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Monday, 21 February 2022

William Tubb and Sarah Ruff

St Mary's Church, Alverstoke
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William Tubb (b. 1808), son of William Tubb and Sarah Chard, married Sarah Ruff, daughter of William Ruff and Martha Preston, in Alverstoke, Gosport on 27 Jul 1827. 

William and Sarah had twelve children:
  1. Henry Tubb bap. 12 Jun 1825 at St Mary's Church, Portsea
  2. Edward Tubb bap. 18 Nov 1827 at St Mary's Church, Portsea
  3. William Tubb bap. 30 Mar 1828 at St Mary's Church, Portsea
  4. Sarah Maria Tubb bap. 11 Jul 1830 at St Mary's Church, Portsea
  5. Elizabeth Jane Tubb bap. 30 Sep 1832 at St Mary's Church, Portsea (Jane Tubb (3) was buried at St Mary's, on 22 Mar 1835.)
  6. James Henry Tubb b. 1 Apr 1834, bap. 6 Jul 1834 at St Mary's, Portsea
  7. Jane Tubb bap. 21 Aug 1836 at St Mary's Church, Portsea
  8. Amelia Tubb b. 1838 D Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND UNION Volume 07 Page 120, bap. 3 Feb 1839 at St Mary's Church, Portsea
  9. Martha Louisa Tubb b. 1841 M Quarter Volume 07 Page 137
  10. Mary Ann Tubb b. 1843 M Quarter Volume 07 Page 136
  11. Alfred Tubb b. 1844 D Quarter Volume 07 Page 129
  12. Lavinia Tubb b. 1851 M Quarter Volume 07 Page 160, died, aged 2, in 1853 S Quarter Volume 02B Page 232, buried 2 Oct 1853, in Portsea.
They seem to have given up on baptisms after Amelia. This is not unusual and is something I've seen elsewhere, once civil registration had been introduced.

Edward was probably older than his baptism suggests, particularly with only 4 months between his and William's baptism. Likely Edward was also born before the marriage and William already on the way when they tied the knot. 

In 1841, William Tubb (35), Sarah Tubb (30), William Tubb (13), Sarah Tubb (11), James Tubb (7), Jane Tubb (5), Amelia Tubb (3) and Louisa Tubb (0) were listed in 'Marie Lee Borne Street' (Marylebone Street). Sons Henry Tubb (15) and Edward Tubb (13), and grandfather, William Tubb (54), were all residing in the household of John Windel (37) in Bow Street, Portsea. 

In 1851, still in Marylebone Street were William Tubb (42) Master Brush Maker, Sarah Tubb (42); married daughter, Sarah Donset (21); James Tubb (16), Sailor; Jane Tubb (14), Louisa Tubb (9), Mary Ann Tubb (7), Alfred Tubb (6) and Louisa (sic) - must be Lavinia (0). Amelia Tubb (12) was staying with her aunt and uncle James and Jane Frankham in Waterloo Street, Portsea.

Son William Tubb, born 1828, died, aged 26, in Alverstoke, Hampshire and was buried, on 19 Feb 1854 at St Mary's Church, Portsea.

Once more at Marylebone Street, in 1861, we find just William Tubbs (sic) (52), Brush Maker with wife Sarah Tubbs (sic) (52).

In 1871, in Landport, were William Tubb (62), Brush Maker, Sarah Tubb (62), daughter Louisa Nichlas (29) Widowed and granddaughter, Lydia Nichlas (5). 

William Tubb died in 1878, listed as 71 and is buried possibly at Kingston Cemetery. Sarah Tubb (née Ruff) died the following year of 1879. She was 71. Records suggest she is buried at St Mary's Church, Portsea.

Monday, 16 August 2021

George Alfred Loud and Tryphena Davis

Axminster: Castle Hill
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Mr Eugene Birchall -

George Alfred Loud (b. 1860), son of Edward Loud and Ann Phippen, married Tryphena Davis (b. 1 Jul 1863), daughter of John Davis and Charlotte Enticott, in 1882, in Axminster.
Tryphena as a girl's name is of Greek origin meaning "delicacy". In the Bible, Tryphena appears in one of Paul's epistles to the Romans.
In 1881, both the Loud and the Davis families had lived in Paradise Row, Axminster, so George had married 'the girl next door', or very close to it. "In the early 1920s there was disquiet amongst the members of the Axminster UDC about the very poor state of 7 small cottages known collectively as Paradise Row, including a report of a plague of rats. These cottages (which can be seen on the 1905 OS map) had been built many years before in an alleyway behind what (in 2018) was the former Axe Vale Social Club building."

George and Tryphena had 14 children, all of whom survive infancy:
  1. William Loud born 1883
  2. Alice Maud Loud born 1884
  3. Edward Loud born 7 Nov 1885
  4. Annie Loud born 1889
  5. Eva May Loud born 1891
  6. Frederick James Loud born 1893 
  7. Walter George Loud born 1894
  8. Thomas Loud born 1896
  9. Sydney Loud born 1898
  10. Bertie Loud born 1900
  11. Elsie Mary Loud born 1901
  12. George Alfred Loud born 1903
  13. Ellen Minnie Loud born 1 Oct 1904
  14. Edith May Loud born 1907
In 1891, the family was living in Paradise Row, Chard Street, Axminster, with George Loud (30) General Labourer, Tryphena Loud (27) Brushmaker, William (8), Alice M (7), Edward (5), Annie (2) and Eva M (0).

In 1901, they'd moved to Castle Street, Axminster, where we find George A Loud (39), Tryphena (36), William (18), Alice M (16), Edward (15), Annie (11), Eva M (10), Frederick (8), Walter G (6), Thomas (4), Sydney (2) and Bertie (1).
The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette of 19 July 1907, reported that "The Axminster Justices had imposed a fine of 10s and costs on a labourer, named George Loud, for making use of bad language. There were several previous convictions against the defendant." And The Western Times of 22 September 1909: "George Loud, labourer, Axminster, was summoned for using obscene language. PC Ridgeway stated the facts, and defendant, who did not appear, was fined £1 and costs." 
In 1911, in Castle Hill, Axminster, there were George Loud (51), Tryphena (48), William (28), Annie (21), Eva May (20), Frederick (18) Milk Carrier, Walter George (16), Thomas (14), Sydney (12), Bert (11), Elsie Mary (9), George Alfred (8), Ellen Minnie (6) and Edith May (4). Annie, Eva May, Walter George and Thomas all worked at the Brush Factory. Only Alice and Edward weren't still at home: Alice Maud Loud had married Herbert Edmund Davey in 1906: they were living in Chelsea, London. Edward Loud (25), in 1911, was a boarder in Teffont Magna, Wiltshire. In 1917, he married his landlady, Sarah Brockway.

George A Loud died in 1923, aged 64. Tryphena Loud died in 1933, aged 69.

The Old Brush Works, Axminster
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Derek Harper -
This oddly-shaped mill building, with three tall storeys, is at the foot of Castle Hill.

In late 1880 it was reported that James Boon had “… let a portion of his mills at the bottom of Castle Hill to Messrs Coate, Bidwell & Co, tooth brush manufacturers of Chard and London”. It was estimated at the time that about 200 persons were likely to be employed in Axminster as a consequence.
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