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William Eastman and Elizabeth Trick

St George's Church, Monkleigh
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William Eastman (bap. 2 May 1790 in Monkleigh, Devon), son of Robert Eastman and Mary Morish, married Elizabeth Trick (bap. 12 Oct 1806, in Monkleigh, Devon), daughter of William Trick and Elizabeth Trick (yes, both were named Trick), at St George's Church, Monkleigh, on 18 Jun 1834.

Elizabeth Trick already had at least three illegitimate children before the marriage and added six more children with her husband:
  1. Louisa Martin Trick b. 25 Oct 1827, bap. 26 Mar 1828 at Bideford, Methodist Circuit. The record makes it look likely that her father was Edward Martin. Perhaps the baptism was made in this manner to attempt to get him to take responsibility for the illegitimate child.
  2. Thomas Trick bap. 12 Sep 1830 in Monkleigh, Devon, the record specifies that he is the son of Elizabeth Trick, Single Woman. 
  3. William Trick b. 1834, bap. 18 Apr 1834 in Monkleigh, Devon, also makes the point that he's the son of Elizabeth Trick, Single Woman. William Trick leaves blank or states Not Known for his father on his subsequent marriages, so I'm convinced that he's not William Eastman's child, despite the proximity of his birth to his mother's marriage.
  4. Mary Eastman bap. 22 May 1836 in Monkleigh, Devon.
  5. Pamela Eastman b. 1838 D Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 10 Page 65, bap. 28 Oct 1838 in Monkleigh, Devon.
  6. Maria Eastman b. 1841 J Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 10 Page 61, bap. 4 Apr 1841 in Monkleigh, Devon. Died, aged 10, in 1852 S Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 05B Page 324.
  7. Rebecca Eastman b. 1843 D Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 10 Page 71, bap. 28 Jan 1844 in Monkleigh, Devon.
  8. John Trick Eastman b. 1846 S Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 10 Page 59, bap. 23 Dec 1849 in Monkleigh, Devon. Died, aged 6, in 1852 S Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 05B Page 324.
  9. Elizabeth Ann Eastman b. 1849 M Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 10 Page 73, bap. 4 Apr 1849 in Monkleigh, Devon. Died 1849 J Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 10 Page 47.
In 1841, William Eastman (45) Agricultural Labourer, Elizabeth Eastman (30), William Eastman (7) [William Trick] - that he was listed as Eastman is most likely an unchallenged assumption and in no way infers parentage - Mary Eastman (5), Pamela Eastman (2) and Maria Eastman aged 3 months were living in Monkleigh Village. Meanwhile, Louisa Martin Trick (13) was living in the household of Thomas Fursman (25) in Bideford, where there is a Residence Note on the record which reads "Outhouse Bibery". Most likely she was a servant. There was a Thomas Trick (10) employed as an Agricultural Labourer by Christopher Quick (40) Farmer at Pickhoe, Monkleigh. 

In 1851, in Monkleigh were: William Eastman (62) Pauper Ag Lab; Elizabeth Eastman (48) Glover; Mary Eastman (16), Pamela Eastman (12) Glover, Maria Eastman (9), Rebecca Eastman (6) and John Eastman (3). Louisa Trick (23) from Bideford, Devon was a Nursemaid in the household of Samuel John Sayce (38) Stock Broker, in Aberdeen Place, Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucestershire. Thomas Trick (20) was a Farm Servant to Thomas Newcombe (30) Farmer of 65 Acres, in Monkleigh.

In 1861, and still in Monkleigh Village were William Eastman (71) Formerly Ag Lab, Elizabeth Eastman (53) Charwoman and Pamela Eastman (22) Glover (cotton). There was a Rebecca Eastman (16) House Servant in Marlborough Street, Stoke Damerel, Devon, which may well be relevant.

William Eastman died, at 72, in 1862 J Quarter in BIDEFORD.

In 1871, Elizabeth Eastman (64) Widowed Needle Woman from Monkleigh, Devon, Mother, was living with Louisa Martin Trick (42) Needlewoman, Single, Daughter from Bideford, Devon, in Mile End Old Town, Stepney

Elizabeth Eastman died, at 67, in 1874 M Quarter in LEWISHAM.
  1. Louisa Martin Trick, according to the record, married Alfred Wonnacott on 15 Apr 1874 at the church of Saint Philip The Apostle, Stepney, London. On the marriage certificate, 'Alfred' lists his father as George Wonnacott, Hatter. Louisa lists her father as Edward Trick, Doctor. (This adds weight to him being Edward Martin, but most likely not a Doctor.) When we catch up with them again on the 1881 Census, living at 66, Blair Street, Bromley, Poplar, London, it becomes clear this is Albert Wonnacott (39) Hatter (Unemployed) with Louisa Wonnacott (52) and Mary A Wonnacott (sic) (17) Daughter - she is Mary Jane Wonnacott, Albert's daughter with is first wife, Pamela Eastman (see below). If Louisa had been Pamela's full sister, this marriage would surely have been illegal. We lose sight of all three of them after this.
  2. Mary Eastman married William Jones, in Bideford district, in 1856. They had six children in England, but by 1871, were living in Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada. There they added at least three or four more children. William Jones died in 1915. Mary Eastman died on 28 Jan 1928. She is buried, along with her husband, at Richmond Hill Presbyterian CemeteryRichmond Hill, Ontario. Mary's age at death was 91, not 93, so the headstone is wrong, despite being "set in stone". Also, she was baptised and married plain Mary and not Mary Elizabeth. 
  3. Pamela Eastman had married Albert Wonnacott in Great Torrington, Devon in 1861. Albert Wonnacott b. 1841 J Quarter in TORRINGTON UNION Volume 10 Page 269, was the son of George Wonnacott and Mary Bastard. Yes, that really was her surname, and her dad's. Albert and Pamela had three children: Louisa Wonnacott b. 1862 S Quarter in TORRINGTON UNION Volume 05B Page 499 (no further records); Mary Jane Wonnacott b. 1864 M Quarter in EAST STONEHOUSE Volume 05B Page 313 and Albert Wonnacott b. 1866 D Quarter in EAST STONEHOUSE Volume 05B Page 300 who died at a year old in 1867 D Quarter in BIDEFORD Volume 05B Page 345. Pamela Wonnacott was a witness at the marriage of her half-brother, William Trick, in 1871. Pamela Wonnacott died, aged 33, in 1872 M Quarter in EAST STONEHOUSE Volume 05B Page 243 - hence the widowed Albert married Pamela's elder half-sister, Louisa, two years later. 

William Trick, Elizabeth Blake & Caroline Townshend

Mount Pleasant Redoubt
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William Eastman Trick (22), Labourer, son of Elizabeth Trick, married Elizabeth Blake, daughter of John Blake and Elizabeth Leigh, at the Church of St James the Great, Devonport on 12 May 1856. Both gave their address as 27 John Street, which was in Morice Town. Eastman was the surname of William's step-father. The space for his father had been left blank.

William and Elizabeth had two children:
  1. Elizabeth Trick b. 1857 M Qtr in STOKE DAMEREL Vol 05B Pg 320
  2. William Trick b. 1858 S Qtr in STOKE DAMEREL Vol 05B Pg 286
In 1861, wrongly transcribed as William Frick (sic) (27) Labourer In H.M.D.Yard, from Bideford, Devon; Elizabeth (27) Laundress, from Launceston, Cornwall; Elizabeth (4) born in Morice Town and William (2), born in Devonport, were living at 15 Marlborough St, Devonport.

Elizabeth Trick died, aged 35, in 1869 J Quarter in LAUNCESTON Vol 05C Page 21. She was buried in the parish of Lawhitton, on 22 Apr 1869.

William Trick, Widower (on this marriage certificate he specifies that his father is Not Known), remarried on 29 May 1871 to Caroline Rickard Osborn, Widow, at St George's church, East Stonehouse. One of the witnesses at this wedding was Pamela Wonnacott (née Eastman), William's half-sister.

Baptised Catherine Rickard Townshend in Stoke Damerel on 28 Jul 1833, his second wife was the daughter of John Townshend and Betsey Coram. Her father was listed on her baptism and again on the marriage certificate as a Mariner. In 1861, he was a Boatman Coast Guard. Caroline had previously married Richard James Osborn, Seaman RN, in Stoke Damerel in 1853 and the couple had one son, William John Osborn [1], b. 6 Oct 1857 D Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 05B Page 303, bap. 20 Dec 1857 at St James, Devonport. In 1861, Caroline Osborn (27) Ship Stewards Wife, had lived in Navy Row, Stoke Damerel with her son, William (3). Richard James Osborn died on 2 Jul 1867 and was buried on 6 Jul 1867, in Stoke Damerel.

In 1871, William Trick (37) Widower, Labourer from Bideford, Devon, was living in Morice Town with daughter, Elizabeth Trick (14) [2] and son William Trick (12). Caroline Osborn (38) Widow, Milliner, meanwhile, was living with her brother, John Avery Townshend (27) Shipwright, also in Morice Town.

In 1881, William Trick (46) Labourer H M Dockyard, Caroline Trick (46) and William J Osborn (23) Assistant Ship's Steward RN, Stepson, were living at 12, Charlotte Row, Devonport Stoke-Damerel.

In 1891, William Trick (56) Retired Skilled Labourer from Monkleigh, Devon and Caroline R Trick were living at 23 Herbert Place, Devonport.

In 1901, William Trick (67) Caretaker at Mount Pleasant Redoubt was still living in Herbert Place, Devonport with wife Caroline R Trick (66).

Caroline Rickard Trick died, aged 71, in 1904 D Quarter in DEVONPORT.

In 1911, William Trick (77) Retired Park Caretaker, Widower, was living in the household of his grandson, William Henry Trick (26) Dairyman in Chilton Trinity, Wembdon, Bridgwater, Somerset.

William Trick died at the age of 80 in 1914 M Quarter in BRIDGWATER.

  1. William John Osborn (b. 1857), Caroline's son from her first marriage, William Trick's stepson, married Fanny Kelland, daughter of John Kelland and Betsy Maria Palfrey, in Stoke Damerel, in 1882. They had one daughter, Lilian Osborn b. 1884 S Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 05B Page 359, who died, aged 4, in 1889 S Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 05B Page 231. In 1901, William John Osborn was a Retired Ship's Steward, and in 1911, his occupation was Writer Naval Pensioner, seemingly employed at the Royal Naval Hospital, Stonehouse, Plymouth. Fanny Osborn died at 81, in 1936 J Quarter in DEVONPORT Volume 05B Page 428. William John Osborn died, at 82, in 1939  M Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 539. What is absolutely certain is that William John Osborn is NOT the same person as William's son, William Trick (b. 1858), which I saw claimed on one website! 
  2. So far, I've been unable to identify any further records relating to Elizabeth Trick (b. 1857), after 1871.

William Trick and Eliza Authers

H.M.S. Royal Adelaide lying at anchor in the Hamoaze at Devonport.

William Trick, son of William Trick and Elizabeth Blake, married Eliza Authers, daughter of Henry Authers and Susannah Osmond, at the Princes Street Congregational Chapel, Devonport, in 1883.

William and Eliza had one son:

  1. William Henry Trick b. 14 Jun 1884 S Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 05B Page 351.
William Trick, giving his date of birth as 16 July 1856 (this was later corrected to 16 Aug 1858, which agrees with the timing of his birth registration), had enlisted in the Royal Navy on 9 Aug 1871. If he had been born in 1856, this would have been close to his 15th birthday, which is probably significant. As it was, it was a whisker before his 13th birthday. At that time he was 4 ft 10½ in tall, with a fair complexion, dark hair and hazel eyes, weighing 99 lbs.

He was immediately assigned to HMS Cambridge (former HMS Windsor Castle (1858), renamed in 1869), gunnery ship off Plymouth, as a Boy 2nd Class. The training of naval ratings in the use of naval guns was carried out aboard HMS Cambridge. On 8 December 1872, she was driven ashore in a storm and refloated the next day. William was with this ship until 13 Jan 1873, so was on her at the time of this incident. He was made up to Boy 1st Class in Oct 1872, so William appears to have shown early promise.

Most of William's assignments throughout his career were of short duration, joining HMS Cambridge on several different occasions; likewise HMS Royal Adelaide (1828) at various times, with his longest tour as a rating being with HMS Curacoa (1878), which he was with from 24 Feb 1880 until 27 Mar 1883, that served on the Cape of Good Hope and West Africa Station.

In 1891, we find William Trick (34) Warrant Officer RN, living in Palmerson Street, Stoke, Plymouth with Eliza Trick (30), William H Trick (6) and Susannah Authers (67) Widowed, Housekeeper, Mother-in-Law.

In 1901, William Trick (43) Gunner RN, Eliza Trick (40), William H Trick (16) Telegraphist and Mother-in-Law, Susannah (75) incorrectly listed as Trick.

William Trick was promoted to Lieutenant on 6 May 1909.

In 1911, still in Devonport, were William Trick (54) Lieutenant RN, Eliza Trick (50), William Engstrom Trick (2) Grandson, born in Fort William, Canada, as well as Margaret Watts (32) General Domestic Servant.

William Trick was placed on the retired list due to age on 16 Jul 1911 (not yet caught up with the 2 year 'discrepancy'), but was mobilised again, at the start of World War I on 1 Aug 1914, and assigned to HMS Impregnable (former HMS Howe (1860) school ship). He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander on 6 May 1917 and returned to the retired list on 1 Mar 1919.

In 1921, William and Eliza were living in Wembdon, Bridgwater, Somerset.

In 1939, William Trick, Lieutenant Commander RN, Retired; Eliza Trick; William H Trick, Farmer; Hulda N Trick; Henry D Trick and two others, were living at Model Farm, Wembdon, Bridgwater, Somerset. William Trick and his wife Eliza lived and died at Model Farm in Wembdon. Now a Country House, Guest House, it attracts some dubious visitors.

William Trick died on 19 Nov 1943, age estimated as 87, (1943 D Quarter in BRIDGWATER Volume 05C Page 425). Eliza Trick died the following year at 83, in 1944 M Quarter in BRIDGWATER Volume 05C Page 412.

W Trick is remembered on the War Memorial to St Georges Parishioners who served in both wars, inside St George's Church, Wembdon.