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Sunday 31 January 2021

Charles Sweeney and Ruth Christmas Dobson

Poplar, All Saints' Church
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Charles Sweeney (b. 17 Jul 1880), son of John Henry Charles Sweeney and Susannah Harvey, married Ruth Christmas Dobson (b. 25 Dec 1878) daughter of William Dobson and Sarah Ann Rowe, in Stepney in Q3 of 1906.

On 22 Jan 1896, Charles Sweeney of 1 Stephensons Cottages, Condor Street (his parents' address) had enlisted in the Middlesex Regiment, claiming to be 18 years and 6 months old. By my calculations, he was in fact, 15 years and 6 months old at that time. He was 5ft 5in tall, 116 lbs, with a fair complexion, blue eyes and black hair. On 19 Mar 1896 he transferred to the Royal Sussex Regiment and they hadn't worked out that he was telling porkies about his age, because he was listed as 18 years and 8 months. He'd managed to gain 5lbs weight to 121 lbs and grow to 5ft 5½in in the interim.

Appointed Lance Corporal on 6 May 1896, Charles reverted to Private at his own request on 26 May 1896, but was reappointed Lance Corporal on 18 Feb 1898. He served in India with the 2nd Battalion, for four years from 10 Nov 1898 until 11 Dec 1902. Ultimately promoted to Corporal, transferred to the Army Reserve on 18 Mar 1903. 

Interestingly, among next of kin, he lists his father, John, his mother, Susan; his elder brother Henry in the Royal Marines with HMS Rapid and his brother John 'address not known'. (No mention of Job, Thomas, nor his sisters.)

Charles and Ruth had two sons, both born in Poplar:
  1. Charles Stanley Sweeney b. 13 Oct 1906 Volume 01C Page 601
  2. Edward John George Sweeney b. 1913 J Quarter Vol 01C 1032
In 1911, Charles Sweeney (30) Warehouse labourer was living at 102 Hind Street, Poplar with Ruth Sweeney (31), Charles Stanley Sweeney (4), George Thomas Dobson (30) Brother-in-law and William John Bradley (45) Lodger.

In 1921, and still at 102, Hind Street, Poplar, were Charles Sweeney (40) Caretaker of the All Saints Institute, Newby Place, Poplar, working for Rev. C R Cotter Parish Rector of All Saints Church, Poplar (Claud Rutledge Cotter); with Ruth Christmas Sweeney (41), Charles Stanley Sweeney (14) Errand Boy; Edward John George Sweeney (8) and John Henry Sweeney (82) Retired, formerly Caretaker of the Poplar Institute. We read that, "After 1913 the workhouse became known as Poplar Institution", so it may well be that they're referring to and it looks like Charles has taken over his position.

In 1939, Charles Sweeney, Caretaker in Charge of Public Hall, was in the household of brother-in-law, John Stone, at 12 Leith Road, Mile End. Ruth Sweeney remained at 102 Hind Grove, Poplar, with her sister, Amy Dobson.

Ruth Christmas Sweeney died, aged 65, in 1945 M Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 293.

It appears that Charles Sweeney remarried in the 3rd quarter of 1945, in Bethnal Green to a Katie Trotter. (It's not known if her dad ever had a yellow Reliant Robin.) Actually, I've been unable to find out whether this was her maiden or a previous married name. Likewise, haven't found her death.)

Charles Sweeney died, aged 88, in 1968 in Stepney.

Once more we have two brothers who marry two sisters:
  • Charles Stanley Sweeney married Alice Agnes Coker (b. 22 Aug 1906) in Bethnal Green, in 1929. They had one son, Brian Charles Sweeney b. 6 Aug 1936. In 1939, Brian was evacuated to the Hall family at 1 Free Lane, Thwaite St Mary, Loddon, Norfolk. Brian Charles Sweeney of Toddington, Bedfordshire died at 40, on 27 Feb 1977, seemingly leaving a widow and three children. Alice Agnes Sweeney died in Luton, Bedfordshire, in 1997; Charles Stanley Sweeney died, also in Luton, on 7 Jan 2003, at 96. 
  • Edward John George Sweeney married Daisy Annie Coker (b. 5 Mar 1912), also in Bethnal Green, in 1934. Daisy Annie Sweeney died, in Waltham Forest, in 1999. Edward I've not isolated records for.