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Thursday 2 November 2023

James Shopland and Loveday Jane Stone

Bridge and Uplowman church
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James Shopland (b. 1885), son of James Shopland and Caroline Sydenham, married Loveday Jane Stone (b. 6 Apr 1884), daughter of Frederick James Stone and Loveday Jane Land, at St Peter’s ChurchUplowman on 2 Nov 1904. Witnesses were Mary Ann Stone and Frederick James Stone. 

James Shopland's father, James Shopland (1850-1908), was a Wheelwright and Carpenter of Chevithorne Village. In 1901, James Shopland (16) had been employed as a Dairyman's Labourer to Samuel B Thornton, residing at The Island Cottage, Lowman Green, Tiverton. Then, on 8 Jun 1901, adding two years to his age and claiming to be 18 years and 3 months, James Shopland, enlisted for Short Service in the Devonshire Regiment and served until 7 Jun 1913, when he was discharged at the end of his first period of engagement. James' record says he passed classes as Mounted infantry, Certified. From 23 Jul 1902 until 21 May 1903, James served in South Africa, in the aftermath of the Second Boer War. From 22 May 1903, until his discharge, he was assigned to Home, presumably actual home, as a reservist.

James and Loveday had five children:
  1. Frederick James Shopland b. 19 Nov 1905, bap. 17 Dec 1905 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton, as the family's address at the time was 3 Adam's Court, Barrington Street, Tiverton. In 1927, he married Elizabeth A P Cox and in 1939, they were living at 131 Eden Grove, Bristol. Frederick James Shopland died in 1971, in Weston-super-Mare.
  2. Loveday Jane Shopland b. 14 Feb 1907, bap. 17 Feb 1907 at Cove. In 1928, Loveday Jane Shopland married Leonard Southcott in Bristol. Their address in 1939 was 34 Pylle Hill Crescent, Bristol. Leonard Southcott died, aged 47, in 1950, in Bristol and in 1952, Loveday Jane Southcott remarried to a James J Basten-Rank. James J B Rank died, aged 68, in 1966, in Weston-super-Mare. Despite this, her death in 1995, in Taunton Deane, is registered under Loveday Jane Southcott. 
  3. Albert Geoffrey Shopland born 21 Jul 1908. In 1930, Albert Geoffrey Shopland married Annie Richards in Bristol and in 1939 were living at 3 Chessington Avenue, Bristol. Albert G Shopland died, in Bristol, at 35.
  4. Sidney Arthur Shopland bap. 27 Feb 1910 at Bickleigh. On 13 Jun 1929, Sidney Arthur Shopland enlisted in the Royal Artillery. Unable to find a marriage, but Sidney A Shopland died, aged 58, in 1968, in Bristol.
  5. John James Shopland born 1911. There is more than one John Shopland in the relevant areas and none specifically listed as John James, so it hasn't yet been possible to isolate subsequent records for him.
In 1911, living at New Cottages, Seckerleigh Farm, Halberton, were James Shopland (27) Farm Labourer, Loveday Jane (27), Frederick James (6), Loveday Jane (4), Albert Geoffrey (3), Sidney Arthur (1) and boarder, Robert Charles Harris (38) Farm Labourer, from Penzance, Cornwall. 

In 1921, James Shopland (35) was working for the Great Western Railway at Temple Meads Station, Bristol, and was living at 34, Pylle Hill Crescent, Totterdown, Bristol, with Loveday J Shopland (37), Frederick J Shopland (15) Machanist (Printing); Loveday J Shopland (14) Out of work; Albert J Shopland (12) and Sidney A Shopland (11).

In 1939, Loveday Jane Shopland (née Stone) was still at 34 Pylle Hill Crescent, Bristol, with her daughter, Loveday Jane Southcott. She was listed as married, but there was no sign of James. Loveday Jane Shopland died, aged 56, in 1941, in Taunton, Somerset. James Shopland died, in Bristol, in 1955.

Monday 3 July 2023

John Ridgeway and Ellen Norman

Building at Widhayes FarmUplowman

John Ridgeway (b. 18 Jun 1870), son of Thomas Ridgway and Ann Tooze, married Ellen Norman (b. 1872), daughter of James Norman and Harriet Woodland at St Peter’s ChurchUplowman, on 3 Jul 1892. Witnesses were James Norman and William Norman, the bride's father and brother.

The couple probably met at Widhayes Farm (Grade II Listed), as in 1891, John Ridgeway (20) Agricultural Labourer, had been lodging with James Wood at Widhayes, Uplowman and at the same time, Ellen Norman (20) had been employed as a General domestic servant in the household of Edward Chave (39), a prosperous Farmer, at the Farm, Widhayes, Uplowman. 

John and Ellen had three children: 
  1. William Henry Ridgway b. 1893
  2. Thomas Ridgway b. Q1 1894 (Died Q2 1894, aged 0)
  3. Annie Elizabeth Ridgway b. 26 May 1895, bap. 30 Jun 1895 at St Peter’s ChurchUplowman
In 1901, John Ridgeway (30) Cattleman on farm, Ellen Ridgeway (29), William H (8) and Annie E (6) were at Little Sellake, Halberton.

In 1911, still at Sellake, Halberton, were John Ridgway (40), Ellen Ridgway (39) and William Henry (18) Farm Labourer. Annie Ridgway (16) was working as a General domestic servant in the household of Retired farmer, Robert Pearce (89) at Locks House, Witnage, Sampford Peverell.

In 1921, John Ridgway (50) Farmer was living at Whipcott, Holcombe Rogus with Ellen Ridgway (49).

In 1939, John Ridgway, Assisting Cowman, and Ellen Ridgway (b. 23 Dec 1871), were living at Whipcott, Red Ball.

John Ridgway (77) of Whipcott, Holcombe Rogus, died on 22 Mar 1947 at Gamlins, Greenham, Stawley. Probate was granted to Herbert John Howe, quarry proprietor and Arthur John Exton, solicitors managing clerk, leaving effects of £2282 12s (worth around £91,590 in 2021).

Ellen Ridgway (81) of Gamlins, Greenham, Somersetshire died on 11 Sep 1952 at Mountbatten Nursing Home Taunton, leaving effects of £2942 9s 2d. Probate was granted to Arthur John Exton, solicitors managing clerk.

Tuesday 13 June 2023

John Tooze and Sarah Tristram

Holcombe Rogus, All Saints Church: South porch
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John Tooze (bap. 25 Dec 1806) son of Thomas Tooze and Joan Potter, married Sarah Tristram (bap. 11 Dec 1808) daughter of James Tristram and Mary Hooper, on 13 Jun 1830, in Holcombe Rogus. Witnesses were Thomas Tooze and Richard Tooze, presumably John's two older brothers. 

John and Sarah Tooze had eight children, all baptised in Holcombe Rogus:
  1. Eliza Tooze bap. 17 Mar 1833. Died, aged 35 in 1868 M Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 257
  2. Isaac Tooze bap. 9 Aug 1835 
  3. Mary Tooze bap. 22 Jul 1838
  4. John Tooze bap. 29 Aug 1841
  5. James Tooze b. 1845 M Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10 Page 518, bap. 23 Feb 1845
  6. Sarah Tooze b. 1847 S Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10 Page 406, bap. 22 Aug 1847
  7. Frederick Tooze b. 1850 D Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET Volume 10 Page 472, bap. 2 Feb 1851
  8. Frank Tooze b. 1854 J Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C  Page 417, bap. 1 Oct 1854
All of the baptisms gave John Tooze' occupation as Chairmaker, except for that of Mary, when he was described as a Wheelwright. The mother's maiden name on the GRO birth registrations for James, Sarah and Frederick is TRISTAM. On the registration for Frank it was correct with TRISTRAM.

On the same day, 1 Oct 1854, as the baptism of Frank Tooze, there was a baptism of an Elizabeth Tooze, illegitimate daughter (1854 M Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C  Page 420) of Eliza Tooze. As it was the adjacent entry on the baptism register, one may surmise that this is the child of John and Sarah's eldest daughter.

In 1841, John Tooze (30) Chair Maker and Sarah Tooze (30) were living at Twitchen, Holcombe Rogus with Eliza (8), Isaac (6) and Mary (3), and William Tooze (20) Agricultural Labourer, John's younger brother.

In 1851, still at Twitchen, were John Tooze (44) Chairmaker; Sarah Tooze (42) Lace Mender; Isaac Tooze (15) Chairmaker; Mary (12), John (10), James (6), Sarah (3) and Frederick (6 months). There also was Lodger, Richard Willway (29) Tailor, from Witheridge. Eliza Tooze (18) was House Servant to Charles Gorman (30) Innkeeper, at the While Lion, East Street, Taunton.

In 1861, Mary Tooze (23) was General Servant in the household of Thomas Chard (73) Farmer of 65 Acres as Haydon Farm, Taunton; James Tooze (14) was Farm Servant in the household of James Tristram (50) at Lower Besley, Farm House, Holcombe Rogus; Sarah Tooze (13) was General Servant in the household of William Woolaway (35) Letter Carrier at 9 Church Square, Taunton. Not been able to find the rest of them on the 1861 census.

Sarah Tooze died, aged 56, in 1865 M Quarter in WELLINGTON,SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 305.

In 1871, John Tooze (64) Chairmaker, Widower, was a Lodger in Wellington, Somerset, with Frank Tooze (17) Sawyer and Isaac Tooze (8), both Boarders. (Isaac William Tooze (1862 D Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 387) was the illegitimate son of Mary Tooze.)

In 1881, John Tooze (75) Chair Maker (Cabt Mkr), Widower was living in the household of John Vincent (43) - John Vincent had married Mary Tooze in 1874 - in Butleigh, Wells, Somerset.

As yet, I've been unable to find the record of John's death.

Tuesday 23 May 2023

Robert Hawkins and Ann Shewbrooks

Richard Huish Homes
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One of Taunton's leading merchants of old, Richard Huish left money for the establishment of homes 'for 13 poor, needy, maimed, impotent and aged men'. The buildings were completed in 1615, the year Huish died; during the nineteenth century, much rebuilding was carried out. 

Robert Hawkins (b. 3 May 1803, bap. 29 May 1803 in Taunton, Somerset), son of Robert Hawkins and Mary Summerhays, married Ann Shewbrooks (bap. 31 Jul 1791, in Taunton), daughter of Edward Shoebrooks and Mary Sparke, at St Mary Magdalene (now Taunton Minster), on 23 May 1824.

Robert and Ann had one daughter:
  1. Mary Hawkins bap. 13 Jul 1828 at St Mary Magdalene, Taunton.
On Mary's baptism, Robert's occupation is listed as Bricklayer and their address given as Paul Street, Taunton.

In 1841, Robert Hawkins (37) Journeyman Mason, Ann Hawkins (49) and Mary Hawkins (12) were living in High Street, Taunton.

In 1851, we find Robert Hawkins (48) Mason and Ann Hawkins (60).

In 1861, at 3 Tailer Court, High Street, are Robert Hawkins (59) Bricklayer and Ann Hawkins (70) Glover (leather).

Ann Hawkins died at 72, in 1862 J Qtr in TAUNTON Vol 05C Page 279.

In 1871, Robert Hawkins (67) Widower, Mason was at Huishs Almshouse.

In 1881, Robert Hawkins (80) Widower, Mason, was still living at Huish Alms Houses (now Huish Homes), 2, Magdalen Street, Taunton.

Robert Hawkins died in 1886 D Quarter in TAUNTON Vol 05C Page 260.

Saturday 8 April 2023

Richard Rowland and Caroline Tooze

Church of St Mary Magdalene, Taunton
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Richard Rowland (bap. 25 Dec 1819 in Upottery), son of William Rowland and Betty Hill (m. 11 Mar 1802 in Upottery, Devon), married Caroline Tooze (bap. 22 Feb 1829 in Holcombe Rogus), daughter of Richard Tooze and Eliza Disney, at St Mary MagdaleneTaunton (now Taunton Minster) on 8 Apr 1856. The witnesses were Samuel Tooze and Robert Dyer.

Richard and Caroline had eight children, none were baptised:
  1. Alfred James Rowland b. 1857 S Quarter in WELLINGTON-SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 369. Died, aged 6, in 1864, and was buried in Nynehead, Somerset.
  2. Emma Jane Rowland b. 1859 M Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 427. Died at 26, in 1885 in Wellington.
  3. Alfred Richard Rowland b. 1860 D Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 368. Registered as Alfred Richard, but appears to have been known as Francis.
  4. Ann Rowland b. 1863 J Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 440. Died at 8, in 1871, in Wellington.
  5. Rosa Rowland b. 1865 S Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 378
  6. Emily Rowland b. 1867 J Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 386. Died, aged 10, in 1877, in Wellington.
  7. Alfred Rowland b. 1869 S Quarter in WELLINGTON-SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 355
  8. Walter Rowland b. 1872 in Wellington, Somerset.
In 1861, Richard Rowland (34) Shepherd from Upottery, Devon was living at Haywood Cottage, Nynehead, Somerset with wife Caroline Rowland (32) from Holcombe Rogus, Devon; Alfred (3) and Emma Jane (2) born in West Buckland, Somerset; Francis Rowland (5 months) [must be the child registered as Alfred Richard] born in Nynehead and James Tooze (21) Chairmaker, Lodger (this is Caroline's younger brother).

In 1871, living in Payton, Wellington, were Richard Rowland (50) Farm Labourer, Caroline Rowland (40), Francis (10), Anne (8), Rosa (6), Emily (4) and Alfred (2) - the last two having been born in Langford, Somerset.

Caroline Rowland died, age estimated to 48, in 1876 D Quarter in WELLINGTON, SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 238.

In 1881, Richard Rowland (68) Agricultural Labourer from Upottery, was an Inmate in Wellington Union Workhouse. Wellington Workhouse was the first to be built after the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834, which ordered that every area in England and Wales should have a purpose built place to house the poor. [Source] Also Inmates, in a different section from their father, were Alfred Rowland (13) Scholar (pauper) born in Langford Budville, Somerset and Walter Rowland (9) Scholar (pauper), born in Wellington, Somerset. There was a Rose Rowland (16) Woolen Feeder, living in Wellington as head of the household, living with her was Mary A Stevens (14) Lodger.

In 1891, Richard Rowland (age estimated to 75) Widower, Agricultural Labourer was still an Inmate of Wellington Union Workhouse. Rose Rowland married Tom Winter in 1887 and were living in Rockwell Green, in 1891. Alfred Rowland (21) Assistant Butcher, Servant, born in Langford, Somerset was in the household of James Moorish (29) Butcher, at 27 Rockwell Green.

Richard Rowland died, at 73, in 1892 M Quarter in WELLINGTON, SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 252.

Sunday 2 April 2023

James Norman and Harriet Woodland

St James, Taunton
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James Norman (b. 1843), son of Samuel Norman and Ann Gamlin, married Harriet Woodland (bap. 11 Apr 1841 in Huish Champflower, Somerset), daughter of Abraham Woodland and Mary Milton, on 2 Apr 1866 at the church of St. James, Taunton. James and both fathers' occupations are listed as Labourer. Both James and Harriet's address is listed as North Town.

James and Harriet had around 12 children:
  1. Lucy Woodland b. 1865 M Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 05C
  2. Elya Norman b. 1867 listed only on 1871 census, no birth record found
  3. Jane Norman b. 1868 D Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 05C
  4. Mary Ann Norman b. 1870 J Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 446
  5. Ellen Norman b. 1872 M Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 478
  6. William Norman b. 1873 S Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 418
  7. Tom Norman b. 1875 J Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 428
  8. Maria Norman b. 1877 J Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 440
  9. Samuel Norman b. 1878 D Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 439
  10. Elizabeth Norman b. 1880 D Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 413, died, aged 0, in 1880 D Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 285
  11. George Norman b. 1882 J Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 444
  12. Bessy Norman b. 1885 M Quarter in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 431
There is one further child attributed to the couple, Lily Norman: b. 1885 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 421. This birth was later in the same year as Bessy Norman: technically possible, only just, but I think very unlikely. There's no mother's maiden name on the birth registration either, indicating an illegitimate birth, so far more likely that this was the child of one of the daughters, that the grandparents brought up as their own.

(Lily Norman married a Tom Richards in 1910; in 1911 Tom Richards (29), Lily Richards (26) and son Thomas James Richards (b. 1910 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 355 were living in Bampton, Devon. Lily Richards died in the 3rd quarter of 1911, aged 26.)

In 1871, James Norman (27) Farm Labourer, was living in Tiverton with Harriet Norman (28), daughter Lucy Norman (6), Elya Norman (4) (this is the only record with this name), Jane Norman (2) and Mary Ann Norman (1).

In 1881, James Norman (38) Ag Lab, was at Ewings, Tiverton, with Harriet Norman (39), Jane Norman (12), Mary A Norman (11), Ellen Norman (9), William Norman (8), Tom Norman (6), Maria Norman (4) & Samuel (2).

In 1891, at Drizzlecombe, Higher Curham, Halberton, were James Norman (47) Agricultural Labourer, Harriet Norman (49), William Norman (17), George Norman (9), Bessie Norman (6) and Lily Norman (5). That year Maria Norman (13) was employed as a General Servant in the household of Henry Venner, Confectioner, in Bridge Street, Tiverton, Devon.

James Norman (52) died in 1896 M Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 287.

In 1901, Harriet Norman (58) Widow, was living in Halberton, Devon with Samuel Norman (22), George Norman (17), Lily Norman (15) and William Fook (24) Lodger. Bessie Norman (17) that year was Housemaid in the household of Edward Chave, in Uplowman (at Widhays Farm), where her sister Ellen had been a General domestic servant 10 years earlier.

In 1911, Harriet Norman (70) Widow, was living at Priory Cottage (adjoining The Priory), 9 High Street, Halberton with Beattie Gors (12) Grandchild.

Samuel Norman (32) died in 1911 M Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 331.

Harriet Norman (71) died in 1913 M Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 567.

Tiverton: near Ewings
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Wednesday 22 March 2023

William Ridgeway and Florence Louise Finnimore

St James, Taunton
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William Ridgeway, son of Thomas Ridgway and Ann Tooze, married Florence Louise Finnimore, daughter of Henry Finnimore and Louisa Beer, at the church of St. JamesTaunton, on 22 Mar 1903. Witnesses were Henry Finnimore, Louisa's father and Alice Maud Finnimore, her sister.

William and Florence had five children, all baptised at St Peter’s ChurchUplowman:
  1. Edith Maud Ridgeway born 28 Sep 1904, bap. 6 Nov 1904 
  2. Lily Ridgeway born 23 Feb 1907, bap. 24 Mar 1907
  3. Hilda Ridgeway born 7 Oct 1910, bap. 6 Nov 1910
  4. Elsie Ridgeway born 8 Jul 1912, bap. 28 Jul 1912
  5. Herbert Ridgeway born 4 Apr 1914, bap. 3 May 1914
In 1911, William Ridgway (37) Farm Waggoner, Florence Louise Ridgway (31) were living at Wallflower Cottage, Halberton, with Edith Maud (6), Lily (4) and Hilda (0), as well as William's widowed father, Thomas Ridgway (67).

In 1921, William Ridgway (47) Shepherd was living at Neddycott, Uplowman, with Florence Louise Ridgway (41), Hilda Ridgway (10), Elsie Ridgway (8), Herbert Ridgway (7) and Thomas Ridgway (77) Farm Labourer, Father. Edith Maud Ridgway (16) was a Domestic Servant in the household of Edward Gale, Farmer, at East Mere, Tiverton. While Lillie (sic) Ridgway (14) was a Domestic Servant at Widhayes, Uplowman. (William, his father Thomas and daughter Lily were all employed by L Batting, Farmer, at Widhayes.)
In 1939, at Wallflower Cottage, Uplowman, were William Ridgeway, Shepherd retired; Florence L Ridgeway, Edith M Ridgeway and Herbert Ridgeway, Farm Carter. 

William Ridgeway died on 27 Jun 1941, aged 67 and is buried at Uplowman.

Florence Louise Ridgway of Sellake Cottage, Uplowman, died on 27 Oct 1965 and is buried in Uplowman churchyard along with her husband. She was 85. She left her effects to her eldest daughter, Edith Maud Ridgway, spinster. 

  • Edith Maud Ridgway never married and died in 1997, aged 92. Edith Maud Ridgway is buried in Uplowman churchyard.
  • Hilda Ridgeway married Louis Joseph Holway on 1 Jul 1933. From the Western Times 7 July 1933: "UPLOWMAN AND UFFCULM FAMILIES UNITED. The marriage was solemnised quietly at St Peter's Church, Uplowman, on Saturday, of Miss Hilda Ridgway, third daughter of Mr and Mrs William Ridgway of Neddicott, Uplowman, and Mr Louis Joseph Holway, third son of Mrs and the late Mr Thomas Holway of the Post Office, Cradock, Uffculme. The Rector (Rev. E J Sandford) officiated. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a pretty dress of lido blue silk crepe, the panelled skirt reaching to the ankles and the roll collar, white silk in one half and brick in the other, finished at the point with diamonds of white and brick, and the belt was fastened with a small paste brooch. She wore a large white felt hat and carried a prayer book in place of a bouquet. There was no bridesmaid. Mr Edgar Holway carried out the duties of best man. A reception was held at Nedicott, and the happy couple left for their new home at Bridge Street, Uffculme." In 1939, Louis and Hilda Holway were living in Bridge Street, Uffculme, with daughter Margaret. Hilda Holway died in 1953, aged 42.
  • Lily Ridgeway married William John Palk (b. 16 Oct 1902), son of John Palk and Bessie Scorse, in 1928. They do not appear to have any children. In 1939, the couple were living at Sellake Cottage, Willand. Jack and Lily Palk both died in 1987. Jack died on 23 Feb 1987, which would have been his wife's 80th birthday. They are buried together in Uplowman churchyard.
  • Harry Tremlett married Elsie Ridgeway, daughter of William Ridgeway and Florence Louise Finnimore, in 1932. Harry Tremlett died on 20 Jul 1961 and is buried at Uplowman. Elsie Tremlett of 2 Crosses Cottages, Uplowman, died on 29 Dec 1979 and is buried in Uplowman, with her husband.
  • In 1946, Herbert Ridgeway, fifth child and only son of William Ridgeway and Florence Louise Finnimore married Elsie Kelland. Herbert Ridgway of 1 Wallflower [Cottages], Uplowman, died on 28 May 1988, aged 74 and is buried at Uplowman with his wife, Elsie Ridgway (d. 14 Jan 2006).

Thursday 9 March 2023

William Tidborough, Jane Manley and Mary Hawkins

Taunton: former County Gaol
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William Tidborough, son of John Tidborough and Elizabeth Summers, married Jane Manley in the first quarter of 1852, in Wells, Somerset.

William and Jane had two children:
  1. Sarah Tidberough (sic) b. 1852 D Quarter in WELLS Volume 05C Page 565, bap. 2 Jan 1853 at St Cuthbert, Wells, Somerset. Died in 1855 M Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 341.
  2. John Tidberough (sic) b. 1854 D Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 380. Died in 1855 M Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 340.
Jane Tidberough (sic) also died, aged 27, in 1855 M Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 339; wife and both children dying in the same year.

William Tidborough, widower (26) then remarried to Mary Hawkins (27), daughter of Robert Hawkins and Ann Shewbrooks, it appears in Wincanton, on 16 Feb 1856. Witnesses were Robert Hawkins and Elizabeth Day.

William had two further children with Mary:
  1. Anne Tidborough b. 1856 D Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 393. Died aged 14, in 1871 M Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 291 and was buried on 19 Jan 1871, at St Mary Magdalene.
  2. Elizabeth Tidberough (sic) b. 1858 S Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 411, bap 12 Sep 1858 at St Mary Magdalene, Taunton. Died in 1860 J Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 291. The infant was buried on 6 Apr 1860, at St Mary Magdalene, Taunton.
Sarah's and Elizabeth's baptisms list their father's occupation as Miller.

William Tidberough (sic) died, aged 30, in 1860 M Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 323 and was buried on 25 Mar 1860, in Wilton, Somerset.

In 1861, Mary Tidborough (32) Widow, was an Assistant Matron of County Gaol (Wilton (Taunton) County Gaol and House of Correction). Annie Tidborough (4) was living in the household of James Northalt (64) Beer House Keeper at the Shuttern County Inn, Taunton, described as Niece.

Mary Tidborough, Widow, married Henry Sully, Widower. Well, the records of the Banns of the marriage list her as Mary Tidborough, Widow, however, the record of the marriage itself, which took place at St Mary Magdalene, Taunton on 2 Sep 1862, lists her as Mary Hawkins, Single, daughter of Robert Hawkins, Mason. Obviously incorrect, but useful confirmation.

Mary had one daughter with her second husband:
  1. Henrietta Elizabeth Sully b. 1865 S Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 404, bap. 13 Jul 1865 at St Mary Magdalene. Died, aged 10, in 1875 D Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 271 and was buried, on 22 Oct 1875, at St Mary Magdalene.
Henrietta's baptism lists her father as Deputy Governor Of Wilton Gaol

Mary Sully died, aged 38, in 1868 J Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 237 and was buried on 10 Apr 1868 at St Mary Magdalene.

What do we know about Henry Sully?

Henry Sully was baptised on 27 July 1817, son of Henry Sully, Labourer and Hannah Burrows. At the time of his first marriage to Mary Burston, bap. 19 Oct 1817, daughter of John Burston, Fishmonger and his wife, Jane, on 22 Nov 1838, Henry Sully's occupation was listed as Mariner. Two of their sons later had Naval careers. Henry and Mary went on to have at least 10 children, the last of whom was baptised on 30 Oct 1860. Then first wife, Mary Sully, died, at 43, in 1860 D Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 259. 

On many of the children's baptisms, Henry is described as Guard At Wilton Gaol. In 1851, Henry had been Chief Turnkey Of Wilton Gaol, as he was in 1861. By 1865, he was Deputy Governor Of Wilton Gaol.

Henry then married Mary Tidborough (née Hawkins) and had the one further daughter with her, before he was widowed again in 1868.

So Henry married for a third time to Elizabeth Morgan, bap. 30 Aug 1828 in Pitminster, Somerset, daughter of William Morgan, Green Grocer, and Mary Dymond, on 13 Aug 1868, at St Mary Magdalene, Taunton. On this marriage, Henry Sully's occupation was listed as Inn Keeper. Henry's son by his first wife, Samuel Sully, later married Elizabeth's younger sister, Camilla Morgan.

In 1881, with address listed as Market House, Taunton, at 63, Henry Sully's occupation was listed as Hall Keeper. With his previous experience with the prison service, he may well have been caretaker of Taunton Shire Hall

Elizabeth Sully, of Wilton Cottage, died, at 73, in 1900 M Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 286 and was buried on 5 Mar 1900.

Henry Sully died in 1903 M Qtr in TAUNTON Vol 05C Page 219, at 86.

Sunday 26 February 2023

Henry Finnimore and Louisa Beer

St Michael & All Angels church, Heavitree
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Henry Finnimore (b. 1851), son of William Finnimore and Maria Pickard, married Louisa Beer (b. 1855), daughter of Thomas Beer and Mary Elson, in the district of St Thomas, Devon [Exeter] in the 1st quarter of 1877.

Henry and Louisa had seven daughters and one son:

  1. Lily Eliza Finnimore b. 1877 S Quarter in ST THOMAS Volume 05B Page 63, bap. 2 Nov 1877 in Heavitree, Devon. On this baptism their address was White's Court and Henry's occupation was Coachman.
  2. Florence Louise Finnimore b. 22 Mar 1880 J Quarter in ST THOMAS Volume 05B Page 62, bap. 12 May 1880 in Heavitree, Devon.
  3. Alice Maud Finnimore b. 13 May 1882 J Quarter in SAINT THOMAS Volume 05B Page 58, bap. 14 May 1882 in Heavitree, Devon.
  4. Beatrice Ellen Finnimore bap. 28 Dec 1883 in Heavitree, Devon, reg. 1884 M Quarter in SAINT THOMAS Volume 05B Page 59
  5. Blanche Annie Finnimore b. 1886 J Quarter in SAINT THOMAS Volume 05B Page 61, bap. 21 May 1886 in Heavitree, Devon.
  6. William Henry Finnimore b. 7 Jan 1889 M Quarter in SAINT THOMAS Volume 05B Page 62, bap. 1 Feb 1889 in Heavitree, Devon.
  7. Ivy May Finnimore b. 12 Oct 1892 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 378, bap. 30 Nov 1892 at St Peter’s ChurchUplowman.
  8. Elsie Beer Finnimore b. 1896 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 388, bap. 8 Sep 1896 at St Peter's ChurchTiverton, Devon. On this baptism, Henry Finnimore's occupation was again Coachman and the family's address was given as the Redwoods Inn, Uplowman.
In 1881, Henry Finnimore (26) Coachman was living at 17, Roseland Terrace, Heavitree with Louisa Finnimore (25), Lilie E (sic) (3) and Florence L (1).

In 1891, Henry Finnimore (37) Groom & Gardener, was living at Glebe Cottage, Coles Hill, Uplowman with Louisa Finnimore (36), Lily E Finnimore (13), Florence L Finnimore (11), Maude E [Alice Maud] Finnimore (8), Beatrice Finnimore (7), Blanche A Finnimore (4) and William Henry Finnimore (2).

In 1901, at Shoreditch, Scattered Houses, Pitminster, Taunton, Somerset, were Henry Finnimore (45) Domestic gardener; Louisa Finnimore (44), Alice M Finnimore (18) Housemaid; Beatrice E Finnimore (17) Housemaid; Blanche A Finnimore (14), Ivy M Finnimore (8) and Elsie B Finnimore (4). Florence Finnimore (23) was a Housemaid to James Cook (64) Retired Solicitor at Claire, Southside, Weston Super Mare. William Henry Finnimore (12) was an Errand Boy for Walter J Hunt (26) Butcher in Halse, Somerset.

In 1911, Henry Finnimore (59) Groom was living in North Petherton, Somerset with Louisa Finnimore (55), William H Finnimore (22) Farm Labourer and Elsie Finnimore (14). Ivy May Finnimore (19) at that time was working as a Housemaid in Kingston by Yeovil, Somerset.

Henry and Louisa were still living in North Petherton, Somerset in 1921.

Henry Finnimore died, aged 78, in 1930 M Quarter in BRIDGWATER.

Louisa Finnimore died in 1936 D Quarter in BRIDGWATER, aged 80.
  1. Lily Eliza Finnimore died, aged 20, in 1898 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 340 and was buried at St Peter’s ChurchUplowman.
  2. Florence Louise Finnimore married William Ridgeway, in 1903.
  3. Alice Maud Finnimore married Arthur Beadon Butt in 1909. Alive Maud Butt died in 1970 and is buried at St James Cemetery, Taunton.
  4. Beatrice Ellen Finnimore married Francis Samuel Atyeo in Taunton, in 1903. Beatrice Ellen Atyeo died in Bridgwater, Somerset, in 1960.
  5. Blanche Annie Finnimore married George Perry in Bridgwater, Somerset, in 1910. Blanche Annie Perry died, in 1962, in Taunton, Somerset.
  6. William Henry Finnimore died in Taunton, Somerset, in 1970. 
  7. Ivy May Finnimore married Ernest Bartlett on 11 Jun 1911 in North Newton, Somerset. Ernest Bartlett died on 5 Feb 1927 and is buried at St. Peter's Churchyard, North Newton. Ivy May Bartlett remarried to William Henry John Dunn in 1947. Ivy May Dunn died on 8 Jan 1970 and is also buried at St. Peter's Churchyard, North Newton.
  8. Elsie Beer Finnimore died in 1931 S Quarter in HOLSWORTHY Volume 05B Page 513 with age estimated as 33. She will have been 35.

Thursday 15 July 2021

Frederick James Stone and Jessie Ann Crook

Combe Florey : Grassy Field
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Frederick James Stone (b. 27 Mar 1888), son of Frederick James Stone and Loveday Jane Land, married Jessie Ann Crook, daughter of Samuel Crook and Elizabeth Hill of Mariansleigh, near South Molton, in Q2 of 1926. 

Frederick and Jessie appear to have had two children: 
  1. Alfred Stone born 30 Apr 1928, died Q3 2004
  2. Daughter born 1936, who may still be living.
There are two entries on the 1939 Register for Frederick J Stone (b. 27 Mar 1888) and Jessie A Stone (b. 26 Sep 1900), one at West View, Bishops Lydeard and the other at C&B Cottage, Combe Florey, near Taunton. My guess is they moved from one to the other close to the date that the register was prepared. On both, Frederick's employment is Farm Carter.

Frederick J Stone died in 1968, aged 79. Jessie Ann Stone in 1984.

Thursday 8 July 2021

James Beamer and Mary Jane Snell

Old Toll House, Briton Street, Bampton
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James Beamer (b. 1855), son of James Beamer and Rose Anna Smith, brother of Alfred Beamer and half-brother of Loveday Jane Land and John Land, married Mary Jane Snell (b. ~1857) - that's the maiden name listed on several of their children's birth registrations - in Exeter, in 1876. The transcript of the marriage record lists them as James Bemer and Mary Jane Smale, which made this record difficult to find. Only because, in 1911, they said they'd been married for 34 years, was there finally a clue to the period to look in.

Mary Jane is listed on census records as being from Devonport, Plymouth, but it hasn't been possible to find records of her birth or early years.

James and Mary Jane had at least seven children:
  1. Mary Jane Beamer born Q2 1884 in Tiverton, mother's maiden name SNELL. (Died and was buried, on 13 Apr 1884, in Bampton).
  2. Ethel Anna Beamer (no civil reg), bap. 26 Apr 1885 in Bampton.
  3. (Unnamed male child) Beamer born Q3 1886 in Tiverton, mother's maiden name SNELL. (Died in the same quarter, age 0.)
  4. Sarah Jane Beamer born Q3 1887 in Tiverton, mother's name SMALE
  5. Tom Beamer born Q3 1890 in Tiverton, mother's maiden name listed as SUELL. Bap. 3 Aug 1890 in Bampton.
  6. Rosanna Beamer born Q1 1893 in Tiverton, mother's maiden name SNELL. Bap. as Rose Anna Beamer, on 30 Apr 1893, in Bampton. (Died, aged 16 months and was buried, on 22 Aug 1894, in Bampton.)
  7. Mary Ann Beamer registered Q1 1896 in Tiverton, mother's maiden name listed as SNELL. Bap. 29 Dec 1895 in Bampton. (Died in Q2 1901, aged 5. Buried on 27 Apr 1901 in Bampton.)
There could be other children, particularly given the number of discrepancies in the information, such as the mother's maiden name, which could be errors in transcription, or registrars writing down what they heard. The parents don't help, because on the 1911 census they say they have only had 3 children with 3 then living, but various corroborating records prove that to be untrue.

In 1881, James Beamer (25) Railway Labourer and Mary Beamer (23) were living at Rose Cottage, Bampton, Devon.

Ethel Ann Beamer (3) "British King" from Liverpool

This curious record relates to an Ethel Ann Beamer, then age 3, sailing on the "SS British King" from Liverpool, arriving in Philadelphia on 29 May 1888. Their intended destination was Chicago. Taken alone, I'd have ignored this and assumed that this was another Ethel Ann Beamer entirely. HOWEVER, in the box at the top right, it says "Accompanied by" Sarah Jane 8 months and Mary Jane 30, both of which fit exactly. I've also found an equivalent record for Sarah Jane and both children appear on the passenger list, along with Mary Jane. It's hard to imagine them being able to afford to go to the US - and come back again - but equally hard to imagine the combination of those three names and ages cropping up together more than once. It's a mystery.

In 1891, James Beamer (39) Agricultural Labourer, wife Mary (35), Ethel A (6), Sarah J (3) and Tom (0), were living in Briton Street, Bampton

On 16 Oct 1894, James and Mary Beamer were both charged and bailed, accused of "Wilfully neglecting Rose Anna Beamer, a girl under the age of 16 years, to wit, 16 months, in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering and injury to health, at Bampton, on 15 August 1894, and on various other dates." They were found not guilty and acquitted. 

In 1901, James Beamer (48) General Labourer, Mary Jane (42), Ethel (15), Tom (9) and Mary A (5), were living on the Tiverton Road, Bampton. Sarah Jane (14), was employed as a General domestic servant, in the household of Henry Early, Watchmaker and jeweller, at 12, Angel Hill, Tiverton

In 1911, we find the family has "emigrated" ... to Wales. James Beamer (53) from Bampton, Devon was then a Coal miner hewer living at 4 Price Street, Pentre in the Rhondda Valley, Glamorganshire with Mary (49), Tom (20) also working as a Coal miner hewer; Ethel Cappell (25), William Cappell (25) Son-in-law, and grandchildren, William (3) and Ethel (1). (Ethel Ann Beamer had married William David Cappell on 24 Apr 1907, in Bampton.)

In 1921, James Beamer (69) Labourer (Surface) Ocean Cal Company Out Of Work; Mary Jane Beamer (63), William David Cappell (35) Labourer Corys Broks Coal Company Out Of Work; Ethel Ann Cappell (38), William David James Cappell (13), Ethel Ann Cappell (11) and Lawrence Earnest Cappell (5) were living at 1, Price Street, Pentre, Rhondda, Glamorganshire, Wales.

Mary Beamer died, aged 70, in 1927 in Taunton, Somerset. 

James Beamer died, in 1931, aged 77, also in Taunton. 

(William and Ethel Cappell lived in Rowford, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton in 1939. No further records for Sarah Jane after 1901 nor Tom after 1911.)

Thursday 1 July 2021

James Luxton and Anna Maria Hawkins

St John the Evangelist, Lambeth Tom Morris, CC BY-SA 3.0 (interior)

James Luxton (b. 1841 in Taunton, Somerset), son of Charles Luxton and Charlotte Townsend, married Anna Maria Hawkins (b. 20 Aug 1839, bap. 8 Sep 1839, in Tiverton), daughter of James and Susannah Hawkins, on 11 May 1874 at St John the Evangelist, Lambeth. The couple undoubtedly met in Tiverton, perhaps were even childhood sweethearts, as James' parents had moved to Tiverton by 1853, where his younger sister was born that year.

This couple had five children, all baptised at at St Peter’s Church Tiverton.
  1. Charles Frank Luxton, b. 28 Jan 1876 (GRO Reference: 1876 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 451), bap. 12 Feb 1876
  2. Alice Luxton, b. 11 May 1878 (GRO Reference: 1878 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 452), bap. 26 May 1878
  3. Alfred James Massey Luxton, b. 1880 (GRO Reference: 1880 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 470), bap. 18 Apr 1880
  4. Emily Luxton b. 22 Jun 1882, (GRO Reference: 1882 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 433), bap. 9 Jul 1882
  5. Jessie Luxton, b. 27 Jun 1886 (GRO Reference: 1886 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 423), bap. 25 Jul 1886
On 29 Mar 1860, at the age of 19, James Luxton had enlisted in the British Army and served for 13 years, 320 days, in the 10th Reg Of Foot, until 16 Jul 1874, being promoted to Corporal in 1869 and attaining the rank of Sergeant in 1871. During that time, he spent over nine years serving abroad in the Cape of Good HopeSt HelenaJapan, China and the Straits Settlements.

James was discharged from the army in 1874 as he had been found unfit for further service, because of a valve disease of the heart. "Due to a constitutional cause, aggravated by service in hot climates", says the medical report on his service record. It went on to say that it was first noticed at Singapore in Nov 1872, when the patient was under treatment for another complaint. 

"He suffers from a most serious heart disease which he can never recover from. He can contribute to his maintenance by light work only", it concludes. 

On the 1881 census, James Luxton (40), was Grocer (Chelsea Pensioner) in Bampton Street, Tiverton, along with wife listed as Hannah M (40), Charles F (5), Alice (2), Alfred J M (1) and Bessie Hewett (14) Nurse domestic servant.

Unsurprisingly, James Luxton died in 1886, aged just 45. 

In 1891, Maria Luxton, widow, lived in Sewards Court, Leat Street, Tiverton, where she worked as a silk lace mender; Charles F Luxton (15) was a machine boy at the lace factory (Heathcoat Lace Factory, Tiverton, Devon), Alice (12) was employed as a silk winder at the lace factory and Alfred J M (10) was also a machine boy at the lace factory. Emily (8) and Jessie (5) were at school.

By 1901, Hannah M Luxton (59), widow, was still a silk lace mender; Alice Luxton (22) had moved up to silk lace finisher; Alfred Jas M (20) was employed as a cellar man at a wine & spirit merchants; whilst Emily (18) and her younger sister, Jessie (14), had become silk winders, working at the lace factory.

In 1911, Anne Maria Luxton (71) was still in Tiverton, living with her son, Alfred (31) still employed as a cellar man for a wine and spirit merchant.

Hannah Maria Luxton (née Hawkins) died, in Tiverton, in 1912 (GRO Reference: 1912  S Quarter in TIVERTON  Volume 05B  Page 418), aged 72.

Workers' housing and mill, Tiverton
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