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Friday 4 August 2023

William Palmer and Henrietta Crabb

St Cecilia, Little Hadham, Herts
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William Palmer (b. 6 Feb 1793 in Bishop's Stortford), son of William Palmer and Mary Sanders, married Henrietta Crabb (bap. 2 May 1800 in Little Hadham), daughter of James Crabb and Keziah Bocock at St Cecilia, Little Hadham on 24 Jun 1823. They were married by Licence and with the consent of James Crabb, even though Henrietta would have been over twenty-one.

They had six children, baptised at St Michael’s Church, Bishop's Stortford:

  1. William Palmer bap. 4 Jul 1824. (Died in 1867.)
  2. John Sanders Palmer bap. 4 Sep 1825. (Buried 27 Nov 1825.)
  3. Martha Palmer bap. 4 May 1828 
  4. John Smyth Palmer bap. 27 Oct 1831. (Buried 30 Aug 1835.)
  5. Mary Henrietta Palmer bap. 4 Dec 1835. (Died at 30 in 1865.)
  6. Amelia Palmer b. 1841 D Quarter in BPS STORTFORD Volume 06 Page 461, bap. 15 Oct 1841.
On the first five baptisms, William Palmer's occupation is listed as Stationer. On Amelia's baptism, William is described as a Bookseller. The GRO birth registration for Amelia confirms her mothers maiden name as CRABB.

In 1841, William Palmer (44) was listed in Bridge Street, Bishop's Stortford with Henrietta Palmer (36), William Palmer (15), Mary Palmer (4), Susannah Perrin (20), Jane Judd (15), William Hopkins (20) and Elizabeth Palmer (20). With relationships not detailed on the 1841 Census, we can only surmise that some of these were servants, shop assistants or visitors.

Henrietta Palmer died, at 43, in 1844 S Quarter in BISHOPS-STORTFORD Vol 06 Page 299 and was buried, at St Michael’s Church on 24 Sep 1844.

In 1851, William Palmer (58) Tallow Chandler Employing 4 Men & Shopkeeper, Widower was still in Bridge Street with William Palmer (26), Martha Palmer (22), Mary H Palmer (15), Amelia Palmer (9), Sarah Nichols (22) General Servant and Mary A Hammond (20) General Servant.

William Palmer Jnr married Eliza Skinner in Q1 1857, in Bishop's Stortford, but Eliza Palmer died, at 35, in 1858 J Quarter in OF THE BISHOP - STORTFORD UNION Volume 03A Page 120.

In 1861, William Palmer (68) Tallow Chandler employing 5 men, was still in Bridge Street, with Martha Palmer (33), Mary Palmer (25), Amelia Palmer (19) and one Servant, Sarah Handscomb (19). William Palmer Jnr (36) Chandler's Clerk, Widower, was a Lodger in Windhill, Bishop's Stortford.

Mary Henrietta Palmer died at 30, in 1865 D Quarter in THE BISHOP STORTFORD UNION Volume 03A Page 149.

William Palmer Jnr died at 43 in 1867 S Quarter in OF THE BISHOP STORTFORD UNION Volume 03A Page 164.

In 1871, William Palmer (78) Tallow Chandler was still in Bridge Street with daughter Martha Palmer (43) and one Servant, Mary Wood (21).

1840 letter from London to Bishop's Stortford businessman and father of six surfaces 180 years later – in New Zealand
William Palmer died at 84 on 8 Aug 1877 (S Quarter in BISHOPS STORTFORD Volume 03A Page 172) and was buried on 13 Aug 1877, at St Michael’s Church, Bishop's Stortford. Probate was granted on 22 Feb 1878, with the sole Beneficiary being, Henry Staines Wilton, husband of his youngest daughter, Amelia.

In 1881, Martha Palmer (52) was living in Great Dunmow in the household of Henry Wilton, her sister Amelia's father-in-law. 

In 1891, Martha Palmer (63) was living in New Street, Great Dunmow, with Henry Wilton's widow (his second wife), Ann.

And in 1901, Martha Palmer (72) was still living with Ann Wilton.

Martha Palmer died at 81, in 1909 J Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 415.