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Winnall Travally and Elizabeth Benbow

St Dunstan's Church, Stepney
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Winnall Travally (1715–1783), son of Thomas Travally and Rachel Winnall, married Elizabeth Benbow (1715–1779), daughter of Richard Benbow and Elizabeth Cowtley, (although I've not [yet] found a record of the marriage).

Winnall Travally and Elizabeth Benbow, it appears, had four children; 
  1. Sarah Travaly (1739-1792)
  2. Winnall Travally (1741-1741)
  3. Elizabeth Travally (1742-1822)
  4. Esther Travally (1744-1821) 
Winnall Travally, as was his father, Thomas Travally, was a Waterman on the Thames. With their only son not surviving infancy, sadly, that looks like the end of the line for the name and for the Travally's association with the river.

Elizabeth Travaly died, aged 63, and was buried on 24 Jun 1779, in Stepney.

Winnall Travally was buried, on 18 Jul 1783, at St Dunstan's, Stepney.
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