul 1913.  

Ida Lily Hepworth gave her residence as 3 Cathedral Yard, Exeter (which is now the address of Al Farid restaurant). Witnesses were Annie Adams (Ida's mother who had remarried in 1908), H W (Henry Wood) Adams, her step-father, and John Soppit, presumably Benjamin's father.

The Church of St Mary Major, Exeter, formerly Exeter Minster, stood in Exeter Cathedral Yard, between the west front of the cathedral and next to The Three Gables, the building which now houses Al Farid restaurant. Having been rebuilt several times, St Mary Major was demolished in 1971.

In 1911, Ida Hepworth was a Hospital Nurse at The Croydon Borough Hospital for Infectious Diseases (Waddon Hospital). The Hospital was extended in 1911 to include two isolation pavilions and a Nurses' Home.

Benjamin and Ida had two children: 

  1. John Vincent Soppit b. 15 Jul 1914 S Quarter in YORK Vol 09D Page 27
  2. Ida Louisa Soppit b. 1916 M Quarter in PLYMPTON ST. MARY Volume 05B Page 293
In March 1916 Benjamin Tompson Soppit M2/115307 was serving with the Royal Army Service Corps in Salonica [Thessaloniki] on the Macedonian front. He ultimately achieved the rank of Second Lieutenant And Adjutant

In 1939, Benjamin and Ida were living at 46 Cambridge Drive, Lee, Lewisham.

Final resting place of Benjamin Tompson and Ida Lily Soppit

They later moved to 43 Barrack Row, Durweston, near to their daughter. 

Benjamin Tompson Soppit died on 28 Jan 1969, aged 85. Ida Lily Soppit died on 3 Jun 1995, at the age of 103 years 9 months. They're buried together in the churchyard at St Nicholas ChurchDurweston, Dorset. 

The inscription reads:

28th JAN 1969
Faithful in all things
3rd June 1995
In her 104th year

  • John Vincent Soppit married Olive Constance Archer in 1943 in Bromley, Kent. Listed in the 21 Jun 1945 edition of The London Gazette is Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) John Vincent SOPPIT (124996), Royal Army Service Corps (Beckenham, Kent). They had one daughter, Amanda Janet Soppit, born in 1946. John Vincent Soppit died in London in 1990. Olive Constance Soppit of 54 Greenways, Beckenham, Kent, died on 1 Dec 2010. Amanda Janet Soppit appears not to have married and died on 9 Apr 2015.
  • Betty I L Soppit (Ida Louisa) had married, although the record of the marriage incorrectly states to Alfred W Woodley, in Deptford, London in 1938. In 1939, Alfred E Woodley (b. 22 Jan 1913) School Master, and Betty I L Woodley were living at 77 Salisbury Street, Blandford Forum, Dorset. They had one son, born in Carlisle, Cumberland, in 1942. Alfred Ernest Woodley of The Old Bank House, Blandford, died, aged 30, on 17 Feb 1943 at Bewaldeth Village, Cockermouth, Cumberland. Betty I L Woodley then remarried to Harold Greenleaves in Blandford, Dorset in 1944. They had one son in 1945. Harold Greenleaves, born 1904, died in North Dorset, in 2003. Betty Ida Louisa Greenleaves died, on 29 Jul 2014. Both sons appear to have married and have families and to be still living.

Charles Ridler and Emily Louisa Hawkins

Sheppey - Minster Abbey church from the east
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The Abbey of St Mary and St Sexburga, now the parish church of Minster-in-Sheppey

Charles Ridler married Emily Louisa Hawkins, daughter of Henry Hawkins and Jessie Tooze, in Strood, Kent in 1890. (Charles may have been the son of William Ridler and Fanny Howe bap. 17 Jul 1864 in Luxborough, Somerset.)

In 1891, Charles Ridler (26) Constable of Metropolitan Police from Somersetshire, was at the Police House at H M Dockyard, Sheerness, while Emily L Ridler (21) was at her parents' home in Alma Street, Sheerness.

Charles and Emily had three children:
  1. Eva Ridler b. 1 Mar 1892 J Qtr in MEDWAY Volume 02A Page 591
  2. May Ridler b. 1893 J Quarter in MEDWAY Volume 02A Page 616
  3. Arthur Ridler b. 16 Oct 1898 D Qtr in MEDWAY Vol 02A Page 644
In 1901, Charles Ridler (36) Constable Metropolitan Police from Washford, Somersetshire was living in Chattenden Lane, Frindsbury, Kent, with Emily Ridler (31), Eva Ridler (9), May Ridler (7) and Arthur Ridler (2).

Charles Ridler died, at 42, in 1907 J Qtr in STROOD Vol 02A Page 369.

So, on 23 Oct 1909, Emily Louisa Ridler (40) widow, remarried to Frederick John Jago (27) bachelor, Engine Fitter, son of John Edwin Jago and Harriett Eliza Philpott, at The Abbey Church of St Mary and St Sexburga (Seaxburh of Ely), now the parish church of Minster-in-Sheppey. Witnesses were Arthur Hawkins, the bride's younger brother and Eva Ridler, her daughter.

The couple added a daughter: 
  1. Doris Jago b. 16 Nov 1910 D Qtr in SHEPPEY Vol 02A Page 945
In 1911, were Frederick John Jago (29) Engine Fitter, Emily Louisa Jago (41), Doris Jago (0), Eva Ridler (19), May Ridler (17) and Arthur Ridler (12).

Frederick John Jago died, in 1956, in Sheppey, Kent.

Emily Louisa Jago, died in Sheppey, Kent, in 1958.

  • Eva Ridler died in 1981, having never married.
  • May Ridler (23) married Harold James Wright (30) on 1 Jun 1916 at Minster in Sheppey, Ss Mary & Sexburga. They had two sons, Leslie Wright b. Q4 1917, died the same qtr and Alan Wright b. 15 Jul 1919, bap. 31 Jul 1919 at Holy Trinity, Sheerness. Harold James Wright died, in Sheerness in 1967; May Wright died in 1984 and Alan Wright appears to have died in 2019.
  • Arthur Ridler, who served in the Merchant Navy, does not appear to have married. He died, in Kent, in 1976.
  • Doris Jago died in 1987, in Sheppey, also unmarried.