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Monday 11 September 2023

Samuel Blazey and Elizabeth Wiggins

Ducklington Duckpond
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Fritillary Sunday with St Bartholomew's Church.

Samuel Blazey (bap. 7 Nov 1841 in Heigham, Norfolk), son of Francis Stephen Blazey and Hannah Minns, married Elizabeth Wiggins (bap. 14 Apr 1844 in Ducklington, Oxfordshire), daughter of Alfred Wiggins and Anne Adams, on 11 Sep 1864, at St Bartholomew’s church, Ducklington-with-Hardwick, Oxfordshire. Samuel was described as a Railway Servant, residing in Witney; Elizabeth, who was (20) under age at the time, was resident in Ducklington. Witnesses to the marriage were John Wright (possibly a cousin) and Maria Blazey (wife of Samuel's brother, Francis Robert Blazey).

Samuel and Elizabeth had five children:
  1. Alice Hannah Blazey b. 6 Feb 1865 (1865 M Quarter in WITNEY Volume 03A Page 651), bap. 5 Jun 1878 at Holy Trinity, Heigham, Norwich
  2. Francis Blazey bap. 18 Oct 1867 in Drayton, Norfolk
  3. Alfred Blazey b. 8 Oct 1869 (1869 D Quarter in SAINT FAITHS Volume 04B Page 98), bap. 26 May 1870 in Drayton, Norfolk
  4. William Blazey b. 1872 in Worcester, bap. Whit Sunday 24 May 1874, at 2 years old, at St Bartholomew’s, Ducklington
  5. Elizabeth Eliza Blazey, b. 8 Jan 1874 (1874 M Quarter in WORCESTER Volume 06C Page 346), bap. 8 Mar 1874, in Worcester
The mother's maiden name on Alice Hannah's birth registration was correctly listed as WIGGINS, on Alfred's, WIGGENS and on Elizabeth Eliza's WIGGIN. There don't seem to be GRO registrations for Francis or William.

In 1871, listed as James Blazer (sic) (29) Engine Driver from Norfolk; Elizabeth (28) from Ducklington; Alice (6) born in Witney; Francis (4) and Alfred (1), were at Norwich Upper Road, Drayton, Norfolk. 

Elizabeth Blazey, aged 30, died, in Q1 of 1874 - can probably surmise why - and was buried on 18 Jan 1874, at St. Paul's Parish, Worcester.

In 1881, Samuel Blazey (35), widowed, Fireman on Railway, was living at 3, Duke Street, Heigham, Norwich (Duke's Cross Street (subsequently renamed as Manchester Street) with his widowed mother. Alfred (11) was living with them. Alice Blazey (17) was a General Servant to Joseph Clayden, Lodging house keeper at 16, Westbourne Place, St George Hanover Square; Francis (13), was living with his Aunt and Uncle, Joseph and Eliza Tiff (Samuel's sister Eliza) at 9, Union Terrace, Kensington, London, where he was Shop boy to greengrocer. William Blazey (7) Grandson was living with his maternal grandparents, Alfred and Ann Wiggins in Ducklington, Witney; While Elizabeth Eliza (7), was living with John and Hannah Versey, originally from Devon, in Worcester, described as their Adopted Daughter.

In 1891, Samuel Blazey (49) Fireman, Railway and daughter, Elizabeth (17) Tailoress, were living with Samuel's mother, Hannah (78) at 19 Manchester Street, Norwich. Alice Hannah had married in 1888; Francis Blazey (25) and Alfred Blazey (21) Dock Labourers, were living with their aunt and uncle, Joseph and Eliza Tiff, in Kensington, London; William Blazey (19) was again living with his grandparents, Alfred and Ann Wiggins, in Ducklington.

In the press of 14 May 1892, Samuel Blazey of Union Place, Norwich, a Great Eastern Railway employee, was reported as giving evidence at the inquest into the death of Robert George Buckingham (18) who died when hit by a ballast train running from Norwich to Cromer. Samuel Blazey was the Engine Driver's, mate and fireman on the train. Blazey said that Hubbard [driver] had just shut off steam before pulling up at Worstead, three-quarters of a mile from the station, and witness was putting on the injector in order to get more water into the boiler, when only four or five yards in front of the buffers he thought he saw a lad. Witness flew to the brake, and his mate promptly stopped the train. The inquest found that there was no one to blame.

In 1901, Samuel Blazey (57) Railway Labourer, was living at 19 Manchester Street, Norwich, with his mother, Hannah (90).

In 1908, Samuel Blazey appeared in the local City and County directory at 19 Manchester Street, listed as a Chimney Sweeper.

Samuel does not appear on either the 1911 or 1921 Census, however, he died in 1925 M Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 161, at 83.