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Saturday 15 June 2024

Benjamin Copeland and Tamar Hockley

Church of St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich
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Benjamin Copeland (b. ~1841 in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland), Corporal Royal Artillery, Artillery Barracks, married Tamar Hockley (b. 1844 in Great Dunmow, Essex) daughter of George Hockley and Eliza Crow, then resident at Woolwich Common, at St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich, on 15 Jun 1869. Benjamin Copeland lists his father as Benjamin Copeland, Farmer and it's usually suspicious if a groom a) uses the same name as himself and b) says his father was a farmer, however, I've not found a birth record in Ireland to confirm or deny it. Witnesses were Joseph C Leopard and Ellen Leopard (who appear to be a local couple, but I don't know their connection).

Benjamin and Tamar Copeland had four children:
  1. Arthur Edward Copeland b. 19 Aug 1870 (1870 S Quarter in WOOLWICH Volume 01D Page 858), bap. 25 Sep 1870 at St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich and also entered into the register at St George's Garrison Church, Woolwich, by which time Benjamin Copeland had been promoted to Sergeant Coast Brigade, Royal Artillery. (Died 1901.)
  2. Alice Lucy Copeland b. 15 Nov 1872 (1872 D Qtr in WOOLWICH Vol 01D Page 947), bap. 27 Dec 1872 at St George's Garrison Church, Woolwich. Died, at 14, in 1887 M Qtr in WOOLWICH Vol 01D 728.
  3. Edith Tamar Copeland b. 16 Jun 1878 (1878 S Quarter in WOOLWICH Volume 01D Page 1057), bap. 17 Jul 1878 at St George's Garrison Church, Woolwich. Benjamin Copeland was Sergeant Major R A. Died, aged 5, in 1883 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Vol 04A Page 275 and was buried on 22 Jul 1883 at St Mary's Church, Great Canfield.
  4. Eleanor Elizabeth Copeland b. 30 Sep 1881 D Quarter in FAREHAM Volume 02B Page 577. (No baptism found.)
In 1871, Benjamin Copeland (30) Sergeant Royal Artillery from Ireland was living at Royal Artillery Cottages, Charlton, Woolwich with Tamar Copeland (25) from Great Dunmow, Essex and Arthur E Copeland (7 months).

In 1881, Benjamin Copeland (40) Master Gunner Royal Artillery (SLDR) from Enniscorthy, Ireland was at Fort GrangeGosport, with Tamar Copeland (34), Arthur Copeland (10), Alice Copeland (8), Edith Copeland (2) and two soldiers, William Chappell (37) and Frederick Hide (23).

Benjamin Copeland from the parish of St Mary's, Enniscorthy, Ireland, formerly a Clerk, had enlisted in the Royal Artillery at Liverpool at the age of 21, on 17 Jan 1862, at which point, his military record notes, he was 5ft 5⅜in tall, with a fresh complexion, hazel eyes and brown hair. He was awarded a silver medal for long service & good conduct, as well as a Gratuity of £5, and discharged, on 23 Jan 1883, after 21 years service, at Portsmouth, with his intended residence on discharge recorded as Great Canfield, Essex.

In 1891, however, Benjamin Copeland (50) Writer Royal Arsenal, was living at 27, Llanover Road, Plumstead, with Tamar Copeland (45) and Eleanor E Copland (9). Arthur Edward Copeland (22) Acting bombardier, was at the Royal Artillery BarracksArtillery Place, Woolwich.

In 1901, Benjamin Copeland (59) Pensioner and Writer in Royal Arsenal, was still living at 27, Llanover Road, Plumstead, with Tamar Copeland (57), William E Doyle (63) Army Pensioner from Liverpool; Alice J Copeland (29) Daughter-in-law from Norfolk, England; George A Copeland (4) Grandson born in Plumstead and Edith E Copeland (3) Granddaughter, born in Devon.

In 1911, Benjamin Copeland (72) Army Pensioned Master Gunner Royal Artillery was still living at 27 Llanover Road, Plumstead, with Tamar Copeland (67) and William Sayle Edwards (74) Army Pensioner Warrant Officer, Boarder. The 1911 Census confirms that they had been married for 41 years and had four children, of whom one was living and, sadly, three had died.

Benjamin Copeland died on 15 May 1913 (1913 J Quarter in WOOLWICH Vol 01D Page 1191) and was buried on 20 May 1913 in Greenwich.

Tamar Copeland died in 1925 M Qtr in HAMMERSMITH Vol 01A 301, at 82.

Monday 25 December 2023

Arthur Edward Copeland and Alice Jane Hurry

All Saints, Shooters Hill, Plumstead, London SE18 - West end
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Arthur Edward Copeland (b. 19 Aug 1870 in Woolwich), son of Benjamin Copeland and Tamar Hockley, married Alice Jane Hurry (b. 1871 D Quarter in DEPWADE Volume 04B Page 223), daughter of Samuel Hurry and Jane Moyes, at All Saints Church, Plumstead, on 25 Dec 1894

Alice was the younger sister of Mary Ann Hurry, second wife of Tamar's younger brother, Daniel Hockley, who he'd married in 1891. 

Arthur Edward and Alice Jane Copeland had two children:
  1. George Arthur Copeland b. 21 Aug 1896 (1896 S Quarter in WOOLWICH Volume 01D Page 1270), bap. 9 Sep 1896 at St George's Garrison Church, Woolwich
  2. Edith Eleanor Copeland b. 1897 D Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 218, bap. 31 Oct 1897 at Plymouth, Crabtree Mission Church, when they were resident at 4 Gordon Terrace, Laira, Plymouth.
In 1901, Alice J Copeland (29) Daughter-in-law from Norfolk, England; George A Copeland (4) Grandson and Edith E Copeland (3) Granddaughter, were living with Arthur's parents, at 27, Llanover Road, Plumstead.

Arthur Edward Copeland joined the Royal Artillery, at 16, on 19 Nov 1886, in Woolwich. He was then 5ft 6in with a pale complexion, grey eyes and red hair. He was promoted to Bombardier on 1 Mar 1896; Corporal on 23 Oct 1897; reengaged to complete 21 years service on 15 Dec 1897; and promoted to Sergeant on 24 Oct 1899. He served in South Africa and China, but died at Hong Kong Station Hospital on 18 Aug 1901, of Heat Stroke, aged 30.

In 1903, Alice Copeland married Thomas Hurry back in Depwade, Norfolk. 

One could guess that they were cousins and records confirm this: Thomas Hurry (b. 1856 D Quarter in HARTISMERE Volume 04A Page 455) was the son of Barzillai Hurry and Ann Beales. Barzillai Hurry (bap. 13 Dec 1820) and Alice's father, Samuel Hurry (bap. 21 Jul 1831), were brothers, both sons of John Hurry and Susannah Elizabeth Diggens. (Their mother, Susan Hurry, was sentenced to 14 years transportation in 1836 and died in Australia.)

On 14 Feb 1878, Thomas Hurry, barman, enlisted for General Service Infantry. He served in Nova Scotia, Gibraltar and South Africa, transferring to the Army Reserve on 12 Apr 1884. At the completion of his 12 years service in 1890, he was 5ft 7in with a dark complexion, brown eyes and black hair.

Thomas Hurry was a widower when he married his cousin Alice, having first married Charlotte Francis (14 years his senior, born 1842), daughter of William Francis and Sarah Basham, at All Saints, Dickleburgh, on 15 May 1884. Charlotte Hurry died at 58 and was buried on 23 Mar 1899.

Thomas and Alice Hurry had two further children:
  1. Ellen Hurry b. 1903 J Quarter in DEPWADE Volume 04B Page 238, bap. 11 Jun 1903 in Dickleburgh with Langmere, Norfolk
  2. Samuel Jack Hurry b. 2 Aug 1906 (S Quarter in DEPWADE Volume 04B Page 218), bap. 5 Sep 1906 in Dickleburgh with Langmere 
In 1911, Thomas Hurry (52) Gardener was living at Dickleburgh Scole, Dickleburgh, Norfolk, with Alice Hurry (39), Ellen Hurry (7), Jack Hurry (4), George Copeland (14) Stepson; Edith Copeland (13) step-daughter and Jane Hurry (78) Widow (Alice's mother).

Alice Jane Hurry died at 42 in 1913 D Qtr in NORWICH Vol 04B Page 185.

In 1921, Thomas Hurry (62) Jobbing Gardner was living in Dickleburgh, Norfolk with Jack Hurry (14) Labourer and Ellen Hurry (17) Household Duties. There was a George Copeland (23) Bombardier, Royal Field Artillery at 30, Thomas Street, Woolwich (although his birthplace is listed as Kings Lynn, Norfolk); not located Edith Eleanor Copeland again anywhere.

Thomas Hurry died, at 79, in 1936 M Quarter in DEPWADE Volume 04B Page 311 and was buried in 26 Feb 1936, in Dickleburgh with Langmere.

Ellen Hurry died at 43 in 1946 J Quarter in DEPWADE Vol 04B Page 211.

Samuel Jack Hurry married Helen Joan Goodwin (b. 15 Dec 1908), daughter of James Goodwin, Licenced Victualler of the Kings Head Inn, Brockdish, Scole and Harriet Welton, in Depwade, Norfolk, in 1934. They had two children, in 1935 and 1944. In 1939, Jack was a Licensee and Farmer in Rushall, Dickleburgh, Depwade. Jack Samuel Hurry died, in Rushall, on 9 May 1962; Helen Joan Hurry died on 3 May 2006 in Waveney, Suffolk.

Saturday 4 November 2023

Charles James Parsons and Eleanor Elizabeth Copeland

Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich
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Charles James Parsons (b. 1867 in Rawalpindi, then in India, now Pakistan, presumably an army brat) married Eleanor Elizabeth Copeland (b. 30 Sep 1881 in Gosport, Hampshire), daughter of Benjamin Copeland and Tamar Hockley, at All Saints Church, Shooters Hill, Plumstead, on 4 Nov 1899.

Charles James Parsons, Musician, joined the Royal Artillery, at 15 y & 3 m (but appeared 14), at Woolwich, on 9 Sep 1882. He was 4ft 9¾in, with a fresh complexion, light hazel eyes and a fair complexion. In 1891, Charles James Parsons (23) Musician Royal Artillery, birth place India, was at the Royal Artillery Barracks, Artillery Place, Woolwich. He was reengaged at Woolwich on 4 May 1894 to complete 21 years service; promoted to Bombardier on 1 May 1895; Corporal on 5 Jul 1896 and Sergeant on 20 Oct 1899, then was permitted to continue beyond 21 years in 1903. Under next of kin, is "Father" Joseph Parsons, St John's Road, Deptford. No idea why parenthesis were used. At 41 years and 1 month on discharge, Charles James Parsons, who had been a Musician in the Royal Artillery Band, had grown to 5ft 9in. He was discharged after 3 months notice on 31 Jul 1908, after 25 years 327 days service, with his character described as 'Exemplary' and awarded a Silver Medal for long service and good conduct

In 1901, Charles James Parsons (33) Sergeant Royal Artillery Band and Eleanor E Parsons (19), were living - as a separate household - but at her parents' address at 27, Llanover Road, Plumstead.

Charles James Parsons died, aged 41, in 1909 M Quarter in GREENWICH.

Their only daughter, Elsa Euphie Parsons was born, posthumously, on 4 Jun 1909 (1909 S Quarter in WOOLWICH Volume 01D Page 1203).

Eleanor Elizabeth Parsons, Widow, married Frederick William Watson (b. 25 Apr 1877 J Quarter in WOOLWICH Volume 01D Page 1046, mother's maiden name THOMPSON), son of Frederick Watson and Martha Emma Thompson, in Woolwich, on 2 Jun 1910.

Frederick William Watson, Musician, had joined the Royal Garrison Artillery, at 18 y & 4 m, at Woolwich on 6 Sep 1895. He was then 5ft 4¼in, with a fresh complexion, blue eyes and light brown hair. He had a small mole on the right side of his nose. In 1901, Frederick Watson (23) Soldier Royal Artillery Band, was at the Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich Common.

Frederick William and Eleanor Elizabeth Watson added one son:

  1. Frederick Charles Watson b. 13 Mar 1911 ( 1911 J Quarter in WOOLWICH Volume 01D Page 1143), bap. 7 Jun 1911, in Plumstead.
In 1911, Frederick William Watson (33) Sergeant Royal Artillery Band from Woolwich, Kent; Eleanor Elizabeth Watson (29) from Gosport, Hants; Frederick Charles Watson, son, under one month; Elsa Euphie Parsons (1) Stepdaughter and Jessie Alice Green (28) Visitor, were at 23 Belford Grove, Woolwich. (Jessie Alice Green was the daughter of Charles Green and Sarah Ann Hockley, her mother's youngest sister, thus Eleanor's first cousin.)

Frederick William Watson served in France three times during and after World War I, in 1915/16 and again in 1919, finally being discharged on 25 Jul 1919. He was also awarded long service and good conduct medal.

In 1921, Frederick William Watson (44) Musician working for Mrs Davis at the Marble Arch Pavilion Cinema (the cinema then was equipped with a Jones straight pipe organ, which is presumably what Frederick played); Eleanor Elizabeth Watson (39), Elsa Euphie Parsons (12) and Frederick Charles Watson (10) were living at 16, Herbert Road, Plumstead.

On 6 May 1924, Frederick Charles Watson, son of F W Watson, Musician of 36, Ellerslie Road, W12, was admitted to Latymer Upper School, public school in Hammersmith, his previous school having been Woolwich Polytechnic. Frederick Charles Watson stayed at Latymer for the Summer 1924, Autumn 1924, Spring 1925, Summer 1925, Autumn 1925, Spring 1926 terms, leaving on 5 Mar 1926 for a Clerkship, Estate Agents & Surveyors.

In 1939, Frederick W Watson, Porter (Flats) and Eleanor Watson were living at 1a Challoner Mansions, Challoner Street, West Kensington.

It appears that Eleanor Watson may have died, at 80, in 1962. 

Elsa Euphie Parsons married William Arthur Connelley, son of William Connelley and Marian Jenny Cook, in Camberwell, in 1935. In 1939, William A Connelley (b. 15 Aug 1911) Postman and Elsa E Connelley, Solicitor's Clerk, were living at 8 York Close, Merton, Surrey. William Arthur Connelley of 99 Erith Road, Belvedere, Kent died, at 52, at St Nicholas Hospital, Plumstead on 2 Sep 1963 and left over £6500 to his widow, Elsa Euphie Connelley. Elsa Euphie Connelley of 122 Grove Road, Sutton, Surrey, died on 17 Apr 1992.

Frederick Charles Watson of 29 Elmwood Drive, Ewell, died 10 Jul 1985.