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Monday, 3 May 2021

Elizabeth Wilton and John Pryor

Royston: early blossom in Kneesworth Street
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Elizabeth Wilton, second daughter of Stephen Wilton and Elizabeth Hankin, married John Pryor in Royston, Hertfordshire on 4 Sep 1823. 

John and Elizabeth appear to have seven children:

  1. Lydia Pryor 17 Jun 1824, bap. 24 Jun 1837
  2. Henry Pryor born 14 Nov 1827, bap. 24 Jun 1837
  3. Francis Pryor born 4 Mar 1830, bap. 24 Jun 1837
  4. Matthew Pryor 14 Nov 1832, bap. 26 Jun 1837
  5. Elizabeth Pryor born 9 Dec 1834, bap. 24 Jun 1837 (died 1841)
  6. William Bateson Pryor born 1837
  7. Alfred John Pryor born 1839

All of these baptisms took place at the New Meeting House, Royston. They must have felt the need to catch up before Civil Registration came in on 1 Jul 1837.

From the National Archives:

There had been a meeting of Protestant dissenters in Royston since 1700. In 1706 the Old Meeting House was erected in the Middle Row in Kneesworth Street. In 1790 a dispute arose over doctrine and a group withdrew from the Old Meeting, to form a new Meeting. In 1791 a New Meeting house was built on another site in Kneesworth Street. The two Meetings continued to worship side-by-side until 1841, when a new building was erected for the Old Meeting in John Street and opened in 1843. The former building was converted into private houses.

The two Meetings combined in May 1922 to form the Royston Congregational Church, which continued to meet in the New Meeting House in Kneesworth Street. The buildings in John Street were sold.

In 1972, Royston Congregational Church, became Royston United Reformed Church, which closed c1982. The buildings in Kneesworth Street are now used as a museum.

It looks very much like Elizabeth Pryor (née Wilton) died in 1840. 

Elizabeth Pryor, aged 6, died towards the end of 1841.

Elizabeth's sister, Martha Wilton, was living in John Pryor's household in 1841, along with Lydia Pryor (17), William B Pryor (3) and Alfred Pryor (2). 

It would appear that John Pryor remarried, in Royston, in 1842 to Edith Sell.

  1. Edith Sell Pryor born 1843, bap. 25 Aug 1844
  2. Tempest Simeon Sell Pryor born 1846
Edith Sell Pryor died, aged 37, in 1850 and I believe John Pryor may have died too, because, in 1851, son Alfred (12) from his first marriage, Edith (7) and Tempest (5), surname spelt Prior, are all at the Bassingbourn Union Workhouse (Bassingbourn union was another name for the Royston Union Workhouse).

Royston and District Museum
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