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William Stone and Temperance Hitchcock

Holcombe Rogus Scenery
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William Stone married Temperance Hitchcock in Holcombe Rogus on 25 May 1728. Temperance bap. 30 Jan 1706 in Holcombe Rogus, was the base born (illegitimate) daughter of Jane Hitchcock. (Jane Hitchcock bap. 12 Oct 1679, daughter of John Hitchcock, was buried in Holcombe Rogus, in 1709.)

Will and Temperance had seven children, baptised in Holcombe Rogus:
  1. William Stone bap. 16 Feb 1729 (Buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1730)
  2. Agnes Stone bap. 24 Jul 1732
  3. Mary Stone bap. 27 Dec 1739
  4. Jane Stone bap. 24 Sep 1742 (Buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1743)
  5. Jane Stone bap. 3 Jul 1744
  6. William Stone bap. 15 Nov 1749 (Buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1749)
  7. Joan Stone bap. 9 Sep 1751 (Buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1774)
William Stone (b. 1703) was buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1789. Temperance Stone died the following year and was also buried in Holcombe Rogus. 

Sidney William Hitchcock and Florence May Stone

Bishops Lydeard
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The crossroads on what could be called the village centre

Florence May Stone, the seventh child of Frederick James Stone and Loveday Jane Land, married Sidney William Hitchcock, in Tiverton, in 1920. Without buying a copy of the marriage certificate - not economically attractive for any but direct ancestors - I have no more details currently on date or venue. 

Interesting though that I'd found this marriage and felt it had to be right, but had no other record to confirm it, until reading that Mrs F Hitchcock, an aunt, was one of the family mourners at her nephew's funeral in 1932. That newspaper report also told us that she lived in Bishops Lydeard, otherwise, I'd never have known, because this couple seem to have evaded the 1939 Register.

Sidney William Hitchcock (b. 1899), was the son of Walter Simon Hitchcock and his wife Ann Stone. Is this yet another circular branch on the family tree? 

Walter Simon Hitchcock and Annie Stone had married in 1880 and had lived at Red Ball in 1881 and 1891. "W. S. Hitchcock, labourer, Redball" is listed under the Cottagers - a term, the meaning of which, has changed enormously in the intervening 127 years - in GREGORY'S DIRECTORY OF 1894. Back then, it had nothing to do with homosexual practices in public toilets, or following Fulham Football Club. A Cottager was a person who lived in a cottage, one of the levels of serfdom in feudal societies. In 1901, Walter Hitchcock (40) then a Traction engine driver, from Culmstock, Devon, still lived at Red Ball Cottages, 1, Nicholashayne in Culmstock. Wife Ann (38) was from Burlescombe.  

Walter Simon Hitchcock (b. 1858) was the son of William Hitchcock (b. 1827), Shoemaker, and his wife Susana. And this William Hitchcock was the son of William Hitchcock (b. 1798) Shoemaker, and his wife Sarah.

Ann Stone (b. 1862) was the daughter of William Stone (b. 1813) and Ann Croyden who had married on 15 Dec 1840, in Burlescombe. William Stone, Husbandman, was the son of Samuel Stone, Quarryman and his wife Grace. Ann Croyden, Seamstress, was the daughter of John Croyden, a Sawyer. But, if there's any link between Ann Stone and the rest, it's in earlier generations.

Sidney William Hitchcock died, in Taunton district, in 1952, aged 53.

Florence M Hitchcock died in 1967. She will have been 73.