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Tuesday, 22 February 2022

William Tubb and Jane Bound

The first 12th Century St. Mary's ChurchKingston, Portsea

William Tubb, purportedly born in 1752 - I haven't personally seen the record which confirms this - married Jane Bound (bap. 7 Mar 1749), daughter of John Bound, at the 12th Century St Mary's Church, Portsea on 8 Nov 1773.

Records point to William and Jane having six children:
  1. Jane Atkins Tubb bap. 15 Jan 1775 at St. Mary's Church, Portsea
  2. William Tubb bap. 17 Nov 1776 (possibly buried 29 Jan 1778)
  3. Mary Tubb bap. 3 Jan 1779 at St. Mary's Church, Portsea
  4. John Tubb bap. 27 May 1781 at St. Mary's Church, Portsea
  5. Sarah Tubb bap. 27 May 1781 at St. Mary's Church, Portsea
  6. William Tubb bap. 12 Aug 1787 at St. Mary's Church, Portsea
It's probably safe to conclude that either William or Jane's mother's maiden name was Atkins. And, since son John is named for Jane's father, the possibility that William is named after their father and also after their grandfather.

Although John and Sarah were both baptised together in 1781, I don't think there is any reason to assume that they were twins. On the other hand, I think we can, sadly, assume that the William born in 1776 died as an infant, because the name was re-used for the last child. Having only seen the transcripts of these records, it may be possible that the originals give further clues.

Jane Tubb (née Bound) of Sun Street, Portsea, died, aged 77, and was buried on 9 Sep 1827 in 'the Parish Of Portsea, County Of Southampton' (the county of Hampshire is named after Southampton, clearly this was then still used). 

There is no record that relates to the death of William Tubb (b. 1752).

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