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Wednesday 8 May 2024

James Edmond and Sarah Ann Wood

British Cemetery Graves, St Sever Cemetery Extension Photo: GiogoSome rights reserved

James Edmond (b. 1888, in PrestonpansMidlothian, Scotland), son of George Edmond, married Sarah Ann Wood (bap. 12 Jul 1885 in Kentisbeare) daughter of James Wood and Mary Ann Melhuish, at St. Mary’s, Kentisbeare on 8 May 1911. At the time of the marriage, James Edmond was a Lodging House Keeper and Sarah was a Domestic Servant. Both gave their address as Ponchydown, Kentisbeare (former Ponchydown Inn in Blackborough).

James and Sarah Ann had three children:
  1. James Roland George Edmond b. 24 Jul 1912 in Scotland, bap. 29 Dec 1912 at Blackborough, Devon, although the family's address on the baptism record was given as 2 New St, Prestonpans.
  2. Arthur Cecil Ronald Edmond b. 23 Dec 1914 (1915 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 666)
  3. Constance Mary Helen Edmond b. 11 May 1917 (1917 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 537)
On 23 Jun 1906, James Edmond enlisted for Short Service in the Scots Guards. He served until 23 Jun 1909 and was transferred to the reserve. However, he was mobilised again on 5 Aug 1914, the day after Britain declared war on Germany. James was promoted to Corporal in 1915 and Sergeant in 1916. His army record states that he embarked on the "SS Queen Alexandria", in Southampton on 9 Aug 1916, arriving in Le Havre the next day.

Admitted to hospital on 14 May 1918, dangerously ill, having received a gunshot wound to the head, James died of his wounds, at the No 5 General Hospital, Rouen, on 25 May 1918. Sgt James Edmond is buried at the St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, Plot: Q. I. A. 3.

In 1921, Sarah Ann Edmond (36) Widow; James Roland George Edmond (8), Arthur Cecil Ronald Edmond (6) and Constance Mary Helen Edmond (4) were living with Sarah's mother, Mary Ann Wood, at Downlands, Kentisbeare.

Devington Park, Exminster
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A huge complex of apartments, housed in what was once the Devon Mental Hospital.

However, Sarah Ann Edmond, widow, of The Mental Hospital, Exminster (originally Devon County Lunatic Asylum, Exminster), died at 48 on 4 Dec 1933 (1933 D Quarter in ST. THOMAS Volume 05B Page 76), leaving her effects to her son James Roland George Edmond, Guardsman.

Constance M H Edmond, in 1939, Incapacitated, was resident at the The Royal Western Counties Institution For Training And Treatment Of Mental Defectives, Starcross. "Originally known as the Western Counties Idiot Asylum, this institution opened in 1864 in a house and land, rented from W.R. Courtenay, 11th Earl of Devon." "It later became known as the Western Counties Institution, Starcross, and was certified as 'a residential special school for mental defectives'. Residents were trained in carving, weaving, basketry, lace-making and carpentry, and worked on the institution's agricultural holdings." It was closed in 1986, and demolished.

Constance M H Edmond died, aged 32, in 1949 S Quarter in DEVON CENTRAL Volume 07A Page 303. 

Wednesday 13 January 2021

Arthur Cecil Ronald Edmond and Mildred Hettie Dunn

Dunkeswell Bridleway
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Arthur Cecil Ronald Edmond, younger son of James Edmond and Sarah Ann Wood, in 1939, was a Motor Driver, living at 3 Higher Summerlands, Whipton, Exeter. At the end of 1940, he married Mildred Hettie Dunn

The Western Times, Friday 10th January, 1941, reports: 

The wedding took place at the Blackdown Mission Room, Clayhidon, of Miss Mildred Hettie Dunn (eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs H J Dunn of Ashill, Craddock) and Mr Arthur Cecil Ronald Edmond of Stentwood FarmDunkeswell (youngest son of the late Sergeant-Major James Edmond, Scots Guards, and the late Mrs Edmond). Mr D W Brealey officiated. The organist was Mrs Venn of London. The bride, given away by her father, wore a navy striped costume and pink blouse, with a navy hat, shoes and gloves en suite. She carried a bouquet of shaded pink chrysanthemums and fern. There were no bridesmaids. The best man was Mr Ivor Colman, friend of the bridegroom. Mr Escott was usher. There was no reception. Later in the day Mr and Mrs Cecil Edmond went to their future home at Stentwood Farm, Dunkeswell. There were many presents.
In another prime example of how family stories so often contain exaggeration and "self-aggrandisement", the bridegroom's father has managed to progress two ranks, despite having been dead for over 20 years. Neat trick! 

Arthur Cecil Ronald Edmond died in 1974, at 59. Mildred Hettie Edmond died on 5 Jun 2012, in Hampshire. She will have been 93.

James Roland George Edmond and Elizabeth Thompson

Penywern Road, Earls Court
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James Roland George Edmond, elder son of James Edmond and Sarah Ann Wood, married Elizabeth Thompson, in 1937, in Paddington, London. 

On 12 Feb 1932, James R G Edmond had enlisted in the Scots Guards

Spot the glaring error in this communication from the Recruiting Office in Exeter, writing to the Commanding Officer of the Scots Guards in Birdcage Walk, S.W.1.
"May this man be accepted please. He is a Bona-fide Scotchman. Wishes to serve in his Father's Regt. Father killed on service in the Great War. Father's Regt: Scots Guards. He is of a very respectable appearance and his acceptance is recommended."
In another communication, they'd also quoted the wrong service number and date of death for his father. And on another page, his nationality as Scottish (although for many it would be great news if that really was a thing.)

On 31 Mar 1935, James was in Civil Custody to be tried the next day, at Marylebone Police Court, for "taking and driving away" and this offence is noted on his military record. He was fined 45 Shillings (£2.25 in 1935 is worth £168 today.) From 1 Nov 1935 to 23 Nov 1936, he served in Egypt and transferred to Palestine on 24 Nov 1936 until 30 Dec 1936, for which he was awarded the General Service Medal with Clasp "Palestine". 

J R G Edmond was discharged from the guards on 13 Jan 1939 (under Paragraph 383 (xviii) of the Kings Regulations 1935), his services being no longer required. On discharge, his military conduct was listed as "FAIR" and described as "A clean and hardworking man. He is a good groom. Has also been employed as a saddler in which capacity he has done good work."

Given he was only 27 at the outbreak of World War II, it's strange he seems not to have been called back into service in some sort of capacity, but in 1939 we find James R G Edmond, Attendant Amusement, with wife Elizabeth (b. 25 Mar 1914) and George Thompson (b. 27 May 1917), Luggage Porter, at 25 Penywern Road, Earls Court (now the address of the Lord Jim Hotel). 

Elizabeth Edmond died in 2000 and James R G Edmond in 2001, both in Peterborough.