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Saturday 25 May 2024

John Byatt and Elizabeth Leaper

St. Mary's Church and churchyard, Churchgate, EN8
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John Byatt (bap. 3 Oct 1819 in Little Canfield, Essex) son of John Byatt and Jane Stokes, married Elizabeth Leaper (b. 10 Sep 1825, bap. 9 Oct 1825 in Aldenham, Hertfordshire) daughter of John Leaper and Mary Mayse in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire on 25 May 1845.

John and Elizabeth had ten children:
  1. John Edward Byatt b. 23 Mar 1846 J Quarter in EDMONTON Volume 03 Page 141, bap. 12 Apr 1846 in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
  2. George Byatt b. 3 Jan 1848 M Quarter in EDMONTON Volume 03 Page 132, bap. 13 Feb 1848 in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
  3. William Byatt b. 20 Jan 1850 M Qtr in EDMONTON Vol 03 Page 144
  4. Charles Byart b. 1 Aug 1852 S Qtr in SHOREDITCH Vol 01C Page 149
  5. Elizabeth Byart b. 1854 D Quarter in SHOREDITCH Vol 01C Page 125
  6. Jane Byart b. 3 Nov 1856 D Quarter in SHOREDITCH Vol 01C Page 140
  7. Emma Byart b. 1859 S Quarter in WHITECHAPEL Vol 01C Page 338
  8. Thomas Byart b. 1861 J Quarter in ISLINGTON Vol 01B Page 290
  9. Louisa Byart b. 1863 D Quarter in BETHNAL GREEN Vol 01C Page 323
  10. Ellen Byart b. 1866 J Quarter in BETHNAL GREEN Vol 01C Page 329
The first three children were registered correctly under the surname Byatt, then thereafter they changed the spelling to Byart. Their mother's maiden name is LEAPER (misspelled on William's as LEARPER). 

In 1861, John Byart (42) Carman from Dunmow, Essex, was living in City Gardens, Islington with Elizabeth Byart (36) from Watford, Hertfordshire; John E Byart (15) Lucifer Match Maker (it was the production of Lucifer matches that later caused the Bryant & May Match Workers Strike); George Byart (13), William Byart (11), Charles Byart (9), Elizabeth Byart (6), Jane Byart (4) and Emma Byart (2).

In 1871, John Byart (51) Carman was living in Mile End Old Town with Elizabeth Byart (48), John Byart (25) Engine Driver; Charles Byart (19) Horse Keeper; Thomas Byart (17) Scholar; Elizabeth Byart (16), Jane Byart (14), Louisa Byart (8) and Helen (sic) Byart (4).

In 1891, John Byart (72) birthplace wrongly listed as Brentwood, Essex, was living in the household of Josiah Ayris (32) Carman in St Ann's Road, Mile End Old Town. Josiah was his son-in-law, second husband of daughter Emma. This took some deciphering, because John Byart's wife is inexplicably listed as Sarah and Emma was listed as Ann. Were they or the enumerator drunk? 

John Byatt died at 72 in 1892 J Quarter in MILE END OLD TOWN Volume 01C Page 344 and Elizabeth Byart died at 73, in 1898 D Quarter in MILE END OLD TOWN Volume 01C Page 306.

Monday 25 March 2024

Richard Wilton and Catherine Byatt

Quaker Meeting House (1835), New Street, Great Dunmow

Richard Wilton (bap. 20 Mar 1811 in Royston, Hertfordshire), middle son of Stephen Wilton and Elizabeth Hankin, married Catherine Byatt (bap. 4 Apr 1824 in Little Canfield, Essex), daughter of John Byatt and Jane Stokes, at the Independent Meeting House (Quaker Meeting House), New Street, Great Dunmow, on 25 Mar 1843, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Protestant Dissenters. Richard Wilton, who had been listed on the 1841 census, living in the High Street, Great Dunmow, as a harness maker (as he is on the marriage certificate), was 32 at the time of the wedding and Catherine Byatt, then 19, was listed as a minor. Witnesses were Richard's younger brother Joseph Wilton and Maria Staines (then 17) sister of Richard's brother, Henry's wives (both), daughters of Thomas Staines and Sally Hockley

Richard and Catherine had seven children:
  1. Ann Wilton b. 1844 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 12 Page 76, mother's maiden name BYATE. (Died 27 Apr 1850 (1850 J Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 12 Page 56), aged 6, buried 2 May 1850)
  2. Elizabeth Wilton b. 6 Aug 1847 (1847 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 12 Page 69 1847 Q3 - the whole of volume 12 is missing except for the first page (about 3000 entries missing)
  3. Richard Wilton b. 1848 (No GRO birth registration) (Died, aged 41, in 1889 J Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 322)
  4. Walter Wilton b. 1850 D Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 12 Page 79 (Died, aged 1, in 1852 M Quarter in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 219)
  5. Martha Wilton b. 1853 M Quarter in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 317 (Died, aged 1, in 1854 J Quarter in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 209)
  6. William Wilton b. 1855 J Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 311 (Died, aged 3, in 1858 J Quarter in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 223)
  7. Ellen Wilton b. 1857 J Quarter in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 335 
On the birth registrations for Walter, Martha, William and Ellen, the mother's maiden name is correctly listed as BYATT.

Richard Wilton, Harness maker (journeyman), died on 3 Mar 1858, from Phthisis (pulmonary tuberculosis). He was 46.

George Wilton, born in the Dunmow Union (Workhouse) on 3 Feb 1860 (1860 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 361), birth certificate says his mother's name was Caroline Wilton, no father listed, but I cannot find a Caroline Wilton in the area at any time. On later census returns George was listed as Catherine's new husband - John Eldred's - step-son, so George appears to have been Catherine's 'mystery' illegitimate son.

In 1861, the widowed Catherine (surname transcribed as Wilson), was living with her brother, William Byatt, in Little Canfield. George Wilton, aged 1, was listed there as nephew to the head of the household. There was a Stephen Wilton (13) Baker, lodging in the household of Elizabeth Edwards (73) at Dunmow Down, Great Dunmow, however, I believe this was a pseudonym used by their son Richard Wilton (see 1884 below). While, the 13 year old Elizabeth and her 4 year old sister, Ellen (listed as being 6), were that year, listed as inmates in the Great Dunmow Union Workhouse.

Catherine then remarried to John Eldred, widower, on 27 Sep 1862 in Great Dunmow. (Various records list her previous surname as Walton or Wilson.)

John Eldred (bap. 10 Mar 1822 in Great Dunmow) son of William Eldred and Eleanor Fewell, had married for the first time to Harriett Page, on 20 Aug 1848, in Great Dunmow. John and Harriett Eldred had three sons: 
  1. John Eldred b. 1849 D Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 12 Page 73, bap. 10 Jul 1853 in Great Dunmow. (Died aged 10, in 1860 J Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 224)
  2. Walter Eldred b. 1852 D Quarter in WHITECHAPEL Volume 01C Page 355, bap. 10 Jul 1853 in Great Dunmow. On the baptism, his father's occupation is listed as Brewer's Servant and address given as No 12 Smith Place High Street Wapping London. (Died, aged 18, in 1871 J Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 256)
  3. Alfred Eldred bap. 12 Aug 1855 in Great Dunmow
But Harriet Eldred died aged 28, in 1855 D Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 312.

John Eldred remarried to Elizabeth Tennisse, Widow, daughter of John Pitts, Mariner, on 2 Nov 1856 at Christ Church, St George in the East. Elizabeth Pitts had previously married James Tennisse in 1854, in Bethnal Green. The pair had three children, all of whom died as infants: Maria Sophia Tennisse (1849-1853); James John Tennisse (1851-1856) and Sarah Tennisse (1853-1855). James Tennisse also died, at 32, in 1855, in Stepney.

John and Elizabeth Eldred had one daughter:
  1. Thomazine Maria Eldred b. 24 Jul 1857 S Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 413, bap. 4 Apr 1858 in the parish of St George in the East, Stepney. Her father's occupation was listed as Drayman and their address again as 12 Smith's Place.
Then Elizabeth Pitts Eldred died, aged 30, in 1859 J Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 271. 

So when Catherine Wilton married John Eldred, she became his third wife.

In 1871, living in Braintree Road, Great Dunmow, were John Eldred (44) Ag Lab, Catherine Eldred (42) both had lost 5 years; Walter Eldred (18) Son, Alfred Eldred (16) Son, Maria Eldred (13) Daughter, Ellen Wilton (14) Step-Daughter; George Wilton (11) Step-Son; and Alice Wilton (2) Granddaughter (Alice Catherine Wilton born 12 Feb 1869, to Elizabeth Wilton.)

Then John Eldred died, aged 49, in 1876 D Quarter in WEST HAM UNION Volume 04A Page 54. 

In 1881, Catherine Eldridge (sic) (56) Widow, Dressmaker from Cranfield (sic), Essex, was living at 23, Powis Road, Bromley, Poplar, with Richard Wilton (31) Labourer; George Wilton (21) Labourer; Ellen Wilton (24) Match Maker; Susan Robinson (21) Match Maker (Boarder) and four Lodgers: William Wardley (20) Labourer from Sudbury, Suffolk; Arthur Seatch (36) Labourer from Bromley; Frank Poulter (24) Carman from Cambridge and James Howard (18) Match Maker (Fusee) from Bromley.

Matchgirl strikers, several showing early symptoms of phosphorus necrosis. Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
White Slavery in London

Living little more than half a mile from the Bryant & May's factory in Bow, it's probably reasonable to assume this was where they were all employed, where conditions were especially bad

"The match girls worked from 6.30am (or 8am in winter) until 6pm, with just two breaks, standing all the time. “A typical case”, wrote Besant, “is that of a girl of 16, a piece worker; she earns 4s a week ..." (Worth around £26 in 2020).

"Conditions were appalling for the 1,400 women and girls who worked at Bryant and May's match factory in Bow, East London. Low pay for a 14-hour day was cut even more if you talked or went to the toilet, and 'phossy jaw' - a horrible bone cancer caused by the cheap type of phosphorus in the matches - was common." 

"If you handled white phosphorus or came into contact with it too much, then it caused serious damage to your health and you ended up with a terrible condition known as ‘Phossy Jaw’ – where you would get severe toothache followed by swelling of the gums. Abscesses would then form on the jaw-bone, and the facial bones would glow a greeny white in the dark. If untreated then ‘Phossy Jaw’ would develop into brain damage and ultimately multiple organ failure." As a result of these appalling conditions, the London Matchgirls Strike of 1888 started in the factory, which led to the establishment of the first British trade union for women. Match Girls Strike at Bryant and May Factory: The 1888 Uprising for Workers’ Rights in London

Having checked the records, I know my 2x great-grand aunt was not involved in the Matchgirls Strike in 1888, but it gives an insight into the conditions she must have endured. She could have been involved in an earlier, unsuccessful, strike in 1881. [As yet] I've found no verified record of Ellen Wilton after 1881, so she may have already become a victim of these circumstances.

The Essex Herald of 20 Oct 1884 reported on "WHOLESALE SHOP LIFTING. - Richard Wilton, a navvy, of Bromley-by-Bow, was brought up in custody charged with stealing a black rep cloth overcoat and 12 pairs of tanned leggings, value £1, from the shop of Edwin Joseph Wilton, in High Street, Dunmow on Saturday night last. Prisoner was further charged with stealing six twill jackets, value 24s, the property of Mr John Beard, of North Street, Great Dunmow, on Saturday night. Superintendent Ackers stated that the greater part of the property had been recovered and identified, and, it being believed that others were implicated in the robbery, he asked that the prisoner, who was only arrested on Sunday night, might be remanded. The prisoner was accordingly remanded for a week. Later reports, which (incorrectly named the perp as Stephen Wilton (36) Baker) noted that Mr Wilton stated the prisoner was his cousin. The prisoner was acquitted. (There were two cousins, to both Richard and Edwin, named Stephen Wilton [1] [2] - neither were angels - but I'm sure that this was not either of them.

Of Catherine's two surviving children and two step-children: her daughter Elizabeth Wilton; her son George WiltonAlfred Eldred and Thomazine Maria Eldred ... all four gave the name Catherine as the first or middle name to their first child. In the case of her step-son, Alfred's wife's mother was also named Catherine to account for this, but for all of them to use the name, I think tells us far more about Catherine as a person than records usually can.

So far, I've not found a death for Catherine, but with so many incorrect names given throughout her life, it's not easy to guess what it might be listed under. There's also the chance, of course, that she remarried once again and therefore this is under yet another totally new name.

Friday 22 March 2024

William Nunn and Susanna Byatt

All Saints' Little Canfield
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William Nunn (bap. 8 Apr 1798 in High Roding) son of William and Mary Nunn, married Susanna Byatt (bap. 11 Jun 1803 in Little Canfield), daughter of John Byatt and Jane Stokes, at All Saints, Little Canfield on 22 Mar 1819. William was 21, Susanna was possibly not quite, or maybe just, 16. 

William and Susanna, it appears, had seven children:
  1. William Nunn bap. 16 Jun 1822 at All Saints, High Roding
  2. Elizabeth Nunn bap. 13 Jun 1824 at All Saints, High Roding
  3. Sarah Nunn bap. 14 May 1826 at All Saints, High Roding. Died, aged 6, in 1832 and was buried in High Roding
  4. George Nunn bap. 27 Jun 1830 at All Saints, High Roding
  5. James Nunn bap. 25 Nov 1832 at All Saints, High Roding
  6. Sophia Nunn b. 7 Jun 1835, bap. 5 Jul 1835 at Thaxted Parish Church. Died, aged 18, in 1853 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 194 and was buried in Thaxted
  7. John Nunn b. 24 Jan 1837, bap. 2 Apr 1837 in Thaxted
But then Susan Nunn died aged 35 in 1839 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 12 Page 73 and was buried on 4 Feb 1839 in Thaxted.

In 1841, William Nunn (listed as 40) was living in Cutlers GreenThaxted with William Nunn (20), Eliza Nunn (20) - son William Nunn had married Eliza Thompson, in Dunmow registration district, in the 1st quarter of 1841 - George Nunn (11), James Nunn (9), Sophia Nunn (5) and John Nunn (3).

The 1851 census is missing and I didn't find the family in 1861.

In 1871, William Nunn (71) Agricultural Labourer, Widower, was seemingly living alone at 38 Park St, Thaxted. There are, of course, a lot of gaps in the records, but William appears to be unusual for his time, in that he does not seem to ever remarry and nor does he have any help at home, appearing therefore to have worked and brought up his children single-handedly.

In 1881, however, we find William Nunn (84) Pauper, Widower among inmates at the Union Workhouse, Great Dunmow, at that time the only place to get elderly or medical care. Unsurprisingly, William Nunn died, aged 84, in 1882 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 329.

Sunday 3 March 2024

James Crozier and Jane Byatt

All Saints, Little Canfield
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James Crozier (bap. 9 Aug 1807 in Great Canfield, Essex) son of William Crozier and Sarah Watts, married Jane Byatt (bap 9 Jun 1811 in Little Canfield), daughter of John Byatt and Jane Stokes, on 3 Mar 1827 at All Saints, Little Canfield. By my calculations, James was 19 and Jane 15.

James and Jane had 10 children, all baptised in Little Canfield:

  1. Sarah Crozier bap. 10 Feb 1828. (Baptism records says Sally.) 
  2. Rachel Crozier b. 1830 (No baptism record, but listed on 1841 census and lists James Crozier as her father on her marriage in 1855.)
  3. Susanna Crozier bap. 9 Sep 1831 
  4. Emma Crozier bap. 9 Aug 1835. Died Sep 1835, buried at Little Canfield
  5. Ann Crozier b. 1838 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 12 Page 67, bap. 9 Jul 1838. Died 1839 and is buried at Little Canfield
  6. William Crozier bap. 21 Jun 1840
  7. Kezia Crozier b. 1846 S Quarter Volume 12 Page 71, bap. 2 Aug 1846
  8. Ellen Crozier b. 1849 J Quarter Volume 12 Page 83, bap. 4 Mar 1849
  9. Jane Crozier b. 1851 J Quarter Volume 12 Page 91, bap. 15 Jun 1851
  10. Louisa Crozier bap. 27 Feb 1859. Died at 37, in 1896 D Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 392.
All of the birth registrations, where they exist, show the mother's maiden name as BYATT. All of the baptisms give James' occupation as Labourer.

In 1841, living at Whip Warrens, Little Canfield (there is a Warren Farm at Little Canfield), were James Crozier (34), Jane Crozier (32), Sarah Crozier (14), Rachel Crozier (11), Susan Crozier (8) and William Crozier (1).

In 1861, living in The Village, Little Canfield, were James Crozier (52) [lost 2 years] Agricultural Labourer, Jane Crozier (51), William Crozier (20), Ellen Crozier (12), Jane Crozier (10) and Louisa Crozier (2). Sarah, Rachel and Susana had all married; and Kezia Crozier (13) was a House Servant in the employ of William Bailey (53) Farmer at Strood Hill, Great Dunmow

In 1871, James Crozier (61) Agricultural Labourer, was still living in Little Canfield with Jane Crozier (63) - their ages have more or less been transposed - with just Louisa Crozier (12) still at home. Jane Crozier (19) was House Servant to Henry Sewell Franklin (34) Farmer, in Lower Canfield.

In 1881, James Crozier (76) Agricultural Labourer and Jane Crozier  (71) were living in High Cross Lane, Little Canfield. Louisa Crozier (23) from Essex, was a Domestic Maid at Grove House, St Peter, Thanet, Kent.

James Crozier died in 1888 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 268 and was buried in Little Canfield.

In 1891, Jane Crozier (84) Widow, was living alone, while Louisa Crozier (33) was General Domestic Servant to Henry S Franklin (54) Farmer, in High Cross Lane, Lower Canfield, for whom her sister Jane had worked 20 yrs earlier.

Jane Crozier died, at 88, in 1899 M Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 444 and was also buried in Little Canfield.

Friday 24 November 2023

John Byatt and Jane Stokes

All Saints, Little Canfield - Chancel
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John Byatt (bap. 3 May 1778 in Elsenham), son of John Byatt and Sarah Pewter, married Jane Stokes, daughter of Robert Stokes and Susanna Judd, on 24 Nov 1800 at All Saints Church, Little Canfield, Essex.

John and Jane Byatt's children, baptised in Little Canfield, were:
  1. Susanna Byatt bap. 11 Jun 1803
  2. Jane Byatt bap. 9 Jun 1811
  3. William Byatt bap. 6 Mar 1814
  4. Elizabeth Byatt bap. 6 Oct 1816, died aged 31, in 1847 J Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 12 Page 77, buried 8 Jun 1847
  5. John Byatt bap. 3 Oct 1819
  6. Catherine Byatt bap. 4 Apr 1824
  7. George Byatt bap. 30 Sep 1827
There are significant gaps between those births, so there may be others.

In 1841, John Byatt (65) Labourer, Jane Byatt (56), George Byatt (13) and Jane's widowed mother, Susan Stokes (78) were living in Hickeys Lane, Little Canfield. Living next door to them was son William Byatt. Son John Byatt was living in the household of John Rickett (4) at Goldings, Netteswell, Essex.

John Byatt died, aged 80, and was buried on 14 Jan 1858 in Little Canfield.

In 1861, Jane Byatt (79) was living at 6, High Canfield Lane, Little Canfield. 

Jane Byatt was buried on 10 Aug 1866, at All Saints, Little Canfield.

Friday 17 November 2023

John Byatt and Sarah Pewter

St Mary the Virgin Elsenham - East end
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John Byatt married Sarah Pewter (bap. 4 Apr 1754 at St Mary's Church, Ware, Hertfordshire) daughter of George and Grace Pewter, at St Mary's Church, Elsenham, Essex on 17 Nov 1775. Various records of the marriage spell his surname as Biatt and one calls him James, but as time goes by, the spelling Byatt becomes consistent and all other records are for John.

John and Sarah had nine children, baptised at St Mary's Church, Elsenham:
  1. William Byat (sic) bap. 21 Apr 1776
  2. John Byatt bap. 3 May 1778
  3. James Byat (sic) bap. 15 Mar 1780
  4. Elizabeth Byatt bap. 10 Dec 1782 and again on 6 Mar 1783 (There isn't time for this to have been a different child, so I wonder if the first is a private baptism at home and the second in the church?)
  5. Mary Byatt bap. 17 Jul 1785
  6. Susan Byatt bap. 23 Nov 1788 (Died 31 Dec 1788)
  7. George Byatt bap. 28 Feb 1790
  8. Thomas Byatt bap. 26 Aug 1792
  9. Sal Byatt bap. 3 Jul 1796 (Buried 8 May 1797) The baptism record for this child specifies the sex as male. On the burial, the child is described as a daughter. We may have found our first transgender relative.
Sarah Byatt died, at 69, and was buried on 8 Feb 1824, in Elsenham.

There is a death and burial of a John Byatt, aged 83 (b. 1757), in Royston, Hertfordshire, in 1840. If one of the children moved there, it might confirm if this is the correct record, but at first glance it appears possible.

Saturday 28 October 2023

Samuel John Regelous and Emma Byatt

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Saffron Walden, Essex
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Samuel John Regelous (b. 15 Jul 1848 in Saffron Walden, Essex), son of John Regelous, Policeman, and Sarah Pilstow, married Emma Byatt (b. 1847), daughter of William Byatt and Ann Poole, on 28 Oct 1866 at St Mary the Virgin, Saffron Walden - the largest non-cathedral church in Essex.

Samuel and Emma had four children, but only one survived infancy:
  1. Sarah Emma Regelous b. 1867 S Qtr in SAFFRON WALDEN Vol 04A Page 401. Died 1867 D Qtr in SAFFRON WALDEN Vol 04A Page 229.
  2. Charles John Regelous b. 19 Oct 1868 D Quarter in SAFFRON WALDEN Volume 04A Page 403, bap. 12 Mar 1871 in Saffron Walden.
  3. Emma Elizabeth Regelous b. 1870 J Quarter in SAFFRON WALDEN Volume 04A Page 415, bap. 12 Mar 1871 in Saffron Walden. There was an Emily Elizabeth Regelous buried on 13 Aug 1872 in Hackney, Middlesex. (There was family in Mile End to place them in the area).
  4. Henry John Regelous b. 1871 S Quarter in SAFFRON WALDEN Vol 04A Page 393. Listed as John Henry Regelous died, aged 2, in Kensington, in 1874 J Quarter in KENSINGTON Vol 01A Page 51.
In 1871, in Saffron Walden were Samuel Jn Regelous (22) Warehouseman; Emma (23) from Little Canfield; Charles J Regelous, Son was listed as 2 months (he'll have been 3 years) and Sarah E Regelous was listed as 4. I have no explanation why they listed Sarah who had died in the first three months of her life, but not listed Emma Elizabeth who'll have been a year old.

In 1881, at 53, Portland Road, Kensington, London, were Samuel Regelans (sic) (39) Carman; Emma Regelans (sic) (33) and Charles Regelans (sic) (12). 

In 1891, Samuel J Regelous (43) Servant Gardener and Emma Regelous (43) were living in Underhill Road, Camberwell, Southwark, London with Arthur Ralfe (15) Grocers Porter, who was listed as Adopted. Various later records for Arthur using the surname Regelous, give a date of his Immigration into Canada as being somewhere between 1891 and 1895.

Charles John Regelous married Margaret Rolls on 5 Nov 1896 in Carbery, Manitoba, Canada. In 1891, Margaret, with birth year listed as 1871, had been living with Thomas Rolls (b. 1864 in England) in Marquette, Manitoba, Canada, with their two children, Bessie Rolls (3) and Joseph Rolls (4m). I haven't found a birth record for Elizabeth (Bessie) Rolls in 1888, however, the birth record for Joseph H Kellaway Rolls on 16 Feb 1891 in North Norfolk, Manitoba, Canada lists his mother as Margaret Stephenson, his father's name is left blank and his parent's marriage status given as unknown. I haven't found any record of a marriage, anywhere, between a Thomas Rolls and a Margaret Stephenson, so it may be that the couple were never married. 

Charles and Margaret had a further two sons:
  1. Charles William Regelous b. 23 Aug 1897 in North Norfolk, Manitoba
  2. Edward Samuel Regelous b. 22 Apr 1899 in North Norfolk, Manitoba
On the birth record for Charles William, his mother is listed as Margaret Stephenson and this time, it is specified that his parents were married.

In 1901, in Macdonald, Manitoba, Canada, we find Sam J Regelous, Head; Emma Regelous, Wife; Charles J Regelous, Son; Margaret Regelous, Daughter-in-Law; William Regelous, Grandson; Edward Regelous, Grandson; Bessie Rowls (sic) (10), Lodger and Albert Rowls (sic) (6) Lodger. On the 1901 Census, Margaret's year of birth is given as 1866, which is more reasonable, but either date, with only the information that she was born in England, it has not been possible to identify her origins. Meanwhile, Arthur Regelous (24), also in Macdonald, Manitoba, was a Lodger in the household of Thomas R McCartney (whose sister, Evelyn, Arthur later married.)

In 1906, Charles J. Rylous (sic) (39) was living in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, with wife Margaret (36), Bessie Rolls (17) Daughter; Joseph Rolls (15) Son; Willie Rylous (sic) (8) Son; Edward Rylous (sic) (6) Son and R Davis (22) from England, Boarder. While Arthur Regelous (listed as 39) was also living in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada with wife Evelyn M (formerly Evelyn Matilda McCartney) (24) and their family.

In 1911, Samuel Rebelous (sic) and Emma Rebelous (sic) were living in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada with Albert Rolls who is listed as being born in 1873, and as Adopted. Also in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, were Charles Regelous, Margaret Regelous, William Regelous [Charles William], Son; Edward Regelous, Son; Elizabeth Rolls, Step-Daughter; Joseph Rolls, Step-Son, along with seven male lodgers. Arthur Regelous was living in Winnipeg with Evelyn (30), and three of their children.

Emma Regelous died on 15 Apr 1912 and is buried at Sidney Cemetery, Sidney, Manitoba, Canada.

Samuel John Regelous remarried on 7 Jul 1914 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to an Elizabeth Elliot.

Charles John Regelous died at 46, on 20 Sep 1915 and is buried at Sidney Cemetery, Sidney, Manitoba, Canada.

In 1916, Samuel J Regelous (67) Widowed (again?), was living in North Norfolk, Neepawa, Manitoba. Margaret Regelous (46) Widow, was living in Tupper Street, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada with Bessie Regelous (26) Daughter; William Regelous (18) Son; Edward Regelous (16) Son and a Lidia Setter (22) Lodger. Arthur Regelous (39) was living at 412 Victor St, Winnipeg Centre, Manitoba with is wife Evelyn (34) and four children.

In 1926, Samuel John Regelous (78), father, was living in the household of Arthur Regelous (49), in Springfield, Manitoba, Canada. Margaret's son, Joseph Roles (sic) (listed as 28) was living in Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada with wife Viola Doris (26) and son William Joseph (1). 

Samuel John Regelous died, aged 84, on 21 Aug 1933 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and is also buried at Sidney Cemetery, Sidney, Manitoba, Canada.

Grandsons, Charles William Regelous died on 3 Apr 1942 and is buried at Brookside Cemetery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Edward Samuel Regelous died on 20 Dec 1944 and is buried with his brother at Brookside Cemetery

Adopted son, Arthur Regelous died on 18 Feb 1949 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Joseph Kellaway Rolls died on 26 Nov 1955, aged 64, and is buried at Carberry Plains Cemetery, Carberry, Manitoba, Canada

Wednesday 18 October 2023

William Byatt and Ann Poole and Mary Ann Vale

All Saints, Little Canfield

William Byatt (b. 1814) son of John Byatt and Jane Stokes, married Ann Poole (b. 1817) on 18 Oct 1834, in Great Dunmow, Essex. 

William Byatt and Ann Poole had ten children, all baptised in Little Canfield:

  1. George Byatt bap. 3 Apr 1836 
  2. Walter Byatt bap. 11 Mar 1838
  3. Charlotte Byatt bap. 31 May 1840
  4. Alfred Byatt bap. 25 Sep 1842
  5. Henry Byatt b. 1845 M Quarter Volume 12 Page 81, bap. 2 Mar 1845
  6. Emma Byatt b. 1847 J Quarter Volume 12 Page 78, bap. 18 Apr 1847
  7. Charles Byatt b. 1849 J Quarter Volume 12 Page 22, bap. 10 Jun 1849
  8. Mary Byatt b. 1852 M Quarter Volume 04A Page 318, bap. 21 Mar 1852
  9. John Byatt b. 1854 J Quarter Volume 04A Page 321, bap. 2 Apr 1854
  10. Rebecca Byatt b. 1856 M Quarter Vol 04A Page 343, bap. 27 Apr 1856
All of the baptisms list William's occupation as Labourer and the registrations, in DUNMOW UNION, list the mother's maiden name as POOLE or POOL.

In 1841, William Byatt (26) was living in Hickey's Lane, Little Canfield with Ann Byatt (24), George (5), Walter (3) and Charlotte (1).

Ann Byatt died, aged 42, in 1859 D Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 224 and was buried in Little Canfield on 6 Jan 1860.

In 1861, living in High Canfield Lane, Little Canfield were William Byatt (48) Agricultural Labourer, Widowed; George Byatt (25), Alfred Byatt (18), Charles Byatt (11), Mary (9), John (7) and Rebecca (5). George, Alfred and Charles were all working as Agricultural Labourers too, while Mary, John and Rebecca were at school. Living with them was William's sister, Catherine Wilton (35) Widow and George Wilton (1) Nephew. Henry Byatt (16) was a Carter on the farm of Thomas Bernard (59) at Little Hoddens, Little Canfield. Emma Byatt (14) Visitors Nurse Maid, was among a large number of staff at Gardeners Cottage, Little Easton (on the Easton Lodge estate).

William Byatt then remarried to Ann Vail (sic) on 18 Oct 1862

Not only had he made it easy for himself to remember his new wife's name, William shouldn't have been able to forget his wedding anniversary either. 

Baptised Mary Ann Vale on 3 Nov 1833 in Little Canfield, daughter of Robert Vale and Mary Dubry, she was listed as Ann Vale when living with her parents at Frogs HallTakeley, Essex (presumably, her father was working on there on the farm), in 1841. In 1861, she had been listed as Mary Vale (28) House Servant to Joseph Sweeting (64) at Beelfords, Great Dunmow.

William Byatt and Ann Vale had two sons:
  1. William Byatt bap. 20 Apr 1864 in Little Canfield. Died in 1864 J Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 236
  2. David Byatt b. 1865 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 349, mother's maiden name VALE, bap. 17 Aug 1865, in Little Canfield. Died in 1865 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 226.
In 1871, William Byatt (58) Ag Lab and Ann Byatt (40) were living in High Cross Lane, Little Canfield.

In 1881, William Byatt (68) and Ann Byatt (50) were still living in High Cross Lane, Little Canfield.

In 1891, William Byatt (81) Agricultural Labourer Retired, had accelerated time, while Ann Byatt (50) had succeeded in making time stand still.

William Byatt, with age 81 (actually 77), died in 1891 S Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 296 and was buried in Little Canfield on 19 Aug 1891.

Ann Byatt died, at 68, in 1897 M Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 385.