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Sunday 3 January 2021

Carl Bose and Catherine Sarah Winship Soppit

The Castle, Farringdon
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The Castle Tavern used to be the only pub in England with a pawnbroker's licence

Carl Bose (b. 18 May 1874), Licenced Victualler, son of Henry Bose and Anna Kracke, married Catherine Sarah Winship Soppit (b. 4 Apr 1876) daughter of John Soppit and Louisa Thompson, in Lewisham, in 1898. Carl's parents, both born in Germany, ran the Blue Anchor, in Dock Street, Wapping. Records show the pub had been in the family from at least 1881 until 1921.

Carl and Catherine Bose had six children:

  1. Anna Louisa Bose b. 1899 D Quarter in PANCRAS Vol 01B Page 10
  2. Charles Bose b. 1903 M Quarter in ST.PANCRAS Vol 01B Page 24
  3. Stanley Bose b. 1904 J Quarter in ST. PANCRAS Vol 01B Page 9
  4. Robert Bose b. 1909 D Quarter in ST. PANCRAS Vol 01B Page 28
  5. Kathleen Bose b. 1912 M Quarter in HOLBORN Vol 01B Page 1110
  6. Edith Bose b. 1915 S Quarter in HOLBORN Vol 01B Page 862
In 1901, at The Victory (a previous incarnation of the pub to the one pictured), 152, Albany Street, St Pancras, we find Carl Bose (26) Licenced Victualler, Catherine S W (24) and their daughter Anna L (1) with Lavinia C M Dwyer (20) Barmaid and Octavia R Andrews (24) Domestic Servant. 

In 1911, the family were living at 15 Berlin Road, Catford S E. Carl Bose (36) Licensed Victualler, Catherine Sarah Winship (34), Anna Louisa (11), Charles (8), Stanley (7) and Robert (1), as well as Mary Maud Everest (21) Domestic General Servant. On the census return, Carl is described as "Son", Catherine as "Daughter-in-law" and each of their children is listed as "Grandchild" in relation to head of the household, so I think we may assume that this was Henry Bose' house, although there is no evidence of him residing there at that time. And one wonders what they will have thought of the road being renamed, given that Henry and Anna Bose were born in Germany. 

The Post Office Directory of 1915 shows Carl Bose as the landlord of the Castle, 34 & 35 Cowcross Street, EC1 (The Castle, Farringdon), which explains the registration of the last two children in Holborn. 

In 1921, at the Blue Anchor, 21, Dock Street, Wapping, we find Carl Bose (47) Licenced Victualler; Catherine Sarah Winship Bose (45), Charles Bose (18), Stanley Bose (17) and Blanche Good (41) Barmaid. That year the Post Office Directory also lists Carl Bose as the licensee at the Blue Anchor.

In 1939, Carl Bose, having Anglicised himself to Charles Bose was a Club Steward living at 9A Clarence Square, Brighton And Hove, Sussex with his wife, Catherine SW Bose. (Clarence Square - then & now.)

Catherine S W Bose died in 1945, in Brighton, aged 69.

Charles Bose also died in Brighton, in 1962, aged 87.

Canadian Avenue (formerly Berlin Road), Catford
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Chris Whippet -
This road used to be called Berlin Road but the name was changed during the
first World War because of the Anti-German sentiments felt at the time.