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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Henry Doe and Elizabeth Doe

All Saints Church, Little Canfield, Essex

Henry Doe (bap. 20 Sep 1778), son of Henry Doe and Elizabeth Stones, married Elizabeth Doe at All Saints Church, Little Canfield in 1799. Either there were a lot of parish foundlings given the surname Doe in that area, or we have to consider the possibility that these two may have been cousins.

This Henry and Elizabeth Doe had eleven children, baptised at Little Canfield: 

  1. Sarah Doe baptised on 19 April 1800
  2. John Doe baptised on 14 February 1802
  3. William Doe baptised on 22 January 1804
  4. Edward Doe baptised on 17 November 1805
  5. James Doe baptised on 24 January 1808
  6. Elizabeth Doe baptised on 28 November 1809
  7. Jane Doe baptised on 25 November 1810
  8. Mary Doe baptised on 11 April 1813
  9. Charles Doe baptised on 15 October 1815 
  10. George Doe baptised on 21 September 1817
  11. Moses Doe baptised on 4 February 1821

The last child was a posthumous birth, Henry Doe (Jnr) having been buried at All Saints, Little Canfield on 28 September 1820. 

In 1841, Elizabeth Doe (61) was living in Canfield Village, Little Canfield with her daughter, Sarah Gunn (41), George Doe (23), Moses Doe (20) and William Gunn (13).

And in 1861, Elizabeth Doe (80) - place of birth was listed as Great Easton, Essex - is living with her son, George Doe (43) Agricultural Labourer, at 11, The Village, Little Canfield.

Elizabeth Doe, died aged 83, and was buried at Little Canfield on 3 June 1862.

If you're related to any of the people written about, I'm guessing you'll recognise them from the surnames. If you are, do please get in touch.