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Monday 25 December 2023

George James Hockley and Emily Jane Jiggins

St Mary the Virgin, Dunton Wayletts, Essex
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Former church, now a private residence.

George James Hockley (b. 21 May 1871 in Great Dunmow), son of James Hockley and Elizabeth Wilton, married Emily Jane Jiggins (b. 30 Apr 1876 in Rainham), daughter of David Jiggins and Eliza Ann Turner on 25 Dec 1895, in Rainham, Essex, presumably at the Church of St Helen and St Giles.

George James and Emily Jane Hockley had eight children:
  1. Emily Florence Louisa Hockley b. 2 Aug 1896 S Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A Page 476, bap. 30 Aug 1896 at St Helen & St Giles, Rainham
  2. Sarah Elizabeth Hockley b. 1898 M Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A Page 519, bap. 2 Jan 1898 at St Helen And St Giles' Church, Rainham
  3. James George Hockley b. 24 Jan 1899 M Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A Page 551, bap. 1 Mar 1899 at St Helen And St Giles' Church, Rainham
  4. William Hockley b. 7 Apr 1900 J Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A Page 556, bap. 6 May 1900 a St Helen And St Giles' Church, Rainham
  5. Frederick John Hockley b. 16 Aug 1903 D Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A Page 620, bap. 4 Oct 1903 at St Helen And St Giles' Church, Rainham
  6. George Hockley b. 18 Nov 1909, reg. 1910 M Qtr in ROMFORD
  7. Alfred Hockley b. 1913 J Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A P 1245. Died 1913 D Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A P 549, buried 1914 in Wennington
  8. Rose Hockley b. 1913 J Qtr in ROMFORD Vol 04A P 1245
All of the GRO birth registrations show the mother's maiden name JIGGINS. The last two, clearly were fraternal twins, though only Rose survived.

In 1901, we find George J Hockley (26ish) Agricultural Labourer at 1, Spring Cottages, High Street, Rainham with Emily J Hockley (23), Florence Hockley (4), Elizabeth Hockley (3), James Hockley (2) and William Hockley (0).

In 1911, with their address listed as Sparrow Hall, Wennington, were George Hockley (36) Farm Labourer; Emily Hockley (34), Florrie (14), Lizzie (13), James (12), William (11), Frederick (4) and George (1).

In 1921, George James Hockley (50) Farm Bailiff for Mr J Randall, Market Gardener, was living at Gerfin Cottages, Upminster Road, Rainham, with Emily Jane Hockley (45), James George Hockley (22), William Hockley (21), Fredrick John Hockley (17) - those three sons then also working for Mr J Randall, Market Gardner - George Hockley (11) and Rose Hockley (8). 

In 1939, George J Hockley (68) Farm Labourer Retired; Emily Hockley (63) and Emily F L (Florence) Hockley were listed at Rose Cottage, Billericay.

Emily Jane Hockley of Rose Cottage, Dunton Waylett, died on 1 Jan 1950 (1950 M Quarter in BRENTWOOD Volume 04A Page 451) and was buried on 6 Jan 1950 at St Mary the Virgin, Dunton Wayletts.

George James Hockley died on 19 Jul 1950 at Rose Cottage and was buried, on 24 Jul 1950, also at St Mary the Virgin, Dunton Wayletts, along with his late wife.

The church was sold in 1985. "Following the sale the church was restored for use as a private residence which it remains to this day. There are still a few gravestones remaining from the former churchyard adjacent to the house." Obviously, theirs appears to be one of them. The inscription reads, "In Loving Memory of A dear mother EMILY JANE HOCKLEY who fell asleep 1st January 1950 aged 78 years. Also a dear father GEORGE JAMES HOCKLEY who fell asleep 19th July 1950 aged 79 years. Gone but not forgotten."

  1. Emily Florence Louisa Hockley married Leonard George Dice (b. 26 March 1901 in Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex), son of Frederick John Dice and Fanny Vince, in 1947. In 1939, Leonard Dice had been Manservant in Wanstead. Florence Emily Dice died in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, in 1981. Leonard George Dice died in Sussex, in 1994.
  2. Sarah Elizabeth Hockley married Percy Albert Peckham (bap. 25 Sep 1892 in Ringmer, Sussex), son of Ernest James Peckham and Rose Alice Buckwell, at Holy Saviour Church, Croydon in 1917. Percy Albert Peckham died in 1952 and Sarah E Peckham remarried to widower, Harry Sherwin in 1958, in Brighton, Sussex. Harry Sherwin died in 1971 and Sarah Elizabeth Sherwin died in 1981, both in Brighton, Sussex.
  3. James George Hockley married Ada May Rust (b. 1898) daughter of George William Rust and Rhoda Jane Clark, in Romford, Essex in 1922. Ada May Hockley died in 1975 and James George Hockley in 1977. They had eight children, one girl and seven boys.
  4. William Hockley married Florence May Berryman (bap. 28 Sep 1902), daughter of Herbert William Berryman and Jessie Cornell, in Romford, Essex, on 26 Oct 1935. William Hockley died at 64, on 28 Jan 1965, and was buried at St Mary the Virgin, Dunton on 5 Feb 1965. Florence May Hockley died in Brentwood, Essex, in 1973.
  5. Frederick John Hockley married Mary Ann Elizabeth Hearn (b. 6 Feb 1905 in Hornchurch, Essex), daughter of Horace Edward Hearn and Mary Ann Elizabeth Turner, in Romford, on 2 Apr 1923. They had one daughter, Dorothy Mary Hockley (1929-2012). Frederick John Hockley died, at 41, on 15 Oct 1944 in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire. Mary Ann Elizabeth Hockley died on 15 Feb 1963, in Romford.
  6. George Hockley died on 16 Dec 1979 in Dunton Waylett, Essex.
  7. Rose Hockley, daughter of George James Hockley, Poultry Keeper married Edward John Norman Arnold Walker (22), Guardsman, who's residence at the time of marriage was Aldershot, purportedly son of George Walker, Labourer, on 29 Sep 1934 at St Mary the Virgin, Dunton. One of the witnesses to this marriage was F M [Florence May] Berryman, who married William Hockley the following year.