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Tuesday 18 June 2024

William Eastman and Elizabeth Trick

St George's Church, Monkleigh
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William Eastman (bap. 2 May 1790 in Monkleigh, Devon), son of Robert Eastman and Mary Morish, married Elizabeth Trick (bap. 12 Oct 1806, in Monkleigh, Devon), daughter of William Trick and Elizabeth Trick (yes, both were named Trick), at St George's Church, Monkleigh, on 18 Jun 1834.

Elizabeth Trick already had at least three illegitimate children before the marriage and added six more children with her husband:
  1. Louisa Martin Trick b. 25 Oct 1827, bap. 26 Mar 1828 at Bideford, Methodist Circuit. The record makes it look likely that her father was Edward Martin. Perhaps the baptism was made in this manner to attempt to get him to take responsibility for the illegitimate child.
  2. Thomas Trick bap. 12 Sep 1830 in Monkleigh, Devon, the record specifies that he is the son of Elizabeth Trick, Single Woman. 
  3. William Trick b. 1834, bap. 18 Apr 1834 in Monkleigh, Devon, also makes the point that he's the son of Elizabeth Trick, Single Woman. William Trick leaves blank or states Not Known for his father on his subsequent marriages, so I'm convinced that he's not William Eastman's child, despite the proximity of his birth to his mother's marriage.
  4. Mary Eastman bap. 22 May 1836 in Monkleigh, Devon.
  5. Pamela Eastman b. 1838 D Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 10 Page 65, bap. 28 Oct 1838 in Monkleigh, Devon.
  6. Maria Eastman b. 1841 J Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 10 Page 61, bap. 4 Apr 1841 in Monkleigh, Devon. Died, aged 10, in 1852 S Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 05B Page 324.
  7. Rebecca Eastman b. 1843 D Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 10 Page 71, bap. 28 Jan 1844 in Monkleigh, Devon.
  8. John Trick Eastman b. 1846 S Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 10 Page 59, bap. 23 Dec 1849 in Monkleigh, Devon. Died, aged 6, in 1852 S Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 05B Page 324.
  9. Elizabeth Ann Eastman b. 1849 M Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 10 Page 73, bap. 4 Apr 1849 in Monkleigh, Devon. Died 1849 J Quarter in THE BIDEFORD UNION Volume 10 Page 47.
In 1841, William Eastman (45) Agricultural Labourer, Elizabeth Eastman (30), William Eastman (7) [William Trick] - that he was listed as Eastman is most likely an unchallenged assumption and in no way infers parentage - Mary Eastman (5), Pamela Eastman (2) and Maria Eastman aged 3 months were living in Monkleigh Village. Meanwhile, Louisa Martin Trick (13) was living in the household of Thomas Fursman (25) in Bideford, where there is a Residence Note on the record which reads "Outhouse Bibery". Most likely she was a servant. There was a Thomas Trick (10) employed as an Agricultural Labourer by Christopher Quick (40) Farmer at Pickhoe, Monkleigh. 

In 1851, in Monkleigh were: William Eastman (62) Pauper Ag Lab; Elizabeth Eastman (48) Glover; Mary Eastman (16), Pamela Eastman (12) Glover, Maria Eastman (9), Rebecca Eastman (6) and John Eastman (3). Louisa Trick (23) from Bideford, Devon was a Nursemaid in the household of Samuel John Sayce (38) Stock Broker, in Aberdeen Place, Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucestershire. Thomas Trick (20) was a Farm Servant to Thomas Newcombe (30) Farmer of 65 Acres, in Monkleigh.

In 1861, and still in Monkleigh Village were William Eastman (71) Formerly Ag Lab, Elizabeth Eastman (53) Charwoman and Pamela Eastman (22) Glover (cotton). There was a Rebecca Eastman (16) House Servant in Marlborough Street, Stoke Damerel, Devon, which may well be relevant.

William Eastman died, at 72, in 1862 J Quarter in BIDEFORD.

In 1871, Elizabeth Eastman (64) Widowed Needle Woman from Monkleigh, Devon, Mother, was living with Louisa Martin Trick (42) Needlewoman, Single, Daughter from Bideford, Devon, in Mile End Old Town, Stepney

Elizabeth Eastman died, at 67, in 1874 M Quarter in LEWISHAM.
  1. Louisa Martin Trick, according to the record, married Alfred Wonnacott on 15 Apr 1874 at the church of Saint Philip The Apostle, Stepney, London. On the marriage certificate, 'Alfred' lists his father as George Wonnacott, Hatter. Louisa lists her father as Edward Trick, Doctor. (This adds weight to him being Edward Martin, but most likely not a Doctor.) When we catch up with them again on the 1881 Census, living at 66, Blair Street, Bromley, Poplar, London, it becomes clear this is Albert Wonnacott (39) Hatter (Unemployed) with Louisa Wonnacott (52) and Mary A Wonnacott (sic) (17) Daughter - she is Mary Jane Wonnacott, Albert's daughter with is first wife, Pamela Eastman (see below). If Louisa had been Pamela's full sister, this marriage would surely have been illegal. We lose sight of all three of them after this.
  2. Mary Eastman married William Jones, in Bideford district, in 1856. They had six children in England, but by 1871, were living in Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada. There they added at least three or four more children. William Jones died in 1915. Mary Eastman died on 28 Jan 1928. She is buried, along with her husband, at Richmond Hill Presbyterian CemeteryRichmond Hill, Ontario. Mary's age at death was 91, not 93, so the headstone is wrong, despite being "set in stone". Also, she was baptised and married plain Mary and not Mary Elizabeth. 
  3. Pamela Eastman had married Albert Wonnacott in Great Torrington, Devon in 1861. Albert Wonnacott b. 1841 J Quarter in TORRINGTON UNION Volume 10 Page 269, was the son of George Wonnacott and Mary Bastard. Yes, that really was her surname, and her dad's. Albert and Pamela had three children: Louisa Wonnacott b. 1862 S Quarter in TORRINGTON UNION Volume 05B Page 499 (no further records); Mary Jane Wonnacott b. 1864 M Quarter in EAST STONEHOUSE Volume 05B Page 313 and Albert Wonnacott b. 1866 D Quarter in EAST STONEHOUSE Volume 05B Page 300 who died at a year old in 1867 D Quarter in BIDEFORD Volume 05B Page 345. Pamela Wonnacott was a witness at the marriage of her half-brother, William Trick, in 1871. Pamela Wonnacott died, aged 33, in 1872 M Quarter in EAST STONEHOUSE Volume 05B Page 243 - hence the widowed Albert married Pamela's elder half-sister, Louisa, two years later. 

Monday 26 February 2024

Henry John Kingsbury and Elizabeth Lancey

St Mary's church, Pilton
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Henry John Kingsbury (bap. 17 May 1849 in Sutton Waldron, Dorset) son of John Kingsbury and Matilda Lawrence, married Elizabeth Lancey (bap. 31 Aug 1845 in Pilton, Devon) daughter of James Lancey and Mary Scamp, at the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Pilton on 26 Feb 1879. At the time of their marriage, both were Servants and Henry was resident at "Exbury, in the County of Southampton". (Exbury House on the Solent, was rented by Conservative MP for Barnstaple, DevonColonel Sir George Stucley, to pursue his pastime of yacht-sailing. Kingsbury was his Butler.) One of the witnesses to the marriage was Eliza Lancey, Elizabeth's sister. Both fathers, John Kingsbury and James Lancey were listed as being Gardeners.

Henry and Elizabeth had five children:
  1. Flora May Kingsbury b. 1880 J Quarter in SHAFTESBURY Volume 05A Page 246, bap. 6 Jun 1880 in Sutton Waldron, Dorset.
  2. Matilda Mary Kingsbury b. 22 May 1881 J Quarter in SHAFTESBURY Volume 05A Page 239, bap. 26 Jun 1881 in Sutton Waldron, Dorset.
  3. Alice Mabel Kingsbury b. 1882 J Quarter in BIDEFORD Volume 05B Page 523. (No baptism found)
  4. Elizabeth Kingsbury b. 13 Dec 1884 (1885 M Quarter in BIDEFORD Volume 05B Page 498), bap. 1 Mar 1885 at St Mary, Bideford
  5. Henry John Kingsbury b. 1889 M Quarter in BIDEFORD Volume 05B Page 501, bap. 24 Feb 1889 in Bideford
In 1881, Henry John Kingsbury (32) was Butler to Sir George Stucley (68) at Moreton House, Bideford, Devon, where the then 'Deputy Lieutenant for the Counties of Devon & Cornwall, Baronet, Justice of the Peace', his wife and two youngest sons were waited upon by no less than thirteen servants. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Kingsbury (35) Butler's wife and Flora M Kingsbury (0) were living at Moreton Cottage, 4, Higher Meddon Street, Bideford, Devon.

In 1891, Henry John Kingsbury (42) was still Butler to Sir George Stucley (79) Magistrate, although the then three members of the family were having to 'make do' with the reduced circumstances of having merely 10 servants. Elizabeth Kingsbury (45) was living at 7 River View, Bideford with Matilda M Kingsbury (9), Alice M Kingsbury (8), Elizabeth Kingsbury (6), Henry J Kingsbury (2) and Charles F Lancey (17) Nephew, Apprentice Gardner. Eldest daughter, Flora (listed as Florence) (10) was at that time, a Visitor in the household of Mary E Sanders (65) Widow, in Regents Park, Heavitree, Exeter, in whose household also was Eliza Lansey (sic), who was her aunt.

In 1901, Henry J Kingsbury (52) Retired Butler - Sir George Stucley had died in 1900 and presumably left his 'Retainer' in a position to be able retire early - was living at Higher Gunstone, River View Terrace, Bideford with Elizabeth Kingsbury (55), Alice M Kingsbury (18), Elizabeth Kingsbury (16) and Henry J Kingsbury (12). F M Kingsbury [Flora May] (20) was a Schoolroom Maid in Holcombe Burnell, Devon. While Matilda Kingsbury (19) was a Lady's Maid in the household of Harriet Compton (57) Widow, in Andover, Hampshire. (Harriet Granville married Henry Compton, Esq. on 28 Dec 1870. She and Sir George Stucley's second wife, Louisa Granville, were daughters of Bernard Granville, Esq of Wellesbourne Hall, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire.)

In 1911, Henry John Kingsbury (62) Retired Butler, Elizabeth Kingsbury (65), Alice Mabel Kingsbury (28) and Elizabeth Kingsbury (26) were still living in Bideford. Flora May had married in 1903 and Matilda in 1908. Henry John Kingsbury (22) from Bideford, Devon was described as a WHOLESALE MANCHESTER WAREHOUSEMAN in Southwark, at 95 Southwark St and a curious note: (MilitaryDisposition) MESSRS. COOK'S EMPLOYEES, one assumes Thomas Cook & Son, who had transported the British Army up the Nile in 1884, so conceivable they were still undertaking military contracts. 

In 1921, Henry John Kingsbury (72) and Elizabeth Kingsbury (75) were living at 4, Lansdowne [Terrace], Bideford, Devon with their daughter, Elizabeth Kingsbury (36) School Teacher for Devon County Council at Church Infants' School, Bideford and Eliza Lancy (77) Visitor (Elizabeth's sister).

Elizabeth Kingsbury died at 78 in 1923 in BIDEFORD Vol 05B Page 456. 

Henry John Kingsbury died, also aged 78, on 27 Oct 1927 D Qtr in BIDEFORD Vol 05B Page 520, leaving his estate to daughter, Elizabeth Kingsbury. The notice in the Hartland and West Country Chronicle read, KINGSBURY - Oct 27th, at Lansdowne, Bideford HENRY JOHN KINGSBURY, formerly Stucley's butler, aged 78.

In 1939, Elizabeth Kingsbury, Elementary School Teacher, was living at 7 The Strand, Bideford with her sister, Matilda M Lancey, Widow.

Elizabeth never married and died, at 80, in Bideford, in 1965.

  • Matilda Mary Kingsbury married Gerald Slayter on 20 Apr 1908. In 1911, Gerald Slayter (37) Butler and Mary Matilda Slayter (30) Cook-Housekeeper, were employed in the household of Francis Nicholas Blundell (30) Landowner and Farmer in Little Crosby, Lancashire. (Crosby Hall was the manorial home of the Blundell family, lords of the manor of Crosby since the Middle Ages.) Gerald Slayter died, at 48, in 1922, in Liverpool. Matilda Mary Slayter, Widow, married Charles Frederick Lancey, Widower, Gardner, who was her first cousin, at St Mary's Church, Grassendale, on 9 May 1927. Charles Frederick Lancey died, at 61, in 1935, in Liverpool South. Matilda Mary Lancey died in 1954, in Bideford, Devon.
  • Alice Mabel Kingsbury married Clement Arthur Page (b. 29 Sep 1884) on 5 Aug 1912, in Bideford. They had one son, Ernest John Page, born in Frome, Somerset in 1913. In 1921, Clement A Page, Alice M Page and Ernest J Page were living in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Ernest John Page died, at 17, in Portsmouth, in 1931. Clement Arthur Page died, at 48, in Portsmouth, in 1933. Alice Mabel Page died, at 69, in 1951, in Bideford, Devon.