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Friday 17 May 2024

James Wevell and Martha Wilton

Gill Street, Charters Towers, Australia - circa 1910 (Via)

James Wevell (b. 1861 M Quarter in BODMIN Volume 05C Page 92), son of William Wevell and Mary Searle, married Martha Wilton, daughter of Ann Wilton, at St George's Church, Wells Way, Camberwell, on 17 May 1884. As had her brother, Martha listed her father as an 'invented' John Wilton.

On 8 Oct 1884, James Wevell (23) and Martha Wevell (24) embarked on the SS Duke of Westminster at Gravesend, under Queensland Assisted Immigration, arriving in Brisbane on 8 Dec 1884. 

This very fulsome report in the Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), dated Wed 10 Dec 1884, under Vessels in Harbour, details the whole voyage: 

"The Duke of Westminster, under the command of Captain D C Long, left London on the 7th October, on her third voyage to Queensland, embarked her passengers at Gravesend next day and proceeded on her voyage the same night. On the following day, at noon when abreast the Isle of Wight she encountered a strong gale from the south west, which continued until she was nearly through the Bay of Biscay; passed through the Straights of Gibraltar at 7 am on the 14th; arrived at Malta at daylight on the 19th, where she coaled and took in fresh provisions, leaving at 5 pm the same day. 

Throughout the Mediterranean she experienced fine weather, with light wind and pleasant temperature; arrived in Port Said on October 22nd at noon, and commenced coaling immediately; she also took on board sixty tons of cargo for Queensland ports; entered the Canal on the following morning; had a successful passage through, arriving at Suez on the 24th at 1 pm, the passage through the Red Sea was hot and sultry, with light following breezes; arrived at Aden on the 31st October at 10 am, leaving same evening at 7 o'clock; arrived at Colombo on the 8th November at noon; filled up with coals, discharged and took in cargo, leaving the next morning at daylight; throughout the Indian Ocean had thick cloudy weather, accompanied by a considerable amount of rain, and experienced a continuance of contrary currents; arrived at Batavia [present-day Jakarta, Indonesia] on November 17th at 8 am, discharged 200 tons cargo; left again at dawn on the 18th; passed through Sunda Straights at 8 pm on the 20th, and arrived at Thursday Island on November 21st at 8 am; left again in the afternoon after discharging cargo into the hulk. 

She arrived in Cooktown November 30th, at noon; Townsville December 2nd, at daybreak; Bowen on the 4th, at 6 am; Mackay same day at 9 pm; left at midnight, and anchored in Port Alma at 6:30 pm on the 5th. The Duke of Westminster has had an exceedingly successful voyage from England and the health of the passengers has been exceptionally good. She had on board altogether 456 passengers for the Queensland Ports, and 3000 tons of cargo. She landed 67 passengers, and 400 tons of cargo for Rockhampton, and left at 5 am on the 7th for Brisbane." 

James and Martha had a son, John Henry Wevell, born in Queensland on 20 Apr 1885, so Martha was 2-3 months pregnant at the start of the voyage.

However, Martha Wevell died on 5 Oct 1885, from Typhoid. She is buried at the Charters Towers Pioneer CemeteryCharters TowersCharters Towers RegionQueensland, Australia, Section 5, Grave 1409. John Henry Wevell died, at 8 months, on 25 Dec 1885, from Gastric Fever, and was also buried at Charters Towers Pioneer Cemetery, Section 5, Grave 1482

The town of Charters Towers was founded in the 1870s when gold was discovered by chance at Towers Hill on Christmas Eve 1871, so we can assume that James and Martha went there looking for gold and no surprise whatsoever to find a Cornishman in a mining town on the other side of the world. It looks like James Wevell returned to the UK and remarried, but astonishingly, there's more than one James Wevell in Cornwall, of his age, so further investigation is needed to untangle the records. One in particular however, later travels to South Africa, where he died in 1950. 

Sunday 17 March 2024

Henrich Schumacher and Alice Hannah Blazey

Redfern Street showing Court House and Post Office, Redfern (NSW)

An Anglicised Henry Schumacher (b. ~1859), Baker, son of Frederick Schumacher, Smith, married Alice Hannah Blazey (b. 6 Feb 1865), Servant, daughter of Samuel Blazey and Elizabeth Wiggins, at St Thomas, Baroness Road, Bethnal Green, London on 17 Mar 1888. Witnesses to their marriage appear to be Adolf Fritz and Elizabeth Theresa Emily Duke

Various records point to the couple having thirteen children:
  1. Caroline Alice Schumacher b. 1889 S Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D 958
  2. Mary Elizabeth Schumacher b. 1890 D Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 319
  3. Heinrich Friedrich Schumacher b. 1892 M Qtr in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Vol 01C Page 398. Died 1892 J Qtr Vol 01C Page 245
  4. George Schumacher b. 1893 in Waterloo, Sydney, NSW. Died 1895, also in Waterloo, NSW with parents listed as Heinrich and Alice.
  5. Amelia Schumacher b. 1895 in Newtown, New South Wales
  6. Francis Joseph Schumacher b. 1896 in Waterloo, Sydney, NSW
  7. Henry Stephen Schumacher b. 1897 in Waterloo, Sydney, NSW
  8. Alice Paulina Schumacher b. 1900 in Waterloo, Sydney, NSW
  9. Frederick Ludwig Schumacher b. 1901 in Waterloo, Sydney, NSW
  10. Hilda Lilian Schumacher b. 1902 in Waterloo, Sydney, NSW
  11. William J Schumacher b. 1903 in Waterloo, Sydney, NSW. Died in 1903, also in Waterloo, NSW, with parents listed as Henry and Alice
  12. Rose Nell Schumacher b. 1905 in Waterloo, Sydney, NSW
  13. Alfred Louis Schumacher b. 1909 in Waterloo, Sydney, NSW
The UK GRO birth registrations list the mother's maiden name as BLAZEY. The Australian birth records give their father's name as Henry/Heinrich F (or some variation or misspelling thereof) and mother's name as Alice.

In 1891, Heinrich Schumacher (32) Skin Dyer from Failsbach, Germany, was living at 1, Mary Ann Street, St George in the East, with Alice Schumacher (27) birthplace listed as New Cross, Surrey (Alice was born in Witney, Oxfordshire, so this may be where she was previously living and working); Caroline Schumacher (22 months) and Mary Schumacher (7 months), plus three boarders: Christian Kress (26), William Rudolph (26) and Antony Scruse (31), all also Skin Dyers, who were from various towns in Germany.

Then on 16 Feb 1893, H Schumacher (34), Elise (sic) Schumacher (29), Karoline (sic) Schumacher (3) and Mary Schumacher (1) were passengers on the SS Thermopylae, who embarked in London, bound for Sydney, Australia, where they arrived in the April of that year.

Henry William Humphry married Caroline Alice Schumacher in Waterloo, New South Wales, in 1908. And Frederick Charles Humphry married Mary Elizabeth Schumacher, also in Waterloo, New South Wales, in 1910, in yet another case of two brothers marrying two sisters.

In 1913, Henry and Alice Schumacher are on the Australian Electoral Roll in Collins Street, Botany, NSW, with Henry's occupation listed as Baker.

Harold Barlow married [Amelia] Queenie Schumacher, in Redfern, in 1913.

Henry Frederick Schumacher died on 8 Dec 1916 in Redfern, New South Wales and is buried at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park (Botany Cemetery), Matraville, New South Wales. The record of Henry's death list his parents as Frederick and Catherine, but I've been unable to locate his birth.

The six daughters of Henrich Schumacher and Alice Hannah Blazey. Photo via Karen Lewis.
Cecil Augustus Woolley
married Alice Paulina Schumacher in 1916; Henry Stephen Schumacher married Irene Eleanor Free in 1918; In 1924, David Fraser married Rose Nell Schumacher and Frederick Ludwig Schumacher married Lily Rita Day; in 1925, Sydney Victor Kenward married Hilda Lilian Schumacher in Parkes, New South Wales and in 1932, Alfred Louis Schumacher married Melba Olive Myrtle Barker, in Redfern.

Alice Hannah Schumacher died on 22 Jan 1932, also in Redfern, New South Wales and is buried with her late husband. The record of her death confirms her father's name as Samuel and her mother's as Elizabeth. The last will and testament of Alice Hannah Schumacher, of Collins Street, Botany, Widow, dated 29 Oct 1930, appointed her children as executors. She directed her daughter Mary Elizabeth Humphry to "Draw my insurance money and pay all funeral expenses"; also that, "My house and home to be left as it is till my daughter Rose Nell Fraser Widow marries again [she didn't] nothing is to be taken from the home unless they all agree. Mrs Paulina Woolley is to stay in the home as long as she wish to she will be risponsible (sic) for all rates and taxes if at any time they wish to break up the home and sell the house no furniture is to be sold the girls can divide what there is if the house is sold." Then bequeaths: "£100 is to be given to my son Francis Joseph Schumacher; £100 to Alfred Louis Schumacher; £100 to Caroline Humphry and Mary Elizabeth Humphry to divide the rest: give Henry Stephen Schumacher £5 - also Frederick Ludwig Schumacher £5 - and to divide the balance between the girls names Amelia Barlow, Alice Paulina Woolley, Hilda Lilian Kenward, Caroline Humphry, Mary Humphry, Rose N Fraser, Widow."

In 1935, the Australia Electoral Roll lists Henry William Humphry, driver, Caroline Alice Humphry and Alice Annie Humphry at Dolly Cottage, Collins Street, Botany; Frederick Charles Humphrey, wool sorter, Mary Elizabeth Humphry and Henry Frederick Humphey at Sono, Collins Street, Botany; Cecil Augustus Woolley, collar maker, Alice Paulina Woolley, Francis Joseph Schumacher, tanner, and Rose Nell Fraser as living at Francis Cottage, Collins Street, Botany; Frederick Ludwig Schumacher, tanner, and Lily Rita Schumacher were in Bourke Street; Henry Stephen Schumacher, wool scourer, and Irene Eleanor Schumacher were at 3 Spring Street. Sidney Victor Kenward, Labourer, and Hilda Lilian Kenward were also in Bourke Street; Harold Barlow, tanner and Amelia Barlow were in Smith Street.

In 1936 Francis Joseph Schumacher married Annie Webber in Redfern.

Burials (some lead to further records and family members):

Saturday 17 February 2024

Archibald Carl Heckmann and Daisy Rhoda Day

Brick Lane in the East End of London
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © N Chadwick -

Archibald Carl Heckmann (b. 20 Jul 1883), son of Napoleon Joseph Heckmann and Susie Lane, married Daisy Rhoda Day (b. 10 Feb 1881), daughter of Arthur Stephen Day and Mary Ann Ray, at St Faith’s Church, Ebner Street, Wandsworth, on 17 Feb 1900. The bridegroom was then only 16, pretending to be 20. Archibald gave his address as 14 Coleford Road, Wandsworth and his father as Napoleon John Henry Heckman, Engineer (this was actually his brother). Daisy (19) listed her residence of as 44 College Street, Putney and her father Arthur Stephen Day, Photographer. One of the witnesses to their marriage was Arthur Wilton Day, Daisy's brother.

Archibald Carl and Daisy Rhoda Heckman had two sons:

  1. Archibald Wilton Napoleon Heckmann b. 1901 M Quarter in WANDSWORTH Volume 01D Page 785, bap. 24 Feb 1901 at St Faith's, Wandsworth. Died, aged 15, on 28 Jun 1916 (1916 J Quarter in ST. MARYLEBONE Volume 01A Page 639)
  2. Cecil Arthur Heckmann b. 25 Oct 1903 (1903 D Quarter in ONGAR Vol 04A Page 537), bap. 28 Dec 1903 at Chipping Ongar, St Martin of Tours and it appears was baptised again, listed as Cecil Arthur Heckman (with one less N) on 29 May 1917 at High Ongar, St Mary the Virgin. (Both baptisms specify his parents as Archibald Carl and Daisy Rhoda.)
In 1901, living at 60, Fullerton Road, Wandsworth, were Archibald Heckmann (21) - he was actually only 18 - Gas stove fitter from Loughton, Essex; Daisy Heckmann (20) and their elder son Archibald Heckmann, 2 months old.

In 1911, Archibald Wilton Napoleon Heckman (10) and Cecil Arthur Heckman (7) were staying with their grandparents. Daisy R Heckman (30) described as "Married Deserted 7 Yrs", was staying with her brother in Wandsworth.

The Chelmsford Chronicle of 30 Jun 1916 reported on the DEATH OF ARCHIE HECKMAN - "Archie Heckman, aged 15, eldest son of Mrs Heckman and grandson of Mr and Mrs A S Day, passed away in the Middlesex Hospital on Wednesday after a long illness. He had been a patient in the Hospital for 10 weeks. Previous to his illness he was employed by Mr J Surridge, motor engineer, Ongar. On June 27, while his mother and grandmother were in the Hospital with him, his youngest brother, Cecil, scalded himself badly by accidentally turning over a saucepan of boiling water. Much sympathy is felt for his mother and grandparents." The column then continued with ...

SCALDING ACCIDENT - An unfortunate accident occurred to Cecil Heckman, grandson of Mr Day on Wednesday at 8:30 am. The boy, who was removing a saucepan of water from the fire, where he had just boiled an egg, let it drop, and the water went over his leg, scalding the right thigh and left foot.

Daisy Rhoda Hickman (sic), daughter of Arthur Stephen Day, Photographer, married William Arthur Clancy at St Mary's Church, Leyton, on 25 Apr 1919. (Was Daisy divorced? Still 'married and deserted' in 1911, she almost certainly hadn't known Archibald Heckman had already married again in 1908, and, it was not until 1937 that desertion became a ground for divorce.)

William Arthur Clancy was born in Victoria, Australia around 1878 and had served in the Australian Imperial Force during the First World War. William and Daisy must have left for Australia shortly after they married and were listed on the electoral register in Leitchville, Victoria, at least by 1924.

On 11 Mar 1921, Cecil A Heckman (17) Motor mechanic, embarked on the SS Euripides, in London, bound for Melbourne, Australia, giving his last address as c/o A Day, Photographer, High Street, Ongar. Cecil was also listed in Leitchville in 1925, so presumably settled there. Cecil Arthur Heckman married Bessie Henderson Soutar (b. 12 Apr 1909 in Scotland), daughter of John Dow Souter and Helen Robertson, in Victoria, Australia, in 1932.

William Arthur Clancy died in 1955 and Daisy Rhoda Clancy, daughter of Arthur Stephen Day and 'Polly Anna' Ray, died, aged 75, in Warrnambool, Victoria on 16 Jul 1956. She is buried at Warragul Cemetery.

Cecil (Art) Arthur Heckmann died on 28 Nov 1986 in Leeton, New South Wales, Australia and is buried at Leeton Cemetery. Bessie Henderson Heckman died on 6 Nov 2001 and is also buried at Leeton Cemetery.

So, what happened to Archibald Carl Heckmann?

He had first resurfaced, listed as Archibald Charles Hickman, in Honolulu, Hawaii, with a licence dated 20 Oct 1908, to marry Irene Kearney at the Laie Hawaii Temple (a Mormon Church), Laie, Oahu, Hawaii, United States on 21 Oct 1908; giving his age as 29 (actually 25); his father as John H Hickman (his grandfather's Anglicised first names) and mother Susie Heckman. Irene, 23, with parents Victorio Silva Borba and Maria Ferriera, was Portuguese. (Presumably Kearney was a previous married name, but I've no idea if she was divorced or a widow and have also not found her either before or since.)

The couple had a daughter, Gladys Irene Hickman b. 21 Mar 1910 and the 1910 US Census shows Archibald Hickman (29) immigration year 1907; Irene Hickman (25) and Gladys I Hickman (1 month) living in Honolulu City.

Then the Honolulu Star-Bulletin of 2 May 1916 reported that, "Having been served in San Francisco, the divorce papers in the case of Archibald Hickman against Mrs Irene Hickman were returned here yesterday. The suit was filed here April 10. Hickman alleges desertion as the cause for the suit."

Wait, HE's alleging that SHE deserted him? Karma's a bitch, innit?

On 21 Sep 1917, Archibald Charles Hickman (40) is shown sailing from Honolulu, Hawaii to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. On 6 Oct 1917, in Toronto, Archibald Charles Hickman (40) of Hardesty Street, Honoulu, enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps for the duration of the war. (Archibald was actually only 34 in 1917 and his usual lie up to this point had been to claim to be four years older than he was, so by adding another two years was this to be too old to enlist or at least too old to be sent to the front line?)

On 18 Feb 1919, Arch Hickman, listed as 41 (really 36), Single (no comment), English, left Ontario, Canada, where his last residence had been in Toronto, and sailed from Vancouver, British Columbia on the SS Makura, bound for Honolulu, Hawaii, where he arrived on 26 Feb 1919. It said he that intended to remain in the US indefinitely, but not to become a citizen (see below).

In 1920, Archibald C Hickman (42) Single (again) was living in the household of Catarina A Wright (44) Divorced, in Honolulu, Hawaii. At this point he's listed at the bottom, as a Lodger. On this census he gives his date of immigration to the US as 1903 and claims date of naturalisation 1919.

Not located Archibald, but in 1930, Gladys I Hickman (20) Stenographer, was a boarder at "FernhurstYWCA Hostal in Honalulu City.

The press in Hawaii reported, Miss Gladys Irene Hickman, Head Stenographer at Maki-Ki Hotel, daughter of Archibald Charles Hickman and Irene Borba, married Stanley Abrams Cutter (b. 14 Sep 1906), son of Stanley Abrams Cutter and Minerva Fernandez, in Wahiawa, Hawaii on 15 Dec 1937

The couple had a son, Charles Hickman Cutter, born 29 Nov 1938.

In 1940, and still in Honolulu, Hawaii, Archibald Hickman (57) was head of the household with Catarina 'Hickman' (65) listed as his 'wife'. There was never a marriage and it's acknowledged here that she lived with a "Hickman". (Born Catarina Apiani Long (Hawaiian/Italian) on 16 Apr 1875, she had married Benjamin Haywood Wright in 1894. They had divorced.)

Archibald's World War II Draft Registration Card in 1942 gave him away and tied all the other records together: Listed as Archibald Charles Hickman, of 4020 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, Hawaii; DOB 20 Jul 1884 (it was 1883, but may otherwise be correct), with place of birth, Loughton, Essex and names Gladys I Cutter as his daughter and person who'll always know his address.

Archibald Charles Hickman was naturalized in the US on 27 May 1943.

Catarina Apiani Wright died on 8 Jan 1949 (she is buried at Diamond Head Memorial Park), although Archibald seemed to have moved on already by 1946. He flew from Honolulu to San Francisco, California, with Pan American Airways, on 17 Apr 1946 and lived with Gladys from then onwards. 

In 1950, Archibald C Hickman (66) Father-in-law, Unable to work, was listed as living in the household of Stanley A Cutter Jr (43) with Gladys I Cutter (40) and their son, Charles Cutter (11), in Merced, California.

Archibald Charles Hickman died on 29 Oct 1958 in OaklandAlameda County, California and was interred at Mountain View Cemetery on 19 Nov 1958.

His obituary in Hawaii: Archibald Hickman Dies in California. "Archibald Charles Hickman, 73, who lived in the islands for more than 40 years, died Oct 29, in Oakland, Calif. Born in Essex, England, Mr Hickman worked for the gas company until World War I when he enlisted in the British army. Following his discharge he returned to the islands and spent many years in the automotive field as shop superintendent for Schuman Carriage Co. During World War II he worked for Hawaiian Contractors at Pearl Harbour. He had been living with his daughter, Mrs Stanley A Cutter Jr, for the past 11 years."

Gladys Hickman Cutter died on 1 May 2002 at the age of 92; Stanley Abrams Cutter Jr died on 1 Mar 2008 at the grand old age of 101.

Charles Hickman Cutter died, aged 69, on 19 Jun 2008. His obituary was Published by San Diego Union-Tribune on Jun. 29, 2008 (Via)

CUTTER, CHARLES HICKMAN "On June 19, 2008, Charles H. Cutter passed away at his home in San Carlos at the age of 69. He succumbed after a March diagnosis of glioblastoma multi-forme. He was Associate Professor Emeritus of Humanities and Political Science at San Diego State University, where he had taught from 1968 to 2006, after which he remained actively engaged in travel, study, and research. Charles Cutter was born November 29, 1938, in Honolulu, Hawaii, and was raised in Merced, California. He earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in political science at UC Berkeley and his PhD in political science at UCLA. His doctoral studies took him to France, Senegal, Mali, and Dahomey. Subsequent interests were centered in African politics and art, for which he earned a Fulbright-Hays Foreign Language Fellowship to study Bamana. After an American Council of Learned Societies postdoctoral award in art history at Yale, he was appointed research fellow in 1973 and lecturer in 1974. He also taught at the University of Bristol in 1984. At SDSU Professor Cutter offered courses in African and American politics, was the first chair of the Humanities program, and taught African, European, and American humanities, in which he garnered an unchallenged reputation as an expert in art and classical music. He also taught art history at the Design Institute of San Diego. He served for a long time on the board of docents at the San Diego Museum of Art and was till his death a docent for the Timken Gallery. Until his death he also served many years as president to the Shadow Glen Homeowners Association. In addition to his scholarly papers, Professor Cutter curated a 1979 exhibition at the SDMA, and since 1997 he edited the annual scholarly review titled, Africa. After retirement he became intrigued with the work of the late Belgian-Argentine artist Victor Delhez, and having begun an association with him, Professor Cutter was mastering Spanish and writing a definitive biography when he was stopped short by his devastating illness. Charles Cutter loved theater and opera and often traveled to other cities to attend performances. He struck a dashing graybeard figure not only in professorial blazer and bow tie but also on the tennis court. Professor Cutter is survived by his life partner, Jack Albrecht, and family that extends from Hawaii to New York State. His mother, Gladys, died in 2002. In September 2006, family members gathered to celebrate the 100th birthday of Stanley Abrams Cutter, Professor Cutter's father and patriarch of the family. Stanley Cutter died this past March at the age of 101. His extended family included lifelong friends and former students, with whom he continued to maintain close and enduring bonds. Many of these friends travelled great distances to visit him during his illness, proving the esteem and affection in which they held him and the influence he had on their lives. A memorial gathering is planned for 10:30 a.m., Saturday, August 2nd, at the SDSU Faculty-Staff Club. Gifts may be made in Professor Cutter's name to the Timken Gallery or the SDSU Department of Classics and Humanities."

Archibald Carl Heckmann's origins:

Firstly, his grandfather's petition for Naturalisation in 1846: Johan Heinrich Heckmann of No 5 John Street, Chicksand Street, Brick Lane in the Parish of Whitechapel, in the County of Middlesex, Fur Skin Dresser, states that he was born in Eissen, WarburgKingdom of Prussia. He'd been married for 13 years to Catharina Boss and had lived in Tower Hamlets for 15 years, so since around 1831. I've not found the record of the marriage so, we'll have to take his word for it, although banns were read at St Mary's, Whitechapel in Nov 1832, under the Anglicised names of John Hackman and Catherine Boss.

Johan and Catharina Heckmann had eleven children:
  1. Catherina Heckmann b. 1833 in Whitechapel
  2. Agnes Christina Heckmann b. 1835 in Whitechapel
  3. Helena Heckmann b. 1837 in Whitechapel
  4. Sophia Heckmann b. 1839 in Whitechapel
  5. John Frederick Ulerich Heckman b. 1842 M Quarter in WHITECHAPEL UNION Volume 02 Page 569 - mother's maiden name BASS
  6. Margaret Victoria Alice Heckman b. 1843 D Quarter in WHITECHAPEL UNION Volume 02 Page 546 - mother's maiden name BASS
  7. Napoleon Josephus Heckman b. 1846 M Quarter in WHITECHAPEL UNION Volume 02 Page 618 - mother's maiden name MOSS
  8. Anna Sophia Heckmann b. 1847 D Quarter in WHITECHAPEL UNION Volume 02 Page 557 - mother's maiden name BOSS
  9. Cleopatra Heckman b. 1849 D Qtr in WHITECHAPEL Vol 02 595
  10. Louisa Heckman b. 1851 S Quarter in WHITECHAPEL Vol 02 Page 627. Died, aged 1, in 1852 S Quarter in WHITECHAPEL Vol 01C Page 227 and was buried on 28 Jul 1852 at John St, Osborn St, Whitechapel
  11. John Theodore Heckmann b. 1855 J Qtr in WHITECHAPEL Vol 01C 356
In 1841, Johan Heckmann (30) Skin dresser, wife Cathe (30) and daughters, Helena (4) and Sophia (2) along with four others who were described as fur dressers, were living at John Street, Christchurch, Whitechapel.

Johan Heinrich Heckmann was the victim in a case of theft heard at the Old Bailey on 18 Sep 1848. Some 180 rabbit skins that had belonged to him had been stolen from an outworker. The two suspects, Thomas Saul and Richard Bailey, were found guilty and sentenced to be transported for seven years.

In 1851, then listed as John H Heckmann (39) Skinner & furrier employing 20 men, still at 5 John Street, Christchurch Spitalfields, Whitechapel, with Chatherina (sic) (39) from Homberg, Hesse; Chatherina (sic) (18), Christina (16), Helena (13), Sophia (11), Margretha (10), Napoleon (5), Anna Sophia (3), Cleopatra (1) and Karl Boss (20) Brother-in-law, Fur skin dresser.

In 1861, J H Heckmann (49) Proprietor of houses, from Prussia Naturalized British Subject, had moved to 30, York Hill, Loughton, Essex, with Catherine (49), Catherine (27), Sophia (21), Margretha (17), Napoleon (15), Anne (13), Adelaide (12) [I'm sure this is Cleopatra], Theodore (5) and Adolf Leity (33) Visitor from Berlin, Prussia.

On 4 Jul 1865, John Henry Heckmann of John Street and Samuel Street, Spitlefields and of Loughton, Essex, Skin Dresser and Brewer, was declared bankrupt. He was discharged from bankruptcy on 5 Dec of the same year.

In 1871, John H and Katherine Heckmann were still at York Hill, Loughton, as they were also in 1881. John Henry Heckmann of York Hill, Loughton, died on 11 Sep 1887. In 1891, widow, Catherine Heckmann was still living at York Hill, Loughton with two of her daughters, spinsters, Catherine (56) and Anna (43) and one servant. Catherine Heckmann died, aged 86, in 1898.

Archibald's parents, Napoleon Joseph Heckmann (b. 1846), son of Johan Heinrich Heckmann and Catharina Boss, and Susie Lane (b. 31 Jan 1858 M Quarter in EDMONTON Vol 03A Page 155), daughter of Henry Lane and Mary Ann Fish, married at St John of Jerusalem, South Hackney, on 27 Feb 1879. Witnesses to their marriage were Septimus Swyer and Alice Swyer. 

Susannah Lane was brought up in High Beach (or High Beech), Essex, where her parents had kept the Owl [Public House], Lippet's Hill.

Napoleon Joseph and Susie Heckmann had three sons:
  1. Napoleon John Henry Heckmann b. 16 Sep 1879 (D Quarter in EPPING Vol 04A Page 181), bap. 23 Dec 1879 at Loughton, St John the Baptist
  2. Herbert Leopold Heckmann b. 5 Sep 1880 (1880 D Quarter in EPPING Volume 04A Page 199), bap. 14 Oct 1880 at Loughton, St Nicholas. Died 20 Oct 1880 and is buried at Waltham Holy Cross Old Cemetery
  3. Archibald Carl Heckman b. 20 Jul 1883 S Quarter in EPPING Volume 04A Page 223, bap. 4 Jun 1889 at Holy Innocents Church, High Beach.
Dr Septimus Swyer
In 1871, Napoleon Joseph Heckmann (25) 'wife's brother', had been living in the household of Septimus Swyer (35) at 32 Brick Lane, Spitalfields, Whitechapel. Dr Septimus Swyer, General Practitioner, had married Napoleon's sister, Agnes Christina Heckmann, in 1857. Much has already been written about this contentious character, from his apparent partnership with a medical fraudster Edward Morass who went under a number of aliases and his second wife's alleged bigamy, but most of all, in relation to Jack the Ripper, as a person of interest and a possible suspect. Circumstantially, at least. 

It's relevant, I feel, to mention that Septimus Swyer emigrated the United States and one of his sons emigrated to Australia and changed his name.

In 1881, Napoleon Joseph Heckmann (36) Living on income, Susie (22) and son Napoleon J (1), with a Domestic servant and a Nurse, were at York Hill.

Napoleon Joseph Heckmann died, at 45, on 24 Feb 1891 (in 1891 M Quarter in EPPING Volume 04A Page 185), and was buried on 3 Mar 1891 at the Church of the Holy Innocents, High Beach. The Chelmsford Chronicle of 6 Mar 1891 reported on the FUNERAL OF THE LATE MR N J HECKMANN - "The remains of the late Mr Napoleon J Heckmann were interred on Tuesday last in High Beech Churchyard. Every sign of regret and respect was manifested by the residents of Loughton. Most of the tradesmen put their shutters up, and a large number of sympathetic friends surrounded the grave." He left a Personal Estate of £184 to Susie Heckman of York Hill, Widow.

In 1891, Susie Heckmann (30) Widow, was Living on her own means, still at York Hill, Loughton with her two sons, Napoleon (11) and Archibald (7). 

Susie Heckman (33), listed as daughter of James Lane, Licenced Victualler (deceased) (Henry Lane, but yeah ....), then remarried to William Edward Bright (30) Gentleman, at St James's Church, Clerkewell on 31 Oct 1893

This couple had produced a son, Charles Stanley Bright b. 1894 S Quarter in EPPING Volume 04A Page 347, bap. 28 Aug 1894 at Loughton, St Nicholas, died at only one month old on 29 Aug 1894 (1894 S Quarter in EPPING Volume 04A Page 159) and was buried on 3 Sep 1894 in High Beech.

The year before they married and reported nationally: "William Edward Bright (29), described as a gentleman of independent means, was charged at North London Police Court on Wednesday with shooting with a revolver at five constables. It appeared from the evidence that on Tuesday night the accused went home at midnight, when the housekeeper heard three shots fired. Not knowing what had happened she opened a window and blew a police whistle. Five constables assembled in the garden, and tried to open the door. Prisoner appeared at a window and shouted "Who's there? Police?"; and on receiving an answer in the affirmative and a request to open the door, he replied, "If you don't clear out of my garden I will shoot you." Thereupon he fired five shots in rapid succession - fortunately without hitting anyone. Prisoner now said he would not have fired had he not thought the constables were burglars. His housekeeper said he was a very excitable man, had a dread of burglars, and always slept with a revolver under his pillow. Asked if he was intoxicated, she said she was no judge of such matters. Prisoner was committed for trial."

Incredibly, he was found not guilty of shooting to do grievous bodily harm and assault. However, the excitable gentleman next turns up being admitted to Bethlehem Hospital - otherwise known as Bedlam - psychiatric hospital in Bromley, London, on 7 Feb 1900, the supposed cause of his insanity being alcohol. The record states that he was married, but living separate from his wife, pursuant to a deed of separation. William Edward Bright died, aged 39, in 1901 J Quarter in WESTMINSTER Volume 01A Page 313.

In 1901, Susie Bright (38) Widow, Living on own means, was living in Frith Lane, Kings Lane, Great Missenden, Amersham, Buckinghamshire with A C Heckman (16) Son, Single, Mechanical Engineer from Loughton, Essex. (There is no subsequent birth in 1885, so I can only assume this is her 18 year old son, Archibald Carl Heckmann. If so, he was double-counted, pretending to be 21 with his wife in Wandsworth. Had he not told his mother he married?) And John Edward Edmonds (40), who has been transcribed as Brother, but I'm sure he was then a Boarder. Well, I certainly hope so, because ...

In 1903, John Edward Edmonds married Susie Bright, in Marylebone, London.

In 1911, John Edward Edmonds (52) Clerk in Shipping from Loughton, Essex, was living in Horndon on the Hill, Essex, with Susie Edmonds (50) and visiting them were John Henry Napoleon Heckmann (32) Marine Engineer and Dorothy Emily Heckmann (28) (As John Henry Hickman and Dorothea Emily Thorne, they had married at New Ferry, Cheshire on 27 Apr 1904.)

In 1921, at Brig-Y-Don, Orsett Road, Horndon on the Hill, Essex, were John Edward Edmonds (59) Clerk, and Susie Edmonds (59).

Napoleon John Henry Heckmann pre-deceased his mother, on 19 Aug 1933.

In 1939, John Edmonds (b. 11 Oct 1859) Documentary Clerk Retired and Susie Edmonds, were living at 36 Basildon Drive, Basildon.

John Edward Edmonds died, age estimated as 83, in 1944 J Quarter in EPPING Volume 04A Page 329 and was buried on 17 Jun 1944 at the church of the Holy Innocents, High Beach. There's an amusing note on the burial record which states "In the grave of Mrs's first husband. West End Church." 

Susannah Edmonds of Beech View, Lippett's Hill, High Beech, Loughton, Essex, died the following year, aged 86, on 23 Jan 1945 (1945 M Quarter in EPPING Volume 04A Page 439) and was buried on 27 Jan 1945, also at High Beach. She left £599 1s 3d. Probate was granted on 1 Nov 1945 to Grace Vivian Garrett (wife of William Thomas Garrett) attorney of Archibald Carl Heckman. This suggests that she knew he was alive, at least, all along.

Monday 13 November 2023

Charles Penfold and Mary Anna Tucker

View of St. Luke's and Christ Church Chelsea from Flood Street
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Charles Penfold (b. 1865), son of William Penfold and Mary Ann Charlotte Gunn, married Mary Anna Tucker (bap. 29 Nov 1857 in Burlescombe, Devon), daughter of Robert Allen Tucker - an Innkeeper from North Curry, Somerset - and Mary Linton, at Christ Church, Chelsea on 13 Nov 1886.

Charles and Mary Anna had seven children:
  1. Thomas Edwin Penfold b. 1887 D Qtr in CHELSEA Vol 01A 327
  2. Rosalie Mary Penfold b. 24 Aug 1889 in CHELSEA Volume 01A 317
  3. Mary Anna Penfold b. 1892 M Qtr in EAST GRINSTEAD Vol 02B 136
  4. Josephine Grace Penfold b. 15 Sep 1893 in CUCKFIELD Vol 02B 159
  5. Minnie Gunn Penfold b. 1895 J Qtr in CUCKFIELD Vol 02B Page 157, died in 1896 J Quarter in LAMBETH Volume 01D Page 272
  6. Charles Edward Powell Penfold b. 4 Sep 1897 in FULHAM Vol 01A 260
  7. William Robert Penfold b. 1899 D Qtr in FULHAM Vol 01A 322
In 1891, Charles Penfold (25) Bootmaker and Mary A Penfold (31ish) were living in Glenvue Road, East Grinstead, Sussex with their first two children, Thomas E Penfold (3) and Rosalie M Penfold (1).

In 1901, at 48, Hugon Road, Fulham, London: Charles R Penfold (35) Civil servant postman bootmaker, Mary A Penfold (41), Thomas E (13), Rosalie M (11), Mary A (9), Josephine G (7), Charles E P (3) and William R (1).

And in 1911, at 68 Perrymead Street, Fulham, London, were Charles Penfold (45) Civil service Post Office Worker, Mary Anna Penfold (51), Thomas Edwin (23) Civil service Post Office Worker; Rosalie Mary (21) Elementary teacher for Surrey County Council; Mary Anna (19) Bodice assistant Dressmaking; Josephine Grace (17), Charles Edwin Powell (13) and William Robert (11).

There was a death of a Mary A Penfold, aged 23, in Fulham, in the first quarter of 1915. Also in the first quarter of 1915, Josephine Grace Penfold married Douglas Gordon Reich (right, presumably with Josephine), who served in the Middlesex Regiment, Royal Engineers during the First World War, also in Fulham. And on 26 Apr 1915, Charles Edward Powell Penfold (19) enlisted in the County of London Yeomanry. (I'm also certain that both Thomas Edwin Penfold and William Robert Penfold also served in the First World War, however there's more than one person with those names, so I've not been able to isolate the relevant records.)

Charles Penfold died, at 51, in 1917 S Qtr in WANDSWORTH Vol 01D 536.

In 1921, Mary A Penfold (62) was living at 12, Penrith Street, Streatham, Wandsworth in the household of daughter Rosalie M Penfold (31) School Teacher. Also living with them was William R Penfold (21) Meteorologist working for the Metrological Office, Air Ministry; and Visitors were Douglas G Reich (28) School Teacher from Dublin, Ireland; Josephine Reich (27), Irene Mary Reich (6) and Josephine Grace Reich (under one month).

Mary Penfold died, at 71, in 1930 S Qtr in BATTERSEA Vol 01D Page 393.

In 1939, Rosalie Mary Head Mistress, was at 38, Hillside, Banstead, Surrey with her brother-in-law, Douglas G Reich, School master, sister, Josephine G Reich and their children. Rosalie died, aged 68, in 1957, in St Austell, Cornwall; Douglas Reich of Glamis, Fore Street, Bugle, Cornwall, died on 23 Oct 1970. Josephine Grace Reich died in 1977 at St Lawrence's Hospital, Bodmin, a mental hospital, originally Cornwall County Asylum.

Charles Edward Powell Penfold (known as Edward Penfold) had died, on 5 Oct 1970, in Perth, Western Australia.

Friday 10 November 2023

James Henry Tubb and Susannah Bussey

HMNB Portsmouth and HMS Victory
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James Henry Tubb (b. 1 Apr 1834), son of William Tubb and Sarah Ruff, married Susannah Bussey, daughter of Benjamin Bussey and Elizabeth Bowen, on 10 Nov 1857, at the secondSt. Mary's Church, Portsea

James and Susannah had six children: 
  1. Sarah Elizabeth Tubb b. 1858 S Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND Volume 02B Page 337, bap. 6 Feb 1859 at St Mary's Church, Portsea. (Sarah Elizabeth Tubb married Alfred Burgess Tregurtha on 12 Feb 1883. Sarah died on 25 Feb 1946. Both are buried at Williamstown Cemetery.)
  2. James Alfred Tubb b. 24 Dec 1861, GRO Reference: 1862 M Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND Volume 02B Page 424, bap. 23 Feb 1862 at St Mary's Church, Portsea. (James Alfred Tubb married Evelyn Winch. James Alfred Tubb died on  23 Nov 1918 (aged 56) and is buried at Williamstown CemeteryWilliamstown, Victoria, Australia.)
  3. William Henry Tubb b. 1863 D Quarter in SOUTHAMPTON Volume 02C Page 8, bap. 1 Jan 1865 at All Saints' Church, Southampton (regularly attended by author Jane Austen while she lived in Southampton and Pre-Raphaelite painter Sir John Everett Millais was baptised there.) Not included in the family grave in Australia, there was, a William Henry Tubb of the right vintage, who may have returned to Portsmouth.
  4. George Ernest Tubb b. 1866 J Qtr in SOUTH STONEHAM Vol 02C 65, bap. 8 Jul 1866, as George Emett Tubb, in Freemantle. Married Margaret Curtis, in Victoria, Australia in 1891. George Ernest Tubb, son of James Henry and Susan Tubb, died in Rylstone, New South Wales, in 1938.
  5. Nelly Tubb b. 1868 M Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND Volume 02B Page 471. (Nelly Tubb married Walter Beverley Wood in Victoria, Australia, in 1890. Nelly Wood died, aged 25-26, on 12 Apr 1895.)
  6. Minnie Beatrice Tubb b. 1877 in Australia. (Minnie Beatrice Tubb married Henry John Manderson. Minnie died on 6 Jul 1967.)
James Tubb, from Landport, Hants, born 1 Apr 1834, 5ft 8in tall, with fair complexion, brown hair and grey eyes, had enlisted in the Royal Navy as a Boy First Class at 16, in 1850. James Tubb (16), Sailor was listed on the 1851 census in his parent's house, in Marylebone Street, Portsea.

James Henry Tubb's Naval Career: 
The Russian (Crimean War) War of 1854 - 1856:
This is the second of my relatives to have served in the Baltic during the Crimean War and also the second to have taken part in the 1856 Royal Fleet Review, Spithead. At the review, the HMS Duke of Wellington was at the head of the Port line, while, according to the report in the The Illustrated London News, 26 April 1856, "Abreast of the Port line the Royal George led the Starboard [...] Then came the Nile ..." So not only were both sides of my family represented at the 1856 Royal Fleet Review, they were on both sides of the line and their ships were almost side-by-side. Incredible.
HMS Marlborough in Valletta harbour, sometime between 1858 and 1864.

  • From 9 Feb 1858 until 22 Mar 1861, HMS Marlborough (1855) which will have taken him back to the Mediterranean. Feb 1858 Commissioned, Delayed sailing 128 days due to a lack of men. 1860 Flag Ship, Mediterranean. 22 Mar 1861 Paid off.
In 1861, James Tubb (27) Seaman RN, was listed as living in Landport View, Portsea, with wife Susan Tubb (26) and daughter, Sarah Tubb (2).
  • From 23 Mar 1861 to 14 Apr 1862 back at HMS Excellent.
  • From 15 Apr 1862 through to 7 Aug 1866, James was with HMS Boscawen (1844), which from Feb/Mar of 1862 had been hulked as a Boys training ship in Southampton Water. (This explains son William Henry Tubb's baptism taking place in Southampton, in 1865.)
  • A third stint at HMS Excellent from 8 Aug 1866 to 5 Oct 1867.

Taken at Williamstown, Victoria,
between 1870 and 1879.
Port broadside view of the wooden
steam battleship HMVS Nelson.
Then from 6 Oct 1867 to 14 Feb 1868, James was with HMS Nelson (1814). Given his history, I'd first thought they'd mean the shore establishment of the same name, but it was, in fact, an actual ship. Nelson was given to the colony of Victoria, and sailed for Australia in October 1867, thus James was on that handover voyage. Clearly, this also gave him the opportunity to see that part of Australia that the family would later make their home.

Back in Portsmouth between 15 Feb 1868 and 1 Mar 1869, James was, once more, assigned to HMS Victory shore establishment. 

James' final assignment, from 2 Mar 1869 until his retirement from the Royal Navy on 31 Dec 1870, was with HMS Duke of Wellington (1852), at which time she replaced HMS Victory as flagship of the Port Admiral at Portsmouth (with Victory becoming her tender), her duties consisting of firing salutes to passing dignitaries, such as Queen Victoria on her way to Osborne House. As a Gunner's Mate since 6 Sep 1860, James may even have helped fire those salutes.

In 1871, Susan Tubb (37) Seaman's wife, was living at 11 Besant Terrace, Portsea with Sarah (12), James (9), William (7), Ernest (5) and 'Millie' (Nelly) (3).

''Queen of Nations'' by Richard Ball Spencer

On 19 Mar 1873, Susan Tubb (38), Sarah E (14), James A (10), Wm Hy (9), George E (6) and Nelly (4), departed from Plymouth, Devon, England, on the clipper, Queen of Nations. They arrived in Melbourne after a journey of around 140 days. (I've [so far] not seen a record of how James Henry got back to Australia, but I wouldn't mind betting he worked his passage.)

Susan Tubb (née Bussey) died on 20 Aug 1912 and is buried in Williamstown CemeteryWilliamstown, Victoria, Australia. She will have been 80.

James Henry Tubb died on 8 Nov 1922, and is also buried in Williamstown CemeteryWilliamstown, Victoria, Australia. He will have been 88.

The Family Grave of J H Tubb at Williamstown Cemetery, Victoria, Australia Photo: Suzy & Rob

Monday 23 October 2023

Thomas Back (Thomas Drake) and Elizabeth Mary Horn

Plymouth: Morice Square
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Thomas Back, son of Thomas Back and Mary Drake married Elizabeth Mary Horn (b. 1859 in Okehampton, Devon), daughter of James Horn and Elizabeth Bolt, on 23 Oct 1884 at St Paul's Church, Devonport. (The Anglican Church of Saint Paul the Apostle was situated on the east side of Morice Square.)

Born Thomas Drake (1850 D Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 09 Page 429), as he was named Thomas, it did seem likely that he was the son of Thomas Back, who his mother married two years later. He started life in Stoke Damerel Workhouse, where he was in 1851 with his mother and his older (half) siblings, Mary and George. He was subsequently known as Thomas Back and on his marriage certificate in 1884, as Thomas Back, Stoker RN, lists his address as 40, Cannon Street, Devonport - the very same address where we find both his parents and his sister in 1881, so we can be sure it's him - and names his father as Thomas Back, Labourer. Of course, this could simply be because that was the man who was around as he was growing up, but actually being named after him at birth, seems to confirm what we're being told.

Thomas Back, DOB 15 Oct 1850 (agrees with the quarter of his birth registration), enlisted in the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Class in July 1865, volunteering at HMS Implacable (1805) - former Duguay-Trouin, turned training ship (exactly the same ship, on exactly the same day as my great-grandfather, David Jones). Thomas Back's naval career does not appear to progress at this point, there being no entries beyond enlistment. 

There is then a record of a Thomas Back from Devonport, with date of birth given as 14 Oct 1849 (one year and one day of difference and this time the year does NOT agree with his birth registration), but we know this is our man from other records (marriage, census), who joined the Royal Navy on 9 Jan 1873 and served for 21 years, until 27 Apr 1894. He began as a Stoker 2nd Class, moved up to Stoker, Leading Stoker and Leading Stoker 1st Class.

Both naval records list Thomas as having Black hair and Hazel eyes. He was 4 ft 10 in at 14 and grew to 5 ft 6 in as an adult, gaining a bunch of tattoos.

From May 1873 to Aug 1875, Thomas was with HMS Agincourt (1865) at Portland, Dorset and, during that time, spent 28 days in Dorchester Gaol (HM Prison Dorchester) - Pure Victorian detention in all it’s glory.

At the time of the census of 1881, Thomas Back (30) Stoker, was moored in Hong Kong aboard HMS Victor Emmanuel (1855), which ship he was assigned to from Jun 1880 to Jan 1882, Feb 1882 to Jan 1883 and again from Feb to Apr 1883 (transferring to HMS Pegasus (1878) for the month in 1882, also in China and HMS Albatross (1873) in Jan 1883).

Two days before his marriage, Thomas joined HMS Tamar (1863), commissioned at Devonport on 21 Oct 1884 and then, from 15 Jan 1885 until 22 Jan 1889, was with HMS Nelson (1876). She sailed for the Australia Station after commissioning and became the flagship there in 1885. She was in Sydney and Brisbane and at the Woolloomooloo Bay Regatta on 18 Apr 1885, remaining on station until returning home in January 1889.

Thomas and Elizabeth's only child was born later that year:

  1. Lilian Mary Back b. 4 Nov 1889 D Q in STOKE DAMEREL 05B 340
Thomas spent time with HMS Magicienne (1888) in Portsmouth in 1890; HMS Goshawk (1872) took him to Gibraltar from May 1890 to Jun 1892 and while he was away, Elizabeth M Back (31) Wife Of A Stoker RN and Lilian M Back (1) were living in St Levan Road, Devonport. Thomas finished his career, from Dec 1892 to Apr 1894, at HMS Vivid II, the Stokers and Engine Room Artificers School in Devonport, before being pensioned.

In 1901, Thomas Back (50) Naval Pensioner was living in Avondale Terrace, Devonport with wife, Elizabeth M Back (41), daughter, Lilian M Back (11) and John Cornhill (29) General Labourer from Ireland, Boarder.

Thomas Back died in 1906 D Quarter in DEVONPORT Volume 05B Page 220. His age was estimated as 58 (he was 56), gaining yet another year on top of the one he added the second time he enlisted in the Navy.

In 1911, Elizabeth Back (51) Widow from Okehampton, Devonshire, was living in East Stonehouse. Living with her were recently married, son-in-law and daughter, Charles and Lilian Renshaw.

In 1921, Elizabeth Mary Back was still living with Charles and Lilian Renshaw (and their two daughters), at 7 Duckworth Street, Devonport.

Elizabeth Mary Back died, at 66, in 1926 M Quarter in DEVONPORT.

Thursday 21 September 2023

Joseph Rundle Trevail and Eliza Thursby

Lambeth Palace, London SE1.
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The redundant St Mary-in-Lambeth Church at the side.

Joseph Rundle Trevail, aged 40 and claiming to be a Bachelor, son of Joseph Trevail, Farmer, married Eliza Thursby (34) Spinster, listed as daughter of James Thursby, Butcher, at St Mary, Lambeth, on 21 Sep 1890. Then, just 5 days later, on 26 Sep 1890, Joseph R Trevail and Eliza Trevail embarked on the RMS Ormuz, bound for Victoria, Australia, where they arrived in Nov.

Joseph Rundle Trevail (bap. 21 Jun 1847 in Luxulyan, Cornwall), son of Joseph Trevail and Jane Rundle, had previously married Gertrude Augusta Shepherd (bap. 25 Apr 1845 in Colaton Raleigh in East Devon), illegitimate daughter of Eliza Shepherd, in Q1 of 1871 in St. George Hanover Square, London. Naturally, checked the National Archives for a record of a divorce, though it would be unlikely for ordinary people at that time, and of course there wasn't one. Bigamy is a prison offence in both the UK and Australia.

What's more, Joseph and Gertrude Trevail had five children:

  1. Charley Thomas Trevail born 1871 (died 1871, aged 0) in Devon
  2. Charley Joseph Walter Radford Trevail born 1872 in St Thomas, Devon
  3. Annie Gertrude Trevail born 1875 in St. George Hanover Square
  4. Kate Olivia Trevail born 1880 in Lambeth
  5. Gertrude Augusta Trevail born 1884 (died 1885, age 0)
Mother's maiden name, in all cases, spelled Sheppard.

At the time of the 1871 census, Joseph Trevail (24) Engineer Fitter, was living in Denbigh Street, Westminster with wife Gertrude (25), brother Charles (20) Engineer Fitter, sisters Amy* (16) and Jane (12), as well as a visitor, Selina Rundle (20). (* Joseph didn't have a sister called Amy. Kate, maybe?)

In 1881, the family living at 6, Meadow Terrace, Lambeth, London, comprised: Joseph R Trevail (34) Engine fitter, Gertrude A (36), Charles J W R (8), Anne G (6), Kate O (0) and Eliza Sheppard (69) 'Relative' (Gertrude's mother).

In 1891, Gertrude Trevail (46) wife, married, mender of fine lace, was alive and well, at the family home in Meadow Terrace, Lambeth, with daughters Annie G (16) & Kate O (10), and her mother, Eliza Shepperd (78).

By 1901, Gertrude Trevail (55) Married [still], Honiton lace manufacturer, was living at 153, Kennington Road, Lambeth, with daughter Kate (20).

Meanwhile, Joseph Rundle Trevail, Engineer, was shown on the Australia Electoral Rolls in 1903, living in Market Street, New South Wales, Australia.

Gertrude Trevail died, aged 58, in Q4 of 1910, in Epsom, Surrey.

Departure of the P&O RMS CHINA
Australian National Maritime Museum on The Commons

Mr J R & Mrs Trevail (almost) departed from London, on 17 Nov 1910, on the RMS China, this time bound for Sydney, via Freemantle, Adelaide and Melbourne, arriving in Fremantle, Western Australia on 20 Dec 1910.

Then, in 1911, Joseph Rundle Trevail married Eliza Thursby in Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia. Again. Non-bigamously this time.

On 27 Feb 1921, J R and Mrs Trevail left Sydney for Wellington, New Zealand, on the SS Marama, as tourists. Joseph's sister Mary Ann had just died and his sister Ellen was still in New Zealand.

The last will and testament of Joseph Rundle Trevail, who died on 20 Jan 1934, aged 86, of 52 Market Street, Randwick, New South Wales, Gentleman, left the balance of his estate to his 'dear wife Eliza', after various other bequests [and clues]. Among beneficiaries were a grandson, Arthur Waymark (his daughter, Annie Gertrude Trevail had married Louis Charles Waymark in Lambeth in 1898); his sister Olivia Caldwell (Olivia Trevail had married Thomas William Colwill in 1886 in St George, Hanover Square); her daughter was Elsie Bates; a niece, Florence Wright; other bequests go to a John Edwards and to granddaughters, Amy Edwards and Edith Anderson (née Edwards) (daughter Kate Olivia Trevail had married Frank William Edwards in 1903). His estate was valued at £3,757 in 1934, worth £275,819 today.

52 Market Street, Randwick, New South Wales