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Wednesday, 21 July 2021

John Martin Mullarkey and Elsie Aitchinson

Church of St Jude, Plymouth
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John Martin Mullarkey, son of Anthony Joseph Mullarkey and Maria Gloyne, married Elsie Aitchinson (b. 7 Feb 1890), daughter of John George Aitchinson and Emma Bolt, at St Jude's Church, Plymouth on 9 Jul 1918.

Elsie's parents had married, on 29 Jun 1885, at Charles Church, Plymouth. John George Aitchinson of 16 Guldford Street, Plymouth was a Shipwright, son of John George Aitchinson, Petty Officer RN. Emma Bolt was from a few doors down at 10 Guildford Street and her father, John Bolt, was a Shoemaker.

Elsie was baptised, as an adult, on 19 Nov 1905, at Charles Church, Plymouth.

In 1911, the family was living at 59 Knighton Road, Plymouth, with John George Aitchinson (50) employed as a Shipwright at H M Dockyard, wife Emma (52) and both Elsie (21) and her younger sister Lilian (17) described as Tailorists.

John Martin Mullarkey (20) had enlisted in the Royal Navy on 19 Jun 1909 and in 1911, was bobbing about in Malta Harbour on HMS Medea

HMS Tiger in 1917

On 31 May - 1 Jun 1916 John Martin Mullarkey was serving as a Leading Stoker on HMS Tiger at the Battle of Jutlandthe largest naval battle of the First World War. Tiger was hit a total of 18 times during the battle, suffering 24 men killed and 46 wounded. John Martin Mullarkey stayed with Tiger until 30 Sep 1921.

Spoiler alert: John is the first of three family members (that I know of), all from the same street, to have been at the Battle of Jutland. All three survived.

After leaving the Royal Navy on 1 Apr 1928, John Martin became a Merchant Seaman. John's naval record says that he had a scar on his left thigh (inside) and a heart tattoo on his right forearm. His Merchant Navy record states that the top of his left index finger was crushed. It doesn't say when, where or how. 

John and Elsie Mullarkey had three children:
  1. John George Anthony Mullarkey b. 1 Oct 1920. John George Anthony Mullarkey married Lilian K Clarke in 1958. Born Lilian Kathleen May Hood on 18 Apr 1914, Lilian was probably a widow at the time of this marriage. She had previously married Herbert J Clarke in 1933 and potentially brought with her four children from this marriage. John George Anthony Mullarkey of 15 Dundas Street, Stoke, Plymouth, died on 8 Nov 1974. Lilian Kathleen May Mullarkey died on 25 Jun 1991.
  2. Lilian Kathleen Mullarkey b. 15 Oct 1922. In 1945, Lilian Kathleen Mullarkey married William George Matthews. They appear to have had one child later that year. Lilian Kathleen Matthews died in 1996.
  3. Martyn Mullarkey b. 15 Aug 1930. In 1951, Martyn Mullarkey married Margaret A Pepper and they appear to have one child in 1952. Martyn Mullarkey died, in Plymouth, in 2005.
In 1939, living at 54 Ocean Street, Plymouth, John M Mullarkey's occupation is described as "Greaser Cable Ship Maker Louisa Mackay" (Louisa Mackay was the name of his ship). Son John G A was a Turner And Fitter Apprentice; Lilian K a Shop Assistant and Martyn was at school. Living with them was John G Aitchinson, Retired Shipwright, Widowed (who died in 1941). 

Elsie Mullarkey died in Plymouth, in 1963, aged 73.

John Martin Mullarkey died the following year in 1974.

Samuel Pascoe Gloyne and Emma Jane Coombes

Lower Lane, Plymouth
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Samuel Pascoe Gloyne and Emma Jane Coombes married in East Stonehouse in the 2nd quarter of 1851. At the time of the 1851 Census, Samuel Gloyne (22) Merchant Sailor, had been lodging with John Coombes (55) Widower, a Scavenger (a scavenger, as a job in Victorian times, was a dustman or street cleaner), his unmarried daughter, Emma Coombes (21) and John Coombes (2) (b. 1848 J Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 09 Page 392, Emma's illegitimate son), Grandson at 10, Lower Lane, Saint Andrew, Plymouth. 

A record from 1853 lists Samuel Gloyne (b. 1828) as a Merchant Seaman.

Samuel and Emma Gloyne went on to have at least seven further children together, with Charlotte, Emma and Samuel baptised, on 1 Sep 1861, at Charles Church, Plymouth, their address given as Gasking Street and Samuel Pascoe Gloyne's profession given as Seaman:

  1. Emma Jane Gloyn b. 1851 D Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 09 Page 374. Died, 1852 M Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B  Page 206, buried on Leap Day, 29 February 1852, at Plymouth, St Andrew.
  2. Charlotte Emma Gloyne b. 28 Dec 1854, 1855 M Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 217
  3. Emma Jane Gloyne b. 28 Jul 1858, 1858 S Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 211
  4. Samuel Richard Pascoe Gloyne b. 14 Aug 1861, S Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 235. Died, 1862 J Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 174 and was buried at Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth.
  5. Maria Gloyne b. 1863 S Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 217
  6. Bessie Emma Gloyne b. 1865 D Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B  Page 237, died 1865 D Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 177 and buried at Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth.
  7. Rosina Ann Gloyne b. 1865 D Qtr in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 237
It is clear from the dates that Bessie Emma and Rosina Ann were twins.

In 1861, Samuel was away, presumably at sea, while Emma Gloyn (sic) Mariner's Wife, was living at 1, Gasking Street, Charles, Plymouth. John (13) was then listed as John Gloyn, rather than Coombes and had become a Rope Maker's Assistant. With them were Charlotte (6) Scholar, and Emma J (2).

In 1863, the England & Wales Merchant Navy Crew Lists, lists Samuel Gloyne (35) as Able seaman, of the 108 ton vessel, Gipsey, owned by John Bayley, Merchant from Plymouth, under master John Searle of Guildford Street, Plymouth. Samuel Gloyne had joined the vessel on 1 Jul 1863.

In 1871, daughter, Emma Gloyn (12) was a Servant in the household of Dorothy Clatworthy (69) Annuitant. Jane Pascoe (14) was a visitor.

In 1881, Emma Gloyn (52) Formerly Nurse, listed as Wife, Married, was lodging at 37, North Street, Plymouth, along with her daughter Maria Gloyn (17) General Servant (Out of Employment). At that time, daughter Emma Gloyne (22) was employed as a Housemaid to Ship Agent, William T Weekes at 5, Lipson Terrace, Plymouth; while Rose Gloyne (15) was employed as a Domestic Servant in the household of John Foot, Tailors Cutter from the City of London, at 8, Ann's Place, Devonport

By 1891, Emma Gloyn (60) Nurse, Widow, was lodging in Mildmay Street, Plymouth, so clearly Samuel had died in the previous decade. 

In 1901, Emma Gloyne (74), Widowed, Retired Monthly Nurse, was living with her son-in-law, Edward Oxford Palmer and daughter Charlotte Palmer in Alexandra Road, Devonport. Emma Gloyne died, aged 76, in Devonport (1907 M Quarter in DEVONPORT Volume 05B Page 284).

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