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William Ball and Sarah Jane Tubb & Joseph Leach

St Mary's Portsea
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William Ball (b. 1806), Bachelor, married Sarah Jane Tubb (b. 1812), daughter of William Tubb and Sarah Chard, at St Mary's Church, Portsea on 24 Apr 1832. Witnesses were Mary Ann Ball and William John Long.

William and Sarah Jane Ball had one daughter:
  1. Sarah Louisa Ball bap. 29 Sep 1833 at St Mary's, daughter of William Ball, Seaman and Sarah of Lake Lane, Portsea.
The next time we find them is in 1851, when William Ball (45) Shipwright Greenwich Pensioner from Portsea, Hampshire; Sarah Ball (39) and Sarah Louisa Coombs (18) were living in Church Path, Portsea.

Sarah Louisa Ball (18) of Church Road, Portsea, daughter of William Ball, Carpenter, had married William Coombes (26) Seaman, HMS Illustrious, listed as son of John Coombs, Shipwright, also at St Mary's Church, Portsea on 11 Jan 1850. Witnesses to their marriage were Mary Ann Horner and William Ball. William and Sarah Louisa Coombes appear to have two children: William Coombs b. 1852 M Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND UNION Volume 02B Page 415 and Louisa Coombs b. 1853 D Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND UNION Volume 02B Page 359. I can find no further records for any of them.

William Ball, we must assume, must have died between 1851 and 1853.

In 1853-54 Sarah Jane Ball appears to receive payment related to Greenwich Hospital out-pensioners - a final pension payment perhaps. 

On 24 Apr 1853, again at St Mary's Church, Portsea, Sarah Jane Ball, Widow, daughter of William Tubb, Ropemaker, married Joseph Leach, Blacksmith, Widower of Havant Street, listed as son of John Leach, Farmer. Witnesses were Mary Windel and Henry Tubb, Sarah Jane's sister and brother.

Once more, there don't seem to be any further records for them.

James Tubb and Sarah Pearce

St. Mary's Church - Alverstoke
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James Tubb (bap. 1809), son of William Tubb and Sarah Chard and younger brother of this William Tubb, married Sarah Pearce, daughter of Thomas Pearce and Sarah Hall, at Alverstoke, on 27 Oct 1830.

James and Sarah had nine children, the first two of whom were baptised in the 12th Century, early version of St Mary's Church, Portsea.
  1. Sarah Pierce (sic) Tubb b. 26 Feb 1830, bap. 18 Jan 1835
  2. James Thomas Tubb b. 6 Nov 1833, bap. 18 Jan 1835
  3. Emma Tubb b. 1838 M Quarter in PORTSEA Volume 07 Page 143
  4. William Tubb b. 1840 D Quarter in PORTSEA Volume 07 Page 109
  5. Alfred Tubb b. 1843 J Quarter in PORTSEA Volume 07 Page 122 (Died 1844 M Quarter in PORTSEA Volume 07 Page 102)
  6. Caroline Tubb b. 1844 D Quarter in PORTSEA Volume 07 Page 122
  7. Henry Edward Tubb b. 1847 J Quarter in PORTSEA Volume 07 Page 126
  8. Mary Ann Tubb b. 1849 D Quarter in PORTSEA Volume 07 Page 173
  9. Elizabeth Tubb b. 1853 J Quarter in PORTSEA Volume 02B Page 401
Once again, as civil registration was introduced, baptisms were abandoned.

In 1851, we find this family living in Upper Church Road, Portsea with James Tubb (42) Shipwright at Dock Yard; wife Sarah Tubb (40), daughter Sarah Tubb (20), James Tubb (17), Shipwright's Apprentice; Emma Tubb (13), William Tubb (10), Caroline Tubb (6), Henry Tubb (4), Mary Tubb (1) and Sarah's father, Thomas Pearce (74), Widower, Retired Grocer.

In 1871, James Tubb (61) Superannuated Shipwright, Sarah Tubb (60), Mary A Tubb (21) and Elizabeth Tubb (17), were at Church Path, North, Portsea.

Shortly before his 65th birthday, James Tubb, DOB 30 Apr 1809, from Portsea, Hampshire, 5ft 7in tall, with grey hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion, enlisted in the Royal Navy as a Shipwright. From 1 Jan 1874 until 13 Feb 1875, he was assigned to HMS Asia, flagship of the Admiral-Superintendent of Portsmouth Dockyard. From 31 Mar 1875 to 31 Mar 1876 and from 1 Apr 1876 to 9 Jun 1877, he was assigned to HMS St Vincent, which had been commissioned as a training ship in 1862, and specifically as a training ship for boys, moored permanently at Haslar from 1870. James Tubb may have been maintaining or converting the vessel. If I were to speculate, my feeling is that this already long-standing dockyard employee was taken into Royal Navy service at such a 'ripe age' to provide him with a pension.

In 1881, James Tubb (73), Shipwright Pensioner and Sarah Tubb (70), were living at 2, Charles Street, Portsea, with William Jeffery (7), listed as their nephew. He was their grandson, William James Jeffery, born 1874, son of their youngest daughter, Elizabeth, who married William Jeffery in 1872.

In 1891, James Tubb (81), Retired Shipwright and Sarah Tubb (80) were living in Church Path North, Portsea, with the house to themselves.

After more than 65 years of marriage, James and Sarah Tubb died in 1896, within a week of each other. James Tubb (87) Pensioner of Church Path, Landport, was buried from St Mary's, at Kingston Cemetery, on 22 Jul 1896 and Sarah Tubb (86) Widow of Church Path, Landport was likewise buried at Kingston Cemetery, from St Mary's, seven days later, on 29 Jul 1896.

Henry Ralph Gabbedey and Elizabeth Louisa Osborn

St Botolph without Bishopsgate
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Henry Ralph Gabbedey, son of John Benbow Gabbedy and Isabella Cleghorn, married Elizabeth Louisa Sheldrick on 17 Sep 1833 at the church of St Botolph-without-Bishopsgate. Born Elizabeth Louisa Osborn and baptised on 24 Apr 1808 in Rotherhithe, daughter of James Osborn and Ann Hopwood, Elizabeth had previously married Thomas Sheldrick on 10 Oct 1830, also at St. Botolph Bishopsgate. However, by the time Elizabeth had their daughter, Eliza Maria Sheldrick baptised, on 19 Aug 1831, in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, Elizabeth was already described as a widow, although she wasn't, yet.

Thomas Sheldrick (43) "A convict in the General Penitentiary" (Millbank Prison), was buried on 5 Jul 1832 at the burial ground of the General Penitentiary, Millbank. In 1830, Thomas Sheldrick and at the same time John Kimpton, were both sentenced, in Cambridge, to 7 years Transportation for Larceny. Then there's a second record ordering the removal of Thomas Sheldrick and John Kimpton from Cambridge to the General Penitentiary on 14 Jul 1830. Clearly Sheldrick died before he could be transported. 

But it raises so many questions, like why did Elizabeth marry a convict?

Henry Ralph and Elizabeth Louisa Gabbedey had 10 children:
  1. Henry William Gabbedey bap. 5 Oct 1834 at St John's, Wapping.
  2. John Gabbodey (sic) b. 11 Dec 1835, bap. 27 Jan 1836 at Shadwell, Ebenezer Chapel, Independant, just north of Ratcliff Highway.
  3. James Gabbedey b. 1837 S Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 02 Page 62 (Mother's maiden name listed as OSBORN).
  4. Jesse Gabbedey b. 1837 S Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 02 Page 62 (Mother's maiden name SHELDUCK). There's no record of a marriage between anyone named Gabbedey and Shelduck, so I'm confident this is Sheldrick misspelled. It looks like Jesse and James (Actually, the outlaw Jesse James was not yet born) may have been twins, but why they were listed with different mother's maiden names, is a mystery. Died, aged 1, in 1839 J Quarter in Volume 02 Page 50.
  5. Louisa Ann Gabbedey b. 1839 D Quarter in SAINT GEORGE (IN THE EAST) Volume 02 Page 77 (Mother's maiden name listed as OSBORN).
  6. Charles Gabbedey b. 1842 M Quarter in SAINT GEORGE (IN THE EAST) Volume 02 Page 82. (Mother's maiden name listed as SHELDRICK).
  7. Thomas Gabbedey b. 1844 M Quarter in SAINT GEORGE (IN THE EAST) Volume 02 Page 94. (Mother's maiden name listed as SHELDRICK).
  8. Matilda Gabbedey b. 1845 S Quarter in SAINT GEORGE (IN THE EAST) Volume 02 Page 80. (Mother's maiden name listed as SHELDRICK).
  9. Joseph William Gabbedey b. 1848 M Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 02 Page 566. (Mother's maiden name listed as OSBORN).
  10. George Gabbedey b. 1850 J Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 02 Page 586. (Mother's maiden name listed as OSBORN). Died, aged 1, 1851 J Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 02 Page 381.
On Henry William's baptism, the family's address was listed as 70 Anchor and Hope Alley, (Browns Quay, Wapping), St. George in the East and Henry Ralph's occupation listed as Labourer. Later, on daughter Louisa's marriage in 1863, he is described as a Shipwright (as were his father and grandfather.) As I've seen before, once Civil Registration had been introduced in 1837, this family appear to have given up on baptisms. And which former name has been used on each of those registrations for the mother's maiden name looks random, however, I suppose it depends on how the question was asked.

In 1841, in Charles Square, St George, Tower Hamlets, were Henry Gabbedey (35), Elizabeth Gabbedy (33), Eliza Sheldrick (10), Henry Gabbedey (6), John Gabbedey (5), James Gabbedey (4) and Louisa Ann Gabbedey (2).

In 1851, Henry Gabbedey (44) General Labourer, was living in Sarah Street, Shadwell, with wife Louisa Gabbedy (43) purportedly from Hitchin, Hertfordshire; Henry Gabbedey (17), James Gabbedey (14), Louisa Gabbedey (12), Charles Gabbedey (10), Thomas Gabbedey (8), Matilda Gabbedey (6), Joseph Gabbedey (4), George Gabbedey (0), Eliza Sheldrick (20) and John Channing (21) Blacksmith from Newington, Surrey, Lodger.

Elizabeth Louisa Gabbedey died, aged 60, in 1868 M Quarter in STEPNEY Volume 01C Page 342 and Henry Gabbedey died, aged 70, on 30 Jan 1877 M Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 299, leaving his effects to son and daughter, Henry William Gabbedey and Louisa Seares.

Thomas Back and Mary Drake

Church of St Paul, Durnford Street, East Stonehouse, Plymouth
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Thomas Back (39) married Mary Drake (42) at the Chapel of St Paul, East Stonehouse on 22 Jun 1852. Both gave their address as 20 George Street, which is in Devonport. Thomas was listed as a Labourer, son of Thomas Back, Shipwright and Mary Drake as daughter of Thomas Drake, Shipwright. This, I believe, is all nearly true. Thomas Back, bap. 24 Oct 1813 in Stoke Damerel, was actually the son of John Back, Shipwright and his wife Martha. 

Mary Drake, born 20 Apr 1810 and baptised in Stoke Damerel on 15 Dec 1812, was indeed the daughter of Thomas Drake, Shipwright and Frances Poad (who in turn had married, in Stoke Damerel, on 25 May 1784).

On the 1852 marriage, Thomas Back is listed as a Bachelor, however, it is my belief that he had previously married an Eliza Stafford on 7 Aug 1837 at St Andrew's Church, Plymouth. On this marriage, Thomas Back is listed as a Mariner, son of John Back, Shipwright. (There is a Thomas Back b. 1813 listed among Britain, Merchant Seamen, 1835-1857.) In 1841, Thomas Back (25), Eliza Back (20), Eliza Back (2) and Mary Back (0) were among a long list of people (boarders perhaps) in Pembroke Streetone of Devonport's principal streets, with a great number of retailers and public houses. I've not found birth registrations for the girls and cannot trace what became of them.

In 1841, Mary Drake (30) was among a similarly long list of people residing in Hill Street, St Helier, Jersey, along with Frances Drake (75), Edward Drake (9) and Mary Drake (5). There is a baptism record for this latter child, in St Helier, Jersey on 25 Jun 1837, illegitimate daughter of Mary Drake.

We next find Mary Drake (44) Unmarried, Tayloress (sic) in Stoke Damerel Workhouse in 1851, accompanied by Mary Drake (14) born in St Helier, Jersey; George Drake (8) and Thomas Drake (0). George Drake, was born 23 Jan 1843 and bap. 30 Jul 1843, illegitimate son of Mary Drake with abode given as Workhouse. Thomas Drake b. 1850 D Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 09 Page 429, has no mother's maiden name (illegitimate). He was later known as Thomas Back and named Thomas Back as his father.

After their marriage in 1852, the couple added a daughter:
  1. Eliza Back b. 1853 S Qtr in STOKE DAMEREL Vol 05B Page 266
We lose sight of them then until, in 1881, Thomas Back (70) Labourer and Mary Back (72) Tailoress, were found living at 40, Cannon Street, Devonport, seemingly in a separate household, but nevertheless at the very same address as their daughter, Eliza and her husband, Samuel Eastabrook.

Mary Back died in 1883 J Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 05B Page 226, with age estimated at 75. Thomas Back died five years later, in 1888 D Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 05B Page 217, age given as 78.

Mary Drake's children: 
  1. Edmund Drake b. 7 Oct 1832, bap. 22 Jan 1849 in Stoke Damerel, Devon, son of Mary Drake, Single Woman. Mary's eldest illegitimate child was listed, in 1841, as Edward Drake, born around 1832 on the Isle of Jersey. On both of his marriages, Edmund named his father as Edmund Drake (often correct, but also common is saying the same as one's own name when the father is not known). He also lists his father as a Tailor. Mary was a Tailoress and again, when people make stuff up for the records, there's usually a grain of truth in it, as we can see here.
  2. Mary Drake (bap. 25 Jun 1837 in St Helier, Jersey) died on 3 Jun 1878 (1878 J Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 05B Page 261) with age estimated as 38 (she was 40). She was buried on 7 Jun 1878, with her abode on the burial record as 40, Cannon Street, Devonport.
  3. George Drake b. 23 Jan 1843, bap. 30 Jul 1843. George Drake from Devonport, Devon, whose date of birth was listed as 23 Jun 1843 - January and June could be confused, especially if abbreviated - joined the Royal Navy at the Royal William [Yard] on 31 Jul 1857 as a Boy 2nd Class. In 1861, at 17, George was with the "Royal Navy At Sea And In Ports Abroad". He appears to have served until 13 Feb 1868, when he was invalided. He next turns up, in 1881, aged 39, as a boarder in the household of Cornwallis Johnson from Shelford, Cambridgeshire at 19, Pitt Street, Stansfield, Todmorden, Yorkshire, employed as Cellarman at cotton mill. After that, we lose sight of him unfortunately.
  4. Thomas Drake, later known as Thomas Back b. 1850

John Gabbdey and Elizabeth Travally

St Dunstan & All Saints, Stepney - East end
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John Gabbdey married Elizabeth Travally, daughter of Winnall Travally and Elizabeth Benbow at the church of St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, on 11 Jun 1769. John Gabbdey was born on 20 July 1745 and baptised on 11 Aug 1745 at St Anne's Limehouse, the son of Henry Gabbdey and Ann Stewart. This pair of my 5th great-grandparents married, by licence, and, witnessing the marriage were the bride's father, Winnall Travally and a James Bryant. 

Information suggests that John and Elizabeth had four children: 
  1. William Travally Gabbedy b. 1770 in Limehouse, London
  2. John Benbow Gabbedy b. 17 Nov 1771 in Risby's Rope Walk, Limehouse, bap. 8 Dec 1771 at St Anne's Limehouse
  3. Thomas Gabbady b. 15 Feb 1773 in Risby's Rope Walk, Limehouse
  4. Esther Gabbedy b. 11 Feb 1775 in Limekiln Hill, Limehouse
In 1771, John Gabbdey's occupation is listed as Shipwright.

John Gabbdey must have died before 1781, because Elizabeth Gabbedy remarried, at St George in the East, to Edward Penfold on 7 Aug 1781. Witnesses were R Soper and the bride's father, Winnall Travally.

It is reported that Elizabeth Penfold was buried on 8 Dec 1822 in Downside, Surrey. There is indeed a record of a burial of an Elizabeth Penfold, aged 80, born 1742, on 8 Dec 1822 at St Andrew's Church, Cobham, Surrey. This is the right name and right age, but I need to see some other evidence that she had moved to this area before I could accept that this is relevant.

Thomas Drake and Frances Poad

Ancient Dockyard
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This was the first Dockyard built at Devonport at a point just west of Mutton Cove.

Thomas Drake married Frances Poad (bap. 15 Jul 1764), daughter of John Poad and Honor Joll (m. 26 Nov 1760), at Stoke Damerel on 25 May 1784. There is a record which appears to be John Poad giving his permission for his daughter to marry, presumably as she was then 20 (i.e. under 21). 

Possibly the most likely candidate for this Thomas Drake is the one baptised on 24 Jul 1757 in Stoke Damerel, son of William and Patience Drake. What I can categorically say is that he isn't the Thomas Drake, born 1751, that had been attached to this family on one website, where it was quite clearly stated on the baptism record that the child had died within days. That appears to have been wishfully attempting to attach lineage to ancient history.

Thomas and Frances Drake appear to have had 11 children:

  1. Thomas Drake bap. 2 Jan 1785
  2. Frances Drake bap. 14 Oct 1787
  3. George Drake bap. 7 Apr 1790
  4. Elizabeth Drake bap. 29 Jan 1792
  5. John Drake bap. 20 Jul 1794
  6. Francis William Drake bap. 6 Mar 1796
  7. James Drake bap. 10 Dec 1797. (Buried at 2 y 8 m on 19 Jul 1800.)
  8. Hannah Drake b. 1799, bap. 3 Feb 1800 *
  9. James Drake bap. 28 Dec 1801 *
  10. Charles Drake b. 10 Oct 1802, bap. 15 Dec 1812
  11. Mary Drake b. 20 Apr 1810, bap. 15 Dec 1812
* All were all baptised in Stoke Damerel, but the venue for the baptisms of Hannah and James in 1800 and 1801 was listed as Princes Street Independent, presumably the Princes Street Congregational Chapel.

The last sighting there is of Frances Drake (75) was in 1841, residing in Hill Street, St Helier, Jersey, with her youngest daughter, Mary and two of Mary's illegitimate children. One assumes that Thomas Drake had died by then. 

Frances Drake does not appear to be alive by the next census in 1851, but I have [as yet] been unable to isolate death records for either of them.

On Mary's marriage certificate in 1852, she lists her father as a Shipwright.

The other question, of course, is what, if any, link is there between this Drake family and the famous Devon-born slaver, pirate/privateer, bowls player and trouncer of the Armada, Sir Francis Drake? Absolutely no idea whatsoever. Can't disprove one [yet] either. What I discovered during this research is that Drake is a surprisingly common name around Devon. Reckon he had a bike!

Edward Tubb, Hannah Bussey & Sarah Elizabeth Joy

The second St. Mary's Church, Portsea, built in 1843, incorporated the Tudor
west tower of the old church. ImageSimon WrightSome rights reserved

Edward Tubb (b. 1827), son of William Tubb and Sarah Chard, married Hannah Bussey, daughter of Benjamin Bussey and Elizabeth Bowen at St Mary's Church, Portsea on 13 May 1850. (In the previous, second church, built 1843, not the current building, built in the 1880s.)

Edward and Hannah had three children:
  1. Elizabeth Tubb b. 1850 D Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND UNION Volume 07 Page 173, bap. 29 Dec 1850 at St Mary's Church, Portsea
  2. Susan Alice Tubb b. 23 Jul 1852 Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND UNION Volume 02B Page 334, bap. 7 Oct 1855 at St Mary's Church, Portsea
  3. Edward Tubb b. 1860 D Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A Page 575, died, aged 2 in 1863 M Quarter in SHEPPEY Volume 02A Page 461, buried on 28 Mar 1863 at Sheppey Cemetery.
In 1851, the couple had not yet set up home. That year, Edward Tubb (23) Shipwright, was a visitor in the household of Jane Watsworth (40), Seaman's Wife in Nelson Street, Portsea (she may well have been a relative). While Hannah Tubb (21) and their daughter, Elizabeth Tubb (0) were in the household of Hannah's widowed mother, Elizabeth Bussey (56).

They must have moved to the Isle of Sheppey, Kent between 1855 and 1860, because in 1861, the family lived at 4 James Street, Minster in Sheppey, Sheerness with Edward Tubb (33), Shipwright from Portsmouth; Hannah Tubb (32), Elizabeth Tubb (10), Susan Tubb (9) and Edward Tubb (0).

Then Hannah Tubb died, aged only 33, and was buried, on 27 Jun 1862, at Sheppey Cemetery.

In the 3rd quarter of 1864, Edward Tubb remarried, in Thanet, Kent, to Sarah Elizabeth Joy (bap. 8 Mar 1829 at St. John The Baptist, Margate), daughter of Edward Joy and Harriet Mary Garling. 

Edward and Sarah added another three children:
  1. Herbert Joy Tubb b. 8 Oct 1865 D Qtr in SHEPPEY Vol 02A Page 716
  2. Harriet Mary Tubb b. 21 May 1867 J Qtr in SHEPPEY Vol 02A Page 752
  3. Grace Hannah Tubb b. 9 Aug 1871 S Qtr in SHEPPEY Vol 02A Page 754
In 1871, living at 5 Rock Cottages, Minster, Sheppey, were Edward Tubb (43) Shipwright, Sarah E Tubb (42), H J Tubb (Herbert Joy) (5), HM Tubb (Harriet Mary) (3) and Harriet Curtis (13) Boarder. I've been unable to find either Elizabeth or Susan, who at 20 & 19, were presumably out working.

In 1881, they were living at Cheyney Rock Cottages, Minster in Sheppey. Edward Tubb (58); Sarah (51), Herbert (15), Harriet (13) and Grace (9). 

Edward Tubb died 26 Jan 1884, in Sheppey. He will have been 56. He is buried at Sheppey Cemetery, a.k.a. Halfway Cemetery, Sheerness.

In 1891, Sarah E Tubb (61), widow, was a lodger in the household of John Parrett (31) Upholsterer in Trinity Road, Minster in Sheppey. Visiting were daughter, Harriet Mary Penfold (26), Harriet M Penfold (6) and George E Penfold (2). Herbert J Tubb (25) Merchant's Clerk, was in Cornwall. Grace Tubb (19) was a General Servant Domestic in the household of George Harper (49), Upholsterer & Auctioneer in Castle Street, Ashford, Kent.

Sarah Tubb, with her age estimated to 64, died in 1895 J Quarter in WEST ASHFORD (Volume 02A  Page 432). There is a record of a burial of a Sarah Tubbs (sic) in Ashford, on 10 May 1895, which very likely relates.

John Benbow Gabbedy and Isabella Cleghorn

St Bride, Fleet Street, London EC4 - East end
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John Benbow Gabbedy (b. 1771) son of John Gabbdey and Elizabeth Travally, married Isabella Cleghorn, daughter of Anthony Cleghorn and Margaret Jane Murray on 28 Apr 1795 at St Bride's Church, Fleet Street - the church with the famous "wedding cake" spire, designed by Sir Christopher Wren. Quite what any of my Eastenders were doing "up west", I've no idea.

John and Isabella had at least six children:
  1. William Anthony Gabbedey bap. 8 May 1796 at St Dunstan's, Stepney. There is a note on the baptism record which says that the child was 93 days old, which suggests he was born on 5 Feb 1796.
  2. John Cleghorn Gabbedey b. 25 Feb 1798, bap. 8 Apr 1798 at St Mary Magdalene Woolwich
  3. Margaret Elizabeth Gabbedey b. 1800, bap. at St Mary Magdalene
  4. Charles Gabbedey b. 23 Dec 1803, bap. 5 Apr 1812 at St Dunstan's
  5. Henry Ralph Gabady (sic) b. 18 Dec 1807, bap. 17 Jan 1808 at St Dunstan's, Stepney
  6. Anne Elizabeth Gabbaday, b. 23 Feb 1811, bap. at St Anne's Limehouse on 14 Apr 1811
On William Anthony's baptism, the family's address was given as 'Rat' (Ratcliff, between Limehouse and Shadwell), son of John, a Shipwright and Isabella. In 1808, John Benbow Gabbedy's occupation was again listed as Shipwright and on Henry Ralph's baptism, their address was Poplar. In 1811, John's occupation was listed as a Mariner, living in Gill Street, Limehouse. At the time of Charles' baptism in 1812, their address was listed as M.E.O.T. (Mile End Old Town) and John was again described as a Shipwright.

It seemed a strange career change for John to suddenly be a Mariner, when he already had a skill as a Shipwright, and the more so as he'll have already been 40. There's a record in British Royal Navy Allotment Declarations in around 1810, where he's listed as John Gabidy (sic), with rank Co Mate, allotting part of his pay to his wife, Isabella. This records shows that he was with HMS Tortoise, an ex-East IndiamanSir Edward Hughes (1784 EIC ship). "Between March and July 1808 Tortoise was at Woolwich being fitted as a storeship for the Royal Navy." It would then make total sense if he was involved in that conversion. The record suggests John was Invalided on 27 Sep 1811.

John Benbow Gabbedy seemingly died in 1841 and Isabella on 20 Feb 1852.

St Anne, Limehouse - Interior
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