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Wednesday 22 November 2023

James Waterman and Tamar Hockley

All Saints, High Roding
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James Waterman (bap. 5 Aug 1821 at Hatfield Broad Oak), son of Isaac Waterman and Jane Hasler, married Tamar Hockley, daughter of Daniel Hockley and Sophia Mason, on 22 Nov 1850 at All Saints, High Roding.

James and Tamar had two sons:
  1. James Waterman b. 1852 D Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 303, bap. 30 Jan 1853 at All Saints Church, High Roding.
  2. John Waterman b. 1857 D Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 319, bap. 25 Apr 1858 at All Saints Church, High Roding.
In 1861, James Waterman (40) Agricultural Labourer, Tamar Waterman (33), James Waterman (8) Scholar and John Waterman (3) were living in High Roden Street, High Roden (sic) (High Roding, obvs), Dunmow, Essex.

In 1871, living "In the Street, High Roothing, Dunmow, Essex" (hopefully, not too literally) were James Waterman (50) Groom, Tamar Waterman (45), James Waterman (18) Carpenter and John Waterman (13) Ag Lab.

In 1881, they had moved to Cannons Road (presumably Cannons Lane), Hatfield Broad Oak Aka Hatfield Regis, Dunmow, Essex. James Waterman (60) Groom; Fanny Waterman (55) from Great Dunmow (same age, I have no doubt this is Tamar) and John Waterman (23) Carpenter.

In 1891, on the Stortford Road, Little Canfield, Dunmow, Essex were James Waterman (69) General Labourer and Tamar Waterman (65).

Tamar Waterman died, aged 71, and was buried on 14 Mar 1898 in Great Dunmow (although the record isn't precise about which churchyard).

In 1901, James Waterman (79) Widower, Retired Groom from Hatfield Broad Oak, was living alone, still on the Stortford Road.

James Waterman died, aged 84, in 1905, in Great Dunmow.