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Monday 4 September 2023

John Pryor and Elizabeth Wilton and Edith Sell

Royston: early blossom in Kneesworth Street
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John Pryor (b. 22 Aug 1803 in Royston, Hertfordshire), son of John Pryor and Lydia Bateson, married Elizabeth Wilton, second daughter of Stephen Wilton and Elizabeth Hankin, in Royston, Hertfordshire on 4 Sep 1823

John and Elizabeth appear to have seven children:

  1. Lydia Pryor b. 17 Jun 1824, bap. 24 Jun 1837
  2. Henry Wilton Pryor b. 14 Nov 1827, bap. 24 Jun 1837
  3. Francis Pryor b. 4 Mar 1830, bap. 24 Jun 1837
  4. Matthew John Pryor b. 14 Nov 1832, bap. 26 Jun 1837 (died 1838)
  5. Elizabeth Pryor b. 9 Dec 1834, bap. 24 Jun 1837 (died 1841)
  6. William Bateson Pryor b. 1837 S Qtr in ROYSTON UNION Vol 06 400
  7. Alfred John Pryor b. 1839 J Quarter in ROYSTON & BUNTINGFORD Volume 06 Page 600

All baptisms took place at the New Meeting House, Royston. Maybe they felt the need to catch up before Civil Registration came in on 1 Jul 1837.

It looks very much like Elizabeth Pryor (née Wilton) died in 1840. 

Elizabeth Pryor, aged 6, died in 1841 D Quarter in ROYSTON & BUNTINGFORD Volume 06 Page 396.

Elizabeth's sister, Martha Wilton (30), was living in John Pryor (35)'s household, in High Street, Royston, in 1841, along with Lydia Pryor (17), William B Pryor (3) and Alfred Pryor (2). Henry Wilton Pryor (listed as Henry Prior) (14) Apprentice Tailor, was living in the household of his Uncle Henry Wilton (his mother's brother) in High Street, Great Dunmow; Francis Pryor (11), it appears was in the household of Benjamin Batt (55) in Padler's Lane, Therfield, Hertfordshire, but I don't know in what capacity.

John Pryor remarried, in Royston, on 25 Aug 1842 to Edith Sell, daughter of Tempest Sell and Sarah Docwa, with whom he had two further children:

  1. Edith Sell Pryor b. 1843, bap. 25 Aug 1844
  2. Tempest Simeon Sell Pryor b. 1846
"Edith Fossey Prior, daughter of Tempest Sell, who departed this life, April 5th, 1850, aged 37 years", was buried on 12 Apr 1850 at the Parish Church of St Peter & St Paul, Bassingbourn. (There are monuments to Tempest Sell at Bassingbourn Parish Church, Edith's brother and ancestors.) 

John Pryor appears to have died, in 1850 too, because, in 1851, son Alfred (12), Edith (7) and Tempest (5), surname spelt Prior, were all resident at the Bassingbourn Union Workhouse (Royston Union Workhouse).

Saturday 2 January 2021

Henry Wilton Day and Emmeline Emma Sell

St John the Evangelist Church, London SE1
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Henry Wilton Day (b. 1843 in Buntingford, Hertfordshire), eldest son of John Day and Ellen Wilton, married Emmeline Emma Sell (bap. 2 Jul 1840 in Barkway, Hertfordshire), daughter of John Sell and Mary Drage, in the 4th quarter of 1867, St John the Evangelist, in Lambeth (Waterloo). 

  1. Frank Henry Sell b. 1866 J Quarter in HITCHIN Volume 03A Page 276. Mother's maiden name blank, as illegitimate birth. Thereafter used Day.
  2. Emma Day b. 1868 S Qtr in SAINT SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D 23
  3. Ellen Day b. 1872 M Qtr in SAINT SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D 18
  4. William Day b. 1874 S Qtr in SAINT SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D 23
  5. Mary Day b. 1877 D Qtr in SAINT SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D 22
  6. Alice Day b. 1881 M Qtr in ST SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D 20
  7. Harry Day b. 1884 M Qtr in ST SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D 25
In 1871, in Farnham Place, St Saviour Southwark, where Henry W Day (27) Railway Porter from Royston, Herts; Emmeline Day (30) from Barkway; Frank Henry Day (5) birthplace Hitchin and Emma Day (2) born in Southwark.

In 1881, still at 2, Farnham Place, St Saviour, Southwark were Henry Day (37), Railway Porter, Emma Day (40), Frank Day (15), Ticket Writer, Ellen (9), William (6), Mary (3) and Alice (0), as well as two boarders: Henry Garrett (26), General Labourer, and George Griffin (17), General Porter. 

Likewise, in 1891, they were still living in Farnham Place, Southwark. Henry Day (48) Sorters Clerk, with Emma (50), daughter Emma (22), Box Maker, William (16), Alice (10) and John Clifford (51), lodger. 

[Emmeline] Emma Day died, aged 56, in 1897, in Southwark. 

In 1901, at 70, Linnell Road, Camberwell, were Henry Day (58), Widower, Railway Porter, Mary Day (23), Alice Day (20), Lady Clerk, daughter Emma Pocock (32), widow; granddaughters: Elsie Pocock (4) and Lily Pocock (2).

In 1911, Harry W Day (67), Pensioner and Former Booking Clerk, Widower, was living at 17 Rignold Road, Camberwell, with his widowed daughter, Emma Pocock (40) Elsie Pocock (14) and Lilian Pocock (12). 

Henry Wilton Day died, at 71, in 1915 M Quarter in CAMBERWELL.